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Dexter and Deb, Going too far.

The walls continue to close in on our dear, dark defender but he has a new ally in his sister Deb who is digging herself in deeper than she should and deeper than anyone ever expected. Through all of this I have been left wondering when the story line about her falling in love with Dexter from last season will be brought back into play. The sexual tension between them has been unbearable lately and the stakes keep getting raised with each passing week. My guess is that Deb sticking by him and helping when she can is much more than just brotherly love but we shall see. Knowing that they were married in real life and recently divorced adds a very realistic edge to their fights together on the show.

We were also introduced to a young girl named Hannah who went on a killing spree with her boyfriend years earlier. She is helping find bodies they buried together and she is getting snuggly with Dexter. There are girls who like bad boys but Hannah seems to like monsters and they both sense the darkness within each other.

When Isaac and the Russians start following Dexter around, Deb and Dexter spend a night together hiding out in a cheap hotel together and then when Isaac is arrested, Dexter goes to see him and jail. Their conversation through the glass was one of the most amazingly well filmed scenes I have ever seen, the killers saw their own reflection in each other and Isaac promised that it was far from over. When Ray Stevenson says he is still coming for you, a lesser person would be scared; Dex looks at it as a challenge. This seasons big killers have been some of the best since the trinity killer in season four.

With a season and a half to go, there is no telling what might happen now and how it will all play out. With everyone watching Dexter has to plan his moves carefully, having Deb on his side could help things work out for the best but it could also turn the tables and destroy them both. All we can do is make sure we are watching Showtime at 10pm on Sundays to see for ourselves.

-Ivy Marie

Homeland, Episode 5, Season 2.

It is 5am on Monday morning. After a weekend of holiday celebrations, I was ready to go catch up on some sleep, and then I watched the newest episode of Homeland. Now as I listen to hurricane Sandy get going outside my window I find myself yelling at the TV and biting my nails away. This is the episode we have all been waiting for since this show began.

Two weeks ago, secrets were uncovered during a CIA op in Beirut. After going through a period of self-doubt that led to Carrie going through electro shock therapy, Carrie was fired from the CIA. When an asset came forward with information and said she would only share it with Carrie, Saul and David were forced to call her back in for help. Even though the mission did not go as planned, even though Carrie almost got herself and her whole team killed, she also got the most important piece of intelligence anyone could possibly ask for, on accident even.

Last season, Sgt. Brodie recorded a video explaining why he was blowing himself and half the government up. It went missing when Brodie did not go through with his suicide. The tape was sewn into the bag that Carrie shoved all the paperwork she could into and it landed in Saul’s hands. Saul watched the tape and did a very good job hiding it as he made his way back to the United States, which was good because the powers that be knew he had it somewhere and they knew the damage it could cause. As soon as Saul came back, he showed Carrie that she was right all along. An investigation was launched and Carrie worked her way back into her former job, forgiven and even given a new level of respect from her colleagues.

Being someone who roots for the underdog, the villain and the characters that were tragically misunderstood, it felt good when Carrie ended up meeting Brodie at a bar in the hotel he was staying in because his wife threw him out. Lies can bury a person, as the good congressman is slowly learning. The last episode ended with Carrie confronting Brodie, blowing the cover of the investigation and watching while Nicholas was hauled off to an undisclosed location by the CIA.

Episode five opened with Brodie, dazed and coming to his senses, cuffed to a chair in some dark, creepy warehouse. In the room next door, Carrie, Saul and a few others watched his every move.

The first person to interrogate him played the role of bad cop perfectly but got nowhere. After that Carrie was sent in, Carrie got the ex-Marine to break down and admit everything. To do so, Carrie had to be more honest than anyone should have to be, on the other hand, it could have been just a tactic, a tactic that worked flawlessly. Once he spilled his guts, Brodie was released under the condition that he works to help the CIA take down Abu Nazir.

When Brodie was sent home, Jessica was waiting for him and his real battle began. While he was focused on keeping the right mask on at the right time, his family life has been deteriorating at a very rapid pace. Just as Brodie starts to come clean about some of his tangled webs, his daughter Dana has gotten caught up in secrets of her own. Her new relationship with the vice president’s son is already more complicated than anything about her has been since the show started.

Everything may have changed in episode but many things are going to stay the same. Brodie is now a triple agent and we have no idea what might happen now, will he keep on his path and play everyone? Now that things have reached a fever pitch, it will be interesting to see what the next few weeks will bring in the world of Homeland where nothing will ever be as it seems.

-Ivy Marie

Quick and Dirty Catch Up.

  *Over the last few weeks I have been plagued by internet issues and health issues so I have not been keeping up with my writing as much as I normally would, for that I am sorry. It does however mean that I got sucked into a bunch more shows in my time of bored confinement. Winter is coming and I have to say I am looking forward to it. To keep this brief and to cover everything I want to cover, I will keep it to short, random thoughts about each episode and show, quick and dirty style.


Sons of Anarchy.                FX 10pm on Tuesday

Big changes in the club this season, everyone’s lives are being turned upside down and many are coming to an end as well. With Jax at the head of the table, not everyone is happy about it so as always there is big trouble in little Charming. Gemma is not handling the events of last season very well and seems to be on an unending bender, introducing us to a Latino pimp played by Jimmy Smitts and his escort service.

Survivor.                 CBS 8pm on Wednesday

Lots of rain and people behaving badly as usual and the chick I was rooting for was taken out for medical reasons. The child star and the baseball player are still there and so are two of the returning players and some more rain.

Nashville.                     ABC 10pm on Wednesday

This show surprised me in so many ways, first off because I don’t really like country music, I don’t really like soap operas and I don’t really think characters glorifying shallow, pretentious girls is a very positive message to send, the world is what it is though. So, the Queen of country music starts freaking out about a rising young starlet and her own declining record sales. While they are focused on destroying each other and fighting over the handsome charming guitar singer, a cute little waitress and her friend who runs the soundboard at the local bar do one song at an open mike night and are lucky enough to have a very special guest in the audience, a guest who is going to change everyone’s lives sooner or later. If this show is good enough to keep someone like me watching, it really must have something really special going for it, so I think any fan of that style of music will fall in love.

American Horror Story.              FX 10pm on Wednesdays

Season two takes us from the house in LA to an asylum somewhere in Massachusetts in the 60’s where most of the patients are not even half as crazy as the people who run the place. Right from the start AHS lives up to what the fans would expect with all the madness, violence, sex and perverse humor that made season one such a hit. Many faces are back again but in very different roles and there are many new faces who have already brought a deeper level of evil to this new season, this is becoming one of my favorites.


*This takes us to Sunday nights, the best night of the week.


Once Upon a Time.                     ABC 8pm on Sundays

Magic, magic, and more magic. The evil queen’s evil mom and a handsome Captain Hook. Ummm, yeah.

Revenge.                     ABC 9pm on Sundays

Another guilty pleasure, more rich people behaving badly but the twists and turns the show takes can be fun. It is one you kind of have to watch from the beginning but it is well worth it. Emily Thorne is a smart, wealthy, and somewhat sociopathic girl who has had a really, really rough life. She finds out that all her troubles were because of this one rich family so she goes after them and digs up more and more of the mystery as she goes. I wouldn’t say this is worth missing Dexter for but it is definitely worth keeping up with online or on demand, however you prefer.

666 Park Avenue.                     ABC 10pm on Sundays

What I have gotten out of it so far is that Terry O’Quinn (John Locke/ Smoke monster from Lost) runs the Hotel California (but in New York) with his wife, Vanessa Williams. It follows a young couple as they move in and get to know all the other strange residents while strange things happen around them. A writer is being stalked by a hot blonde and there is a strange room in the basement. I have really been enjoying this show, having been a huge Lost fan but I have a hard time waiting for stories to unfold so I got the book (By  Gabriella Pierce) and when I write about this next week I will have a better idea of what is going on with this. I promise not to spoil it for anyone though.

Dexter.                            Showtime 9pm on Sundays

For being a neat monster, our dear, demented Dexter has found himself cornered in a way he never has been before and he is not handling the pressures very well. Now that his secrets are out, life has gotten complicated for the dark defender. Deb is watching his every move and doing everything in her power to keep him away from bloody crime scenes while at work, LaGuerta has the blood slide and even the Russian mob is sniffing his trail. Granted, one problem solved another for Dexter but that still leaves a lot of problems still to be dealt with. None if this stops Dexter’s dastardly deeds and fans are left on the edge of their seats wondering how it will all play out, will Dexter go on, living by the code or will he be taken down by his own department, his own sister and all the other people he has grown close to over the years? We will just have to wait and see.

Homeland.                     Showtime 10pm on Sundays

If I had a website dedicated to this show, I still could not say enough good things about it. This season has been a roller coaster ride and we are only a few episodes in. While on a mission in Beirut and while losing her mind again, Carrie accidentally finds the missing video of Brodie before his failed assassination of the Vice President and Saul finds it, bringing it to the CIA after finally vindicating Carrie and telling her she was right all along. Even though Saul brings it to the attention of his government, he also manages to keep it quiet and it leads to Brodie being investigated again and when we last saw him, black bagged and being dragged from his hotel room. Now the fun really begins, will he get out of it? Will it all come crumbling down around the good Senator?


*And there we go; now I feel like I can get back on track this week and get more in depth with all these great shows. Thank you for being patient with me.                                      

                                                                      -Ivy Marie

An Amazing Kick Off to Sunday Nights.

-8pm ABC, Once Upon a Time Season 2

We meet a strange new character in the opening that we will all be anxiously waiting to find out about. He gets a message that says simply, “Broken.” Then we are taken to fairy tale land to meet a few new princesses before finding out how the residents of Storybrook are handling the curse breaking in a flood of magic and memory.

Some were happy to be reunited with their stories and others are not having as much fun as they thought they would and we found that Regina is not the most evil of them all. An evil, soul sucking wraith is really nothing if you think about Emma sending Henry off with Red, who now remembers who the big bad wolf really is, it might just be me but that does not seem like very good parenting.

Everyone works together to try to get the wraith back through to a different realm but it ends up taking a few hitchhikers back with it. Emma and her mom Snow make the jump back to fairy tale world and are found by the new princesses and blamed for all that happened since the curse.

Meanwhile, back in Storybrook Regina and Mr. Gold, with a freshly broken heart go back to their old ways and Prince Charming and Henry turn Emma and Snow Whites apartment into a bachelor pad while they plan a way to rescue the ladies.

Now we wait for next week and ask ourselves, who is this new mystery man is and how magic will play out in Storybrook, will Emma and Snow make it back to Maine or will everyone else make it to the enchanted lands beyond in their rescue effort. I mentioned before that Dr. Whale was someone to keep an eye on and we got a few more clues about him but still no answers about who he really might be.

-9pm Showtime Dexter Season 7

Dexter, Dexter, Dexter. It is hard to think that this is the next to last season of my favorite show but it sure is adding an edge to the proceedings and a tension that picks up from the first second and will last until the very end I am sure. Michel C. Hall will always be one of the voices in my head and this will always be in my top 5 favorite shows.

We pick up episode one right where we left off with Deb Morgan walking in on her brother in his most personal of moments. Caught in the act, Dexter does his best to lie his way through it and convinces Deb to cover up what he did in the chapel to Travis Marshall. Deb being who she is though puts the pieces together and brings it all back to the beginning with The Ice Truck Killer in season one.

A missing blood slide found at the scene may be Dexter’s undoing if anyone but Maria LaGuerta had found it. She was never very good at her job or anything but sleeping around so we can keep our fingers crossed for our dark defender on that point.

When the going gets tough, Dexter needs to do what he does more often but now Deb is going to keep him under her thumb because she knows who he is and all the secrets are out in the open, both of them are remembering things neither wants to remember from their childhoods.

At first Dexter tried to keep lying to Deb but being the good detective that she is, finds everything, his slides, his tools and confronts him, “Are you a serial killer,” she asked him and all he could do was say, “yes.”

-10pm   Showtime   Homeland Season 2

Carrie Matheson had some issues last season and we found her living a quiet life with her sister and father, picking vegetables in the garden and working at a low stress job. But of course that could never last and Saul makes a call to get her to help with one of her assets from before she was kicked out of the CIA. Right from the start it becomes obvious that Carrie was not ready for this adventure.

There was a recent bombing that they are investigating and while Carrie is off working on the other side of the world, Congressman Nicholas Brody is working hard at home. With an offer to become the vice president, nothing can stop him from his mission and he steals documents, and comes clean to his family about being a Muslim and all kinds of new issues at home. It is just a matter of time before he starts sleeping with Carrie again.

It does not seem like anyone is going to have it easy this year and Brody’s wife seems to be catching on really quickly. Nothing is as it seems and if last season taught us anything, it could all go wrong at any second when everyone is so close to the edge. This is by far the show I am most into this season, there are so many ways it can be taken and knowing Showtime, it will leave us guessing until the very end.

-Ivy Marie

ABC Sunday nights @ 8pm

Once Upon a Time in Maine.

Season one of Once Upon a Time introduced us to a young man named Henry on his way to find his birth mother. Henry carries around a book of fairy tales that he is convinced are true. He explains to his mom, Emma Swan that his adoptive mom is really the evil queen from Snow White and she has to come save the town and its inhabitants from the curse that stuck them in Storybrook with time frozen and no memory of who they really are.

The writers and creators of Lost Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis can be felt in every episode of Once Upon a Time so if you were a fan of that, like I was, you will fall right into this and feel right at home. There are some confrontations between the evil queen, Regina and Emma Swan that are very reminiscent of some fights between Jack Shepard and John Locke. Emma being the woman of science who comes to believe in the end and Regina being the woman of faith because she is one of the only ones who knows that the curse and everything else Henry believes is true. A few familiar faces pop up in Storybrook too.

Having lived in Maine for most of my life I was sold on the research they put into this show from the signs and license plates to the feeling of small town walls closing in on you. Referring to Maine as a horrible, retched place where dreams never come true and there are never any happy endings really struck a chord with me and made it hard to buy into it being all fiction and fairy tales.

One of the best characters in the show is played by Robert Carlyle, through him and because Emma stayed to fight, magic was returned to Storybrook and the last scene showed magic being unleashed and all the wrong people a little too happy about it while everyone was still stuck in Maine instead of going back to fairy tale land like they were supposed to when the curse was broken.

This Sunday at 8pm Once Upon a Time will kick off its second season with a bang I am sure if Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis stay true to form, this is going to just be a beginning and we are in for a wild ride. In true Lost fashion, there are still a bunch of people, a bunch of stories left to cover this season. The one I am most curious about is Dr. Whale who seems to be working for Regina but you never can tell what will happen unless you make sure you watch ABC on Sunday night. Once Upon a Time is a fun time for the whole family because no matter how old you are or how big and tough you consider yourself, there is something for everyone, with minimal sex and over the top silly violence it is good for kids of all ages. Being of the generation that had all these stories corrupted by Disney, the big kid inside fell in love with this dark, funny retelling, I think you will too.

-Ivy Marie