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The new Cast

Survivor: Philippines

This twenty-fourth season of Survivor on CBS opened with some returning former players who go injuries on their first time out and a crop of new players all split into three teams.

While I have not had time yet to learn all the names there is one thing about this season that really stood out to me, it seems to be the season of the lesbians. Not that any of them have come right out and said anything, I have a way of knowing things like this in most cases. There is one cutie I am rooting for more than anyone else.

Other than the returning players, there is a baseball player who screws up his knee before he even makes it to the island and a grown up child star from the Facts of Life. Funny thing about that is some of her younger tribe members have no idea who she is and she doesn’t want them to. The one older guy on her team called her out; let’s hope we don’t spend the season shaking our heads in disgust with kids these days.

They seemed to have given them more supplies than any other season before but they had to get it all onto a bamboo raft in a short amount of time and make it to shore with it.

The very first person to be taken out was a kid named Zane. With most seasons, the outgoing, strange one always makes it pretty far in the game but this silly boy told everyone to vote him out as soon as the challenge was over and they were back at camp. He thought we would be able to work some kind of magic and he thought he was, “playing chess the only way I know how and at the end of the day, they are gonna king me.” Chess, checkers, Survivor, obviously he doesn’t know much about any of them and it back fired at tribal council.

Wednesdays on CBS you can watch it all play out at 8pm and see who will be named the sole Survivor. If you ask me, it is team Dana all the way.

-Ivy Marie


We will miss you Nancy

Weeds Comes to an End After 8 Seasons.

It has been a wild ride with Nancy and the rest of the Botwin clan over the last eight seasons and this Sunday at 10 on Showtime, it all came to an end. While this show is not for everyone it has reached an audience well beyond just the lovers of the herb but people who also enjoy clever writing and plot twists that would make M. Night Shyamalan cry because he would never be able to come up with anything as good as Jenji Kohan and the cast created together.

When we first met the Nancy Botwin, a widow who started selling weed after her first husband died to support her family and even then she was not very good at it. We got to meet her friends and her sons, Silas and Shane, unforgettable characters like Doug Wilson, played by Kevin Nealon. Right from the start it was obvious that Nancy is not your typical parent but she made an effort to understand the kids around her, even when those kids were fully grown adults with kids of their own. Nancy was always a big dreamer who never knew when she was in over her head.

Everyone grew up really fast and the Botwin family took us from slinging dime bags in suburbia, dealing with various gangs, to international trafficking with a Mexican kingpin and then on a cross county escape from the law which ended in Copenhagen and jail, then New York and then back to where it all began with the last few episodes.

Nancy kept trying and never got any better at her game through all the years. Unless you count surviving gangs, jail and getting shot in the head, she was never a good drug dealer, arms dealer or smuggler. No matter what she tried or how hard she tried, nothing worked out for Nancy in the end and she even though she ended up burying at least four husbands, she managed to keep the people who meant the most near and dear to her through all the good times and the really bad times.

There are very few shows that master the cliffhanger endings but Weeds has never failed in that department. Every season was better than the last and you could never tell where it was going to go next. It is safe to say that we were all taken in and we loved all the crazy people we got to meet along the way. This show and this family will live on in all our hearts and minds.

Showtime brought it to a sad and perfect ending tonight. I will behave and try not to give any spoilers here but just about everyone came back for an appearance this season, bringing everything full circle. Much like watching an early Kevin Smith movie, to get half the jokes in the last few episodes, you would have to have been a longtime fan.

The one spoiler I will give about tonight’s episode is that it took us roughly 10 years into the future to show us how everyone turned out, for better or worse. It took us to a better world where weed has become legal. The one question that was left unanswered was where is Celia? Everyone else was either mentioned or made an appearance, everyone but her.

On that note I will shut up and tell you to either catch up or start watching this good time, stoner comedy. Not that it is just any of those things; it is much, much more. A story of survival against all odds, about family and about love in all its strange and wonderful forms, Weeds and Jenji Kohan created something that was groundbreaking and will always be remembered as such.

Since they are only a half hour long, it takes a TV addict like me a day or so to make it through a season. Weeds will always be high on the list of reasons Showtime will always be one of my favorite channels. Now I hope to see what kind of effect this show will have on overall drug reform in this country because everyone knows that TV is the best way to reach and change public opinion.

-Ivy Marie

Homeland Season Two.

Last year after Dexter, Homeland made its primer, this year we get to go deeper into the plot with season two of this suspenseful political thriller. With an all-star cast, it is the American version of an Israeli show called Prisoners of War. Showtime has outdone itself and will without a doubt keep everyone glued to the edges of their seats on September 30th.

Homeland follows the lives of CIA operative Carrie Matheson, played by Clair Danes and a returning POW that she believes was turned by the terrorist cell that captured him and held him for eight years. This is the best role Clair Danes has landed since My So-Called Life in my opinion. Mandy Patinkin plays her boss Saul, who does his best to keep everyone in line. I have suspected that when they talk about there being a mole in the CIA, it has been Saul all along, still unconfirmed at this point but if it turns out to be true, remember where you heard it first, right here on

Marine Sargent Nicholas Brody is played by Damien Lewis who pulls off the good family man haunted by demons with ease. A great guy like him could never be a traitor could he? Not an American hero like him, a soldier and loving husband and father. Carrie Matheson is the only one who knows the truth and unfortunately, Carrie has a few mental issues of her own so it is hard for anyone, but the audience, to believe her. Nothing is as it seems, no one is as they seem. Homeland keeps you on the edge of your seat with each and every episode.

When we left our cast of characters last season, Carrie was in the hospital dealing with what she thought was her own mental deterioration and Sgt. Brody was asked to run for Congress by the Vice President who he was tasked with killing by the al Qaeda leader, Abu Nazir. It was a rough road and it left everything at a fever pitch, with many, many questions left to be answered.

So far the previews make this season out to be even more chaos, lies and intrigue. Brody has made it to congress and appears to still be working for Abu Nazir. Carrie’s mental issues seem to have hindered her career at the CIA because she is off on a mission, losing her mind in one of those sand covered countries. Since they have not shown very much, I think this season will be crazy and they must have new twists and turns coming up that they want to keep a surprise.

This is a night of TV that is not to be missed, with this and Dexter both premiering on September 30th on Showtime, you still have a few weeks to catch up before the games begin. The hunter and the hunted, so many secrets will be brought to light and many, many questions will finally be answered. We can hope anyway, knowing Showtime and the amazing writers on these great shows, we will just be left with even more questions than we began with.

-Ivy Marie

9/12/2012 7:40 PM

Dexter is Back for More.

One of the best shows on TV right now, as you may, or may not know is Dexter, going into its 7th season on September 30th  followed by Homeland, which I will get into later, because it is also a great show brought to you by Showtime, one of my all time favorite channels.

We have watched Dexter progress over the years and he has become a quiet voice in the heads of many people, our own little dark passengers riding along with his as he kills, maims and learns more and more about being human and feelings. While almost everyone who has come through Dexter’s life and has seen his dark passenger has moved on in one way or another, the one constant has always been his sister Deb Morgan, the one person that, “if I could feel anything, I would feel things for Deb,” as Dexter explained in S:1 E:1.

The show has been just as much about her and the rest of the detectives Dexter works with at Miami Metro, all these flawed people who really make our dearest, demented Dexter look kind of sane and rational in the end. Just because he happens to be an obsessive, self-proclaimed monster, he really is just a good guy.

Every season Dexter’s life and the whole dynamic of the show were changed in either subtle or extreme ways. We watched him learn the value of family and love over the first few years and then learn how to be a father when his son was born. Then we watched as his careful world was broken apart and shattered, we saw how far he came when we saw him look at his son. Learning to balance his dark deeds and family life was one of his biggest challenges.

Last season took Dexter and the rest of the characters to the very edge, Deb became the boss, a few other major elements started a downward spiral and Dexter really came into his own, going up against the Doomsday Killer who gave the season a religious overtone and ended with a cliffhanger that asked a question that was posed right from the start, what will happen when Deb finds out about Dexter’s dark side? They were always close and Dexter always did well hiding his secret life, he has always been afraid of that moment. This year we get to find out just how it will all play out. According to the previews, it is not going to go well, for anyone involved.

Since this is the next to last season, many, many things are  going to be brought to light, revealed and settled one way or another, everything that this show has been building to is finally going to come to a head. It seems like everyone will be affected this season, for better or worse. September 30th at 9pm on Showtime is the big night and if you keep an eye out here I will try hard to keep up on it for you and hopefully not give up too many spoilers if you are just finding this great show.

– Ivy Marie