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Recap other episodes of Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels goes to Hell.

Air date: 10/7/12

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

The town is burned to the ground and Cullen is being questioned by soldiers as to what happened.

  • We’re trying to establish the connection between the corruption of this railroad and its near total dissemination.
  • “The White Spirit.”- Cullen
  • Durant has gone crazy as he’s run out of pain medicine luckily Eva has more.
  • Durant foresees the chaos soon to happen.
  • ..but I won’t care what happens this who enterprise could collapse on our heads. Everything’s been blur since I was shot, its all going to end in disaster.”- Durant
  • Cullen asks Lily to come and watch as he drives the train across the finished bridge.
  • Lily feels Cullen could of trusted her with his past.
  • “Past ain’t the past if it don’t exist.”- Cullen
  • Cullen went to a university.
  • “Did you like me better when you thought I was stupid?”– Cullen
  • “I liked you better when I thought I knew you.”- Lily
  • Durant is worried he’ll be finished when the board finds out about the millage. Hannah says Cullen needs to be made a partner because he’s the only one that can convince them they were right.
  • “Bohannon only thrives on narrow escapes from his own recklessness.”– Durant
  • “Just like you.”- Hannah
  • Sean wants Ruth no matter what as she continues to turn him down and push him away.
  • Elam has got a nice house built.
  • He tells Psalms “I gotta kill somebody for Mr.Durant”- Elam
  • Elam doesn’t kill unless the person needs to be killed and this one doesn’t but he will lose his house unless he does.
  • Cullen and Mr.Toole discuss their women troubles.
  • “My worry is once Ms.Bell gets to know my true self she ain’t gonna like it. Funny part the more I got know her the more…”- Cullen
  • The Indians are watching them.
  • Back in the present of the burned town:
  • “Should of known whats those doing. There’s always a recon order before battle.”– Cullen
  • They question why Cullen didn’t send anyone out. Cullen knows that anyone sent out would of been killed.
  • Cullen puts a lot of trust in himself and his workers as he drives the train across the bridge solo.
  • With everyone at the bridge site Lily uses it as an opportunity to steal Durant’s ledger from the safe. She runs into Elam.
  • “You have a good day.”- Elam
  • Elam tells Eva about the house.
  • Durant offers Cullen partnership.
  • “If you help me convince them that everything we have done has been necessary.”– Durant
  • “You are an interesting anomaly Mr.Bohannon gunslinger and aristocrat. I am unwell I simply need you to back me up. There’s a good chance you share the blame (if it goes wrong). The moment you accept my offer all your debts to me will be forgiven.”– Durant
  • “My debts to you were buried with Doc Whitehead.”– Cullen
  • Lily is the one Durant has asked Elam to kill.
  • While Cullen and Mr.Toole are one watch Lily shows up.
  • “All I have is this railroad and you, we can build it together. Everything to remove the Durant’s is in this ledger.”– Lily
  • Cullen wants Lily to burn the ledger before Durant has her killed.
  • Lily goes to Elam and asks him to hide the ledger and to ship it back east if something happens to her.
  • Cullen talks to Joseph about the White Spirit.
  • “The Sioux nation wants everyone here to die.”– Joseph
  • “It’ll be a blood bath.”- Cullen
  • Cullen has Joseph take him to there camp.
  • Psalms convinces Eva to talk with Elam.
  • “Blood moon is coming. It’s a time for bloodletting, settling of scores.”– Joseph
  • Cullen sees the mass of Indians camped and asks Joseph to come with him to see Durant so he doesn’t seem crazy.
  • “You’ll never see me again.”– Joseph
  • Present day:
  • They had telegraphed and asked for soldiers and weapons.
  • “Five recruits and a small cannon.”– Cullen
  • Sean is being baptized at the small chance he may marry Ruth.
  • Elam arrives home to find Eva.
  • “I’ll always love you Elam but my future belongs with Mr.Toole”– Eva
  • Mr.Toole shows up look for Eva, he aims his gun at Elam.
  • “I came here to tell him its over between us.”– Eva
  • “Your heart belongs to this black son of a bitch!”– Mr.Toole
  • Mr. Toole commits suicide.
  • Durant tells Elam its time for him to kill. He goes to see Lily.
  • “You’re here to kill me.”– Lily
  • “You got a reason for me not too?“- Elam
  • Lily pulls out her gun.
  • Lily lets Elam in on her plan that upon the arrest of the Duran’ts her and Cullen will be the natural replacements leaving a job open for Elam. They shake on their deal.
  • The Swede arrives into town wounded badly.
  • Lily goes to see Durant. “Mr. Ferguson came to see me last night.”– Lily
  • “You betrayed me to Bohannon over pillow talk.”– Durant
  • “Know that when your precious railroad is ripped from your thick and graspy fingers that you’ve been undone by a whore.”- Lily
  • The Indians have torchered the Swede, lighting fires on him.
  • “The Sioux are attacking on the blood moon.”- The Swede
  • “He’s going to hang for sabotaging the railroad, im putting a guard on him.”– Cullen
  • Lily tells Cullen of Durant’s attempt to kill her. She tell him of her plan to get rid of the them.
  • “I can’t do this without you. You’re better with me.”– Lily
  • “Protect our bridge I’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.”– Lily
  • Cullen goes to Elam.
  • “Do you know how to work a cannon?”- Cullen
  • “Thanks for not killing my lady friend.”– Cullen
  • “I almost got my ass shot.”- Elam
  • Durant goes to see the dying Swede.
  • “My personal ledgers how damning are they?”– Durant
  • “You may fall through the floor into hell itself.”- The Swede
  • “You will not die in prison but here soon in the streets of Hell on Wheels.”– The Swede
  • Present day:
  • “We did what we could, evacuated the women and children we armed the rest.”- Cullen
  • Durant is in custody.
  • The few soldiers arrive with a cannon and a gatling gun. Eva has stayed behind and goes to take shelter at Elam’s house.
  • The Swede breaks the bones in his hand and gets out of the handcuffs and kills the guard watching him.
  • Night falls and the men take stand and fire way as the Indians cross the bridge. Chaos ensues as they come from all direction. The town is ablaze.
  • Elam watches at the Durant’s flee the burning office.
  • Cullen refuses to abandon the bridge.
  • Elam’s house is set on fire with Eva in it. He comes to rescue her.
  • The Swede walks through the burning town like he’s indestructible.
  • Day breaks, the town smolders as Lily heads into her rail car. The Swede is waiting for her.
  • “Cullen will kill you.”– Lily
  • “Yes this is all for him.”– The Swede
  • The Swede strangles her and then sets the place on fire.
  • Present day:
  • The soldiers question why Cullen defended the bridge and not the town.
  • “I learned in the war to protect strategic assets. Town ain’t nothing but wood and canvas, rebuilt.”– Cullen
  • Cullen goes to the rail car and finds Lily
  • (Song playing is “Devil’s Waiting” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
  • He carries her body to the church and passes the Durant’s, Eva, Elam, Sean and Mickey along the way.
  • He leaves her and grabs the Swede and heads to the bridge to hang him.
  • “I was surprised that you made it so easy for me to take her from you.”– The Swede
  • “You evil son of a bitch.”– Cullen
  • The Swede jumps before Cullen gets the rope tied off.
  • Cullen is offered Durant’s job but doesn’t respond.
  • “Mr.Bohannon will you finish this road?”
  • Cullen’s heads back to the bridge and marks the site with a red flag and then walks away. (Its a mile marker)

End Song– “Devil’s Waiting” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Final Thoughts:

Hell on wheels goes to hell literally as the town and its people smolder. The show has proven that no one is safe and in epic sadness we lose two big characters (Toole/Lily). Briefly Lily became Emily Thorne from Revenge and The Swede sure did like look like Dexter. The ending left me wondering what will happen to Cullen the man who has lost so much. What does he have to live for now? Revenge of the Swede who I presume is alive?

The show has had declining ratings but I do hope this is not the last I will write of the show that has grown on me so much over these two seasons of great drama. And thank you to everyone that reads these recaps weekly I have truly enjoyed recapping this one and hope to do the same with “The Walking Dead”.

Ratings: Up 0.1 to a 0.5 demo with 2.18 million viewers.

What did you think of the epic finale?

– Aaron

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Intro Quote: “For Those Who Believe In Resurrection … Death Is Inconsequential. It’s Not An Ending, But Rather A New Beginning … A Second Chance. A Reunion. But The Very Idea Of Resurrection Is So Seductive A Concept, It’s Easy To Forget … Before You Can Rise From The Dead … You Have To Spend A Few Days In Hell” – Emily  

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Emily Continues To Monitor Victoria, Via The Clam Cam.
  • Emily Calls Daniel, And Tells Him That Charlotte’s Doctor Most Likely Fixed Charlotte’s Drug Test Results.
  • An Unknown Man Begins Secretly Spying On Emily.
  • Emily Continues Monitoring Victoria, And Sees The White Haired Man Providing Victoria With New Identities For Her, And Charlotte.
  • Nolan Learns That His Company Is About To Be Audited, By The I.R.S.
  • Faux-Manda Tells Emily That She Had A One Night Stand, The First Time That She Left. However, Faux-Manda Still Strongly Believes That The Baby Is Jack’s.
  • Faux-Manda Asks Emily To “Ensure” That The Paternity Test Reflects Jack, As Being The Father Of Faux-Manda’s Baby.
  • Daniel Begins Noticing Some Inconsistencies In Grayson Global’s Finances.
  • Daniel Learns That Conrad Paid Off Charlotte’s Counselor. Daniel Confronts Charlotte’s Doctor, And Goes To Get Charlotte Out Of The Facility.
  • Daniel Arrives, To Take Charlotte Home. Charlotte Tells Daniel That She’s Not Going Anywhere, With Him. Charlotte Then Asks Emily To Take Her To Victoria.
  • As They Are Heading To Victoria’s Safe house, Emily And Charlotte Stop, To Speak With Faux-Manda. Emily Waits In The Car, While Charlotte Re-Connects With The Woman That She Thinks Is Her Half Sister.
  • Emily And Charlotte Arrive At Victoria’s Safe House.
  • Charlotte Reveals To Victoria, That Faux-Manda Is Pregnant.
  • Charlotte Tells Victoria That She Can’t Flee The Country With Her, Just Yet.
  • Victoria Tells Charlotte That Her Plan Was Always To Leave Charlotte Behind. It Seems That Victoria Is Pushing Charlotte Away, To Protect Her. Perhaps From The White Haired Man.
  • Nolan’s Accounting Analyst, Padma, Arrives At Emily’s House, To Speak With Nolan.
  • Daniel Confronts Conrad, Regarding Conrad Cleaning Out Charlotte’s Bank Accounts.
  • Victoria Calls Conrad.
  • Victoria Meets With Conrad, At Her Cabin Safe House.
  • Padma Tells Nolan That He Needs To Find A C.F.O. To Help Run The Company.
  • Nolan Tells Padma That He Wants Her To Be The C.F.O
  • The Paternity Results Come Back. The Results Show That Jack Is The Father Of Faux-Manda’s Baby.
  • Faux-Manda Calls Emily. Emily Tells Faux-Manda Isn’t Really Jack’s Baby. It Seems That Emily Went Through With The Plan, And Fixed The Paternity Results.
  • Daniel Opens Up A Trust Account, For Charlotte. Daniel Transfers Everything That He Owns, Into The Account. Daniel Makes Sure That Conrad Won’t Be Able To Access The Account.
  • Victoria Has Conrad Beat Her Up. The White Haired Man Arrives At Victoria’s House. Victoria Has Called 911, And Has Reported Her Beating. Victoria Plans To Frame The White Haired Man, For Her Beating And Supposed Kidnapping.
  • It Seems That By Victoria Framing The White Haired Man, She Will Now Be Able To Reclaim Her Life. It Seems That Victoria Will No Longer Have To Hideout, In The Safe House.
  • Conrad Uses Victoria’s Supposed Kidnapping Ransom, As An Excuse As To Why He Drained Charlotte’s Bank Accounts.
  • One Of Declan’s Wealthy Acquaintances Asks Declan To Hold On To A Diamond Necklace For Him, For A Few Days. The Acquaintance Says That His Parents Are Strict, And He Isn’t Able To Hide The Necklace, At His House. The Acquaintances Claims That The Necklace Was Given To His Stepmother, By His Father. Declan Agrees To Hold On To The Diamond Necklace, For A Few Days.
  • The White Haired Man Calls Emily. The White Haired Man Tells Emily That She Has Something That He Needs. It Seems That Emily Knows Exactly What The White Haired Man Is Speaking Of. Emily Asks The White Haired Man To Meet Her.
  • Emily Reveals To Nolan That She Didn’t Actually Fix The Paternity Results. It Seems That Jack Actually Is The Father Of Faux-Manda’s Baby.
  • Emily Provides The White Haired Man With The Video Of Conrad Hitting Victoria, To Make It Seems As If She Was Beaten By Her Kidnapper. In Return, The White Haired Man Provides Emily With Information, Regarding Her Mother.
  • The White Haired Man Tells Emily That He Didn’t Follow Orders, And Ultimately, He Didn’t Kill Her Mother.
  • Emily Asks The White Haired Man What He Did With Her Mother. However, The White Haired Man The Pulls A Knife On Emily, And Tries To Slice Her Throat. Emily Instinctively Begins Fighting Back. Just As The White Haired Man Is About To Gain The Upper Hand On Emily, The Unknown Man (That Has Been Spying On Emily) Shoots The White Haired Man In The Back, And Ultimately Kills Him.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Looks Like The B**** Is Back”   – Faux-Manda

2) “Even The Devil Himself Didn’t Want You.”   – Conrad

End Quote: “For Those Who Believe In The Resurrection, Death Is Inconsequential. In The Resurrection, Those That Were Dead Live And Those Who Live Believe They Shall Never Die.”  – Emily


Tonight’s Episode Of Revenge Was Purely Epic! In Tonight’s Episode, Charlotte Makes Her Way Out Of The Rehab Facility, And Learns That Conrad Has Stolen All Of Her Trust Money. Victoria Arranges For The Whit Haired Man To Get Her And Charlotte Out Of The Country. However, Once Victoria Learns That Charlotte No Longer Has Any Money, The Plan Crumbles. Victoria Contacts Conrad, And Asks Him To Help Her With Something. Conrad  Punches Victoria, And Victoria Calls 911, Claiming That The White Haired Man Kidnapped Her, And Has Been Holding Her For Ransom. This Is The Perfect Excuse As To Why Conrad Drained Charlotte’s Trust Money, And Of Course, Conrad Uses This Excuse. Now Victoria Plans To Resume Her Life As A Grayson. Emily Learns That The White Haired Man Let Her Mother Live, However, Before She Can Ask Him What He Did With Her, The White Haired Man Attacks Emily. Suddenly, An Unknown Man, That Has Been Spying On Emily, Shoots The Whit Haired Man In The Back, And Saves Emily. I’ve Been A Fan Of  Revenge After Watching The Epic Series Premiere, Last Fall. The Show Mixes A Huge Concoction Of Categories And Emotions Into A Genuinely Intriguing, And Engrossing 1 Hour Time-Slot. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Revenge. Watch Revenge Live: Sunday’s At 9/8C. On ABC.

Be Sure To Remember That Revenge Is No Longer At It’s Previous Wednesday Time-Slot. This Season, Revenge Is On Sunday’s At 9/8C.

~ Scott R.

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Hell on Wheels Season two 2 hour finale Sunday October 7th at 9/8c on AMC

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Recap each season 2 episode:

2×08 “The Lord’s Day”

2×07 “The White Spirit”

2×06 “Purged Away With Blood”

2×05 “The Railroad Job”

2×04 “Scabs”

2×03 “Slaughterhouse”

2×02 “Durant, Nebraska”

2×01 “”Viva La Mexico”

Sneak Peek the Season 2 Finale:

Tour The Season 2 Set:

Air date: 9/30/12

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • In Fairytale Land, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Is Awaken By A Kiss From Phillip.
  • The Curse Has Been Broken, In Storybrooke. Everyone Now Remembers Who They Really Are.
  • The Citizens Of Storybrooke Learn That Magic Has Filled The Town. This Is Why Everyone Is Still In Storybrooke, Rather Than In Fairytale Land.
  • Belle Tells Mr. Gold What Regina Did To Her.
  • Emma Struggles To Accept The Fact That David And Mary Margaret Are Her Parents.
  • A Riot Group Begins Making Their Way To Regina’s House, Most Likely To Kill Regina. Emma Heads To Regina’s House, To Stop The Riot Group.
  • Back In Fairytale Land, Phillip And Aurora Are Attacked By A Demon Like Creature. Philip Is Able To Chase Away The Creature.
  • Mr. Gold Is Shown Removing A Medallion From A Box. The Medallion Is Identical To One That Philip Retrieved From The Demon Creature.
  • The Riot Group Arrives At Regina’s House. Regina Tries To Use Her Powers Against The Riot Group, But Isn’t Able To. For Some Reason, Regina Is Powerless.
  • Emma Arrives At Regina’s House, And Saves Regina From The Riot Group.
  • Regina Is Locked Up In A Jail Cell, For The Time Being.
  • Regina Says That The Citizens Of Storybrooke Weren’t Returned To Fairy Tale Land, Because Fairytale Land No Longer Exists.
  • Mr. Gold Visits Regina, At The Police Station. Gold Pricks Regina’s Finger With The Medallion, That Came From The Demon Creature. It’s Not Clear What Effect This Will Have, On Regina.
  • Back In Fairytale Land, Mulan, A Friend Of Phillip, Tells Phillip That The Demon Creature Is A Soul Sucker. Apparently, The Creature Marks It’s Victims, And Then Returns, To Extract It’s Victim’s Soul.
  • Mulan Says That Luckily, Phillip, Aurora, And Herself All Avoided The Mark Of The Soul Sucker.
  • Phillip Notices Something Strange, About His Hand. It Seems That Phillip May Have Been Marked, By The Soul Sucker.
  • Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) Uses His Sword, And The Medallion, To Summon The Soul Sucker. As Mr. Gold Is Doing This, Regina Notices The Same Occurence With Her Hand, That Phillip Noticed With His Hand. It Seems That Regina Has Been Marked, By The Soul Sucker.
  • The Soul Sucker Arrives In Storybrooke.
  • Emma, Mulan, And Aurora Set Up Camp. Phillip Says That He Is Going To Get Firewood. However, It Seems That Phillip Is Leaving For Good, As He Knows That The Soul Sucker Has Him Marked.
  • Mulan And Aurora Learn That Phillip Has Left, Because He Is Marked. Mulan Goes After Phillip.
  • The Soul Sucker Arrives At The Police Station, And Begins Stealing Regina’s Soul. Emma, Mary Margaret, And David Arrive At The Police Station, And Begin Fighting The Soul Sucker, In An Attempt To Save Regina.
  • Emma, May Margaret, And David Chase Away The Soul Sucker, For Now.
  • Regina Suggests That Emma Use Jefferson’s Hat, To Send The Soul Sucker Away.
  • Aurora Joins Mulan, In Her Search Of Phillip.
  • Aurora Begins To Suspect That Mulan Is In Love, With Phillip.
  • Mulan And Aurora Find Phillip, But Aren’t Able To Save Him. The Soul Sucker Steals Phillip’s Soul.
  • Regina Uses Jefferson’s Hat To Open A Portal To Fairytale Land. The Soul Sucker Is Lured Into The Portal, However, Emma Is Sucked Into The Portal, As Well. Mary Margaret Jumps Into The Portal, To Go After Emma. David Rushes Over To The Portal, To Go After Emma And Mary Margaret, But He Is Too Late. The Portal Has Closed.
  • Regina Comes Close To Killing David, But Henry Arrives, And Stops Her From Doing So. It Seems That Regina Now Has Her Full Powers.
  • Henry Tells Regina That He Is Going To Stay With David, Until Regina Proves That She Isn’t Evil.
  • Belle Returns To Mr. Gold’s Shop. Gold And Belle Repair Their Relationship.
  • Mulan Tells Aurora That Queen Regina Cast A Curse On The Land, And Ripped Everyone From The Land, And Sent Them Away. Mulan Says That For Some Reason, Their Corner Of The Land Was Untouched. Mulan Says That For 28 Years, Everything Was Frozen, Until Just Recently. This Means That When Emma Came To Storybrooke, She Not Only Got Time Moving There, But She Also Got Time Moving, In Fairytale Land.
  • Mulan And Aurora Find Emma And Mary Margaret, Unconscious, In Fairytale Land.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Promise Me You Won’t Kill Her.”  – Belle

2) “You Really Are The Evil Queen.”   – Henry

3) “I Have Faith.”  – David

4) “I Will Find Them. I Will Always Find Them.”  – David


Tonight’s Season 2 Premiere Of Once Upon A Time Was Great! In Tonight’s Premiere, Storybrooke And It’s Citizens Have To Face The Truth That They Are From A World Filled With Magic. They Also Have To Face The Fact That Now, Storybrooke Is Filled With Magic, Thanks To The Villanous Mr. Gold. Emma Is Especially Struggling To Accept The Fact That Mary Margaret And David, Are Her Parents. In Tonight’s Premiere, Mr. Gold Summoned An Evil Soul Sucking Creature, And He Placed A Mark On Regina. The Creature Came After Regina, But She Was Able To Use Jefferson’s Hat To Send The Creature Away. However, Emma Accidentally Fell Into The Portal, And Mary Margaret Jumped In After Her. David Tried To Go After Mary Margaret And Emma, But He Was Too Slow, As The Portal Had Already Closed. Ultimately, Emma And Mary Margaret Find Themselves In Fairytale Land. I’ve Been A Fan Of Once Upon A Time, Since I Watched The Epic Series Premiere, Nearly A Year Ago. Once Upon A Time Really Puts A Unique Spin, On The Average Fairytale. It Seems That When It Comes To Uniqueness, And Originality, ABC Has Won The Competition, With Once Upon A Time. Overall, Once Upon A Time Is A Great Show, And I Would Definitely Recommend It. Watch Once Upon A Time Live: Sunday’s At 8/7C. On ABC.

~ Scott R.

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