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Episode Notes:

  • Epstein talks with Shaw about joining S.W.A.T, they get a radio call and go check out a building.
  • Find pigs in a pen and a note.
  • Cop car gets stolen.
  • Swarek and McNally spend the night together for the first time as a real couple, and talk about their relationship in the morning.
  • New guy (Collins) flirts with Peck. They’ve obviously had a past relationship.
  • Best talks to everyone about the missing cop car, Williams suggests it has to do with the annual teen scavenger hunt. Kids make a list of things to steal. Best gets mad, and tells her it has nothing to do with that.
  • While looking for the stolen car, Mcnally and Swarek talk about their relationship again, Swarek says no to yoga.
  • They see a silver SUV speeding and chase it down.
  • Driver gets out of the car and McNally chases after him. Takes driver’s bag of money, but the guy runs away.
  • Detective Barber shows up to help, they find out that the car was stolen from a car garage. They try to find the owner who is a teen girl named Stella.
  • Meanwhile, Epstein and Shaw try to find their missing squad car.
  • Epstein sees a vandalized poster of Diaz, but made a list of places that the scavenger hunt has been in the past.
  • Nash and Diaz search together, while Nash talks about staying in detective school. But she doesn’t want to be abandoning her son.
  • They find a kid named T-Bone, who is in his early teens, who has found the scavenger hunt list on the ground.
  • Back at the station, Best keeps worrying over William’s baby, as it’s his as well.
  • Peck turns down Collins’s offer of a date, and Best puts Peck in charge of Collins.
  • McNally and Swarek go to the car garage, Swarek has had problems with the owner before.
  • The owner (Stella’s father) is found almost dead on the floor in his office.
  • Peck and Collins flirt more, as they watch out for kids trying to steal beach umbrella’s. Nash and Diaz sent out T-Bone’s list, so the officers are on the lookout.
  • Nash and Diaz question T-Bone about the leaders of the scavenger hunt.
  • They find out T-Bone lives alone, because his mom’s job keeps her in another city.
  • T-Bone tracks the leaders by their twitter accounts.
  • McNally and Swarek have a lead (Stella’s boyfriend Wyatt) so they go check out his apartment and find a bunch of photos of Stella. They go back to the school to find her.
  • Epstein, Shaw, Nash, and Diaz find the stolen police car, thanks to T-Bone.  The drivers are wearing pig masks.
  • The shotgun in the car was sold to someone…
  • McNally and Swarek are warned that Wyatt had bought the gun.  They go to the auditorium, and Wyatt tries to shoot them.  He leads Stella to the cafeteria.
  • McNally and Swarek follow the two teens into the cafeteria, they try to talk Wyatt out of shooting them.
  • McNally counts how many he used in the cafeteria and the auditorium and thinks he’s out of bullets.
  • Swarek trusts her and walks closer to Wyatt, eventually grabbing the gun.
  • They take Wyatt into custody, McNally talks to Stella.
  • Because of T-Bone, Nash doesn’t want to leave her son, but Diaz tells her she still needs to go.
  • Epstein talks to his girlfriend about just being themselves.
  • Shaw calls his wife, who says that she and the kids still need space from him.
  • Williams and Best talk about her and the baby being okay, Williams shows him her sonogram.
  • McNally and Swarek talk about taking it slow.
  • Peck and Collins talk about their previous relationship and how Peck has changed, while taking shots of Vodka by the lake.
  • Peck goes to leave but comes back and full-on kisses Collins.  The episode ends there.


“Sam, we’re acting like teenagers.” -McNally

“And that’s a bad thing?” -Swarek

“Hey, Casanova, that’s her face not your lunch. get a room!” -Peck talking to civilians

“The answer is no, I won’t do yoga with you.” -Swarek

“I only asked you about that once! Okay, maybe twice.” -McNally


I really liked this episode, the storyline keeps getting better, and this is only the second episode.  Epstein and his girlfriend are really cute together which is great, being he had a thing for Peck.  McNally and Swarek are finally talking about a real relationship, she deserves much better than Luke treated her in the previous season. I don’t know about Epstein joining S.W.A.T…Shaw is right to doubt his capabilities. He seems too good-natured for S.W.A.T. I sense the writers maybe putting Diaz and Nash together, rather than Nash and Detective Barber. I personally think that Diaz is better for her, but that’s just me. Don’t really know about the new Collins guy, he seems real. We’ll see where he goes in this season.  Williams and Best are developing a relationship, even though he was only supposed to be a sperm donor.  Again, loved this ep!