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Episode Notes:

  • A Fisherman Reels In The Bodies Of Two Unknown Males.
  • Longmire And Vic Arrive At The Scene, And Discover That Both Bodies Have Gunshot Wounds To The Chest.
  • Longmire Suspects That The Two Deceased Men May Have Be Of Cheyenne (Native American) Decent.
  • Vic Finds A Keycard, (Most Likely For A Hotel Room) On One Of The Bodies. The Key Card Is Plain White, Meaning That Longmire And Vic Have No Idea What Hotel The Keycard Belongs To.
  • Longmire Learns That The Land, On Which The Bodies Were Found, Belongs To A Woman Named Lizzie Ambrose. Vic And Longmire Head To Lizzie’s House To Tell Her About The Discovery Of The Bodies.
  • Longmire Shows The Pictures Of The Two Bodies To Lizzie. Lizzie Faints After Seeing The Photos. After Lizzie Recovers From Fainting, She Says That She Has No Idea Why She Fainted, And She Doesn’t Recognize The Two Deceased Men.
  • Lizzie Begins Flirting With Longmire.
  • Longmire Learns The Identity Of One Of The Men. One Of The Men Is Identified As A Man Named Freddy.  Freddy Was Described As Being A Good Kid Who Lived On The Reservation. Freddy Was Caught Selling Marijuana At The Red Pony, And Was Banned. The Identity Of The Other Body Is Still Unknown.
  • Vic And Longmire Find The Hotel Room That The Keycard Belongs To. The Proceed To Enter The Room.
  • Vic And Longmire Search The Hotel Room, And Find A Cache Of Weapons And Money.
  • Longmire Learns That A Man Named Octavio Is The Person Who Checked Into/Payed For The Hotel Room. Octavio Also Rented A Car From L.A. The Rental Car Is Nowhere To Be Found.
  • Longmire Learns That A Statue, That Was Found In The Hotel Room, Represents The Patron Saint Of The Smugglers. The Statue Is Highly Praised Among The Mexican Drug Cartel(s)
  • Longmire Learns That Freddy’s Grandmother (Alma) Wants Freddy’s St. Christopher Medallion Back. Apparently, Freddy Always Carries It On Him. Oddly, The Medallion Wasn’t Found On Freddy’s Body.
  • Longmire Learns From Mathias That A Month Ago, The Reservation’s Police Force Raided A Marijuana Growing Operation On The Reservation. Mathias And His Men Arrested 4 People, Who Were Later Released Because The FEDS Never Showed Up To Take Them Into Custody. Neither Freddy Nor Octavio Were One Of The People Arrested.
  • Longmire Talks To One Of His C.I.’s (Jamie), Who Was A Regular Customer Of Freddy’s. Jamie Says That He Heard Freddy Talking On The Phone With A Man Named “El Lupo”.
  • Branch And Ferg Talk To 2 C.I.’s Of  Their Own. The 2 C.I.’s Say That If Freddy Was Dealing Marijuana, He wasn’t Dealing It On The Reservation, Because They Would’ve Known About It. The 2 C.I’s Claim That “El Lupo” Is Spanish For “The Wolf”.
  • Lizzie Comes To The Station To Bring The List Of Contractors That Are Working On Her Home renovations. Lizzie Also Writes Longmire A Check To Help With His Re-Election Campaign, And Tells Him That They Should Go To Dinner Sometime.
  • Vic Gets A Call From The L.A. Car Rental Agency, And Learns The Location Of Octavio’s Rental Car. The Car Is At A National Forest, And Very Close To The Reservation.
  • Longmire And Vic Search The Car. Inside, They Find Freddy’s St. Christopher Medallion. (This Means That Freddy Was In The Car With Octavio.)  Along With The Medallion, Vic And Longmire Find Mysterious surveillance Photos, In The Car. One Of The surveillance Photos Is Of Mathias.
  • Octavio Is Shown Checking Into Another Hotel.
  • Longmire Gets A Call From A Man Who Was Hiking In The National Forest, And Smelled The Stench Of Marijuana. Longmire Begins Investigating The Area And Finds Dozens Of Marijuana Plants, Along With A Tent. No-One Is Inside Of The Tent, But There Is Ak-47 Ammo And Pounds Of Nitrogen Fertilizer Inside.
  • Vic Learns That A Bulk Supply Of Nitrogen Was Sold To A Man Named Nomar. Nomar Is On The List Of Lizzie’s Contractors.
  • Longmire Questions Nomar About “El Lupo”. Nomar Says That Freddy Gave Him Bags Of Cash Th at Were From “El Lupo”. Nomar Then Took The Money And Bought The Growing Supplies That “El Lupo” Needed. Nomar Then  Took The Supplies And Dropped Them Off At A Pre-Set Location. Nomar Says That He Never Met “El Lupo”.
  • Nomar Shows Vic And Longmire The Location Where He Dropped Off The Supplies.
  • Vic And Longmire Discover A Stockpile Of Growing Supplies, At The Drop-Off Location.
  • Vic , Longmire, And Eli Find 2 Water Pipes In The Forest. Longmire And Eli Begin Following 1 Water Pipe, And Vic Begins Following The  Other Water Pipe.
  • Longmire Gets A Call From Henry And Learns That The Marijuana Plants (From The Growing Operation That Was Discovered In The National Forest) Are A Rare Strain That Only Grows At Altitudes Of 6,000+ Feet. The Strain Originates In Afghanistan. The Mexican Drug Cartels Are Not Involved With This Particular Strain Of Marijuana.
  • Longmire Learns That Eli Is “El Lupo”. Eli Served In Afghanistan, And Brought The Marijuana Back With Him. Longmire Cuffs Eli.
  • Eli Says That Freddy Brought One Of His Mexican Cartel Friends To Come Check Out The Growing Operation. The Friend Wanted To Buy Eli’s Business, But Eli Refused To Sell His Operation. The Man Then Shoots Freddy In an Attempt To Scare Eli Into Selling His Operation. Eli Doesn’t Scare, And He Shoots The Man In The Chest. He Then Got Rid Of The Bodies.
  • While In The Forest, Someone Opens Fire On Longmire And Eli. Longmire Un-cuffs Eli, And Returns His Sidearm To Him, So That They Can Subdue The Unknown Shooter.
  • Longmire Sneaks Up On The Shooter And Fires at Him, And Kills Him. The Unknown Shooter Is Identified As Octavio.
  • Eli Is Re-Cuffed, And Arrested.
  • Lizzie Orders A Pizza, And Has It Sent To Longmire’s House. Along With The Pizza, Lizzie Sends A Note Saying That Longmire Now Owes Her Dinner.
  • Longmire Gives Freddy’s St. Christopher Medallion To Henry, And Tells Him To Give It To Alma. (Freddy’s Grandmother.)

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “It’s Illegal, Remember?”    – Longmire



Tonight’s Episode Was Great! Tonight’s Episode Focused On An Individual Case, Much Like Law And Order Does. The Show Has Been Able To Keep Me Interested Since The Pilot Episode. I Love How The Show Focuses On Individual Cases, While Also Focusing On Longmire’s Progression/Experiences. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Longmire. Watch Longmire Live: Sunday’s At 10/9C. On A&E.


~ Scott R.

Tonight tv get a bit more bearable with AMC’s The Killing & Lifetimes The Client both have had there finales last week.

Falling Skies 9/8c on TNT

Recap last weeks premiere.

The Glades 9/8c on A&E

Longmire 10/9c on A&E

Recap last weeks episode.

Episode Notes:

  • Walt Learns That A Local Barn Has Caught On Fire.
  • Walt Arrives To The Scene Of The Barn Fire And Learns That Inside Of The Barn Is a Man Named Ray, And His Two Trophy Winning Horses. The Horses And Ray Have Both Been Killed By The Fire.
  • It Seems That The Only Survivor Of The Fire Is A Third Horse That Was Able To Escape The Barn. The Horses Has Severe Burns, And It May Not Survive.
  • Vic And Longmire Begin Investigating The Inside Of The Barn. They Find A Handgun With One Round Fired From It. They Also Notice That The Barn Was Padlocked From The Inside. This Leads Vic And Longmire to Suspect That Ray Killed Himself.
  • Ray’s Wife Tells Vic And Longmire That a Week Ago, Ray Asked His Doctor To Prescribe Him A Bottle Of antidepressants.
  • Ray’s (Unusually Short) Suicide Note Is Found On His Desk.
  • Longmire Suspects That Ray Didn’t Kill Himself. Longmire Believes This Because If Ray Did commit Suicide, Why Would He Leave His trophy Horses In The Barn With Him?
  • Longmire Decides To Pay For The Burned Horse’s (Who Is Still In recovery) treatment/Recovery
  • Longmire Learns That The Only Insurance Ray Had, Was A Policy On Alice (His Wife) And Policies On All Of His Horses. Alice Was The Beneficiary Of The Horse’s Policies.
  • It’s Revealed That Ray Didn’t Really Enter His Horses Into Competitions. In Fact, His Horses Were Neglected. (Why Is Alice Maintaining That Ray’s Horses Have Won Numerous Competitions/Trophies?)
  • Alice Reveals to Longmire That Ray Worked For A Crime Family. 11 Years Ago, Ray Ran Off With Some Of The Crime Family’s Money, Ray Even Had To Change His Name To Avoid Being Found By The Crime Family. Alice Says That After They Got Married, Ray Told Her His Secret.
  • Longmire Tries To Convince Alice To Come Back With him To the Police Station, So That He Can Protect Her from The Crime Family. Alice Says That She Can’t Come To The Station Because The Mob “Owns The Police”. Since Alice Won’t Come To The Station, Longmire Arrests Her.
  • Longmire Releases Alice From Jail, Because He Has No Legit Reason For Holding Her. Alice Goes To A neighbor’s (Bill)  House.
  • A Federal Marshall Comes To The Station Looking For Longmire, So That He Can Talk To Him About Ray’s Case.
  • Longmire Puts Together The Evidence And Learns That The Man Who Died In The Barn Wasn’t Ray, But Instead, It Was Someone Who Was Dug Out Of A Grave Site, And Placed In The Barn. Basically Someone, (Most Likely Ray) Dug Up And Placed, A Dead, Decayed Body In The Barn To Make It Seem As If Ray Had Died In The Barn Fire.
  • Vic And Longmire Go To Bill’s House To Talk To Alice. When They Arrive, Someone Inside The House Begins Shooting And Them.
  • Ferg (Lonmire’s Deputy) Arrives At Bill’s house And Tells Longmire That The Federal Marshall Who Came To The Station Is A Fake. (Could It Be The Fake Federal Marshall That Is Shooting At Longmire And Vic?)
  • Longmire Calls For Backup. Once Backup Arrives, Bill Runs Out Of The House With a Bag Over His Head. Bill Says That The Fake Federal Marshall Knocked On The Door, So He Let Him In. Bill Says That Once The Fake Marshall Got Inside Of The House, He Went berserk And Took Everyone  Hostage. Bill Also Says That He Knows About Ray Faking His Death.
  • Longmire Knows That The Fake Federal Marshall Is Most Likely One Of The Crime Family’s Hit Men.
  • Longmire Dodges The Fake Marshall’s Bullets, and Is Able To Get Into Bill’s Basement. Once Inside Of The Basement, Longmire Finds Ray Hiding.
  • Ray Says That He Saw Lendetta (A Member Of The Crime Family) In Town, And Lendetta Saw Him. Ray Says That He Knew He Needed To Hide From The Crime Family, So He Faked His Death, And Killed His Horses To Get the Insurance Money.
  • Longmire Handcuffs Ray To the Basement Ceiling, So that He Can Go Into the House, And Apprehend The Fake Marshall.
  • Ray Yells Out, Causing The Fake Marshall To Shoot At The Floor, In An Attempt To Kill Ray.
  • Longmire Infiltrates the House, And Apprehends/Arrests The Fake Federal Marshall.
  • Logmire Goes To The Basement to Get Ray, But Learns That When The Fake Marshall Shot At The Floor, The Bullets Killed Ray.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “This Is Why I Don’t Have A Cellphone.”  – Longmire

2) “Well, I Always Prefer The Long Shots.”   – Longmire

3) “I Just Need You To Stop Lying.”   – Longmire

4) “We Just Wanted A Normal Life.”    – Alice

5) “Walt, This Makes All Of Us Look Bad.”    – Vic

6) “Do What I Do. Don’t Read The Paper.”   – Longmire

7) “You Really Hate It When I’m Right, Don’t You?”   – Cady

8) “Nothing Surprises Me Anymore.”   – Longmire

9) “We’re Gonna Need Some Backup.”   – Longmire

10) “This Weather Sucks.”   – Vic

11) “I Told You I Wasn’t A Coward.”   – Ray


Tonight’s Episode Of Longmire Was Great! Tonight’s Episode Was Able To Mix Drama, Suspense, Mystery, And Humor Together, Which Was Fantastic. Tonight’s Episode Even Had Some Sad/Emotional Sections In It. Longmire Mixes Every Tv Show Genre Into One. I’ve Liked The Series From The Pilot Episode, And As Each New Episode Arrises, I’m Becoming A Bigger Fan. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend This Show. Watch Longmire Live: Sunday’s At 10/9C. On A&E.

~ Scott R.

Episode Notes:

  • An Exotic Dancer Is Found Dead Beside A Road.
  • Longmire And The Team Suspect That The Dancer Is From Oden County.
  • Longmire Goes To The Oden County Strip Club, And Learns That The Dancer Did In Fact Work There. Longmire Learns that The Dancer’s Name Is Hannah.
  • Longmire Learns That Hannah Was Driven To Work By A Unknown Person, And She Was Driven Home By A Fellow Dancer. The Dancer Says That She Always Dropped Hannah Off At A Local convenience Store, And Then Hannah Walked Home From There.
  • Longmire And Vic Head To The Convenience Store Where Hannah Was Dropped Off Each Day, And They Discover A Trailer Park Nearby. Longmire And Vic Head To The Trailer Park To Investigate it.
  • Longmire And Vic Find The Trailer That Hannah Was Living In. When They Enter The Trailer They Find 3 “Pennsylvania Dutch” Speaking Individuals. Apparently Hannah Was A Mennonite. (Very Similar To Being Amish)
  • Longmire Learns That Hannah Was Participating In “Rumspringa”, A Rite Of Passage Where Young Mennonites Cut Loose And Must Decide If They Want To Live In The Modern Day World, Or Continuing Living The Amish Life.
  • Longmire Learns That One Of The Men In Hannah’s Trailer (Samuel) Is Hannah’s Brother. Samuel Is Also Participating In “Rumspringa”
  • Longmire Begins Asking Samuel About His Sister. Samuel Has No Idea That His Sister Is A Stripper, Nor Does He Know That She’s Dead. Longmire Doesn’t Tell Samuel About His Sister’s Career, Or Her Death.
  • Longmire Goes To talk To Hannah’s Parents. (Who Are Living In a Local Amish Colony).
  • Vic Is Able To Get The Name Of The Man That Is Suspected To Be Hannah’s Boyfriend. His Name Is Davis.
  • Longmire Goes To The Amish Colony And Informs Hannah’s Father Of Her Death. The Man Doesn’t Seem To Care About The Death Of His Daughter.
  • Longmire Learns That A Local Man Named Cyrus Gave His Old Car To Samuel, And The Rest Of The Mennonites. Cyrus Reveals that He Is The Person Who Dropped Hannah Off At Work Each Day.
  • Longmire Apprehends Davis, And The Man Is Brought In For Questioning.
  • Davis Claims that He Loved Hannah, And Had Nothing To Do With Her Death.
  • Longmire Suspects That Hannah Was Planning To Meet Someone On The Road Leaving Ashlen. (Ashlen Is The Name Of The Amish Colony).
  • Longmire Heads To The Road Leaving Ashlen And Discovers Hannah’s Mom. Apparently They Were Meeting Each Other. (Because During “Rumspringa” The Mennonites Cannot Have Any Contact Whatsoever With Their Parents.)
  • Longmire Learns That Hannah’s Father Didn’t Inform His Wife Of Their Daughter’s Death. Longmire Tells The Woman The News Of Her Daughter’s Death.
  • Longmire Learns That Cyrus Was Passing Along Messages From Hannah To Her Mother And Vice Versa.
  • Longmire Learns That Hannah Had $16,000 In A Joint Savings Account With Cyrus.
  • Cyrus Is Brought In For Questioning. Cyrus Says That He Only Helped Hannah Open The Savings Account Because She Didn’t Have A Social Security Number. As For The Messages Between Hannah And Her Mother, Cyrus Says That The Messages Were In Blank Envelopes, So He Had No Knowledge Of The Contents.
  • Longmire Shows A Picture Of Cyrus To Davis. Davis Says That He Doesn’t Recognize Cyrus, But That He Does Recognize Someone Else In The Picture. The Only Other Person In The picture Is Samuel.
  • It’s Revealed That Samuel Is The Person That Davis Saw Hannah Arguing With At The Club. Longmire Finds Samuel And Puts Him In The Police Car, To Take Him To His Parents.
  • On The Way To His Parents, Samuel Dives Out Of The Police Car, Longmire Chases Him Down And Apprehends Him.
  • It’s Revealed That Hannah’s Dad Forced Samuel To participate In “Rumspringa”. Hannah’s Dad Told Samuel To Come Back With Hannah, Or Don’t Come Back At All.
  • It’s Revealed That After Their Argument, Samuel Chased Hannah Through The Field Where She Was Found. Once He Caught Up To her, He Made Her Fall And Hit Her Head. Samuel accidentally Killed His Own Sister.
  • It’s Revealed That Cady (Longmire’s Daughter) Is Dating Someone That Longmire Knows Very Well.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “A Stripper Makes More In Two Months Than I Do In An Entire Year!”   – Vic

2) “Pay Up, Bitch.”   – Vic

3) “I Can’t Comment On An On-Going Investigation.”    – Walt   (Longmire)

Tonight’s Episode Of Longmire Was Magnificent! The Show Is Vaguely Similar To The Andy Griffith Show. The Show Focuses On A Small Town Wyoming Cop, And The Day To Day Cases That He Handles. Tonight’s Episode Hinted At A Major Secret That Longmire (The Man Character/Sheriff) Is Keeping From His Friends And Family. So Far, The Show Has Caught My Interest,  And I Expect It To Have A Promising Future. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend This Show. Watch Longmire Live: Sunday’s At 10/9C. On A&E.

~ Scott R.

  • Typical opening, guy and girl making out when they see a strange light and get out the car and stumble across a body.
  • Callie is loosing her job as the hospital is closing.
  • Jim and Callie are keeping their relationship secret from Jeff at the moment while Callie tries to find another job. She doesn’t want to put too much on Jeff at once.
  • At the crime scene: “I have a credible witness who saw bizarre lights and followed them to a dead guy”- Jim
  • “Credible? He was trying to get laid”- Carlos
  • The body is full of holes, the wounds are similar to that on an alien abduction case in 1937.
  • Carlos does not believe in aliens at all while Daniel is ecstatic about the possibility.
  • Jim goes to speak to the owner of an alien themed bar just down the street from where the body was found. The owner Richard Oberman is an alien fanatic and founded his own group for those who were “abducted” called F.E.T.A. He identify’s the body as Derek Adams a fellow “traveler”.
  • Jim goes to Derek’s house in a town called “Jupiter” and meets his young hot wife who does not seem upset at all of the new of her husbands death.
  • Derek is worth 60 million and with him not having any other family it would all go to her.
  • Derek’s wife claims that Richard Oberman is a con man who played Derek, said his supposed abduction was real and that he was chosen by the visitors.
  • “That man tried to poison our marriage” 
  • She also claims that Derek lost interest in her because of Richard’s exploitation.
  • Richard is on his website trash talking Jim for not “believing”.
  • It is revealed that Derek died of a heart attack and that his body was then frozen which is why there wasn’t blood when the holes were cut in his body.
  • Jim suspects Richard because hes has a big enough freezer to put a body in.
  • Jim and Carlos head to check out a massive crop circle that was found.
  • It is revealed that Derek was donating to Richard’s organization F.E.T.A. and stopped all of the sudden.
  • Jim and Carlos find Richard and his group doing there own investigation at the closed scene of the crop circle.
  • It is reveled that Derek’s heart attack was caused by electricity possibly by a stun gun and that holes were cut into him to make it look like an alien abduction. It is also uncovered that Derek had brain damage for a previous car accident that would of impaired his decision making thus making him an easy target for Richard.
  • Derek was receiving liquid nitrogen therapy for pain caused by nerve damage from the accident. 
  • Jim and Carlos go to see the therapist. It is revealed that he stopped therapy suddenly 4 months ago.
  • His therapist Shawn was occasionally see treating him at his home where he would get a look at his young wife.
  • Jim suspects Derek dropped his therapist because of the looks he was giving his wife.
  • It is revealed that Derek willed his entire fortune to F.E.T.A. leaving his wife with nothing.
  • Callie reveals to Jim that a dermatologist would have a circular punch that cuts a wheel of tissue. Derek’s wife was dermatology nurse.
  • Derek’s wife reveals that he had a new will that give everything to her and not F.E.T.A
  • Jim and Carlos are driving to see Richard when suddenly the car stops and their phones wont turn on either. Jim send Daniel to find out what caused it.
  • Danial uncovers an EMP device at the site.
  • Shawn (Therapist) reveals that he was sleeping with Derek’s wife and that she claimed to be bored with Derek who was always out chasing marshins.
  • “Don’t sell yourself short Shawn your dumb and stupid and controlling.”- Jim
  • At the hospital cleaning the place out Callie is down that she didn’t get her new job. 
  • Jim and Callie have sex in a passionate moment at the hospital.
  • Danial tracks the EMP serial number and finds out it was shipped to Richard at an old pumping station. Him and Carlos check it out.
  • They uncover fake alien props that Richard has been fooling people with along with a bloody soil corer.
  • It is revealed that the blood is from a chicken and that Richard was using frozen poultry to make his hoaxes look real.
  • “You have to be pretty paranoid to feel the need to frame a conspiracy theorist.”- Callie
  • A cheese corer is found by the body with human DNA on it.
  • It is revealed the day before Derek’s death his wife was having shots with Shawn.
  • A taser is found in her room, the wine cellar has blood on the foor and that the room was frozen at one point.
  • It is revealed that Richard paid Shawn to keep Derek and famed Stella (Derek’s wife) in an attempt to claim his 60 million dollar fortune.
  • At Callie’s house she receives a phone call for a job interview even though she didn’t apply for it. Jim helped to set it up.
  • In a touching moment:
  • “Callie your not on your own anymore”- Jim
Final Thoughts:
A great start to the new season with plenty of action and touching moments between Jim and Callie.
*In future notes the cases will just get an overview and not all the detail as Premiere and the focus will remain Jim/Callie and the other characters.
Next on The Glades Sunday June 10th episode 3×02 promo: