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At 8/7c the resurrected show returns for season 3 with a new case. If you missed the first two now is your chance to jump in, and those who have been watching all along will see our favorite detectives back in action.

At the end of season 2 Holder had just got a call about a body as Linden who was fired walks away as the episode ends.

Inside The Killing season 3:

Season 3 Promo:

I’ll be live tweeting with everyone during the premiere @zaffuto234

This summer isn’t going to be anything like the desolate 2012 summer season, in terms of television shows. You can expect to see almost 85 new and returning shows, this summer. We know that figuring out when your favorite shows are returning, and when all of the new show shows are premiering can be a hassle, so we’re going to provide a list of all of the premiere dates. These dates entail shows that are airing on May 12th, and later.

“Family Tree” (HBO) – Series premiere May 12th, at 10:30/9:30C.

Synopsis – “Family Tree” is a documentary type series about a distraught man who tries to get his life back on track, by tracing his family history.

“Long Island Medium” (TLC) – Season 4 premiere May 12th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – TLC’s hit show about a medium who helps families communicate with their loved ones, that have passed away, is back for it’s 30 episode 4th season!

“Breaking Amish: Brave New World” (TLC) – Season 2 premiere May 12th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis- This arguably ridiculous “Non-Scripted” reality show is back for it’s second season on TLC. The show follows a group of Amish individuals, and their daily life events.

“So You Think You Can Dance” (FOX) – Season 10 premiere May 14th, 8/7C.

Synopsis – FOX’s hit talent show SYTYCD is back for it’s 10th season!

“Motive” (ABC) – Series premiere May 23rd, 9/8C.

Synopsis – This isn’t your typical cop drama. The storyline of “Motive” works in reverse. At the beginning of each episode, the victim is shown, and then the storyline works backward to find the suspect and why he/she committed the crime.

“The Goodwin Games” (FOX) – Series premiere May 20th, 8:30/7:30C.

Synopsis – After being left a notable amount of money by their father, three estranged siblings attempt to reconnect with one another. Also, the show stars the great Scott Foley.  All of my fellow Scandal fans know him as Jake Ballard.

“The Bachelorette” (ABC) – Season 9 premiere May 20th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – The surprisingly popular dating reality show makes it’s return to ABC, for it’s 9th season.

“MasterChef” (FOX) – Season 4 premiere May 22nd, at 8/7C.

Synopsis –   The hit Cooking show with controversial host/chef Gordon Ramsey returns for it’s 4th season, on FOX.

“Rookie Blue” (ABC) – Season 4 premiere May 23rd, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – ABC’s hit cop drama  returns  for it’s 4th season! You can expect the level of drama this season, that newbie show Chicago Fire has brought to NBC.

“Save Me” (NBC) – Series premiere May 23rd, at 8/7C.

Synopsis – After almost dying, a woman claims to have a direct connection to god. No-one believes her until an odd number of “coincidences” begin to happen around her. I warn you to not get too attached to this newbie NBC drama, however. the Thursday 8PM slot is a doomed one, in the fall. Though Given that this is a summer show in that slot, it’s chances are fairly better. Also take into account, however, that NBC is the host network…

“Arrested Development” (Netflix Exclusive) – May 26th, at 3:01 ET.

Synopsis – The hit show Arrested Development gets it’s revival on May, 26th! After being cancelled for years, Netflix picked up the rights to the show that stars names such as Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. We can assume that all 15 episodes of the season will be released on Netflix, on the date listed above.

“The Glades” (A&E) – Season 4 premiere May 27th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – A&E’s hit crime solving drama returns, for it’s 4th season!

“Longmire” (A&E) – Season 2 premiere May 27th, at 10/9C

Synopsis – A&E’s very own “Western Law And Order” Returns To Answer the questions that season 1 left us with!

“Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” (ABC) – Season 3 premiere May 28th, at 8/7C.

Synopsis – The title says it all.

“Brooklyn DA” (CBS) – Series premiere May 28th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – this six part documentary style series goes behind the scenes Of Brookyln’s DA’s office. The show profiles Brookyln’s ADA, as well as a number of other lawyers.

“The American Baking Competition” (CBS) – Series premiere May 29th, at 8/7C.

Synopsis – This is a Reality cooking/Baking show adapted from a British reality show. Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy.

“Melissa & Joey” (ABC Family) – Season 3 premiere May 29th, at 8/7C.

Synopsis – The hit ABC Family show returns for it’s 3rd season!

“Dancing Fools” (ABC Family) – Series premiere May 29th,  at 9/8C.

Synopsis – Just what we need.. A clip show about dances, in which $10,000 is given to the winner. Hosted by Melissa Peterman.

“The Killing” (AMC) – Season 3 premiere June 2nd, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – It’s “Un-Cancelled” and ready to earn it’s keep!

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” (Bravo) – Season 5 premiere, June 2nd, at 8/7C.

Synopsis – Unfortunately…. it got renewed.

“Princesses: Long Island” (Bravo) – Series premiere June 2nd, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – This “Reality Series” follow 6 wealthy, educated women who are still living with their families. The best of Bravo…

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” (E!) – Season 8 premiere May 20th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – Sorry, it’s back….

“Mistresses” (ABC) – Series premiere June 3rd at 10/9C.

Synopsis – This uber soapy drama follows four friends and their struggling love lives. Cast includes Alyssa Milano.

“The Fosters” (ABC Family) – Series premiere June 3rd, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – This Jennifer Lopez produced soapy drama follows a diverse family of children who are being raised by two hard working moms, as they accept a troubled child into their home.

“Teen Wolf” (MTV) – Season 3 premiere June 3rd, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – It’s a show, about wolf people. For those that remotely care, Teen Wolf is returning to MTV, for it’s 3rd season.

“America’s Got Talent” (NBC) – Season 8 premiere June 4th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – Arguably the most successful summer talent show, AGT is making it’s return to NBC, with many changes that have been made. This includes 2 of the former judges being replaced, as well as a 4th judge being added!

“Graceland” (USA) – Series premiere June 6th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – We all know that USA produces many of the top rated dramas. It seems that they’re expecting to do the same with “Graceland”. The show follows An elite and special police task force consisting of agents from the DEA, U.S. Customs, and FBI. Better yet, they all reside in the same place. Southern California!

“The Hero” (TNT) – Series premiere June 6th, at 8/7C.

Synopsis – In this newbie game show, nine individuals are tested physically, mentally, and morally. They’ll be trying to earn the title of “The Hero” and the accompanying prize. Who better to produce and host this show than Dwayne Johnson himself?

“72 Hours” (TNT) – Series premiere June 6th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – Contestants on this new reality game show are dropped into the wilderness with only a bottle of water and a GPS device on a mission to find a briefcase filled with $100,000. Simple, right?

“Burn Notice” (USA) – Season 7 premiere June 7th at 9/8C.

Synopsis – This is it. After 7 seasons, the hit spy drama, “Burn Notice”, will be completing it’s final season, on USA.

“Continuum” (Syfy) – Season 2 premiere June 7th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – After it’s immense Season 1 popularity in Canada, “Continuum” was picked up by Syfy, for broadcasting in the U.S. After receiving notable ratings in it’s first U.S. season, Syfy has picked the drama/thriller up for a second season!

“Being Human” (BBC America) – Season 5 premiere June 8th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – The supernatural goodness known as “Being Human” returns for it’s 5th season, on BBCA!

“Sinbad” (Syfy) – Series premiere June 8th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – This 12 episode (and presumably single season event) series follow sinbad, a flawed hero, who begins a journey to lift a curse and follow his destiny.

“Primeval: New World” (Syfy) – Series premiere June 8th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – A team of scientists are called into action, when prehistoric and futuristic dinosaur like creatures begin appearing.

“Falling Skies” (TNT) – Season 3 premiere June 9th at 10/9C.

Synopsis – the alien Scifi based epic drama known as “Falling Skies” Makes it’s 3rd season debut, on TNT, this summer! You can expect even more mystery, and suspense, than last season had.

“Switched At Birth” (ABC Family) – Season 3 premiere June 10th, at 8/7C.

Synopsis – the highly popular Show, with a notable array of cast members, makes it’s return to ABC Family, for a second season!

“Major Crimes” (TNT) – Season 2 premiere June 10th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – TNT had a great deal of success with the launch of it’s newest crime solving/police drama, last summer. Now “Major Crimes” will be back on your screens, next month!

“King & Maxwell” (TNT) – Series premiere June 10th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – This book to television series features two former secret service agents, who now run their own private investigation business. They tend to Bend the rules a bit, as well.

“Pretty Little Liars” (ABC Family) – Season 4 premiere June 11th, at 8/7C.

Synopsis – This ABC Family drama grasped the attention of many people, back when it premiered. now after much popularity, and after achieving it’s own spin off series, “Pretty Little Liars” returns for it’s 4th season!

“Twisted” (ABC Family) – Series premiere June 11th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – This mystery murder drama entails a young teen who has returned to his town after murdering his aunt 5 years before. soon after returning home, the teen is the prime suspect of a local murder. Denise Richards stars. * Some of you may have watched the pilot of “Twisted” which followed the season 3 finale of “Pretty Little Liars”. However, ABC Family is re-running it, to begin the season.

“Royal Pains” (USA) – Season 5 premiere June 12th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – USA’s critically acclaimed drama, “Royal Pains”, is back for it’s 5th season!

“Necessary Roughness” (USA) – Season 3 premiere June 12th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – This being another one of USA’s Highly successful dramas, “Necessary Roughness” returns for it’s 3rd season!

“Sullivan & Son” (TBS) – Season 2 premiere June 13th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – We all know that TBS is the king of comedies. “Sullivan & Son” is living proof of this. The Hit TBS comedy is returning for it’s 2nd season!

“Magic City” (Starz) – Season 2 premiere June 14th at 9/8C.

Synopsis – This Mafia style drama Made it’s name last Year, and now it’s back! The show features a huge ensemble of well known actors/actresses. You can expect to see “Magic City” back on your screens, next month!

“True Blood” (HBO) – Season 6 premiere June 16th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – Yes, this is a vampire drama that has lasted for 6 years. That being said, “True Blood” will be returning for it’s 6th season, next month, on HBO!

“Franklin & Bash” (TNT) – Season 3 premiere June 19th at 9/8C.

Synopsis – The law based TNT hit is making it’s return, next month! Even better, the premiere episode is going to be a 2 hour special.

“Hot In Cleveland” (TV Land) – Season 5 premiere June 19th at 10/9C.

Synopsis – This beyond epic comedy features a highly diversified and hilarious cast, including the great Betty White. The show will be returning for it’s 5th season, next month, on TV Land.

“The Exes” (TV Land) – Season 3 premiere June 19th at 10:30/9:30C.

Synopsis – The great and equally hilarious comedy returns for a 3rd season, next month, on TV Land.

“Copper” (BBC America) – Season 2 premiere June 23rd at 10/9C.

Synopsis – After gaining the ratings for BBCA last year, this Sherlock Holmes style drama will be returning for another season, next month.

“Devious Maids” (Lifetime) – Series premiere June 23rd at 10/9C.

Synopsis – This show is about a group of maids who know every dirty secret about their wealthy employers. And they have their own agenda.

“Under The Dome” (CBS) – Series premiere June 24th at 10/9C.

Synopsis – In This Stephen King book to television series, inhabitants of a small town are shocked when a strange dome is placed over their city, leaving them trapped, and cut off from the rest of the world. The show will have a 13 episode season event. It’s not clear if this is planned to be a mini-series or a continuing series.

“Rizzoli & Isles” (TNT) – Season 4 premiere June 25th at 9/8C.

Synopsis – This is another groundbreaking TNT drama, that has had consecutive seasons. “Rizzoli & Isles” will be returning for a 4th season, next month.

“Perception” (TNT) – Season 2 premiere June 25th at 10/9C.

Synopsis – This unique crime solving drama features a schizophrenic college professor named Daniel pierce who is also a consult for the FBI. Pierce helps solve many crimes, in which the FBI simply cannot solve alone. The show also has a hint of soapy-ness. The show stars Eric McCormack and Rachael Leigh Cook. “Perception” will be returning to TNT next month!

“Big Brother” (CBS) – Season 15 premiere June 26th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – Yes. A show about a bunch of people living together really is still airing.

“Dexter” (Showtime) – Season 8 premiere June 30th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – after an outstanding run, Dexter will be making it’s final appearance with it’s 8th season. You can expect lots of, well, Everything that’s been shown in the previous seasons Times 2. Oh, and also Guest star Yvonne Strahovski, Who made her first appearance in season 7.

“Ray Donovan” (Showtime) – Series premiere June 30th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – This Drama features a man named Ray Donovan, who fixes problems for the L.A. elite and wealthy. Ray Donovan is basically a 2nd rate Olivia Pope. Because, come on, no-one can outdo Olivia Pope.

“American Ninja Warrior” (NBC) – Season 5 July 1st, at 8/7C.

Synopsis – The hit show “American Ninja Warrior” features contestants who try to complete a physically draining and near impossible obstacle course. The show has been a huge hit, but was previously only aired by G4. It’s Shocking that one of NBC’s few successful shows once belonged to a underrated subsidiary…

“Get Out Alive” (NBC) – Series premiere July 8th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – This extreme reality show follows Bear Grylls as he leads 10 teams of two through physically draining terrain, on New Zealand’s South Island.

“Camp” (NBC) – Series premiere July 10th at 10/9C.

Synopsis – this 10 episode series follows the actions of teens at a summer camp. Hmm … I smell early cancellation already.

“The Newsroom” (HBO) – Season 2 premiere July 14th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – This HBO drama  premiered last year with major success. the show will be returning for a 2nd season, in July.

“Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (The CW) – Series premiere July 16th at 8/7C.

Synopsis – This Improv comedy showed debuted about a decade ago, and ultimately was cancelled. But it’s back! The CW is launching their own version of the former show, which will be premiering in July.

“Perfect Score” (The CW) – Series premiere July 16th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – A Game series about winning dates and money. Sounds fun, right?

“Covert Affairs” (USA) – Season 4 premiere July 16th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – CIA agents, and international affairs. that should explain the greatness known as “Covert Affairs”. Season 4 is coming your way, in July!

“Suits” (USA) – Season 3 Premiere July 16th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – We all know that one person that never stops talking about “Suits”. Well, get ready once again, to continually hear about it, as the law based critically acclaimed  drama is returning to  USA, in July.

“The Vineyard” (ABC Family) – Series premiere July 24th, 9/8C.

Synopsis – This soapy documentary follows about half a dozen 20 somethings, as they spend the summer in Martha’s Vineyard. You Pretty much already know what drama follows.

“Unforgettable” (CBS) – Season 2 premiere July 28th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – After being “Un-Cancelled”, the drama show that follows a detective with a photographic memory is back. “Unforgettable” returns for a 2nd season, in July.

“Breaking Pointe” (The CW) – Season 2 premiere July 29th, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – The documentary series that goes behinds the scenes of a ballet company in Salt Lake City is back. “Breaking Pointe” will be returning, in July, on The CW.

“The Hunt” (The CW) – Series premiere July 31st, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – this reality competition places a group of contestant in an enclosed wilderness area known as “The Arena”. The contestants must survive there for one month, with scare resources, and harsh conditions. This is the real life Hunger Games.

“Hell On Wheels” (AMC) – Season 3 premiere August 3rd, at 9/8C.

Synopsis – Bohanon Is back!! Need I say any more?

“In The Flesh” (BBC America) – Series premiere August 3rd, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – This is a three part series that Follows an undead teenager, who tries to return to society, after a zombie outbreak.

“Breaking Bad” (AMC) – Final 1/2 Season premiere August 11th, at 10/9C.

Synopsis – After A long run of ratings domination, “Breaking Bad” is coming to an end, with the final half of it’s final season. August, 11th. On AMC.

~ If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts be sure to comment! Also, if you think we missed any summer premiere dates, let us know.

~ Tv Addict.

Yes, AMC is rerunning The Killing through the rest of winter on Sunday mornings at 8/7c.

Jan 6th:

8/7c 1×01 “Pilot”

Jan 13th:

8/7c 1×02 “The Cage”

Jan 20th:

8/7c 1×03 “El Diablo”

Jan 27th:

8/7c 1×04 “A Soundless Echo”

9/8c 1×05 “Super 8”

Feb 3rd:

8/7c 1×07 “Vengeance”

As NBC’s premiere of “Revolution” approaches lets a take a look back at past mystery/scifi series and break down why they failed or weren’t long term rating successes.

First off any series in the category or even just the drama category can’t last forever. Theses shows need to come to a conclusion before the creative runs out along with the viewers. I would say shows that last 4-5 seasons as had a solid run. As is proven theses types of show depend on you seeing all the episodes and with that said from premiere to end date they experience continually ratings declines and seldom grow over their run.

This is why networks won’t chance renewing  a new series in this category with mediocre rating as the past has proven they will continue to decline.

Heroes 2006-2010 (Monday’s 9/8c)

Airing on the very competitive Monday night the show performed strong for 3 of its 4 years. Its a show that would I would deem successful though most won’t as the story lost its edge over the course of the series.


ABC’s FlashForward 2009-2010 (Thursday’s 8/7c)

Compelling premise which lead to a very strong start on very competitive time slot while other networks focused on comedy’s for their Thursday lineup. The show struggled to find its footing as it went about having episodes focusing on a certain character and the audience didn’t have the patience for it. Those that suck around found all the little details were adding to the larger plot, but by then it was too late.


FOX’s Terra Nova 

Airing in the competitive Monday slot the very expensive show didn’t fall drastically but well lower then what FOX needed for them to make it worth renewing. Mediocre means canceled for these types of shows which was unfortunately the case for Terra Nova.


NBC’s The Event 2010-2011 (Monday’s 9/8c)

Strong right out of the gate but by episode three rating had fallen drastically. The show used a series of flashbacks spanning 66 years to tell the story which led the viewers to need to pay close attention to understand what was going on. After a mid season hiatus and attempts to relaunch the show it premiered without the all the flashbacks but it was too late as nearly half the viewers had abandoned the show.


ABC’s Missing (Thursday’s 8/7c)

ABC’s second try on a series that would only get ten episodes a season instead of the regular twenty two in an effort to keep creative high (No filler episodes). Cable networks have done this well but not broadcast networks. The series already facing the dreaded time slot left critic’s and viewers wondering how long a show about a mom trying to find her son could last. The show never found its footing.


AMC’s The Killing 2011-2012 (Sunday’s at 9/8c)

The prime example of having a strong show but having the network mismanage viewer expectations. The show was always intended to be a two season murder investigation but AMC’s promotions hinted it would be solved by the end of season one. The show never recovered its ratings drop in season two and was canceled.


Episode 2×13 “What I Know”

Who killed Rosie Larsen? That question after two seasons is of course not a simple one….

  • We open with a flashback, the day of Rosie’s murder. We finally have a chance to see her interactions hours before her murder.
  • Rosie eerily stares at a water bottle in the kitchen. Rosie was planning on running away that day and she takes a final look at her dad. Her last view of her dad is him fighting over the phone about not receiving an order.
  • Rosie takes one last look around before leaving, taking the place in one last time before her secret trip to see the world.
  • (All these flashback scenes are very powerful and emotional. Its as though you know Rosie at this point. Its very sad to see.)
  • In present day Holder/Linden show up at the rally for the Richmond campaign where everyone is awaiting the results. They ask Gwen where Jamie Wright is.
  • Both Jamie and Richmond have failed to show up.
  • At the Jamie’s house Richmond/Jamie and his grandfather. Jamie violently shoves his grandfather.
  • “You owe me, you think I didn’t really figure out where you were that night? The night that girl got herself killed”- Jamie’s Grandfather
  • Holder/Linden/Gwen are concerned about Richmond and get his last address he was dropped off of from his driver, they speed toward Jamie’s house.
  • Jamie brings Richmond to City Hall and there campaign office.
  • “This used to be a small logging town, just a know name lumber yard. Then the fire came and burned everything to the ground and from those ashes all this was built and this place became a city and this city is yours now Darren. We won. We did it.” Jamie
  • “Why did you lie to the police, you told them you were with your grandfather?”- Richmond
  • Shouting
  • “My grandfather is a drunk, hes a drunk and a liar and whatever he said is bullshit”- Jamie
  • “Where were you the night the Larsen girl died Jamie?- Richmond
  • “This election is a stepping stone but first you had to win. Don’t you see Darren I had the perfect plan with Indian bones at the waterfront Adams was dead in the water”- Jamie
  • “You planted those bones are you crazy?!”- Richmond 
  • “It was for you own good the Indians wanted to expand off the island, Ames was looking for a way out. I saw and opportunity and I took it”- Jamie
  • “As Mayor you would approve a casino on the waterfront”- Jamie
  • “What you did with those people was fraud!- Richmond
  • “Its against everything you believe in I know but jesus  Darren you wanted to win and you never learned to make friends with the people that matter the most! But that’s ok that’s why you have me because when you approve this casino our coffers will be full for the next run and the one after that”- Jamie
  • “What happened to the girl? The girl Jamie!- Richmond
  • “It was an accident!!!”- Jamie
  • Richmond is speechless
  • Flashback to the night of Rosie’s Murder at the casino on the 10th floor with Jamie, Michael Ames and Chief Jackson
  • They are discussing the plan with the bones and how the guy getting arrested was just a speed bump.
  • “The bones are buried I held up my end of the bargain”- Chief Jackson
  • “And I guarantee you Richmond will go along with it, its not a problem were back on track”- Jamie
  • “If that’s it lets go, I want off this dam island already.”- Michael Ames
  • “We should go out separately like we always do”- Jamie
  • Jamie turns off the generator and heads for the elevator when he hears a phone ringing, its Rosie’s. Jamie finds her trying to sneak away.
  • “Who are you? What are you doing here? Answer me.”- Jamie
  • Rosie is scared trying to back away.
  • “I didn’t see anything I swear”- Rosie Larsen
  • Rosie’s camera falls out of her backpack.
  • “What the hell is that?”- Jamie
  • Rosie tries to run away, Jamie grabs her and his key card get knocked into the floor.
  • Jamie anciently pushes Rosie and she falls hard on the unfinished part of the floor, blood all over.
  • Jamie is shocked.
  • Present day
  • “She wouldn’t stop screaming, she wouldn’t listen. I didn’t know what to do Darren, I tried to reason with her. I tried so hard to make her understand but I panicked. She was going to ruin everything. It was an accident”- Jamie
  • “She was alive when she went into that lake is that what you call an accident?”- Richmond
  • Jamie pulls out Richmond’s gun and sets it on the table.
  • “What are you doing with my gun?”- Richmond
  • Holder/Linden/Gwen are now racing toward city hall.
  • “I thought she was dead, she wasn’t. She got out of the car, ran into the woods. We had come so far, too far I couldn’t let her get away”- Jamie
  • Flashback
  • Jamie is chasing a screaming Rosie through the woods. Jamie catches up with her and beats her with a flashlight.
  • Present Day
  • “I was only thinking of you. Hey I didn’t want to do it. When I have to do something I do it. I always do it Darren, everything I’ve always done has been for you!”- Jamie
  • Richmond tries to leave.
  • “Stop! You want to be an idealist go plant a tree but if you want to be a leader you have to be willing to get blood on your hands, I can’t keep doing it for you Darren!” Jamie
  • “You killed a young girl you son of a bitch! You put me in this chair!”- Richmond
  • “You know the greatest thing we did on this campaign, it was tricking the voters into believing your something your not! You surround yourself with people like Gwen and Lilly because you want to believe you a good man!”- Jamie
  • “You cheated on Gwen with whores you son of a bitch! You let your wife drive alone that night so she could die becasue you like the limelight. Stop pretending that’s the man you are Darren.”- Jamie
  • Holder/Linden/Gwen arrive and race to the campaign office.
  • “Put the gun down Jamie before you do something you don;t want to do”- Holder
  • Jamie aims the gun at Linden, Holder shoot him.
  • Holder is shocked, ghost like look on his face.
  • Jamie lies dead on the floor.
  • Day 26 
  • The sun comes out over Seattle.
  • It is revealed that the gun Jamie had wasn’t loaded
  • At the Larsen house they are packing Rosie’s room.
  • The missing film from Rosie’s camera is found at Jamie’s house.
  • Chief Jackson is about to be charged for obstruction of justice.
  • “She’s not going to make a deal to give up Ames”- Linden
  • “I read the witness statements, It was good shot Holder”- Lieutenant
  • Linden starts to piece together more of the puzzle.
  • “Jamie’s cell phone records, he made a call to Michael Ames at 3:37am the night of the killing. He could of gone to the lake, helped Jamie kill her. That night the taxi that dropped him off at home had a broken taillight. What if we go back and check!”- Linden
  • “Sarah its over”- Lieutenant
  • Holder is mad that they have run into a dead end getting Michael Ames convicted.
  • Stan finally shows his the family the house he bought, Mitch agrees they move into it.
  • “This is the house she was going to come back to from college”- Stan
  • “I don’t want Jamie defining my legacy before it gets started”- Richmond
  • “It took me three tires to become Mayor, you learned how to do it in one. You got the makings of a great leader Darren”- Adams
  • The Larsen’s are packing and Stan pauses on Belko’s name on his locker.
  • Mitch pauses to look at Rosie’s height markings on the door frame.
  • Terry offers to lend a hand packing.
  • “She kept looking at me that last time, you know I was so busy packing for that camping trip. I didn’t look at her, I didn’t see her Terry”- Mich
  • “Yeah you did Mitch you always did”- Terry
  • Linden/Holder head back to the lake.
  • “Jamie never said it, know one said what happened to her here. I wanted to get him”- Linden
  • “We got him”- Holder
  • They head over to let the Larsen’s know.
  • At the Larsen’s they let Terry know they got him.
  • Linden notices Terry’s car has a broken taillight…..
  • Terry is in Rosie’s room
  • “You were there at the lake weren’t you? You picked him up from the ferry that night, both of you were going to the airport for that flight to Vegas. That’s when he got a call about a girl in the woods”- Linden
  • “Rosie was nine when I read her the story of the monarch butterflies, she loved it. It was like she believed the world could be hers and everything in it”- Terry
  • “He was going to leave his wife for you wasn’t he? And you both had plans, hopes. You were gonna have everything”- Linden
  • “Michael did it you should arrest him”- Terry
  • “He didn’t do it Terry”- Linden
  • The Larson’s come home, Holder tries to get them to leave.
  • “You wouldn’t understand, im sorry. I didn’t know, I didn’t know what to do.”- Terry
  • Flashback
  • Jamie asking for Michael Ames help while Terry waits in the car.
  • “This is your ticket to be free of your wife, to have you own company, your own money”- Jamie
  • “I don’t care im not gonna leave my wife its over”- Michael Ames
  • “This is too far!”- Michael Ames
  • Jamie and Michael continue to argue while Terry gets out of the car and pushes the campaign car with Rosie in it into the lake.
  • Screams can be heard as the car sinks.. 
  • Present Day
  • “I didn’t know it was Rosie”- Terry
  • Stan goes to attack her, Holder stops him and talks sense into him.
  • Terry is arrested.
  • Linden and Holder sit in the office with the light out taking the who case in.
  • “She didn’t want a lawyer. Wrong place, wrong time. Sometimes it just comes down to that I guess”- Holder
  • Linden gets her badge back.
  • They get the tape from Rosie’s camera back, Linden watches it.
  • Richmond is meeting with Chief Jackson and Michael Ames, he got the charges against them dropped.
  • Gwen appears very unhappy with the man Richmond is becoming.
  • Linden left Rosie’s film in the Larsen’s mailbox, the family watches it.
  • “What I know” By Rosie Larsen
  • The video was Rosie’s goodbye message to her family saying she loved them but wanted to explore the world just like her mom said.
  • (Its very sad see it)
  • “They found a body down near sea tac, Lou says were first us”- Holder
  • Linden gets out of the car.
  • “Linden we got the bad guy”- Holder
  • “Yeah who’s that?”- Linden
  • “Keep in touch, your my ride you know”- Holder
  • Holder drives away as Linden walks around and pauses at the Larsen’s.

Final Thoughts:

Now that’s how you do a finale properly! The Terry twist left me completely satisfied as an avid viewer. The sadness I felt during all the flashbacks just shows how much the show built on these characters so much so I feel as a viewer we know Rosie and it was like a seeing video of a friend who passed. The very end as Holder and Linden share a final laugh as Holder drives away and Linden walks by the Larsen’s on a sunny day was just the perfect ending for them.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with the ending?