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Day 24 (Can you just imagine going through all of this in just 24 days!) Linden is staying in her car. “How you felling? Yeah they had you drugged up pretty good, you were all docile and glassy eyed like my Aunt Doris”- Holder “Why would the mayor torpedo his own waterfront project?”- Linden “What was the […]

Day 23 Linden awakes to find herself in a psyc ward. (Feels eerie like the pilot of the walking dead where Rick wakes up in the hospital) Holder is ANGRY he can’t see Linden. Holder to the Lieutenant  “There trying to frame her…she found evidence inside the casino that proves the tribe is covering up a […]

Day 22 Holder off the Larsen case, county has the case files including the casino key. Lieutenant Ray blames the mishaps on the Larsen case on Linden. Holder disagrees. Ray lets Holder know that Linden spent a month in a physc  ward because she completely lost it working on a case in the past. Linden/Holder seek Richmond’s help […]

Episode 2×08 Day 21 Linden’s search for Holder is denied, she fights back for partner and end up going off to search on her own. Thankfully the police force does show up as Holder’s location is blocked by the Chief and her men. They are searching for Holder blind since his phone dosn’t have GPS. (Everyone in […]

5/6/12 Episode Notes: The Killing “Keylela”

Posted: May 9, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Killing
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Day 20 since Rosie’s Killing. Linden knows the drawling that was put on her fridge was a message from some who knows something and knows alot about the investigation. Holder tries to reassure her. Ray uncovers that Rosie’s voice mail could of been from a construction site based on the background sounds and Linden suspects it come for inside the casino. Richmond campaign tires and fails […]