Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Chris Begins Dating A Girl Named Jennifer.
  • Gary Forgets About His Anniversary, But Is Reminded Of It, By Chris.
  • Gary Gets Marny Flowers, To Apologize For Forgetting About Their Anniversary. However, When Gary Tries To Give The Flowers To Marny, She Says That She Has To Go. It Seems That Marny Also Forgot About Her And Gary’s Anniversary.
  • Nick Reveals To Chris, That He Previously Dated Jennifer.
  • Gary Decides To Buy Marny Numerous Gifts, And Set Up A Romantic Evening, In An Attempt To Make Marny Feel Guilty About Forgetting Their Anniversary.
  • Chris Arrives Home, And Finds Sheila In His Apartment. Apparently, Sheila Came To Chris’s Apartment, To Take A Shower, And Saw Chris’s Emails, That He Left Open. By Reading The Emails, Sheila Learned That Chris Is Dating Jennifer.
  • Marny Arrives Home, And Sees The Romantic Atmosphere, That Gary Has Set Up.
  • Marny Tells Gary That She Forgot About Their Anniversary. It Seems That Gary’s Plan Has Worked.
  • Chris Introduces Jennifer To Everyone. Jennifer Doesn’t Remember Who Nick Is. This Somewhat Hurts Nick’s Ego.
  • Marny Buys Gary A 50″ TV, As A Late Anniversary Gift.
  • Marny Gets A Call Fro Her Credit Card Company. Gary Had Told Marny That He Bought The Anniversary Gifts For Her, Months In Advance. However, Marny Learns From The Credit Card Company, That Gary Bought The Gifts, On The Day Of Their Anniversary. Ultimately, The Truth Comes Out. Marny Learns That Chris Reminded Gary Of His And Marny’s Anniversary, As Gary Had Forgotten.
  • Nick Tries To Get Jennifer To Remember Him. However, Jennifer Still Doesn’t Remember Nick.
  • Jennifer Finally Remembers Nick. It’s Revealed That On Nick And Jennifer’s First Date, Nick Took Jennifer To Central Park, And Bribed A Security Guard, To Let Them Ride The Carousel. On Nick And Emily’s First Date, Nick Took Emily To The Exact Same Place, And Did The Exact Same Thing. Emily Is Somewhat Hurt, After Hearing This.
  • Gary And Marny Make-Up.
  • Nick Takes Emily To The Carousel In Central Park, And Bribes The Security Guard, To Let Them Ride The Carousel. It Seems That Emily And Nick Have Made-Up.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Come On Sweetie, Come Help Mommy Cyber-Stalk.”   – Emily


Tonight’s Episode Of Guys With Kids Was Simplistically Entertaining! In Tonight’s Episode, Chris Reveals That He Is Dating A Woman Named Jennifer. Nick Then Reveals That He Once Dated Jennifer, And Was A Big Influence, In Her Life. To Nick’s Dismay, He Learns That Jennifer Doesn’t Remember Him At All. Nick Finally Gets Jennifer To Remember Him. It Turns Out That Nick And Jennifer’s First Date Was Identical To Nick And Emily’s First Date. It Seems That Nick Used A General First Date Setting. Ultimately, Emily And Nick Make-Up. Also, Chris Reminds Gary That It’s His And Marny’s Anniversary. Gary Had Forgotten That It Was His Anniversary, And He Soon Learns That Marny Had Forgotten, As Well. Gary Takes Advantage Of This, And Makes Marny Feel Guilty About Forgetting Their Anniversary. Marny Ultimately Learns That Gary Too Had Forgotten Their Anniversary. Marny Becomes Highly Angry About The Way That Gary Made Her Feel. Ultimately, Gary And Marny Make Up, And All Is Well. Guys With Kids Is A Simple, Whole Hearted, Hilarious Comedy. Guys With Kids Is Produced By The Comic Genius, Jimmy Fallon. I Find That I’m Becoming A Fan Of The Show, After Only Two Episodes. Overall, Guys With Kids Is A Fun Show, And I Would Definitely Recommend It. Watch Guys With Kids Live: Wednesday At 8:30/7:30C. On NBC.

~ Scott R.

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