General Sebastian Monroe

Episode Notes/Recap:

  •  While Trying To Cross A Bridge, To Head Towards Danny, The Group Walks Into A Militia Trap.
  • The Group Escapes The Militia, And Is Safe, For Now.
  • The Group Determines That They Must Cross A Different Bridge, Which Is 100 Miles Away.
  • As The Group Is Making Their Way through The Alleys, The Militia Begins Calling For Nora, From The Rooftops. The Militia Says That They Have Mia. It’s Not Clear Who Exactly Mia Is, But It Is Apparent That Mia Is Important To Nora.
  • The Group Sees Mia Tied Up, In The Center Of The Town, With Militia Surrounding Her. We Also Learn That Mia Is Nora’s Sister.
  • It’s Revealed That 2 Months After The Blackout, A Mysterious Man Broke Into Mia And Nora’s House, And Killed Their Mother. The Man Ransacked Their House, And Left. Nora And Mia Hid Under A Bed, The Entire Time.
  • While In Hiding, The Group Listens To Strausser’s (A Vicious Militia Leader) Demands. The Man Says That If Nora Brings Him The Pendant, Along With Miles, He Will Let Mia Live. Otherwise, Strausser Will Kill Mia.
  • Nora Tells The Group That They Are Going To Rescue Mia, And defeat The Militia Members.
  • Monroe Accuses Jason Of Treason. Monroe Tells Neville That Is Going To Be Jason On A Diplomatic Expedition, To California.
  • The Group Causes An Explosion, Injuring Many Of The Militia Members. The Group Then Rescues Mia, And Escapes.
  • Mia Joins The Group, And Gives Them  Directions To A Safe River Crossing.
  • Mia Tries To Convince Nora To Go With Her, To See Their Father. Nora Says That She Must Help The Group. Mia Says That She’ll Help The Group Get Across The River, But Then She’s Going To Go Be With Her Father, In Texas.
  • The Team Arrives At Their River Crossing Point, Only To Find That The Route Is No Longer Accessible.
  • Neville Learns That The Son Of Monroe’s Most Senior Aide, Is Working With The Resistance.
  • The Group Continues On, To Get To A River Crossing. Charlie Tells Nora That She Needs To Go With Mia, To See Their Father. Nora Listens To Charlie, And Heads Off With Mia, To See Their Father.
  • Neville Informs Monroe Of The Traitor Amongst Them. Monroe Kills The Boy, And Begins Torturing The Boy’s Father.
  • Monroe Tells Neville That He Will Allow Jason To Stay.
  • As Nora An Mia Are Walking Along, They Are Ambushed By Strausser And His Men.
  • Mia Tells Nora That Everything Is Okay. Mia Then Hands Strausser The Pendant (Which She Apparently Stole From Aaron) And Tells Strausser The Group’s Location. It Seems That Mia Did This To Protect Herself And Her Sister.
  • Mia Reveals That She Never Actually Found Her And Nora’s Father.
  • Nora Rushes To Save The Group. Nora Tell’s Mia To Not Follow Her, And To Not Try To Find Her.
  • Strausser And His Men Find The Group, And They Begin Firing At Them.
  • Aaron Realizes That The Pendant Is Missing.
  • Nora Rushes In, And Rescues The Group.
  • The Group Defeats A Few Of Strausser’s Men, And They Begin Making Their Way Towards The River Bank.
  • The Group Jumps In The River, And The Current Begins Taking Them Downstream.
  • The Group Emerges From The River, And Makes A Small Camp.
  • Strausser Delivers The Pendant To Monroe.
  • Monroe Gives The Pendant To Rachael. He Tells Her That She Now Has Everything That She Needs.It Appears That Rachael Is Building Some Sort Of Amplifier.
  • Randall Informs Grace That Miles’s Pendant Has Been Taken. Apparently, Randall Is Monitoring all Of The Pendants Via GPS. Randall Tells Grace That She Is Going To Get The Pendant Back.


Tonight’s Episode Of Revolution Was By Far, The Best Yet! In Tonight’s Episode, Nora Rescues Her Sister Who Has Seemingly Been Captured By The Militia. Nora Later Finds Out That Mia Is Working For The Militia, And During Her Time With The Group, Mia Has Stolen The Pendant From Aaron, And Has Informed The Militia Of The Group’s Location. Nora Rushes Back, Saves The Group, And They Escape By Riding A River Current, Downstream. Monroe Then Gives The Stolen Pendant To Rachael, Who Seems To Be Building An Amplifier, For The Pendant. In The Last Few Minutes Of The Episode, Randall Informs Grace That Miles’s Pendant Has Been Stolen. Randall Is Monitoring The Location Of Every Pendant Via GPS. Randall Then Tells Grace That She Is Going To Get The Pendant Back. Tonight’s Episode Was Purely Great. I Am Really Intrigued About The Strange Compound Where Randall And Grace Are At. I Continue To Have Many Questions About The Show, That I Hope Will Soon Be Answered, As The Season Progresses. I’ve Been A Huge Fan Of This Show, Since Watching The Epic Series Premiere. Revolution Can Appeal To Fans Of: Action, Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Sword Fighting, The Show Has Something For Everyone. However, Unfortunately, In The Next Two Weeks Or So, Revolution Will Be Having A Short Hiatus. The Show Will Be Returning Early Next Year, With All New Episodes. Either Way,   I Can’t Wait To Check Out Next Week’s Episode.

~Scott R.

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