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Based off a segment that “The Morning After” on hulu does here is my list of shows that you should catch, commit or drop.

Not a complete list. Share your favorites in the comments .

Aaron’s @zaffuto234 List

NBC’s Revolution: Commit

The show continues to grow its main characters and the power mystery is bringing me back every.

Fox’s Ben and Kate: Catch

The show cant seem to find its grove continually but when it does you have a great cast that makes you laugh.

Fox’s New Girl: Commit

Its funny and continues to be.

Fox’s Raising Hope: Commit

I cant get enough of the quirky comedy.

Fox’s The Mindy Project: Drop

Just don’t find any of the character very likable.

ABC’s Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23: Catch

The show had James trying to put together a Dawson’s Creek reunion so the show is worth watching at times.

NBC’s Go On: Commit

Though not Matthew Perry’s best work he alone makes the show worth watching weekly.

NBC’s The New Normal: Catch

When its funny its very funny.

NBC’s Chicago Fire: Commit

The whole cast brings this show to life. Full of suspense, action and plenty of drama.

ABC’s Nashville: Commit

Stellar cast and great drama is enough to keep me around.

CW’s Arrow: Commit

Action packed story draws you in every week.

NBC’s Whitney: Drop

NBC’s Guys with Kids: Catch

What can I say, I on occasion enjoy a comedy that requires zero thinking. It reminds me of shows you find on TBS such as “Men At Work” or “Sullivan and Son”.

NBC’s Up All Night: Drop

The show lost its steam completely for me with the season 2 changes.

NBC’s The Office: If you stuck with it from the start Commit, the casual viewer will want to Catch as the show has had its ups and downs this final season.

NBC’s 30 Rock: Commit

Its final season has been terrific and it will be sad to see this one go.

NBC’s Parks and Recreation: Commit

The only show on tv that makes you really care about politicians and government. It will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

ABC’s Last Resort: Commit

Though the ratings have been awful the show is incredible and the mystery and cast is worth checking out weekly.

ABC’s Scandal: Commit

A bit of everything. Scandal packs so much into a single episode leaving the suspense and drama at a high.

CBS’s Person of Interest: Drop

I got into the show for the first few episodes of season one but as soon as the show took a break I had completely forgotten about it and had little reason to start watching again.

NBC’s Grimm: Commit

The show continues to impress me weekly. Who would of thought a show launching on a Friday would be doing so well now in its 2nd season and stronger then ever, story wise and ratings.

ABC’s Once Upon A Time: Catch

ABC’s Revenge: Commit

Commit for now. The complex story is starting to make me long for season 1 but I’m committed for now.

ABC’s 666 Park Avenue: Commit

Low ratings be damned I’m fully enjoying the show.

USA’s Burn Notice: Commit

Season 6 has been on fire with lots of high paced action.

CW’s Beauty and the Beast: Drop

Just didn’t find any of the characters likable and the plot has been done before and much better.

CW’s Emily Owens M.D: Drop

CBS’s The Big Bang Theory: Drop

Yes, I’m aware im going to get a lot of smack for this one. I liked the show briefly then I found NBC’s more unique line up in the same time slot and never looked back.

The Walking Dead: Commit

Scott’s List

My Personal List Of What Shows  To Commit To, Catch, Or Drop:

NBC’ Revolution: Commit

Revolution Is An Intriguing Drama Series That Will Keep You On The edge Of Your Seat Each And Every Week.

Fox’s The Mob Doctor: Catch

Although The Future Of This Show Is Most Likely Doomed, I Would Recommend That You Check It Out. I Enjoy Watching The Show Each Week. Also If You’re A Fan Of Medical Dramas, This Show Is For You.

NBC’s Go On: Catch

Go On Isn’t Quite A Relatable Show, Which Is Why It Get’s The “Catch” Rating. However, The Characters Are Eccentric And  Funny, And The Show Is All Around Fun. If You’re Looking For A Simplistic, Family Comedy, This Is It.

Fox’s Raising Hope: Commit

Raising Hope Is A Hilarious, Relatable Comedy, That Has Been Renewed Three Times. The Cast Members Are Relatable, And Entertaining. I would Recommend That You Commit To This Show, 100%.

ABC’s Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23: Catch

This Show Is Hilarious, But A Bit Raunchy, At Times. The Cast Roster Includes A Colorful Array Of Comedic Talent. The Show Packs Many Laughs Into An Episode, And It Is A Funny Comedy, To Watch.

NBC’s The New Normal: Catch

This Show Pushes The Limits, With An Old Grandma Who Constantly Makes Homophobic, And Racial Remarks. However, Somehow, NBC Was Able To Craft This, So That The Viewers Found It To Be Funny. Overall, The New Normal Is A Whole Hearted Comedy, That I Recommend You Should Catch Sometime.

CBS’s Vegas: Drop

Vegas Is Not As Great As I Expected It To Be. The Storyline Is Dull, And Contains A Lot Of “Fillers”. I Found Myself Constantly Looking At The Time, To See How Much Longer The Episode Was Going To Be On. Despite The Big Name Cast Members, Vegas Is Far Below Par.

FOX’s The Mindy Project: Catch

The Mindy Project Is A Fun Show, With Quirky Characters. I Recommend That You Watch The Show, When You Get A Chance To do So.

NBC’s Whitney: Catch

I Watched Whitney, When It Premiered Last Year, And Found The Show To Be A Fun, Simplistic Comedy. I Recommend That You Watch The Show, When You Want A Laugh.

NBC’s Law And Order: Special Victims Unit: Commit

Law And Order: SVU Is Perhaps The Best Branch Of The Law And Order Genre. The Show Is Intriguing, And You Can Start Watching From Basically Any Point In The Show, And Still Grasp The Story. I Started Watching The Show Around 2 Years Ago, And It Instantly Grasped My Loyalty.

NBC’s Guys With Kids: Commit

It’s Rare That I Recommend Committing To A Comedy, But This Show Deserves It. The Show Is Simplistic, But The Characters Are Highly Relatable. Also, The Show Is Produced By The Comic Genius, Jimmy Fallon. I Find Myself Watching The Show Every Week, And Impatiently Waiting For The Next Episode.

ABC’s Nashville: Commit

Nashville Swept Over Me, After Watching The Pilot Episode. I Feared, After Watching The Promos, That I Wouldn’t Like This Show, But I Was Wrong. The Show Has A Great cast Lineup, And The Storyline Is Ever So Addicting. And Don’t Worry About The Country Music Aspect Of The Show. I Highly Dislike Country Music, But That Didn’t At All Stop Me From Loving The Show.

NBC’s Chicago Fire: Commit

NBC’s New Hit Drama, Chicago Fire, Has Definitely Made An Impact, On Me. I Thought The Show Would Be Interesting, When I Heard About It A Few Months Back. Little Did I Know, This Show Is Addicting, And Difficult To Not Watch. The Show Is A Mix Between a Medical Drama, And An Action Movie. I Would Definitely Suggest That You Commit To This Show.

CW’s Arrow: Commit

Arrow Has Made Me A Huge Fan Of The Show. When You Think Of Arrow, Think Of An Epic Mix Between, Batman, The Cape, Along With A Hint Of Superman. This Show Has Become A Weekly Part Of My Wednesday Life. If You Haven’t Yet Watched Arrow, You Really Need To Do So, And Become A Regular. You Won’t Regret This Decision.

NBC’s Up All Night: Catch

Up all Night Is Almost Worthy Of The “Commit” Rating, But Not Quite. I Became A Fan Of The Show, After It Premiered, Last Year. The Show HAs 2 Quirky Lead Characters, And Laughs Galore.

Fox’s Ben And Kate: Catch

Ben And Kate Is A Rather Simplistic Comedy That Packs A Boatload Of Laughs Into A 30 Minute Timeslot. The Character’s Are Relatable, And The Show Is Fun.

TruTv’s Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Catch

I’ve Recently Become A Regular Viewer Of  This Show, And It Is Highly Intriguing. This Show Revolves Around Jesse Ventura, And His Investigation Of Conspiracy Theories. I’ve Never Believed In Many Of The Conspiracy Theories That Are Out There, But This Show Has Me second Guessing Myself. Even If You Don’t Believe In Conspiracy Theories, I Recommend That You Check This Show Out.

NBC’s Last Resort: Commit

Although The Future Of This Show Is Foggy, I Would Definitely Recommend That You Commit To It. This Show Is Full Of Action, and It Even Has A Cloud Of Mystery Surrounding It. I’ve Become A Fan Of This Show, And I Would Recommend It.

ABC’s Scandal: Commit

Scandal Is A MAgnificent Drama Created By Shonda Rhimes. Scandal Manages To Grasp My Intrigue, And Loyalty, Each And Every Week. Scandal Has Everything That A Person Could Want: Drama, Romance, Humor, Conspiracy, Mystery, Intrigue. This Show Is Somewhat Underrated, But It Truly Is Great.

CBS’s Elementary: Commit

Although This Is A Show that Has Received Heavy Criticism, I Can See It’s True Potential. Before Watching Elementary, I  Thought That It Would Be A Dull Show. However, That’s Not The Case. Elementary Has Likeable Characters, And Something For Every Viewer. The Show Is Basically A Show About Crime Solving, So You Can Expect The Weekly Dose Of Mystery, Intrigue, Action, etc. I Feel That This Show Is Highly Underrated, And Should Receive A Bit More Praise.

ABC’s Revenge: Commit

Revenge Is A Magnificent And Addicting Drama. This Show Has Everything: Drama, Romance, Conspiracy, Cover-Ups, Murder, Plotting, etc. The Show Took Me By Storm With It’s Epic Series Premiere, Last Year. From Then On, I’ve Become a Big Fan Of The Show. The Show Will Keep You Guessing, And It Will Keep you On The Edge Of Your Seat, Every Week.

ABC’s 666 Park Avenue: Commit

Although The Ratings Of This Show Are Terrible, That Doesn’t Reflect Upon The Content Of It. This Show Is An Interesting And Mysterious Drama, tha tIs Full Of Supernatural Entities. When You Think Of This Show, Think Of LOST. 666 Park Avenue Can Be As Confusing And Mysterious As LOST, At Times. However, This Show Is Highly Addictive, and Entertaining.

AMC’s The Walking Dead: Commit ∞

What Can I Say About This Show? Regular Viewers Of This Show Know How Epic And Addicting It Is. I Got Started On This Show, By Watching A S1 Marathon 2 Years Ago, And I’ve Been A Huge Fan Since. This Show Has Everything That You Could Want: Romance, Action, and Of Course Violence And Zombies! For Those Of You Who Have Yet To Watch The Walking Dead, You Need To Do So, Immediately.

~ Scott R.  – @NBC_CHUCK_FAN

Which ones would you catch, commit or drop? Share in the comments below.

General Sebastian Monroe

Episode Notes/Recap:

  •  While Trying To Cross A Bridge, To Head Towards Danny, The Group Walks Into A Militia Trap.
  • The Group Escapes The Militia, And Is Safe, For Now.
  • The Group Determines That They Must Cross A Different Bridge, Which Is 100 Miles Away.
  • As The Group Is Making Their Way through The Alleys, The Militia Begins Calling For Nora, From The Rooftops. The Militia Says That They Have Mia. It’s Not Clear Who Exactly Mia Is, But It Is Apparent That Mia Is Important To Nora.
  • The Group Sees Mia Tied Up, In The Center Of The Town, With Militia Surrounding Her. We Also Learn That Mia Is Nora’s Sister.
  • It’s Revealed That 2 Months After The Blackout, A Mysterious Man Broke Into Mia And Nora’s House, And Killed Their Mother. The Man Ransacked Their House, And Left. Nora And Mia Hid Under A Bed, The Entire Time.
  • While In Hiding, The Group Listens To Strausser’s (A Vicious Militia Leader) Demands. The Man Says That If Nora Brings Him The Pendant, Along With Miles, He Will Let Mia Live. Otherwise, Strausser Will Kill Mia.
  • Nora Tells The Group That They Are Going To Rescue Mia, And defeat The Militia Members.
  • Monroe Accuses Jason Of Treason. Monroe Tells Neville That Is Going To Be Jason On A Diplomatic Expedition, To California.
  • The Group Causes An Explosion, Injuring Many Of The Militia Members. The Group Then Rescues Mia, And Escapes.
  • Mia Joins The Group, And Gives Them  Directions To A Safe River Crossing.
  • Mia Tries To Convince Nora To Go With Her, To See Their Father. Nora Says That She Must Help The Group. Mia Says That She’ll Help The Group Get Across The River, But Then She’s Going To Go Be With Her Father, In Texas.
  • The Team Arrives At Their River Crossing Point, Only To Find That The Route Is No Longer Accessible.
  • Neville Learns That The Son Of Monroe’s Most Senior Aide, Is Working With The Resistance.
  • The Group Continues On, To Get To A River Crossing. Charlie Tells Nora That She Needs To Go With Mia, To See Their Father. Nora Listens To Charlie, And Heads Off With Mia, To See Their Father.
  • Neville Informs Monroe Of The Traitor Amongst Them. Monroe Kills The Boy, And Begins Torturing The Boy’s Father.
  • Monroe Tells Neville That He Will Allow Jason To Stay.
  • As Nora An Mia Are Walking Along, They Are Ambushed By Strausser And His Men.
  • Mia Tells Nora That Everything Is Okay. Mia Then Hands Strausser The Pendant (Which She Apparently Stole From Aaron) And Tells Strausser The Group’s Location. It Seems That Mia Did This To Protect Herself And Her Sister.
  • Mia Reveals That She Never Actually Found Her And Nora’s Father.
  • Nora Rushes To Save The Group. Nora Tell’s Mia To Not Follow Her, And To Not Try To Find Her.
  • Strausser And His Men Find The Group, And They Begin Firing At Them.
  • Aaron Realizes That The Pendant Is Missing.
  • Nora Rushes In, And Rescues The Group.
  • The Group Defeats A Few Of Strausser’s Men, And They Begin Making Their Way Towards The River Bank.
  • The Group Jumps In The River, And The Current Begins Taking Them Downstream.
  • The Group Emerges From The River, And Makes A Small Camp.
  • Strausser Delivers The Pendant To Monroe.
  • Monroe Gives The Pendant To Rachael. He Tells Her That She Now Has Everything That She Needs.It Appears That Rachael Is Building Some Sort Of Amplifier.
  • Randall Informs Grace That Miles’s Pendant Has Been Taken. Apparently, Randall Is Monitoring all Of The Pendants Via GPS. Randall Tells Grace That She Is Going To Get The Pendant Back.


Tonight’s Episode Of Revolution Was By Far, The Best Yet! In Tonight’s Episode, Nora Rescues Her Sister Who Has Seemingly Been Captured By The Militia. Nora Later Finds Out That Mia Is Working For The Militia, And During Her Time With The Group, Mia Has Stolen The Pendant From Aaron, And Has Informed The Militia Of The Group’s Location. Nora Rushes Back, Saves The Group, And They Escape By Riding A River Current, Downstream. Monroe Then Gives The Stolen Pendant To Rachael, Who Seems To Be Building An Amplifier, For The Pendant. In The Last Few Minutes Of The Episode, Randall Informs Grace That Miles’s Pendant Has Been Stolen. Randall Is Monitoring The Location Of Every Pendant Via GPS. Randall Then Tells Grace That She Is Going To Get The Pendant Back. Tonight’s Episode Was Purely Great. I Am Really Intrigued About The Strange Compound Where Randall And Grace Are At. I Continue To Have Many Questions About The Show, That I Hope Will Soon Be Answered, As The Season Progresses. I’ve Been A Huge Fan Of This Show, Since Watching The Epic Series Premiere. Revolution Can Appeal To Fans Of: Action, Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Sword Fighting, The Show Has Something For Everyone. However, Unfortunately, In The Next Two Weeks Or So, Revolution Will Be Having A Short Hiatus. The Show Will Be Returning Early Next Year, With All New Episodes. Either Way,   I Can’t Wait To Check Out Next Week’s Episode.

~Scott R.

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Here’s A Look At The Next All New Episode Of Revolution – 1×09 “Kashmir” –


NBC’s Chicago Fire gets the benefit of having the The Voice as its lead in. How will it rate tonight?

Chicago Fire premiered to a disappointing 1.9 demo but has remained above NBC’s scripted show average and neck and neck with SVU. NBC recently ordered five additional scripts to be made. (not episodes) The show has been averaging 1.73 demo with last weeks episode scoring a 1.6

The Voice has been averaging a 4.57 demo on Monday. Granted Wednesday is an untested day but its no doubt its ratings will still be high.

My vote is Chicago Fire hits 1.9>

Shout out your predictions in the comments or on our twitter @tvaddict_blog

How will Chicago Fire rate?


Ryan: “Who’s Timmy?” Mr. K: “Some Crybaby.”


Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Ryan Runs Into Lauren, At A Restaurant. Lauren Is Having Dinner With A Man Named Wyatt. Soon, The Rest Of The Group Arrives, And They All Begin Having Dinner With Lauren And Her Date. The Group Seems To Be Intruding On Lauren’s Personal Life, Somewhat.
  • The Group Tells Ryan That He Is Compulsively Eating, To Help Get Over The Death Of Janie. Ryan Seems To Be In Denial, And He Says That He Id Not Grief Eating.
  • The Group Learns That Lauren Told Wyatt About The Entire Group, And Their Individual Problems. The Group Becomes A Bit Angry, After Learning This.
  • The Group Tells Lauren That She Needs To Share Some Of Her “Dirt” With The Group. Lauren Agrees To Bring Wyatt To The Next Therapy Session.
  • Ryan Learns That Danny Has Created An Entire Town In His Head, To Escape His Life Problems.
  • The Group Confronts Ryan, About His Grief Eating.
  • Wyatt Arrives At The Therapy Session, And Begins Giving The Group “Dirt”, On Lauren.
  • Wyatt Gives The Group Plenty Of “Dirt” On Lauren, And Then Leaves.
  • The Group Begins To Suspect That Lauren Doesn’t Really Care For Wyatt.
  • Ryan Tells Danny That He Needs To Give Up His Imaginary Town.
  • Ryan Tries To Give Up The Junk Food, But Isn’t Completely Able To Do So, Just Yet.
  • The Group Comes Over To Ryan’s House, With Vast Amounts Of Food. The Group Hopes To Make Ryan Eat All Of The Food, So That He Will Lose The Taste For Junk Food.
  • Ryan Helps Lauren Realize That She Doesn’t Actually Love Wyatt.
  • Danny Returns Back To His Imaginary Town. Ryan And Danny Learns That It’s The Only Way That Danny Can Cope With His Problems.
  • Ryan Finally Drops The Junk Food, And Starts Eating Healthier.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Shut Up Junkie, You’re Out Of Control.”  – Mr. K

2) “The Problem Is You’re Eating, You Sound Like Cookie Monster.”  – Carrie

3) “Why Are All Of My Fans Gross?”   – Ryan



Tonight’s Episode Of Go On Was Hilarious! In Tonight’s Episode, Ryan Learns That He Has Been Grief Eating, To Overcome The Loss Of Janie. The Group Notices That Ryan Has Been Grief Eating, So They Try To Help Him Out. Meanwhile, Lauren Learns That She Doesn’t Actually Love Her Current Boyfriend. Lauren Takes Some Time To Figure Out Her Future With Her Boyfriend, And The Group Helps Ryan Drop The Junk Food. I’m Quickly Becoming A Fan Of This Simplistic, Yet Relatable Comedy. The Show Is Basic, With Interesting Stories Each Episode, That Keep Me Interested In The Show. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Go On. Watch Go On Live: Tuesday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.

There Will Be No New Episode Of Go On Next Week, As The Presidential Debate Will Be Airing, At That Time.


~ Scott R.

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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Yoda Begins Disrespecting Gary.
  • Nick Learns That His Daughter Has A School Project Due. Apparently, Nick And His Daughter Have To Build A Model Of The Brooklyn Bridge. Nick Didn’t Read The Assignment Completely, And Has A Limited Time, To Build The Bridge. Gary And Clark Have Already Built Their Bridge, And Nick Claims That He Can Out-Do Them.
  • Yoda Continues To Disrespect Gary. Marny Begins Undermining Gary, When Gary Says Something To Yoda.
  • Gary Tells Marny That She Needs To “Butt-Out”, And Stop Undermining Him.
  • After Gary Tells Marny To Butt-Out, Marny Takes Ernie, To Sleep Train Him. It Seems That Marny Is Not Going To Help Gary With The Children, While She’s Angry.
  • Gary Begins Trying To Care For The Children, Until Marny Returns.
  • Marny Tries To Help Chris Sleep Train Ernie.
  •  Chris Tells Marny That Gary Told Her To Butt-Out At Their Apartment, So Now She’s Butting In At His Place. Chris Begins Walking Marny Out Of His Apartment, But Marny Closes The Door Behind Chris, And Locks Him Out Of His Apartment.
  • Marny Returns Home With Ernie, To Look For Her Book, That Shows The Steps To Sleep Train A Baby.
  • When Marny Arrives Home, She Sees Yoda At The Dinner Table. Marny Learns That Gary Has Made Yoda Sit At The Table, As He Hasn’t Yet Finished His Dinner.
  • Marny Tells Gary That He Has One Hour To “Break” Yoda. Marny Says In One Hour, She’s Putting Yoda To Bed.
  • The Guys Begin Trying Many Different Tactics, To Get Yoda To Cooperate.
  • The Guys Begin Playing Football In The Apartment, To Get Yoda To Finish His Dinner. While Playing Football, The Guys Throw The Football, And It Hits Clarke’e Model Bridge. The Bridge Is Severely Damaged, And It’s Due The Following Day.
  • Clarke Sees His Destroyed Bridge, And He Begins Disrespecting Gary, As Well.
  • Chris Finally Gets Marny To Let Him In His Apartment. Marny Wasn’t Able To Sleep Train Ernie.
  • Gary Tells Marny That He Needs Her To Help Him With Clarke And Yoda.
  • Marny Takes Control Over The Situation, And Makes Yoda And Clarke Show Gary Some Respect.
  • Nicks Outdoes Gary And Clarke, With His Bridge. However, Nick Notices That His Daughter, Violet, Doesn’t Like The Bridge. Nick Lets Violet Add Her Own Touch To The Bridge, By Painting It Purple, etc.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “When Did Smacking Your Child Fall Out Of Fashion?”   – Gary

2) “Oh, Did I Hurt Your Neck, You Little Baby?”   – Nick


Tonight’s Episode Of Guys With Kids Was Hilarious! In Tonight’s Episode, Gary Had To Try His Best To Get His Children To Respect Him. Gary And The Guys Try Their Best To Get Gary’s Kids To Cooperate, However Marny Ultimately Has To Take Control Of The Situation. Marny Is Able To Get The Kids To Show Gary Some Respect. I’m Becoming A Fan Of This Humble Comedy, As Each Episode Passes. Guys With Kids Is A Hilarious, Whole Comedy. Plus, The Jimmy Fallon Is Behind The Show, Which Makes It That Much Better. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Guys With Kids. Watch Guys With Kids Live: Wednesday’s At 8:30/7:30C. On NBC.

~ Scott R.

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