Air date: 9/30/12

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • Elam is working on his house.
  • “That bastard Durant is back”– Sean
  • Mickey has become the town drunk gambling away profits from the bar. Sean is worried he doesn’t have the money to give to Durant for the land he gave away. Mickey refuses to give Sean his fair share.
  • Durant gives a generous some of money to Eva for all her help.
  • Durant is taking opium for his pain and is hallucinating and walking around with a cane.
  • Hannah, Durant’s wife has taken charge of the office.
  • Durant surprises Cullen.
  • “Is my bridge built?”- Durant
  • “So no bridge, alright for your sins you will come to dinner tonight with me an my wife.”– Durant
  • “Your wife..”- Cullen
  • “Don’t look so horrified and wear a clean shirt and Ms.Bell will be your escort.”– Durant
  • Psalms tries talking Elam out of homesteading. Elam tell him about Eva and the baby. Psalms tells him who would be better for the baby then someone like that’s like him. Elam takes comfort in hearing that.
  • Elam and Mr.Toole and talking.
  • “If the baby’s born white Eva then we can make a family.”– Mr.Toole
  • “See I thought you said you’d put that aside Mr.Toole“- Eva
  • The men in town are wagering whether the baby will be born white.
  • “Should we leave this place?”– Eva
  • “Maybe”– Mr.Toole
  • Eva takes comfort in hearing that he would consider leaving.
  • Cullen has cleaned himself up for dinner and escorts Lily to Durant’s train car.
  • Turns out Hannah and Durant have been in on the fraud scheme and she is worried that the smart Lily may have found out.
  • The Swede is busy at the bridge site sabotaging the engine used to raise the bridge trusses.
  • Hannah asks Cullen if he knows the Tates from his home. Turns out he married Mr.Tate’s youngest daughter. Cullen/Durant/Hannah know a lot of the same people.
  • “God Bohannon I just might send you to New York one of these days to deal with the board on my behalf.”– Durant
  • Hannah tells Lily her employment is only temporary which upsets Lily who leave. Cullen is asked to take Hannah to her train car.
  • Cullen tells her how much Lily has done for the railroad trying to fight for her job.
  • “Does that include sleeping with my husband”– Hannah
  • “Is Durant firing her?”- Cullen
  • “Be careful with whom you align yourself. My husband believes you have a future on the railroad and I do too.”– Hannah
  • Cullen heads to the office to talk with Lily but is called over by Durant who is mad about the progress being made.
  • “It was on your advice that we decided to bridge the gorge at this point.”- Durant
  • “Yes sir and we made good time considering. Indians, strike, washout..”- Cullen
  • “All I need is a structure to support a locomotive from one side of the gorge to the other understand?”- Durant
  • Looking directly at Hannah
  • “I’ll drive it across the bridge myself how about that.”– Cullen
  • Sean tries proposing to Ruth who says she’ll think about it.
  • At the bridge site while raising a truss with the engine Cullen see the Swede in the distance. The engine flies apart sending the truss down on top of men below.
  • “What in gods name has happened?”- Durant
  • “I ain’t the one that wanted to cross the gorge in a week and I it ain’t my fault that you oversold out millage to the board back east.”– Cullen
  • Joesph has returned but not to stay.
  • “Ruth after I became a christian I killed my brother, I killed your father, broke my fathers heart just like you broke mine.”- Joesph
  • “While I was hunting I saw the white spirit. My father was right this is a bad place.”– Joesph
  • Cullen finds a Norwegian penny in the engine. “Its like he wanted us to know.”– Mr.Toole
  • Lily goes to speak with Durant.
  • “How does Bohannon know about the millage shortfall on this railroad?- Durant
  • “Did you lay with him?!– Durant
  • Sean in Mickey get into a heated fight over money.
  • Durant meets with Elam.
  • “I tasked you with being my eyes and ears on this railroad.”- Durant
  • “I don’t work for the railroad no more. Got me a place down by the river to settle down”- Elam
  • He shows Durant the land deed and he rips it up.
  • “There are only two ways to leave this railroad you die in my employ or you walk back through Indian territory.”– Durant
  • “If the sun rises on your sorry ass in the morning I will have you shot for trespassing, is that what you want?”- Durant
  • “What you just tore up that’s what I want. I’m gonna build me a house down by that river where I can lock my dam door at night, know that’s my dam house and my dam property and I can shoot any dam man that come through that door and tell me it ain’t mine. I ain’t afraid to work Mr.Durant and I ain’t gonna be your dam nigger no more. What I want is some respect and if I gotta take it out of your dam hide or anybody else’s I will.”– Elam
  • Mr. Ferguson have a seat, please.”– Durant
  • Hannah goes to see Lily, she wants her to leave her train car so she can say there. “I have nowhere else to go.”- Lily
  • Cullen give Lily his train car.
  • “You know you could stay Thomas already knows.”– Lily
  • “He only thinks he knows.”- Cullen
  • “You’re always right.”- Lily
  • “Lily you shouldn’t test a men who’s jealous and afraid of his wife leaving especially not when he’s both.”– Cullen
  • Cullen and Lily kiss.
  • Sean surprises Ruth drunk. He wants to know about her and Joesph. “I want the truth!”- Sean
  • (did anyone else think this scene was going to get much darker? I didn’t think Sean would leave just like that.)
  • “And I thought it was me you wanted.”- Ruth
  • Cullen sets the Swede’s tent on fire as he goes to stay with Elam on his property.
  • “This ain’t no boarding house.”– Elam
  • “From the looks of it, it ain’t even a house.”– Cullen
  • “You outta know Mr.Durant offered me a new job. He want me to do something and im sure you ain’t going to like it at all.”– Elam
  • “What did you tell him?”- Cullen
  • “I told him I’d think about it.”– Elam

Final Thoughts: 

Building off last weeks exceptional episode the story keep getting better and better. Hannah adds a new dynamic to this story and im sure will mean trouble in next weeks finale.

Next on Hell on Wheels Sunday October 7th 2 hour season finale promo.

– Aaron @zaffuto234

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