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2013 PCA'sWell, The Time Has Come Again, For You To Get Your Votes In For The PCA’s! The PCA’s Cover Everything From Actors/Actresses, Movies, Television Shows, Artists In Music, And Even Musicians’ Fan-bases. This Year’s Categories Include: Favorite TV Show (Favorite Sci-Fi, Cable Drama, Network Drama, Etc.), Favorite Movie (Favorite  Drama, Comedy, Etc.), Favorite Movie Actor/Actress, Favorite Movie Icon, Favorite Male/Female Artist, Favorite Movie Franchise, And Favorite Album. These Categories Are Just A Small Portion Of The Entire PCA Categories. The PCA’s Are Quite Unique, And They Are My Personal Favorite Awards Show, As They Cover Such A Huge Range Of Categories. The Nominees This Year Are Too Vast To Even Try To List, But You Can Be Assured, That You Will See Many Of The Big Name Icons At The 2013 PCA’s. It Has Been Officially Announced That This Year’s PCA’s Will Be Airing January 9, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Be Sure To Cast Your Votes, For The 2013 PCA’s

~ Scott R.