Episode Notes/Recap:

  •  Kat Becomes An Official FBI Agent, And An Official Member Of The Team.
  • The Team Begins Apprehending Many Affiliates Of Parish, In The Hopes Of Gaining A Lead On Parish’s Whereabouts, etc.
  • Nathan Gives A List Of Addresses To Rosen, And Asks Rosen If He Recognizes Any Of Them. Rosen Lies And Says That He Doesn’t Recognize Any Of The Addresses. However, Rosen Did Actually Recognize One Of The Addresses. Rosen Enlists Cameron, To Go To The Addresses, And Look For Anybody, Or Anything, That May Be Linked To Parish. It Seems That Rosen Doesn’t Trust Nathan, And Nathan’s Team.
  • Rosen Enlists Kat, To Go To The Address, With Cameron.
  • Gary Learns That The Chinese Factory That Was Producing The Photic Stimulators For Parish, Has Just Exported An Unknown Shipment To New York. Rosen Enlists Gary, To Find Out What The Factory Exported.
  • Gary Reveals That His Mom Was In A Car Accident, And Is Now At The Hospital.
  • Cameron And Kat Arrive At The Address.
  • An Unknown Individual Steps Out Of The House, At The Address, Gets In His Car, And Leaves. Kat And Cameron Proceed To Move In, On The House.
  • Cameron And Kat Enter The House, And Find An Individual Inside. The Man’s Name Is Mitchell, And He Says That He’s Very Important, To Stanton Parish. Cameron And Kat Take Mitchell Into Custody.
  • Mitchell Seems To Be Mentally Challenged, Or Autistic.
  • The Senator Arrives At The Office, To Join The Investigation.
  • Rosen Learns That Nina Provided The Senator’s Brain Scans, To The Senator’s Doctor. The Senator Has Traced The Scans Back To Rosen. However, The Senator Doesn’t Know The Entire Story, And As Of Now, She Feels Gracious, Towards Rosen. However, This Could Change, Once The Senator Learns What Nina And Rosen Did To Her.
  • Gary Learns That The Chinese Factory Is Exporting “Industrial Electronics” To New York. However, Gary Cannot Read The Details Of The Shipment, As The Details Are Written In Chinese.
  • As Cameron And Kat Are Transporting Mitchell Back To The Office, They Are Ambushed By The Other Individual That Left The House. The Man Shoots Out The Tires Of The Car That Kat, Mitchell, And Cameron Are Traveling In.
  • Hicks, Kat, And Mitchell Escape From The Unknown Man. However, Their Car Is Totaled. Ultimately, The Three Try To Find Safety, Off Of The Roadway.
  • Mitchell Touches Cameron’s Arm, And Connects Him With A Memory Of Dani. The Memory Is Of Dani Meeting With Stanton Parish.
  • Rosen Learns That The Chinese Factory Export, Has Devices With The Same Components As The Photic Stimulators. It Seems That Parish Is Still Trying To Amplify Alpha Abilities.
  • Rosen Decides That The Chinese Factory Export Shipment Needs To Be Intercepted.
  • Bill And Gary Arrive At The Hospital, And Begin Waiting For Gary’s Mom To Get Out Of Surgery.
  • Bill Is Called Back To The Office. Gary Remains At The Hospital.
  • Cameron And Kat Learn That Mitchell Can Put Someone In Any Memory That He Has Stored In His Head. Once The Person Is In Mitchell’s Memory, They Can Interact With The People In The Memory, etc.
  • The Man That Previously Attacked Kat, Cameron, And Mitchell Stops In At A Store, And Buys Three Containers Of Milk. The Man Drinks The Milk, And A Strange Occurrence Takes Place, With His Bones. It Seems That If The Man Drinks Milk, His Bones Become Extremely Flexible, And Virtually Indestructible.
  • The Man Begins Looking For Kat, Cameron, And Mitchell.
  • Kat And Cameron Learn That The Man That Attacked Them Can Mend His Broken Bones. Kat And Cameron Learn That The Man Is Most Likely Coming After Them.
  • Kat, Cameron, And Mitchell Arrive At A Local Town. Cameron Heads To A Car Rental Facility, And Kat Tries To Blend In, With Mitchell.
  • Kat And Mitchell Hide In An Old House, While Cameron Rents A Car.
  • The Senator Tells Nina That She Thinks She Has Been Pushed. Fortunately, The Senator Thinks She Was Pushed By One Of Parish’s People.
  • The Senator Unlocks A Memory, And Realizes That Nina Was The Person Thar Pushed Her.
  • The Team Intercepts The Chinese Factory Shipment, Only To Find It Empty.
  • Rachael Senses Patterns In The Dust, Inside Of The Shipping Container, And Determines That There Were Thousands Of Boxes Inside. It Seems That Parish Has Already Retrieved The Devices.
  • Gary’s Mom’s Surgery Is Successful. Gary Tells His Mom That He Is Going To Move Back In With Her, To Take Care Of Her.
  • Gary’s Mom Begins To Crash. It’s Not Clear What Is Happening, To Gary’s Mom.
  • Rosen And The Senator Have A Heated Conversation. The Senator Threatens To Blackmail Rosen, And Rosen Does The Same, To The Senator.
  • The Unknown Man Attacks Cameron. A Fight Ensures, Between The Man, And Cameron.
  • The Unknown Man Knocks Cameron Unconscious.
  • The Unknown Man Contacts Kat, And Says He Wants To Trade.
  • Kat Sets Up A Meet With The Unknown Man. It Seems That Kat Has A Plan, Up Her Sleeve.
  • It’s Revealed That Gary’s Mom Had A Stroke, Which Is Why She Crashed. Gary’s Mom Is Currently Unconscious.
  • Kat Meets With The Unknown Man, And Runs Over Him With A Truck. The Truck Pushes The Man In A Nearby Lake. The Man Sinks To The Bottom Of The Lake. The Man Sinks, Because As He Is Trying To Mend His Broken Bones, His Bone Density Gets Higher And Higher, Which Ultimately Causes Him To Get Heavier.
  • When Kat Ran Over The Man, The Truck Pushed The Man, And His Car, In The Lake. Kat Learns That Cameron Is In The Trunk Of The Man’s Car. Kat Dives Into The Lake, To Save Cameron.
  • Kat Rescues Cameron From The Trunk, Of The Sunken Car. Both Cameron And Kat Make It Out Of The Lake, Safely. Mitchell Is Waiting For The Two, On The Bank Of The Lake.
  • Mitchell Is Taken Back To The Office, Where He Begins Speaking With Rosen.
  • Mitchell Touches Rosen’s Arm, And Shows Rosen The Last Time That He Spoke With Parish.
  • Rosen Learns That Parish Doesn’t Use Mitchell To Store His Plans, But Rather Parish Uses Mitchell To Store His Feelings.
  • Rosen Learns Much About Parish’s Personality/Feelings, From Mitchell.
  • Mitchell Is Sent To Building Seven.
  • Rosen Learns That The Farmhouse, Where Mitchell And The Unknown Man Were Staying, Was Built By Parish And Parish’s Dad. Rosen Learns That Parish Grew Up In The Farmhouse, And Raised A Family Of His Own, There.
  • Rosen Burns Down The Farmhouse. Rosen Hopes To Expose Parish’s True Feelings/Weaknesses, By Doing This.


Tonight’s Episode Of Alphas Was Magnificent! In Tonight’s Episode, The Team Discovers A New Alphas, Named Mitchell. Parish Has Been Using Mitchell To Store His Memories. Basically, Mitchell Is Able To Store Someone’s Memories, And Then Present Those Memories To That Person, At A Later Time. The Team Learns That Parish Is Importing A Shipment Of Devices, That Are Much Like The Photic Stimulators. The Team Tries To Intercept The Shipment, But They Are Too Late. Parish Retrieves The Shipment, Before The Team Is Able To Intercept The Shipment. Rosen And Cameron Continue To Devise A Plan To Take Parish Down. Rosen Is Even Able To Learn Some Of Parish’s Weaknesses, By Questioning Mitchell. In The End, Rosen Burns Down Parish’s Childhood Home, In The Hopes Of Making Parish Vulnerable. I’ve Been Fan Of Alphas, After Watching The Series Premiere, Last Fall. The Show Mixes Many Emotions Into An Epic 1 hour Time-Slot. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Alphas. Watch Alphas Live: Monday’s At 8/7C. On SYFY.


~ Scott R.

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