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Well, after a sabbatical of ages, it’s time to once again post about America’s true pastime, (No. Not baseball.) TV shows. There have been an onslaught of new series this season, as well as many veteran, returning series. Though many shows struggled this season, ratings wise, many of those were magnificent shows. I will attempt to do those shows justice, and recognize them in a top 10 best shows of the season list. Many networks (Cough, cough. The CW) stepped up their game, this season, and gave us surprisingly great shows, with solid storylines. Choosing only 10 shows, from a season full of amazing shows will be a difficult task, but I shall attempt to do so…


1)  Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was an attention grabber from the very beginning. The show has a magnificent cast, and great storylines, that weren’t completely ripped from the plethora of Marvel movies that have been published. Shield has presented itself to be a unique show that expands on storylines that weren’t necessarily shown in the movies, etc. Shield, for me, is almost like a replacement for LOST. (Don’t start rioting over that comment) Shield has the same amount of mystery (At least in the beginning) as LOST, and it keeps you wondering and guessing, until the season begins drawing to a close. I’m not one to rally behind a Marvel production, simply because it’s Marvel, but Shield has shown great promise, and it is definitely a show worth checking out.

2) The 100

The 100 (CW)

Let’s all praise The CW, as they finally have 3 shows that are mentionable (which is up from only 1, that they had last year)! The 100 began late in the season, and was captivating from the very first episode.  I am a huge fan of post apocalyptic/Science Fiction type shows, and the 100 is just that. Basically, the 100 is about the last remaining individuals of the human race, and their struggle to survive. The generation lives on a space station, the Ark, as it is known, and they face the danger of extinction as the life support systems begin to fail. Realizing that they only have months to live, the established government decides to send a group of juvenile prisoners to Earth, which has been irradiated from nuclear war, to try to set up a colony. When the teens land on Earth, they find that all is not what it seems, as they encounter indigenous people who don’t necessarily want their territory to be disturbed.  Arguably, the teens are up against Oliver Queen, who is in the forest hunting them. All in all, you simply must give this show a look-over. It’s rare that I recommend a CW show, so trust me on this one.

2.5) The Tomorrow People (Looks like I had 11 favorite shows this season. I knew it would be impossible to choose only 10…)

The Tomorrow People (CW)

Okay, Okay, I know what you’re thinking. How did two CW shows manage to make a top 10 list? Even though, The Tomorrow People may have slightly ripped off Jumper (Does anyone remember that movie?), it still turned out to be a pretty great show. The Tomorrow people is centered around a group of paranormal individuals who have special abilities, i.e, teleporting, telekinesis, etc. These individuals are engaged in a secret war with an organization known as Ultra. Basically those are the bad guys who want to eliminate the paranormal population. The show has a few unforeseeable twists and turns, and keeps you engaged throughout the season.  Though the future of this show hangs in the balance, I feel that it has a fighting chance, in terms of a renewal. All said, The Tomorrow People is an interesting show that is worth checking out.

3)  Crisis

Crisis (NBC)

Okay, all of you haters calm down. There’s always that one doomed NBC show that I cling to every season, (The Firm, Deception) and this year it’s Crisis. Crisis surrounds a group of elite students from a private school that are kidnapped, and leveraged to get their affluent parents help the kidnapper expose a government experiment (and possibly exact revenge). So far Crisis has been engaging and interesting throughout. Each episode the kidnappers seem to be one step ahead of the agents who are tirelessly pursuing them. Crisis has all of the makings of a great show, but it is simply missing the ratings. The show has mystery, government conspiracies, and much more entwined in it to create a gripping series. Plus, Zac Efron’s girlfriend plays a lead role in the show, so, there’s that… Though the show may be a one hit wonder, I definitely suggest you check it out.

4) Arrow


Arrow (CW)

An unheard of anomaly has occurred, and the CW has three shows that are in my top 10 favorites. Arrow is the veteran show around the CW, and it has continued to be a success. This season is a bit more slow-paced than the first, which is why it didn’t land the #3 spot. However, many new developments have occurred since we last saw Oliver Queen. (NO SPOILERS). The vigilante has become a bit more restrained, and not so much of a, well, vigilante. Of course many things from Oliver’s past come back to haunt him, and towards the end of the season a major character falls victim to an enemy of the green arrow. That’s all I’m saying in regards to story progression! Of course, Arrow continues to present the crime fighting action that we all love, and the character progression continues this season. If you haven’t watched Arrow, you simply must!

5) The Blacklist

The Blacklist (NBC)

Oh, NBC, how proud I am that you finally found a durable and lasting show. The Blacklist is one of the most successful shows of the season, as it was renewed about midway through its debut season. The show centers around a career criminal who has been on the run from authorities for years. One day, he simply turns himself in to the FBI and wants to speak with one agent, and one agent alone. Elizabeth Keen. Reddington, The international criminal, offers up a blacklist with criminal names galore, in exchange for immunity. A Task force is assembled, including Keen and Reddington, and the cases begin. However, all is not what it seems, and Reddington’s motives aren’t exactly clear. I find that this show has everything that a person could want. It has the police drama aspect, much like L&O, as well as the mystery, and underlying conspiracy. Of course, the cast is what truly makes the show. Names such as James Spader and Meagan Boone make the show what it is. If you haven’t seen The Blacklist, I highly recommend that you check it out.

6) Elementary


Elementary (CBS)

It’s Elementary, dear reader, Elementary. Of course if you’re a proponent of the other Holmes based show, ‘Sherlock’ and haven’t seen Elementary, you don’t know what you’re missing. Elementary takes a character that has been around for ages, and modernizes it, and redefines how we think of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Of course, Watson is played by a female, which is an interesting spin on the tale. The two lead roles are played by Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, and the interactions between the two truly make the show what it is. So if you’re an all around sleuth, and love a good crime based drama, you should definitely check out Elementary.

7) Perception

Perception (TNT)

Perception is a show that I will rally behind, indefinitely. The show centers around a brilliant college professor and part-time FBI consultant. The genius professor, Daniel pierce, suffers from schizophrenia and suffers many hallucinations, that sometimes help him solve the cases that he consults on. The show has an ensemble of great cast members, and the storyline is indeed solid.  The show is a crime solving drama with a unique twist. The show highlights the side of mental diseases that many of us never realized. Perception is definitely worth your time, and I recommend you check out both seasons 1 and 2. Get ready for season 3, premiering this June!

8) Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire (NBC)

Another epic series from the great Dick Wolf! Chicago Fire is on its second season, and it is still going strong. The storylines never cease to engage me, and the drama is off the charts. The show presents story arcs that always run smoothly, and its unique ability to tie in with rookie show, Chicago P.D. makes it that much more interesting. I can see Chicago Fire being the new L&O and being around for a long while. Of course, I highly recommend that you check out Chicago Fire.

9) Revolution

Revolution (NBC)

Alright, Alright, settle down. We all know Revolution has lost the fast paced mysterious drama that we all loved in season 1, but season 2 has managed to keep my interest. Of course, a good bit of the intrigue from season 1 has been revealed, but there’s still plenty to be told in the final episodes of season 2. The patriot story arc has been going way too slow, and I feel that the show needs to speed up (Cough, we all remember The 2nd season of The Walking Dead…). However, I feel that Revolution has a good bit left to offer and if it somehow manages to pull in a 3rd season, I will be looking forward to it. So go ahead, check out Revolution seasons 1 and 2!

10) The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project (FOX)

We finally arrive to The Mindy Project. The underdog of television, and the phoenix that rose from the smoldering ashes. The Mindy Project is a lovable comedy that had a wary future after both of its season finales. However, even though the masterminds at FOX aired the episodes out-of-order, and received dreadful ratings, The Mindy Project has endured! Aside from all of the surface issues, The Mindy Project is a solid and quip comedy that is hard not to love. And to all of those haters out there, Go watch Hart Of Dixie, or something… #MindyMixer


Well, there’s more than a few shows that I had to cut from my list, but they definitely deserve recognition. Revenge is still serving it up nice and cold and The Following is still revolving around eerie serial killers. I also must mention Law and Order: SVU, as everyone seems to be abandoning our 15 year veterans, for Voight and his rookie team over at Chicago P.D. P.D. is a great show, no doubt, but we have to realize that no one beats Benson and the team… and in conclusion I think I owe a few past shows a shout-out. A ‘In Memoriam” remembrance, if you will..


Let’s all remember these shows that would make my top 10 list, any day, any time…


Alphas (2011-2012)

Yes, I’m still in sorrow over the loss of Alphas. Perhaps if Stan Lee were involved, we would have gotten more than 2 seasons. Anyway, if you get a chance, give Alphas a look. Definitely a worthy show that died well before its time. RIP –


Last Resort:

Last Resort (2012-2013)

Okay, so here’s another show that left this world before its time. Last resort was a pretty epic show, no matter what anyone says. Daisy Betts and Andre Braugher made the show magnificent, along with a little help from Scott Speedman. Though the show wrapped up rather well, with its series finale, I still wanted more. However, with the upcoming arrival of TNT’s new eerie naval set drama, The Last Ship, I do hope that the void left by Last Resort will be somewhat filled. Do check the single epic season of Last resort, if you get a chance. RIP –


The River:

The River (2012-2012)

Don’t start judging me, right away. The river was an epic one season show that was very reminiscent of LOST. (That’s right, I just went there). The river presented so many creepy mysteries, and all around strangeness. However, as usual, the ratings were the downfall of this great series. If you get a chance, check out the dozen or so episodes of The River. Great show, that should not have been taken from this world…. RIP

Okay, Enough reminiscing for one day. I do hope that this list and the previous one have given you enough shows to check out for a while. I Wish I could’ve added 20 or so shows in the top 10 list, however, that is in no way possible. Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D definitely wins the season in my book, and that is my top recommendation for this season. #HailHydra, and feel free to comment about these, and other shows! (Go easy on the criticism; I’m sensitive.)

Be on the lookout for Aaron‘s top 10 list, and see what kind of television legends he has listed..


Episode Notes/Recap:

  • The Team Has Yet To Find Their 2 Missing Crew Members.
  • Marcus Gets In Contact With A Senior Whitehouse Advisor. The Advisor Tells Marcus That She Is His Negotiator. The Advisor Tells Marcus That His Son Won’t Get A Burial, Until Marcus And The Crew Surrender.
  • Marcus Releases C.O.B. From His Holding Cell, Under The Condition That C.O.B. Won’t Undermine Marcus, etc.
  • The Crew Learns That A Julian Serrat May Be Holding The 2 Missing Crew Members Captive.
  • Grace’s Father Asks The Perseus’s Developer To Find Out Who Sent The Nuke Order. The Developer Gives Grace’s Father The Information That She Has, And Agrees To Help Find Out Who Sent The Nuke Order.
  • Marcus Arrives, To Speak With Julian. Julian And Marcus Make A Deal, To Get The Missing Crew Members Back. Marcus Has To Do A Task For Julian, And Julian Will Return The Missing Crew Members.
  • The Crew Begins Their Task, For Julian. The Crew Must Transfer Drugs From One Of Julian’s Boats, And Put It On The Sub. The Crew Uses The Perseus, To Slip Past The Blockade, And Reach Julian’s Boat.
  • The Crew Gets The Drug Shipment Transferred, To The Sub.
  • The Crew Is Forced To Turn The Perseus Off, As It Is Draining The Sub’s Power.
  • The Blockade Destroyers Spot The Crew’s Location, As They Were Forced To Turn The Perseus Off.
  • The Destroyers Begin Firing On The Sub.
  • The Destroyers Aren’t Able To Damage The Sub, And They continue Moving Forward.
  • The Destroyers Once Again Spot The Sub, And They Turn Around, To Go After The Sub.
  • The Sub’s Crew Plans To Take The Sub Through An Underwater Canyon, To Escape The Destroyers.
  • The Perseus Developer Arrives Home To Find Her Hard drive (That Contains A Vast Amount Of Information About The Perseus) Stolen. The Developer Suspects That Her Romantic Friend, Robert, Stole The Hard drive.
  • The Crew Begins Navigating Through The Canyon.
  • The Sub Successfully Makes It Through The Canyon.
  • Marcus And The Crew Aren’t Able To Make It Back In Time. Julian Begins Executing The Crew Members.
  • Marcus And The Crew Are Late, But They Deliver The Cargo To Julian.
  • Julian Releases 2 Crew Members To Marcus. Marcus Learns That Julian Executed The Remaining Crew Member.
  • The Crew Returns To The Village, And They Begin Planning Their Next Move.
  • It’s Suggested That The Perseus Developer’s Dad Stole The Hard drive.


Tonight’s Episode Of Last Resort Was Great, But Slower Paced. In Tonight’s Episode, Marcus Learns That Julian Has Taken 3 Of The Crew Members Captive. Marcus Makes A Deal With Julian, To Get The Crew Members Back. Marcus And The Crew Slip Past The Blockade That Is  Surrounding The Island, To Retrieve Cargo From Julian’s Boat. Marcus And The Crew Retrieves The Cargo, But They Are Late, When The Meet With Julian. Julian Releases 2 Crew Members To Marcus. Marcus Learns That Because He Was Late, Julian Executed The 3rd Crew Member. The Crew Then Returns To The Village, To Plan Their Next Move. I’m Becoming A Huge Fan Of Last Resort. The Show Has Everything that You Could Want: Drama, Action, Mystery, Conspiracy, etc. However, Tonight’s Episode Wasn’t As Thrilling As The Previous Episodes, But It Was Still A Great One. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Last Resort. Watch Last Resort Live: Thursday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.


~ Scott R.

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Here’s A Look At The Next All Episode Of Last Resort – 1×04 “Voluntold” –

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Warships Begin Closing In On The Island.
  • Marcus Activates The “Perseus” Prototype That Is On Board Of The Sub. The Prototype Works, And It Takes The Colorado  Off Of The Radar, Completely.
  • An Unknown Aircraft Crosses The No-Man’s Land Perimeter.
  • The Crew Learns That The Aircraft Is A Passenger Jet. The Passenger Jet Is Turned Around, And Sent Back.
  • Sam Gets A Phone Call From His Wife, Christine. Christine Tells Sam That The Government Is Willing To Give Him And The Crew Full Amnesty, In Exchange For Marcus, And The Sub. However, Christine Then Tells Sam Not To Trust The Government. It Seems That The Government Is Trying To Turn Christine, But Has Failed.
  • The Team Begins To Suspect That A HALO Team Parachuted From The Passenger Jet That Was Turned Around. If This Is True, The HALO Team Could Ambush The Crew, In A Matter Of Hours.
  • The Developer Of The Perseus Begins To Suspect That The Illinois Tried To Sink The Colorado, In Order To Seize The Perseus. The Developer Enlists Her Friend To Find Out Who Ordered The Illinois To Fire On The Colorado.
  • Sam Enlists A Team, To Intercept The HALO Team, If There Is In Fact An HALO Team.
  • Sam And His Team Begin Searching For The HALO Team.
  • Christine Learns That Sam Was Taken Prisoner In North Korea. The Government Tells Christine That Marcus Then Put His Own Career On The Line, To Save Sam.
  • Marcus Gets In Contact With A Government (Secretary) Official. The (Secretary) Official Claims That There Is No DELTA Team On The Island.
  • Sam And His Team Run Into What Seems To Be DELTA Members. Sam Drops His Weapon, And Goes Out To Talk To The DELTA Team.
  • Marcus Learns That The Individuals Are Actually Russian Spetsnaz, And Relays This Information To Sam. Sam Rushes To Cover, And A Shoot-Out Ensues Between Sam’s Team, And The Russian Spetsnaz Team.
  • Marcus Gets In Touch With Viktor, A High Ranking Russian Official. Viktor Says That He And His Men Want The Sub. In Exchange, Viktor Says No-One Will Be Injured. Marcus Relays This Information To The U.S. Secretary, And The Secretary Orders Viktor To Stand Down. It’s Not Clear If Viktor Will Cooperate.
  • Sam And His Team Eliminate The Spetsnaz Team. (James Discreetly Sniped Two Of The Spetsnaz Members)
  • Sam And His Team Make Their Way Back To The NATO Station. A Few Of The Team Was Killed, And Grace Sustained Minor Injuries. Sam And The Team Are Returning With 2 Spetsnaz Prisoners.
  • One Of Sam’s College Friends Arrives, And Removes Christine From The Government Questioning Session. It Seems That The Friend Is Now Going To Be Christine’s Lawyer.
  • The Spetsnaz Prisoners Are Secured, In One Of The Island’s Makeshift Jail Cells.
  • It’s Revealed That Marcus’s Son Was Killed 2 Weeks Ago, In Afghanistan, By Friendly Fire.
  • The Perseus Developer’s Friend Is In A Coma. It Seems That He May Have Come To Close To The Truth, About Who Ordered The Attack, On The Colorado.
  • The Crew Has Yet To Find Their Missing Members.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Sometimes The Enemy Is Just The Man Keeping You From Getting Home.”   – Marcus

2) “I Got My Own List, A Lot Longer Than That”   – James

3) “Either Way, This Sucks.”   – Sam



Tonight’s Episode Of Last Resort Was Exhilarating! In Tonight’s Episode, Russian Spetsnaz Spies Infiltrate The Island. Sam And His Team Must Ultimately Confront, And Eliminate The Spies. It Seems That The Spies Were Sent, To Retrieve The Sub, And The Perseus Prototype, That Is On Board. The Developer Of The Perseus Begins To Suspect That The Illinois Sub Fired On The Colorado, In Order To Seize The Perseus. The Developer Enlists Her Close Friend To Find Out Who Ordered The Illinois To Fire On The Colorado. Ultimately, The Developer’s Friend Mysteriously Ends Up In A Coma. It Seems That The Developer’s Friend Came To Close To The Truth, And Was Eliminated. Back At The Island, A Few Members Of The Sub’s Crew Have Went Missing, And We Have Yet To Learn Where They Are. Two Of The Spetsnaz Spies Are Taken Prisoner By Sam And His Team, And Are Locked Up In One Of The Island’s Jail Cells. I Am Already Loving Last Resort, And It’s Unique, And Also Intriguing, Story. I Honestly Feel That The Last Show That Was A Great As Last Resort  Is Turning Out To Be, Would Have To Be LOST. Last Resort  Adequately Mixes Action, Thrill, Mystery, Conspiracy, Drama, And Dozens Of Other Categories, Into A Neatly Wrapped 1 Hour Time-Slot. It’s Too Early To Predict The Future Of This Show, But I’m Definitely Curious To See Where It Goes. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Last Resort. Watch Last Resort  Live: Thursday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.


~ Scott R.

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Here’s A Look At The Next All New Episode Of Last Resort – 1×03 “Eight Bells” –



Last Resort Is About A Group Of Naval Officers, Whom Are Aboard A Nuclear Submarine (The “Ohio”). The Officers Get An Order Of Fire, On Pakistan, From The Antarctic Network. This Is Unusual, As The Government Only Uses The Antarctic Network, If The Washington D.C. Network Is Rendered Inoperable. The Crew Begins To Question The Order, As They Cleary Realize That The D.C. Network Is Still Up And Running. The Captain (Marcus) Is Contacted, And Told That He Has Been Relieved Of His Command. Sam, The First Officer, Is Promoted To Captain, In Default. Sam Requests That The Government Send The Order Of Fire, Via The Protocol, D.C. Network. Just Then, A Missile Comes Straight For The Submarine. The Missile Grazes The Sub, And The Sub Begins Taking On Water. An Early Missile NATO Detection Station Detects The Missile That Was Fired At The Submarine, And Learns That The Missile Was An American Tomahawk. The Crew Is Able To Get The Sub Moving Again, And They Are Able To Seal Off The Water That Was Gushing In. The Crew Learns That The “Illinois”, A U.S. Naval Vessel, Shot The Missile At Them. The Government Fabricates A Story, Saying That Pakistani’s Shot At The “Ohio”. Two Missiles Are Shot At Pakistan. The “Ohio” Then Rises To The Surface. Marcus And His Crew Park Their Sub, And Take Over The NATO Early Missile Detection Station. One Of Sam’s Crew, Cuts The Power To The NATO Station, And Reports The News To An Unknown Person. It Seems That One Of Sam’s Men Turned On Him. The Traitor Is Shot, And The Power Is Restored. The Crew Returns To The “Ohio”, And The U.S. Sends A Missile Towards The Sub. The “Ohio” Then Fires A Missile Towards D.C., A And Tells The U.S. To Self-Destruct The Missiles, That Are Coming Towards The Sub. The U.S. Self Destructs Their Missiles, However, The “Ohio” Allows Their Missile To Destruct, In The Ocean, Surrounding Washington. No-One Is Injured By The Explosion. Marcus Only Let The Missile Land, To Get The Attention Of The U.S. Marcus Does A Live Broadcast, And Tells The Story Of What Happened. The Crew Remains On The Sub, And Puts A No-Man’s Land Boundary Around The Island, Where The NATO Station Is Located. The Crew Still Has Control Of The NATO Station, As Well. The Series Premiere Of Last Resort Was Purely Epic! I’ve Never Seen A Show As Addicting, Since I Discovered LOST. Last Resort Is Able To Mix Action, Thrill, And Even A Hint Of Conspiracy, Into An Epic One Hour Time-Slot. I’m Really Curious To See Where The Show Goes, And I Can’t Wait For The Second Episode Of The Season. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Last Resort. Watch Last Resort Live: Wednesday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.

~ Scott R.

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