Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Awkward Tensions Begin To Rise Between Fitz And Mellie.
  • Quinn’s True Identity Is Revealed. It’s Revealed That Quinn’s True Name Is Lindsay Dwyner. Quinn Is Currently On Trial, As She His Being Charged With 7 Counts Of Murder. Apparently, Before Quinn Changed Her Name To Quinn, She Got Angry With Her Boyfriend, And Supposedly Sent Him A Package, At His Work. The Package Exploded, Killing Quinn’s Boyfriend, And 6 Of His Co-Workers.
  • Quinn Claims That She Ran, Because She Was Scared.
  • Quinn Says That After She Ran, She Checked Into A Motel. Quinn Says That Someone Then Knocked Her Out, And She Woke Up In A Hotel, In Washington D.C. Quinn Says That In The Hotel Room, She Found Her New Identity. Someone Had Laid Out Passports, Documents, Etc. Someone Had Provided Quinn A New Identity.
  • Quinn’s Trial Continues.
  • David Is Tha Prosecuting Attorney, In Quinn’s Trial.
  • Fitz Learns Of A Dangerous Matter, In Sudan. Apparently, Severe Violence Is Taking Place In Sudan. Small Children Are Being Be-Headed. Fitz Can’t Decide Whether Or Not To Send U.S. Forces Into Sudan. Fitz Must Make A Decision.
  • A Congressman Named Shaw Contacts Olivia. Olivia And The Team Arrive At Shaw’s Office, And The Congressman Tells The That He Found A Hidden Camera, In His Office.
  • Olivia Asks Shaw Why He Contacted Her, Instead Of The Police. Shaw Says That He Didn’t Contact The Police, As The Situation Is Sensitive. Shaw Says That He Has “Relations” In His Office, Earlier. This Means That Whoever Planted The Camera In Shaw’s Office, Has These “Relations” Recorded.
  • Shaw’s Sex-Tape Gets Anonymously Emailed To A Blogger. The Blogger Plans To Release The Tape To The Public, Within 24 Hours.
  • Quinn Fires Olivia, And The Lawyer That Olivia Provided. Quinn Hires A New Lawyer, And She Plans To Take A Plea Deal.
  • Olivia Tells Quinn That She Will Win Her Trial, For Her. Quinn Re-Hires Olivia, As Her Defense Council.
  • David Offers Olivia Quinn’s Plea Deal, To Olivia. Olivia Refuses The Plea Deal.
  • The Team Tries To Stall The Release Of Shaw’s Sex Tape.
  • The Team Learns That Shaw Has Been Seen With 12 Women, Within The Past Few Months. Shaw Says That He Just Wanted The Company, That The Women Provided, For Him.
  • Mellie And Fitz Learn That They Are Having A Boy.
  • Mellie Somewhat Puts Fitz On The Spot, By Mentioning In An Interview, That Fitz Most Likely Is Going To Invade Sudan. Mellie Is Trying To Force Fitz’s Hand, In The Decision.
  • Fitz Tells Mellie That He’s President, And That She Need Not Get Involved In Foreign Policy, Nor Presidential Matters.
  • Fitz Apologizes To Mellie, For Getting Angry At Her. There Is Still Some Tension, Between The Two Of Them.
  • Fitz Calls Olivia. Olivia Gives Fitz Advice, Regarding The Sudan Issue. Olivia Tells Fitz That He Should Do What He Truly Believes Is the Right Thing To Do. It Seems That Olivia And Fitz Both Still Have Feelings, For Each Other.
  • Olivia Decides To Release Shaw’s Sex-Tape, Before The Blogger Does. Olivia Feels That Then, They’ll Have An Advantage Of Sorts, And Will Be Able To Take Control Of The Situation.
  • Shaw Uses The Media Attention, To Discuss Political Issues, That Are Important To Him. It Appears That Olivia’s Plan Worked.
  • Olivia Calls In A Favor To An Unknown Person, Regarding Quinn’s Trial. The Judge Of Quinn’s Trial Grants Quinn An Acquittal. It Seems That Olivia Called In A Favor, To A Very Powerful Person.
  • David Tells Olivia That He Know She Influenced The Judge’s Decision. David Vows To Find Out How Olivia Did This.
  • Fitz Fabricates A Story, To Cover Up The Fact That Mellie’s Interview Statement During The Interview, Was Sabotage.
  • Quinn Is Released From Police Custody.
  • The Team Becomes Suspicious Of The Judge’s Ruling, In Quinn’s Trial.
  • It’s Revealed That Olivia Enlisted Hucks To Knock Quinn Unconscious, Take Her To The D.C. Hotel, And Provide Her With Her New Identity. Of Course, Only Olivia And Hucks Know The Truth, About This.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Everything Is Not A Political Move.”   – Fitz

2) “You Wear Your Hat, I’ll Wear Mine.”    – Olivia

3) “I Know Texans, And Their Word.”   – Cyrus


Tonight’s Episode Of Scandal Was Great! In Tonight’s Season 2 Premiere, It’s Revealed That Quinn Is Wanted For Murder. Apparently, Quinn’s Name Was Lindsay. Quinn Got Angry At Her Boyfriend, And Sent A Package To His Job. Quinn’s Boyfriend Opened The Package, And It Exploded. The Explosion Killed Quinn’s Boyfriend, And Six Of His Co-Workers. Quinn Says That After The Explosion, She Made A Run For It, And Checked Into A Motel. Quinn Says That Someone Then Knocked Her Out, And She Woke Up In A Washington D.C. Hotel. Quinn Says That In The Hotel Room, She Found New Passports And Documents Laid Out For Her. Someone Had Virtually Given Quinn A New Identity. Olivia Acts As If She Doesn’t Know Who Knocked Quinn Out And Gave Her A New Identity. However, It’s Revealed That Olivia And Hucks Were The People That Knocked Quinn Out, And Gave Her The New Identity. There Weren’t Many Big White House Developments, Except For The Fact That Fitz & Mellie Learned That Their Baby Is Going To Be A Boy. Fitz Makes A Brief Phone Call To Olivia. It Seems As If The Two Of Them Still Have Feelings For Each Other. I’ve Been a Fan Of Scandal  Since Watching The Series Premiere, And I’ve Already Got Re-Acqauinted With The Show, Merely By Watching This Epic Season Premiere. Scandal Adequately Mixes In: Thrill, Mystery, Romance, Conspiracy, Humor, Among Many Other Things. Overall, Scandal  Is A Really Great Show, And I Would Definitely Recommend It. Watch Scandal Live: Thursday’s At 10/9C. On ABC.

~ Scott R.

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