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Community 8/7c

Well after an epic 2 part pillow war Community started the night off rather calm in contrast.

  • Britta has an ex-boyfriend in the carnival named Blade
  • So Troy and Abed watch the move “Blade”
  • Annie tries to protect Britta from Blade by locking her phone in the fridge
  • (How many times can we say Blade in the episode?!) Blade then trends on twitter.
  • Jeff and Shirley go stake out Britta ex-boyfriend
  • The Dean randomly crashes movie night with Troy and Abed
  • Pierce stand hanging out with Chang
  • Annie decided to step in to try to get Britta to stay away from Blade pretending to be him over the phone (Which backfires of course)
  • Annie “She’s wiped by by an imaginarydouche” (Side note Annie’s boobs looking good tonight)
  • Jeff intrigued (Jealous) by Blade’s ability to get women finds out that he is actually brain damaged and has no shame anymore which is his secret
  • Then we a have classic Jeff speech moment
  • The episode ends with a funny Abed crack at “Seinfeld”

Just by the notes alone you see that even though “clam” there were plenty of laughs on Community.

30 Rock 8:30/7:30c

Another classic episode..

Also some news from Alec Baldwin (Jack) on twitter “As far as I know, 30 Rock is back next year. But all things must pass. New shows. New people.”

  • Jack- Opening a factory, “Jobs, Pride and material for Bruce Springsteen songs”
  • A disappointed Tracy “My sons a nerd” Then proceed to unNerd his son with strippers and guns
  • Jack’s mom is having heart surgery and of course did not tell Jack
  • (BTW its been soo long since we last saw Avery!
  • On why Jack didn’t name his daughter after his grandma “She’s listed as an unclaimed Irish Stowaway”
  • Liz as usual tries to fix Jack and Colleens relationship
  • Jenna is on sexual exploration with a member of the “Woggles”
  • Jenna fails to get her boyfriend back after seeing him with “Couchy”

The Office 9/8c

And its finally back!!!

  • 1 min in and its my opinion that Nelly must go!
  • Pam “Were throwing a party for someone for being horrible” in reference to Nelly. The Office then proceed to sabotage the party which back fires when Nelly is depressed over her ex-boyfriend and Jim tries to stop the prank office party
  • Jim with smile “Work time to move someone” being forced to help Nelly move into here new place with Dwight
  • Erin/Andy roadtrip for Andy to break up with his girlfriend Jessica so he can be with Erin
  • Andy’s girlfriend Jessica is hosting a bachelorette party when Any pulls up to break up with her.
  • Andy to Jessica “Im Gay and I prefer men, I was faking every time and had to imagine I was in a steam room with John Stamos”
  • (BTW Andy is freaking hilarious!)
  • With Pam trying to breakup the prank party for Nelly the office starts shouting “We hate Pam”
  • Jim and Pam tick off a magician hired at the party
  • After lying to Jessica and leaving Andy heads back and tells her the truth, that he’s not gay and was breaking it off to be with Erin.

I loved the episode and thought Andy really came out the be the stand out funny guy of the episode.

Up All Night (Season Finale) 9:30/8:30c

UAN concluded and the season on cheerful note. I do hope NBC renews this one!

  • Reagan was drunk when she proposed to Christ 8 years ago and night when he TRIED to propose first
  • Reagan looses her ring and searches everywhere
  • With Kevin gone Chris is the only man in Eva’s life and is calling on him as her defacto boyfriend (accidently see her naked while fixing things at her house)
  • Chris tries to get Kevin/Eva back together in order to get Eva from calling on him
  • Chris finds Reagan’s ring and plans a re proposal/ with Reagan unknowingly planning the same
  • Kevin proposes to Evan but both agree not to get married.
  • Reagan lets Chris propose this time/ Chris has hired a bar full of people to sing their song

Awake 10/9c

First off Im a big fan but tonight’s episode had me wanting more. I found the “case of the week” story very dull and boring and ended up not paying alot of attention to the episode. The underlying continuing mystery that got some (Little) progression still has me hanging on. One episode does not change my feeling toward a series.

  • Red reality- “It all starts with the wes field case” Michael is getting ready to move with his wife
  • Green Reality- The case of the week story was about a dead teenage girl who was raped
  • Red Reality- Case of the week a body found in concrete
  • Red- As Michael is searching around a warehouse in the Wes Field case (a case he started working on just before the car accident) A colleague of his Captain “We may have a problem he came back again”

I seems that in my opinion the Red Reality (Where his wife is alive) is the “Real” one and that his captain is part of some kind of big cover up. As I mentioned this one wasn’t exciting and the story got little progression but I will STILL be watching and hope you do too!


Anyone that follows me on twitter/getglue know that is an obvious question, Thursday night NBC Comedy’s!! Thursday is my one day of the week that I completely unwind/relax and escape reality with my favorite shows. I have been following all of these shows since day one and continually postpone “life” activities to watch. (You don’t want to see me when my unwind night is interrupted)

My watch list- “Community” 8/7c, “30 Rock” 8:30/7:30c “The Office” 9/8c “Up All Night” 9:30/8:30c and “Awake” 10/9c

The Office is back tonight!!!!

Up All Night season finale tonight 9:30/8:30c

And my favorite show of the night “Parks and Recreation” returns from hiatus on April 19th at 9:30/8:30c


Covering all the dramas tonight:

Missing” 8/7c “Touch” 9/8c “Scandal” 10/9c

And so it began…..

Community kicked off the NBC comedy block with a new twist on what has become a old favorite battle “Paintball War”. This time the epic battle was a Pillow Fight with Troy and Abed taking sides in mockumentary episode.

Troy- “Blanketsburg Vs Abed- Pillowtown

  • Study Room Kerfuffle
  • Blanketsburgh with the “Changlorious Bastards”
  • Pierce (Like always) switching side wound up being the great weapon of Pillowtown (Watch the episode!)
  • Jeff egging on the battle of avoid homework
  • Annie- The angle of the battlefield
  • The war lasted 2 1/2 days with Troy and Abed agreeing to be friends again

This was an epic episode and that im sure will make it into your top 5.


30 Rock was next..and well was a great episode of classic 30 Rock. This is one to rewatch again!

  • Jenna gets prank’d by the writers
  • Pete has no ambitions and Jack takes him under his wing to get his “Mojo” back
  • Tracy gets his sense of smell back after realizing a ring has been stuck up his nose for years… the procedure is later reversed…
  • Nice shout out to ABC’s Revenge
  • To quote Tracy’s dad “So you didn’t go the store for milk and heroine and never come back”


Up All Night followed a repeat of “The Office” with great guest stars Megan Mullally & Fred Armisen. This episode really stood out and had me laughing the whole time.

  • Chris is jealous that Reagan is on a business trip with Luke
  • Great shout out to the “Portlandia” pickling episode, as Luck is afraid of pickles
  • Eva gets drunk after being sober for 80 short hours the night before a 5k run


Awake capped off the night with the best episode of the series.

  • Michael may be psychotic and there are many others just like him?
  • After being injected with ketamine Michael start to hallucinate that is a penguin in both reality’s
  • Is Michael being setup/played??