Last Resort Is About A Group Of Naval Officers, Whom Are Aboard A Nuclear Submarine (The “Ohio”). The Officers Get An Order Of Fire, On Pakistan, From The Antarctic Network. This Is Unusual, As The Government Only Uses The Antarctic Network, If The Washington D.C. Network Is Rendered Inoperable. The Crew Begins To Question The Order, As They Cleary Realize That The D.C. Network Is Still Up And Running. The Captain (Marcus) Is Contacted, And Told That He Has Been Relieved Of His Command. Sam, The First Officer, Is Promoted To Captain, In Default. Sam Requests That The Government Send The Order Of Fire, Via The Protocol, D.C. Network. Just Then, A Missile Comes Straight For The Submarine. The Missile Grazes The Sub, And The Sub Begins Taking On Water. An Early Missile NATO Detection Station Detects The Missile That Was Fired At The Submarine, And Learns That The Missile Was An American Tomahawk. The Crew Is Able To Get The Sub Moving Again, And They Are Able To Seal Off The Water That Was Gushing In. The Crew Learns That The “Illinois”, A U.S. Naval Vessel, Shot The Missile At Them. The Government Fabricates A Story, Saying That Pakistani’s Shot At The “Ohio”. Two Missiles Are Shot At Pakistan. The “Ohio” Then Rises To The Surface. Marcus And His Crew Park Their Sub, And Take Over The NATO Early Missile Detection Station. One Of Sam’s Crew, Cuts The Power To The NATO Station, And Reports The News To An Unknown Person. It Seems That One Of Sam’s Men Turned On Him. The Traitor Is Shot, And The Power Is Restored. The Crew Returns To The “Ohio”, And The U.S. Sends A Missile Towards The Sub. The “Ohio” Then Fires A Missile Towards D.C., A And Tells The U.S. To Self-Destruct The Missiles, That Are Coming Towards The Sub. The U.S. Self Destructs Their Missiles, However, The “Ohio” Allows Their Missile To Destruct, In The Ocean, Surrounding Washington. No-One Is Injured By The Explosion. Marcus Only Let The Missile Land, To Get The Attention Of The U.S. Marcus Does A Live Broadcast, And Tells The Story Of What Happened. The Crew Remains On The Sub, And Puts A No-Man’s Land Boundary Around The Island, Where The NATO Station Is Located. The Crew Still Has Control Of The NATO Station, As Well. The Series Premiere Of Last Resort Was Purely Epic! I’ve Never Seen A Show As Addicting, Since I Discovered LOST. Last Resort Is Able To Mix Action, Thrill, And Even A Hint Of Conspiracy, Into An Epic One Hour Time-Slot. I’m Really Curious To See Where The Show Goes, And I Can’t Wait For The Second Episode Of The Season. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Last Resort. Watch Last Resort Live: Wednesday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.

~ Scott R.

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