Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Warships Begin Closing In On The Island.
  • Marcus Activates The “Perseus” Prototype That Is On Board Of The Sub. The Prototype Works, And It Takes The Colorado  Off Of The Radar, Completely.
  • An Unknown Aircraft Crosses The No-Man’s Land Perimeter.
  • The Crew Learns That The Aircraft Is A Passenger Jet. The Passenger Jet Is Turned Around, And Sent Back.
  • Sam Gets A Phone Call From His Wife, Christine. Christine Tells Sam That The Government Is Willing To Give Him And The Crew Full Amnesty, In Exchange For Marcus, And The Sub. However, Christine Then Tells Sam Not To Trust The Government. It Seems That The Government Is Trying To Turn Christine, But Has Failed.
  • The Team Begins To Suspect That A HALO Team Parachuted From The Passenger Jet That Was Turned Around. If This Is True, The HALO Team Could Ambush The Crew, In A Matter Of Hours.
  • The Developer Of The Perseus Begins To Suspect That The Illinois Tried To Sink The Colorado, In Order To Seize The Perseus. The Developer Enlists Her Friend To Find Out Who Ordered The Illinois To Fire On The Colorado.
  • Sam Enlists A Team, To Intercept The HALO Team, If There Is In Fact An HALO Team.
  • Sam And His Team Begin Searching For The HALO Team.
  • Christine Learns That Sam Was Taken Prisoner In North Korea. The Government Tells Christine That Marcus Then Put His Own Career On The Line, To Save Sam.
  • Marcus Gets In Contact With A Government (Secretary) Official. The (Secretary) Official Claims That There Is No DELTA Team On The Island.
  • Sam And His Team Run Into What Seems To Be DELTA Members. Sam Drops His Weapon, And Goes Out To Talk To The DELTA Team.
  • Marcus Learns That The Individuals Are Actually Russian Spetsnaz, And Relays This Information To Sam. Sam Rushes To Cover, And A Shoot-Out Ensues Between Sam’s Team, And The Russian Spetsnaz Team.
  • Marcus Gets In Touch With Viktor, A High Ranking Russian Official. Viktor Says That He And His Men Want The Sub. In Exchange, Viktor Says No-One Will Be Injured. Marcus Relays This Information To The U.S. Secretary, And The Secretary Orders Viktor To Stand Down. It’s Not Clear If Viktor Will Cooperate.
  • Sam And His Team Eliminate The Spetsnaz Team. (James Discreetly Sniped Two Of The Spetsnaz Members)
  • Sam And His Team Make Their Way Back To The NATO Station. A Few Of The Team Was Killed, And Grace Sustained Minor Injuries. Sam And The Team Are Returning With 2 Spetsnaz Prisoners.
  • One Of Sam’s College Friends Arrives, And Removes Christine From The Government Questioning Session. It Seems That The Friend Is Now Going To Be Christine’s Lawyer.
  • The Spetsnaz Prisoners Are Secured, In One Of The Island’s Makeshift Jail Cells.
  • It’s Revealed That Marcus’s Son Was Killed 2 Weeks Ago, In Afghanistan, By Friendly Fire.
  • The Perseus Developer’s Friend Is In A Coma. It Seems That He May Have Come To Close To The Truth, About Who Ordered The Attack, On The Colorado.
  • The Crew Has Yet To Find Their Missing Members.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Sometimes The Enemy Is Just The Man Keeping You From Getting Home.”   – Marcus

2) “I Got My Own List, A Lot Longer Than That”   – James

3) “Either Way, This Sucks.”   – Sam



Tonight’s Episode Of Last Resort Was Exhilarating! In Tonight’s Episode, Russian Spetsnaz Spies Infiltrate The Island. Sam And His Team Must Ultimately Confront, And Eliminate The Spies. It Seems That The Spies Were Sent, To Retrieve The Sub, And The Perseus Prototype, That Is On Board. The Developer Of The Perseus Begins To Suspect That The Illinois Sub Fired On The Colorado, In Order To Seize The Perseus. The Developer Enlists Her Close Friend To Find Out Who Ordered The Illinois To Fire On The Colorado. Ultimately, The Developer’s Friend Mysteriously Ends Up In A Coma. It Seems That The Developer’s Friend Came To Close To The Truth, And Was Eliminated. Back At The Island, A Few Members Of The Sub’s Crew Have Went Missing, And We Have Yet To Learn Where They Are. Two Of The Spetsnaz Spies Are Taken Prisoner By Sam And His Team, And Are Locked Up In One Of The Island’s Jail Cells. I Am Already Loving Last Resort, And It’s Unique, And Also Intriguing, Story. I Honestly Feel That The Last Show That Was A Great As Last Resort  Is Turning Out To Be, Would Have To Be LOST. Last Resort  Adequately Mixes Action, Thrill, Mystery, Conspiracy, Drama, And Dozens Of Other Categories, Into A Neatly Wrapped 1 Hour Time-Slot. It’s Too Early To Predict The Future Of This Show, But I’m Definitely Curious To See Where It Goes. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Last Resort. Watch Last Resort  Live: Thursday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.


~ Scott R.

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