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Scandal Season 1 left many questions heading into season 2. Will you be watching?

Season 2 Promo:

Scandal 3 minute Season 1 recap

Season 1 Finale Recap:

Episode Notes:

  • Quinn Finds Gideon In His Apartment, With Scissors Sticking Out Of His Neck. He Is Losing Large Amounts Of Blood.
  • Gideon Dies In His Apartment, From His Injuries.
  • Olivia Arrives At Gideon’s Apartment (After Being Called By Quinn) , And Discovers Gideon. Quinn Appears To Be In Shock, And She Says that The Police needs To Be Called. Olivia Tells Quinn that She Knows They Can’t Do That, Because then The Police Will Learn Who Quinn Really Is.
  • Cyrus Finds Out That Fitz Went To Olivia’s House.
  • the Rest Of  The Team Arrives At Gideon’s Apartment. Olivia Tells The Team To Clean the Crime Scene, Because Quinn Cannot Be Arrested/Booked/Fingerprinted. Quinn Is Now Officially a Client Of Olivia Pope & Associates.
  • Olivia and The Team Cleans The Crime Scene, And Then Calls The Police.
  • The Team Tries To Piece Together Gideon’s Research On Amanda, To Find Out What He Learned, and To Find Out The identity Of His Murderer. Billy Announces His Resignation, And During The Announcement He States That He Had An Affair With Amanda And Impregnated her. He States That She Slept With Fitz and That These Relations Can Be Heard On A Sex Tape.
  • Fitz Admits To Mellie That the accusations are True, Yet She Still Encourages Him To Deny The Accusations To the Public. Fitz Refuses To Make A Speech, Denying His Actions.
  • Cyrus/Fitz Calls in Olivia To Help With The Sex Scandal.
  • Olivia Tells Fitz To Continue Business As Usual (So That He Doesn’t Seem Like He’s running From the Issue) Until they Can Find A Way To End The Scandal.
  • David Comes To The Firm And Tells the team That A neighbor Saw Quinn Entering Gideon’s Apartment On The Night that he Was Killed. David Says That he Knows The Team Cleaned Up the Crime Scene. David Calls Gideon’s Phone, and Hears It Ringing From inside of the Firm. The Phone Is Taken Into Evidence, and Quinn Is Taken In for Questioning, With Harrison As Her lawyer.
  • Olivia Confronts Billy about Gideon’s Murder, And He Confirms To her That he Did it.
  • Olivia Tells David The Details Of Billy’s Murder, But David Says That he Has no Case Since the Team Cleaned Up The Scene. David Also Says That Quinn Will Be Held For Further Questioning.
  • Olivia Suggests To Fitz & Cyrus that she Should Tell the Public that She Is The Person On the Sex Tape, So That Fitz Can Avoid Impeachment. Fitz Suggests That he Should Just Resign From His Role as President Of The United States.
  • Fitz and Olivia Continue Their Romantic Relationship.
  • Huck promises Olivia that he Won’t Kill Billy, So He Enlists Charlie To do it.
  • Olivia Convinces Mellie To return, and Help Fitz With the Scandal.
  • Mellie Comes Up With a Plan To help End The Scandal. Part Of The Plan Involves Her Saying That She Is The Person On the Sex Tape.
  • Olivia Turns In Her Whit House Badge. (Could She Be Finished With Fitz And The White House For Good?)
  • Fitz Convinces Sally To Discredit Billy.
  • Billy Enters An Elevator At The White House, and Charlie Enters With him. (Is Charlie Really Going to Kill Billy?)
  • It’s Revealed That Cyrus Hires Charlie To Kill Amanda.
  • David Brings Quinn Back to the Team. David Tells Olivia That He Ran Quinn’s Prints, But He Ran Them By Himself. He Says That It’s a Good Thing That No-one Else Was Around When He Ran The Prints, Because Half a Dozen U.S. Agencies Are Looking For Quinn. (What is Quinn’s True Identity?)

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Why Did You Run For this Job, To Get Laid?”  – Cyrus

2) “You’re The Client Quinn, Let Us Do Our Jobs.”  – Olivia

3)  “Some Men Aren’t Meant To Be Happy,  They’re Meant To Be Great.”    – Cyrus

4)  ” I Promise Not To Kill Billy Chambers”   – Huck

5) ” I Know How To Fake It With My Wife, You Taught Me Well.”    – fitz

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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • A Man Arrives At The Hospital, With Abdominal Pain. The Man’s Name Is Carlos Garcia. Apparently, Carlos Was On A Flight, When His Pain Started. The Plane Was Grounded, And Carlos Was Taken To The Hospital.
  • A Doctor, That Was On The Flight With Carlos, Has Accompanied Carlos To The Hospital. The Man’s Name Is Dr. Wilson.
  • Alex Thinks That Carlos May Have A Ruptured Appendix. Alex Will Have To Do Surgery, To See If Carlos’s Appendix Is Ruptured, Or Not.
  • The Doctors  Begin Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation On Charlie. This Technique May Help Charlie Wake Up.
  • Joel Apologizes To Alex For Making Things Awkward Between Them. Joel Tells Alex That He Hopes They Can, Once Again, Be Friends.
  • Carlo’s Procedure Begins.
  • A Women Named Carol Arrives At The Hospital, As She Is Scheduled For A Spinal Decompression. Carol Is A Bit Eccentric, And Highly Superstitious.
  • Alex (And The Team Of Doctors) Begin Carlos’s Procedure. Alex Notices That Carlos’s Appendix Is Perfectly Fine. It’s Not Clear What Is The Cause Of Carlos’s Symptoms.
  • During The Procedure, Carlos Seizes, And Ultimately Dies.
  • Alex Has No Idea What Caused Carlos To Seize And Die.
  • Alex Examines Dr. Wilson. The Man’s Breathing IS Shallow, And His Temperature Is Pushing 102. These Symptoms Are Much Like The Symptoms That Carlos Had.
  • Alex Learns That Carlos Flew Out Of Mumbai, And Transferred To Frankfurt. The W.H.O.  Identified A Cluster Of Corona-Virus Outside Of A Small Village In Mumbai. This May Be The Virus That Caused Carlos’s Symptoms.
  • Alex Puts Dr. Wilson In Isolation. Alex Thinks That Dr. Wilson May Have Contracted The Corona-Virus, From Carlos.
  • Carol’s Procedure Begins.
  • Charlie’s Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Begins, And Charlie Finds Himself Outside Of The Hospital, With A Cut On His Forehead. It Seems That Charlie Is Experiencing Some Sort Of Hallucination.
  • An Infectious Disease Expert (Dr. Peter Hibs) Arrives At The Hospital. Peter Hopes To Learn More About The Virus, And It’s Pattern, etc.
  • Alex Decides Not To Stop Charlie’s Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Alex Would Have To Enter Charlie’s Room, To Turn Of The T.M.S. Machine. Once Alex Opened The Doors To Charlie’s Room, Charlie Would Be Exposed To The Virus. Alex Orders That Charlie’s Room Remain Sealed, Until The Virus Out Break Is Solved.
  • Charlie Begins Wandering Around The City, And Stumbles Upon A Car Accident. The People In The Destroyed Car Are Charlie’s Parents. It Seems That Charlie Is Still Hallucinating, As His Parents’ Car Accident Happened Years Ago.
  • Carol Is Informed That Her Procedure Went Extremely Well.
  • Maggie Accidentally Reveals To Carol That A Virus Has Broken Out, At The Hospital. This News Makes Carol Extremely Worried.
  • Dr. Pratt Begins Coughing, And Collapses, On The Floor.
  • Joel, Victor, And Alex Are Put In Quarantine. The 3 Are Put Into Quarantine, As They Were The Other 3 People That Helped Dr. Pratt Perform Carlos’ Surgery. Peter Fears That Alex, Joel, And Victor Have Been Infected.
  • The Hospital Is Put On Lockdown, Due To The Virus. No-One Is Allowed To Enter, Nor Exit, The Hospital.
  • Victor’s Temperature Rises To Nearly 100. This Means That Victor Has A Fever.
  • Charlie Continues To Hallucinate.
  • This Hospital Is Put Under Full Quarantine. This Means That All Movement Inside Of The Hospital, Must Cease, Immediately.
  • Victor’s Temperature Continues To Rise.
  • Victor Calls Sahir, And Victor Informs Sahir Of His Condition.
  • Maggie And Gavin Repair Their Friendship (And It Seems That They May Progress To A Romantic Relationship).
  • Dr. Wilson Seizes, And Ultimately Dies.
  • Alex Informs Joel That She Knows He’s Cheating On Maggie. This Leads To A Heated Argument, And Joel Even Kisses Alex. This Kiss Is Unwelcome, And Alex Slaps Joel.
  • Dr. Pratt Seizes, And Ultimately Dies.
  • After Doing Some Research, Peter Tells Dana That The Virus’s Incubation Period Is Only 12 Hours, And The Virus Isn’t Airborne, But Rather, It’s Transmitted Directly From Person To Person Via Direct Contact. This Means That The Hospital’s Quarantine Can Be Lifted.
  • The 12 Hours Has Passed, And Everyone Who Had The Virus, Is Now Well Again.
  • Gavin Begins Talking With Carol, About Her Superstitions. Gavin Hopes To Get Carol To Stop Being So Dependant On Her Superstitions.
  • Victor’s Fever Begins To Go Down. Victor Is Getting Well, And He Is Able To Re-Unite With Sahir.
  • Joel And Maggie End Their Romantic Relationship.
  • Charlie Actually, Physically Moves. This May Be A Sign That He’s Close To Waking Up (And Staying Awake).
  • It’s Revealed That Charlie Was In Fact In The Car, With His Parents, During His Parents’ Accident.


Tonight’s Episode Of Saving Hope Was Magnificent! In Tonight’s Episode, A Virus Breaks Out At The Hospital, Which Causes The Hospital To Be Out Under Quarantine. A Sizeable Amount Of The Hospital Staff Are Put Into Isolation, Due To Exposure To The Virus. An Infectious Disease Expert Is Called In, And He Ultimately Says That The Virus Is Only Active For 12 Hours. The 12 Hours Passes, And The Hospital Resumes It’s Normal Routine. Some Of The Staff Was Infected By The Virus, But The All Became Well, Again. Tonight’s Episode Had An Unusual Amount Of Romance In It. New Relationships Started, And Old Ones Ended. I’ve Been A Fan Of The Show Since The 2nd Episode Of The Season, And I’m Beginning To Like It Even More, As Each Episode Passes. I’m Pretty Sure That After This Season, Saving Hope Will Be Cancelled In The U.S., As The Ratings Have Been Poor. However, The Show Has Already Been Renewed For A Second Season, In Canada. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Saving Hope. Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.


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