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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Sabrina Learns That To Get The Deed To Her Grandmother’s House, She And Jimmy Must Get Married At The Family Church. Sabrina’s FamilyChurch, That Is.
  • Sabrina’s Mother Begins Dating A Local Baseball Player.
  • Sabrina Speaks With The Reverend Of Her Family Church. The Reverend Agrees To Marry Jimmy And Sabrina. The Reverend Also Says That The Church Is Offering A Free Weekend Retreat, For Newly Engaged Couples, Of The Church.
  • Sabrina And Jimmy Agree To Attend The Weekend Retreat.
  • Virginia And Burt Pretend To Be Engaged, So That They Will Have The Opportunity To Attend The Weekend Retreat.
  • The Chance’s Leave For Their Weekend Retreat, And Barney Is Left To “Baby-Sit” Maw-Maw.
  • The Chance’s, Along With Sabrina’s Mom And Her Boyfriend (Whom Has Just Proposed To Sabrina’s Mom) Arrive At The Weekend Retreat.
  • The Reverend Gives Each Couple A Ham. The Reverend Says That If The Couples Can Make It Through The Weekend With Their Ham Unscathed, Then It Is Proven That They Will Have A Long And Happy Marriage.
  • It’s Revealed That Today Is Barney’s Birthday. However, Barney Is A Bit Sad, As Mostly Everyone Has Forgotten His Birthday.
  • Maw-Maw Attempts To Help Barney Celebrate His Birthday.
  • Each Couple At The Retreat Begins Answering Questions About Each Other. Every Couple, Except For Jimmy And Sabrina Do Well. Jimmy And Sabrina Only Get One Question Correct.
  • Burt And Virginia Move The Mobile Camper That Jimmy And Sabrina Had To Sleep In. The Camper, With Jimmy And Sabrina Inside, Is Now In The Middle Of The Woods. It Seems That Burt And Virginia Did This, In An Attempt To Help Jimmy And Sabrina Connect.
  • Jimmy And Sabrina, With Their Ham In Hand, Begin Trying To Find Their Way Back To The Retreat Camp.
  • Jimmy And Sabrina Encounter A Bear, And Are Forced To Climb A Tree. Jimmy Drops The Ham, The Bear Eats The Ham, And Jimmy And Sabrina Remain Trapped In The Tree.
  • Maw-Maw And Barney Begin Drinking, To Celebrate Barney’s Birthday. The Two End Up Getting Drunk.
  • Ricardo (Sabrina’s Mom’s Boyfriend/Fiancé) And The Group Arrives At The Tree, Where Sabrina And Jimmy Are Trap. Ricardo Has A Tranquilizer Gun, And Begins Aiming For The Bear. Suddenly, Jimmy And Sabrina Jump Out Of The Tree, In An Attempt To Scare The Bear Away. As They Are Jumping Out Of The Tree, Ricardo Shoots The Tranquilizer Dart, And Accidentally Hits Jimmy.
  • Ricardo Is Finally Able To Tranq The Bear. Jimmy And Sabrina Are Both Safe.
  • Sabrina And Jimmy Both Survived A Bear Attack. This Makes Them Realize That They Are A Very Compatible Couple.
  • Barney And Maw-Maw Awaken, After Their Night Of Drinking, Only To Learn That They Had Relations” With Each Other.
  • It’s Revealed That The Chance’s Have In Fact Planned A Surprise Party For Barney, Which Is Going To Take Place In A Few Hours. It Seems That Everyone Did In Fact Remember Barney’s Birthday.


Tonight’s Episode Of Raising Hope Was Simply Hilarious! In Tonight’s Episode, The Chance’s Go To A Couple’s Retreat. Sabrina And Jimmy Learn That They May Not Be Compatible. Ultimately, Jimmy And Sabrina End Up Lost In The Woods, Trapped In A Tree, With A Bear Below. Jimmy And Sabrina Are Ultimately Rescued, And They Learn That SInce They Survived A Bear Attack, They Truly Are Compatible. I’ve Been A Fan Of Raising Hope Since The Show’s Humble Beginnings, Nearly 3 Years Ago. Raising Hope  Is A Simple Comedy, That Draws Me In Every Time. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Raising Hope. Watch Raising Hope Live: Tuesday’s At 8/7C. On FOX.

~ Scott R.

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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Sabrina Asks Jimmy To Get Rid Of His Beloved Gag T-Shirt. Jimmy Refuses, And Says That Is Going To Continue Wearing The Shirt.
  • The Chances Install A Dead Bolt Lock On Maw-Maw’s Door, As She Has Been Wandering The House, At Night.
  • A Social Worker Arrives At The House. It Seems That Someone Filed A Complaint, Regarding Hope’s Safety.
  • The Chances’ Begin Cleaning Up The House, to Make It Presentable.
  • The Chances’ Learn That The Safety Complaint Was Filed 20 Years Ago, And It Was Regarding Jimmy’s Safety. Apparently, When Jimmy Was 5, He Went Crowd Surfing, At A Concert.  
  • The Social Worker Says That Child Services Have Been Behind On Their Cases, Due To Budget Cuts.
  • The Social Worker Changes Gears, And Begins Asking Maw-Maw Questions. It Seems That The Social Worker Is Concerned, About The Way That The Chances’ Treat Maw-Maw.
  • Maw-Maw Tells The Social Worker Her Story. Little Does The Social Worker Know, The Chances’ Do What They Do, Because It Is Necessary.
  • The Social Worker Tells The Chances That She Is Opening A Formal Investigation. The Social Worker Says That She Will Be Back In 1 Week, For A Second Inspection. The Social Worker Says That If There Haven’t Been Any Major Improvements In Maw-Maw’s Care, By Then, She Will Be Forced To Put Maw-Maw In A State-Run Home.
  • The Chances’ Begin Improving Maw-Maw’s Care. They Start By Taking Her To The Doctor, For A Check-Up.
  • The Chances Continue Improving Maw-Maw’s Care. They Remove The Deadlock Bolt From Her Door, They Start Making Her Eat Healthier, etc.
  • The Social Worker Returns, For The Second Inspection. The Social Worker Commends The Chance’s Improvements. However, The Social Worker Learns That The Chance’s “Exaggerated”, To Get Maw-Maw To Cooperate. Instead Of Telling Maw-Maw That The State Was Going To Take Her, And She Was Going To Be Put In A Home, The Chances’ Told Maw-Maw That The State Was Going To Take Her, And Put Her In A Mental Institution, Where She Would Undergo Shock Therapy. The Social Worker Says That This Is Mental Abuse. Ultimately, The Social Worker Places Maw-Maw In State Custody, And Takes Her Away.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) ” I Just Know He’s Gonna Tell Me I’m Pregnant. I’m 480 Months Late.”   – Maw-Maw

2) ” She’s Crazier Than A Face Eating Hobo! ”  – Virginia



Tonight’s Episode Of Raising Hope Was Hilarious! In Tonight’s Episode, A Social Worker Arrives At The Chance House. The Social Worker Says That Someone Filed A Complaint. The Chances’ Soon Learn That The Complaint Was Filed 20 Years Ago, And It Was Regarding The Safety Of Jimmy, As He Was 5 Years Old, And Crowd Surfing At A Concert. The Social Worker Dismisses This Complaint, But Soon Notices That The Chances’ Have A Dead Bolt Lock, On Maw-Maw’s Bedroom Door. The Social Worker Also Notices That The Chances’ Have Eccentric Methods, To Keep Maw-Maw “Safe”. The Social Worker Claims That This Is Physical Abuse. The Social Worker Gives The Chances A Week To Clean Up, Before She Comes Back. The Social Worker Comes Back, And Commends The Chances’ On Their Efforts. The Social Worker Soon Learns That The Chances’ Used Frightening Exaggerations To Get Maw-Maw To Cooperate. The Social Worker Claims That This Is Mental Abuse. Ultimately, The Social Worker Takes Maw-Maw Into State Custody, And Removes Her From The House. I’ve Been A Fan Of Raising Hope Since The Very Start Of The Show. The Show Is Simple, Yet Highly Hilarious And Entertaining. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Raising Hope. Watch Raising Hope Live: Tuesday’s At 8/7C. On FOX.


~ Scott R.

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Episode Notes:

  • Nancy Grace Reviews how Lucy Survived her Execution.
  • It is Revealed That after Lucy Was Beaten By Prison Guards (After Rising From The Dead), All Charges Against her were dropped, and she was released from Prison.
  • Lucy Sues for Custody of Hope.
  • Lucy Proposes that Jimmy and Hope got to Tibet With her, So that the case Won’t have to go to court.
  • Lucy’s Defense Council Files for a Motion to Supress the Knowledge of Lucy’s Crime(s) From Evidence, and Wins The Motion.
  • Multiple Witnesses are called to testify in the custody case.
  • In A Suprising Turn of Events, Custody of Hope is awarded to Lucy.
  • Jimmy Must go to Tibet With Lucy, So that he can be a part of Hope’s Life.
  • Sabrina Is Chased down the Street By Crazy Knife Wielding, Serial Killer, Lucy.
  • Sabrina Escpaes Unharmed, But Lucy Doesn’t Fair Out So Well.
  • Jimmy Regains Custody Of Hope, Because of Lucy’s Death. (She was hit by a bus..)

Raising Hope is a Hilarious Comedy That Has Already been Approved for a Third Season. Tonight’s Finale had an awesome Ending! If you Haven’t Yet Watched Raising Hope, I Suggest you do so, While it’s Off Air For its Season FInale.


I got you covered on The Voice eliminations and if you don’t mind me ranting about it follow me on twitter.

Ok.. I got to rant just a little. Christina letting Jesse.. wft! He was one of my favorites and picks to win it all. Also Lindsey Pavao who I generally disliked all of her performances, sound the exact opposite on her studio recordings, no wonder why she’s still in the show! Check them out on iTunes and compare for yourself.

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Aside from “Raising Hope”, “New Girl” has really grown on me.

Tonight on New Girl- 9/8c on FOX:



Got you covered on part 2 of the Raising Hope finale.

Raising Hope (part 2 finale)- 9:30/8:30c on FOX

And not to worry, “Raising Hope” was already renewed for another season!

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Raising Hope: Season Finale: Part 1 (4/10/12)

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Episode Notes:

  • An Investigation story is done on Hope’s mom.
  • Murders start to occur in Natesville (Committed by Hope’s mom.)
  • Nancy Grace Guest Stars in This Episode
  • Maw-Maw is interrogated about the murders.
  • A Montage of video clips helps put together the story that immediately followed the arrest of Hope’s Mom.
  • It is Revealed that Hope’s mom Proposed to Jimmy.
  • Jimmy and Hope’s Mom have their wedding in prison.
  • During Jimmy’s wedding, a Hostage Situation occurs.
  • At the end of the episode, Someone from The Chance Family’s Past Returns.

The first part of the raising hope finale was about an investigation story, that has just been made, about Hope’s Mom. The Show has great Flashback Clips, along with a boatload of laughs. A MUST WATCH.