Sea Shepard - Operation Zero Tolerance

It Seems That Whale Wars Has Indeed Been Renewed For A 6th Season! I Know Fans Of The Show, Including Myself, Are Glad To Learn This. Whale Wars Is An Animal Planet Documentary Show That Follows The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, As They Battle In The Arctic Tundra, To Save Whales. The Sea Shepherd Volunteer Members Battle For Months With Japanese Whalers, In An Attempt To Prevent The Slaughter Of Hundreds Of Whales. For Years, Far Beyond The Length Of The Show, Captain Paul Watson And His Crew Have Tirelessly Fought The Japanese Whalers. Both The Sea Shepherd And The Japanese Whalers Have Many Dangerous Tactics That They Use On One Another, Constantly. The Show Has Gained Much Controversy In Its Previous Seasons, As Both The Sea Shepherd, And Japanese Whalers Claim That They Are Operating Well Within The Parameters Of Judicial Law. “Operation Zero Tolerance” (The Sea Shepherd Annual Anti-Whaling Campaign) Has Already Commenced, Which Means That Filming For Whale Wars Season 6 Has Already Commenced. Season 6 Of The Eye Opening Documentary Show Will Air This Summer, On Animal Planet.

What Are Your Thoughts On Sea Shepherd, And The Show? Sound Off!


    • Scott R. says:

      I Agree, Magnificent Show That Opens Peoples Eyes.

    • liam says:

      EXCELLENT SHOW, 100% I agree.

      These are the words of Captain Paul Watson,

      The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is not anti-Japanese. We are anti-whaling. We have Japanese members and Japanese crew members. We also oppose whaling by Norway, Denmark, and Iceland..

      • Scott R. says:

        I Stumbled Upon This Show One Day, And Have Followed It Ever Since. Very Eye Opening, And It Shows The Importance Of Our Oceans.

  2. Awesome show, cant get enough. Best show since M*A*S*H

  3. jan davies says:

    Fantastic news . Cannot wait Edge of the seat viewing. Sea shepherds are true heros and with the show people around the world can see what really goes on ..

  4. Karen says:

    Love, Love, Love Whale Wars. Can’t wait til it starts! Most awesome show ever! Sea Shepards Rock!
    Stop whaling now!!!

  5. Rusty says:

    I agreez with all the above. Those sea Shepards are some tough heroes. To keep killing something so magnificent and with wonderfully close families is so barbaric those whalers must have serial killer souls.

  6. Jack says:

    When will it be shown on tv?

    • Scott R. says:

      I haven’t heard an official date, but it should be fairly soon. It will 100% be this summer. So I’m thinking a late June/early July air date.

  7. I love to watch this show to laugh at the failures of these weirdos. Funny stuff.

    • Scott R. says:

      Yes, it’s rather hilarious watching brave volunteers battling to save an almost extinct animal Isn’t it?

  8. Zack says:

    i cant wait, whale wars is awesome

  9. Aaron says:

    Love the show. Love the cause more. The senseless slaughter of beautiful ocean animals that we don’t need in our food chain is horrible.

  10. Nancy says:

    An Amazing show which shows the world how cruel and injust some humans can be.

  11. Marsha Klessig says:

    Still waiting for the new Whale Wars season 6 to begin, anyone know whats up?

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