Once Upon a Time This Sunday

Posted: September 28, 2012 by Ivy Marie in Sunday Night
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ABC Sunday nights @ 8pm

Once Upon a Time in Maine.

Season one of Once Upon a Time introduced us to a young man named Henry on his way to find his birth mother. Henry carries around a book of fairy tales that he is convinced are true. He explains to his mom, Emma Swan that his adoptive mom is really the evil queen from Snow White and she has to come save the town and its inhabitants from the curse that stuck them in Storybrook with time frozen and no memory of who they really are.

The writers and creators of Lost Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis can be felt in every episode of Once Upon a Time so if you were a fan of that, like I was, you will fall right into this and feel right at home. There are some confrontations between the evil queen, Regina and Emma Swan that are very reminiscent of some fights between Jack Shepard and John Locke. Emma being the woman of science who comes to believe in the end and Regina being the woman of faith because she is one of the only ones who knows that the curse and everything else Henry believes is true. A few familiar faces pop up in Storybrook too.

Having lived in Maine for most of my life I was sold on the research they put into this show from the signs and license plates to the feeling of small town walls closing in on you. Referring to Maine as a horrible, retched place where dreams never come true and there are never any happy endings really struck a chord with me and made it hard to buy into it being all fiction and fairy tales.

One of the best characters in the show is played by Robert Carlyle, through him and because Emma stayed to fight, magic was returned to Storybrook and the last scene showed magic being unleashed and all the wrong people a little too happy about it while everyone was still stuck in Maine instead of going back to fairy tale land like they were supposed to when the curse was broken.

This Sunday at 8pm Once Upon a Time will kick off its second season with a bang I am sure if Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis stay true to form, this is going to just be a beginning and we are in for a wild ride. In true Lost fashion, there are still a bunch of people, a bunch of stories left to cover this season. The one I am most curious about is Dr. Whale who seems to be working for Regina but you never can tell what will happen unless you make sure you watch ABC on Sunday night. Once Upon a Time is a fun time for the whole family because no matter how old you are or how big and tough you consider yourself, there is something for everyone, with minimal sex and over the top silly violence it is good for kids of all ages. Being of the generation that had all these stories corrupted by Disney, the big kid inside fell in love with this dark, funny retelling, I think you will too.

-Ivy Marie

  1. Hailey says:

    I never got into Lost, but it was one of my mother’s favorite shows, and I’m a big fan of Once Upon A Time. The premiere last night was amazing, and it definitely had that bang you’re talking about. I watched it with one of my DISH coworkers last night after seeing the first season again. I have the Hopper DVR, which has a ton of recording space, so I had the entire first season saved. We watched it as a marathon so the storyline was fresh in our minds, and finished the evening with the season two premiere. They threw a lot of curve balls in the new episode, with Dr. Whale, and Emma and Mary Margaret going on a little trip. If Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis write all of their series like this I might have to check out Lost, too.

    • Ivy Marie says:

      It was a great start to a great show last night. I think marathons are the best way to watch things, no commercials, no waiting. My need to watch in that way tends to mean I catch on later than most, I am also I believer that you need to start stories from the start and I am glad netflix put season one of Once Upon a Time up in time to catch up. I can’t recommend Lost enough, it was a deep and well written show, even the music in Once Upon a Time has the same feel as Lost. Does your mom watch Once Upon a Time too? I would be interested to get another Lost fans feedback on my theory.

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