Here at TV Addict “we watch just about everything” giving you episode recaps/reviews and news on your favorite shows.

With a trusted tv obsessed team we take the time (usually a lot) to provide when necessary in depth recaps and character quotes.

Our Bloggers:

Aaron Zaffuto

Founder of TV Addict.

Follow me on Twitter- @zaffuto234

Hi my name is Aaron and im a 23 year old TV addict.

A Couple things about me:

  • I currently run a DJ and Production business called “Aaron & Marcus Productions”. We cover any event that you need a sound system for, big , small, concerts to backyard party’s.- AMPEvent.com
  • Between me and my fellow twitter followers I can comfortably say we watch everything…
  • Im a HUGE Chuck fan and if you’re not then what are you waiting for!- http://www.nbc.com/chuck/
  • Favorite cancelled shows- Jericho, FlashForward, Human Target & The Event
  • Favorite Movies- Office Space, Joe Dirt…


2nd in command.

Follow me on Twitter- @NBC_CHUCK_FAN

Covering a wide range of shows: Men At Work, Longmire, Common Law, Touch, Scandal, Falling Skies, Saving Hope


Follow me on Twitter- @Anna_Chuckster1

The Rookie Blue fanatic.

  1. Christie says:

    Three of your favorite canceled shows are the same as mine. I’ll replace Human Target with The Dead Zone.

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