Air Date: 9-24-12

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • Flashback one week after blackout:
  • Matheson’s are packing and waking out of the city.
  • “Your job Charlie is to not let go of your brother, to never let go of Danny’s hand.”– Rachel Matheson
  • (The scene walking through town is very similar to the first scene of FlashForward)
  • Looters are everywhere.
  • 15 years after blackout (Show present day)
  • Miles in a sword fight with militia man.
  • “Careful now Monroe wants me alive doesn’t he.”- Miles Matheson
  • Charlie begs Miles not to murder the now unconscious man. They lock him in a train car.
  • “It’s like one day into this trip and you’re already a pain in the ass.”– Miles
  • Unknowing to the group Nate one of Monroe’s men is following them.
  • Pontiac, Illinois at a market.
  • “Great they’re having a sell on heroin.”– Aaron Pittman
  • Miles is looking for his friend Nora Clayton to help them go up against Monroe.
  • The man that Miles didn’t kill has Miles and the group.
  • Miles is arrested and the group is free.
  • Miles finds out his friend Nora was arrested for stealing and put in a militia camp. He pulls a crazy action packed escape.
  • Captain Neville traveling with his men and Danny was forced to shoot a man who had guns.
  • “Are you familiar with the Baltimore act? It shall be unlawful for any citizen of the Monroe republic to buy, sell, own or transport any firearms except my loyal militia.”– Captain Neville
  • They find an American flag and burn it.
  • Rebels who fly the American flag have been trying to take down Monroe.
  • “Charlie next time I tell you I wanna kill somebody let me kill him.”– Miles
  • Miles is leaving the group to get Nora.
  • “She’s really good at blowing stuff up and we can’t get Danny back without her, trust me.”– Miles
  • Aaron and Maggie wake up to find a note from Charlie saying she want after Miles.
  • Charles knows someone is following here and fakes a fall on an abandoned highway. Its Nate, she handcuffs him to a pole.
  • “I’m following your uncle same as you those are the orders.”– Nate
  • “You used me to flush him out. You’re a son of a bitch.”– Charlie
  • Maggie and Aaron race to catch up with Charlie. She pulls out her iPhone.
  • “Do you want to know the reason I keep this? Because somewhere inside are the only pictures of my kids. I don’t have a single photo to hold in my hand. I spend hours starring at this stupid thing because its getting harder and harder to remember their faces. So i’m sorry but there’s know way of knowing who will see and who we won’t see again..not anymore.”– Maggie
  • Charlie walks by a decrepit playground.
  • Flashback:
  • Rachel/Danny/Charlie bouncing a ball while waiting Ben to get supplies. A man comes over and grabs her and threatens her life for food.
  • Present:
  • Miles runs into Charlie.
  • “I took care of Danny after my mom died, it was me. I didn’t let him out of my sight until the day that they took him.”- Charlie
  • Charlies blames herself for Danny’s capture and her dads death.
  • Aaron shows Maggie the device Ben gave to him.
  • “He said to keep it safe and to bring it to a woman named Grace Bowman in Grandparks Illinois.”– Aaron
  • “Who is she?”- Maggie
  • “I don’t know.”- Aaron
  • “Maggie what if we could get the power back on? What if you could go home again? What if you could see your kids again?”– Aaron
  • “The blackout doesn’t make any sense, totally corn holed the laws of nature and it shouldn’t be permanent. We should be able to fix this but for some reason we just can’t but if it were man made”– Aaron
  • “Listen if im right this is good news, this is the best news because if its man made then maybe we can fix it.”- Aaron
  • Monroe is having a helicopter moved into his camp.
  • “Crazy son of a bitch must actually think he can get the power going.”– Miles
  • Miles spots Nora and gets her free.
  • “I got arrested on purpose. I’m stealing the sniper rifle.”- Nora
  • Nora is getting the gun first before agreeing to come along with Miles and Charlie.
  • She makes a gun but they need to get close to the warden. Charlie agrees to go in.
  • Flashback:
  • Ben won’t show the man stealing their food but Rachel does.
  • Present:
  • Charlie shoots the warden, get the rifle. Nora/Miles sword fight the rest of the men. They set the prisoners free.
  • “I killed two men today. Maybe that’s not a big deal for you, maybe it another Monday or whatever but it is to me. We shouldn’t have to do this, things should be..”– Charlie
  • Miles sees a rebel flag tattooed on Nora.
  • “Patriots trying to bring back the United States.”– Nora
  • (Cue the Jericho like moment)
  • At Grace’s house she is forced to lock the door and run to her computer to send a message. “Randall is here”
  • He breaks through the door. He has the same power providing pendant that Grace has.
  • Rachel Matheson is alive being held my Monroe.
  • “You were a womanizing drunk and I liked you a lot better then.”- Rachel to Monroe
  • He tells her Ben is dead.
  • “I take it you’re the one who killed him?”- Rachel
  • “I have your son. You want to see your boy again you’re gonna talk about Ben, about the power, about everything, you understand.”– Monroe

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