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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Rosen’s Choice for The Team’s New Lead Tactical Arrives At The Office. (John Bennett).
  • Rosen Learns That An Alpha Has Been Killed.
  • Rosen Goes To Identify The Body Of The Dead Alpha. The Alpha’s Name Is Jack Duffy. Jack Duffy Was One Of The Building Seven Escapees.
  • It’s Revealed That Jack’s Ability Was That He Could Generate Electricity With His Bare Hands.
  • Jack HAs Chemical Burns On His Face, Which Is Most Likely The Cause Of His Death.
  • Rachael Smells Traces Of Saliva, Mixed With Acid, On Jack’s Face. It Seems That Someone Actually Spit Acid At Jack, Which In Turn, Killed Him.
  • A Phone Number Is Found Written On Jack’s Hand.
  • Bill Dials The Number That Was Found On Jack’s Hand, And Gets A Voicemail. The Voicemail Speaks Of Some Sort Of Mysterious Meet.
  • The Team Knows that An Alpha Must Have Killed Jack.
  • The Voicemail Said That The Meet Was At “286 Crawford, Bolivia”. There Is A 286 Crawford Nearby, So The Team Heads There.
  • Bill And Cameron Enter The Building At The Address, Only To Discover An Underground Fight Ring. The Fight Promoter Goes By The Name “Bolivia”. This Explains The Voicemail.
  • Rachael Smells The Scent Of Acid. This Means That The Killer Is Nearby. Rachael Begins Following/Tracing The Scent.
  • As Rachael Is Tracing The Scent, She Runs Into A Mysterious Man, the Man Has A Fresh Acid Burn On His Neck (Which Is Where The Scent Was Coming From). The Man Says That He Was In The Ring Fighting A Man Named Bazevich. Bazevich Knew He Was Going To Lose The Fight, So He Began Spitting Acid.
  • To Prevent His Cover From Being Blown, Bill Enters The Fight Ring.
  • Cameron Learns That All Of The Fighters Are Alphas.
  • Due To His Opponents Ability, Bill Is Defeated.
  • Rosen Learns That Gary Still Has Anger, About Anna’s Death.
  • A Young Woman Named Kat Offers To Coach Bill, So That He Can Win The Fights.
  • The Team Begins Searching For Bazevich. Cameron Thinks That Their Best Chance Of Finding Bazevich, Is The Underground Fight Ring.
  • Bill Begins Training With Kat. Kat Is Able To Show Bill How To Control His Ability, And How To Use It Without Having To “Amp Up”.
  • It’s Revealed That Kat’s Ability Is That She’s Able To Watch Something (Such As Martial Arts) And Instantly Master The Technique.
  • Rosen Obtains The Patient Notes On Stanton Parrish. The Notes Were Written By Parrish’s Doctor, During The Civil War.
  • Rosen Learns That Parrish Killed His Doctor.
  • Cameron Tells Rosen That He’s Seeing Dani. Rosen Tells Cameron That He Already Knows About The Relationship.
  • Rosen, Gary, And Sandra Sit Down To Discuss Gary’s Future.
  • Kat Reveals To Bill That Due To Her Ability, She Has No Long Term Memory. She Can’t Remember Things That Happened More Than A Month Ago.
  • Flashbacks Begin To Show What Happened With Stanton (And What He Did) During The Civil War.
  • Bill Returns To The Fight Ring.
  • Rachael And John Begin Conversing, And Telling Each Other About Themselves.
  • Bill Defeats His First Opponent And His Next Opponent Enters The Ring. The Challenger Is Kat.
  • An SUV Arrives Outside. Rachael Smells The Odor Of Acid Inside The Car, This Means That Bazevich Was In The Car, At Some Point.
  • The Fight Between Bill And Kat Begins. Kat Ultimately Wins The Fight.
  • Kat Is Approached By Individuals Who Want To Offer Her A Job. Kat Follows The Individuals To Their SUV, And Enters The Vehicle (The SUV Is The Same One That Rachael Smelled The Odor Of Acid Coming From).
  • The SUV Leaves, And The Team Follows It.
  • The Team And The SUV Arrives At A Mysterious Building. Rachael Smells The Scent Od Bazevich Inside Of The Building. Rachael Also Detects: Hospital Machines, Weaponry, And Sensor Alarms Inside Of The Building.
  • The Team Storms The Building And Makes A Shocking Discovery. They Find Kat, Along With Bazevich And Many Others, Restrained On Gurney’s.
  • the Building Is Secured, And Kat Is Rescued.
  • It’s Revealed That Bazevich, Along With Many Other Alphas, Were Being Experimented On In The Building.
  • It’s Revealed That Bazevich Is Dead. Apparently, He Died, While Being Experimented On.
  • While Eating At A Local Restaurant, Rosen Is Confronted By Stanton Parrish.
  • Stanton Attempts To Justify Murdering His Doctor. Stanton Also Begins To Tell Rosen About His Past.
  • Stanton Again Tells Rosen That A War Is Near. Stanton Then Leaves The Restaurant.
  • Gary Decides To Move Out Of His Mom’s House, And Into His Office. This Way He Can Have A Bit Of Independence.
  • Even Though Bill Is No Longer Undercover, And The Case Was Closed, He Returns To The Underground Ring To Fight.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I Smell Like A Washing Machine.”   – Gary

2) “I Need To Keep Looking For Parrish.”   – Rosen



Tonight’s Episode Of Alphas Was Great! I Continue To Love How The Series Mixes Drama, Suspense, Mystery, Humor, And Romance Into A One hour Time-Slot. I’m Continually Impressed By The Show. Alphas Is Thrilling, And It Continues To Improve, With Each Passing Episode. Alphas Is Definitely A Show For Fans Of The Hit Series Heroes, Due To Their Close Similarity. I’ve Been A Fan Of Alphas, And I’m Becoming A Bigger Fan, As Season 2 Continues To Progress. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Alphas! Watch Alphas Live: Monday’s At 10/9C. On SYFY.


~ Scott R.

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