Homeland, Episode 5, Season 2.

It is 5am on Monday morning. After a weekend of holiday celebrations, I was ready to go catch up on some sleep, and then I watched the newest episode of Homeland. Now as I listen to hurricane Sandy get going outside my window I find myself yelling at the TV and biting my nails away. This is the episode we have all been waiting for since this show began.

Two weeks ago, secrets were uncovered during a CIA op in Beirut. After going through a period of self-doubt that led to Carrie going through electro shock therapy, Carrie was fired from the CIA. When an asset came forward with information and said she would only share it with Carrie, Saul and David were forced to call her back in for help. Even though the mission did not go as planned, even though Carrie almost got herself and her whole team killed, she also got the most important piece of intelligence anyone could possibly ask for, on accident even.

Last season, Sgt. Brodie recorded a video explaining why he was blowing himself and half the government up. It went missing when Brodie did not go through with his suicide. The tape was sewn into the bag that Carrie shoved all the paperwork she could into and it landed in Saul’s hands. Saul watched the tape and did a very good job hiding it as he made his way back to the United States, which was good because the powers that be knew he had it somewhere and they knew the damage it could cause. As soon as Saul came back, he showed Carrie that she was right all along. An investigation was launched and Carrie worked her way back into her former job, forgiven and even given a new level of respect from her colleagues.

Being someone who roots for the underdog, the villain and the characters that were tragically misunderstood, it felt good when Carrie ended up meeting Brodie at a bar in the hotel he was staying in because his wife threw him out. Lies can bury a person, as the good congressman is slowly learning. The last episode ended with Carrie confronting Brodie, blowing the cover of the investigation and watching while Nicholas was hauled off to an undisclosed location by the CIA.

Episode five opened with Brodie, dazed and coming to his senses, cuffed to a chair in some dark, creepy warehouse. In the room next door, Carrie, Saul and a few others watched his every move.

The first person to interrogate him played the role of bad cop perfectly but got nowhere. After that Carrie was sent in, Carrie got the ex-Marine to break down and admit everything. To do so, Carrie had to be more honest than anyone should have to be, on the other hand, it could have been just a tactic, a tactic that worked flawlessly. Once he spilled his guts, Brodie was released under the condition that he works to help the CIA take down Abu Nazir.

When Brodie was sent home, Jessica was waiting for him and his real battle began. While he was focused on keeping the right mask on at the right time, his family life has been deteriorating at a very rapid pace. Just as Brodie starts to come clean about some of his tangled webs, his daughter Dana has gotten caught up in secrets of her own. Her new relationship with the vice president’s son is already more complicated than anything about her has been since the show started.

Everything may have changed in episode but many things are going to stay the same. Brodie is now a triple agent and we have no idea what might happen now, will he keep on his path and play everyone? Now that things have reached a fever pitch, it will be interesting to see what the next few weeks will bring in the world of Homeland where nothing will ever be as it seems.

-Ivy Marie

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