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ABC has tried and failed once before to enter the horror genre (The River) trying to follow the success of the dominate monster hit from AMC, The Walking Dead. 666 Park Avenue is hoping to succeed in the space and airing at 10/9c will allow fans of The Walking Dead (9/8c) to channel flip to ABC.

The series follow Henry (Dave Annable) and Jane (Rachael Taylor) who are dating become co-managers of the esteemed residential hotel “The Drake”. It doesn’t take long for Jane to start seeing odd things around the place especially as she starts to find out the buildings history and does some looking on her own around the buildings basement. There is a demonic presence in the building and with owner Gavin (Terry O’Quinn).

The show which followed the season two premiere of the always suspenseful “Revenge” had no trouble at all keeping you on the edge of your seat for the whole hour. The concept felt very familiar seemingly grabbing elements from various horror films to create a very interesting series. Nearly the whole pilot felt like a well done feature film.

The mix of horror and drama was perfect and the cast, acting & writing alone will be enough to bring most back for the next episode.

What did you think? Will you watch again? Share your thoughts in the comments.

– Aaron @zaffuto234