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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • John and Rachael begin to try out their new relationship together.
  • Rosen decides that he and the team need to find Skylar, and show the Photic Stimulator to her. Hopefully Skylar will be able to tell Rosen more information, about the device.
  • Cameron tells Dani that he and the team are heading out, to look for Skylar. Dani then passes this information on to Stanton.
  • Rosen calls Skylar, and Gary pings her location.
  • As the team heads down a road located in the middle of nowhere, they encounter 2 Alphas that won’t let them pass. This small path is the only way to get to Skylar’s location.
  • Skylar arrives on the path, and tells Rosen that she doesn’t want to see him, or the team.
  • Rosen and the team follow Skylar up the path, and they arrive at an old summer camp. It seems that a town has been established at the abandoned camp. the town is full of Alphas.
  • Rosen convinces Skylar to take a look at the Photic Stimulator.
  • Skylar begins Dis-Assembling the Photic Stimulator. Skylar studies the device, as she takes it apart.
  • Bill meets the leader/founder of the town (Claude).
  • Gary Sees A Signal In The Forest. Gary runs off to chase after the signal, and Bill is forced to go after him.
  • An unknown man (Who is wielding a knife) sneaks up behind Bill and Gary. The man runs off and decides not to harm Bill and Gary. Bill and Gary never even know of the man’s presence.
  • Bill and Gary return to the town.
  • The unknown man, that snuck up behind Bill and Gary, Re-Groups with 2 individuals. Apparently, the 3 individuals are planning on stealing the Photic Stimulator, from the town.
  • As Rosen is walking down the path, towards his van, he is ambushed by one of the Alphas that tried to stop him and the team from entering the town, earlier. The Alpha destroys the Photic Stimulator (Which Rosen was carrying).
  • The Alpha that attacked Rosen, and destroyed the Photic Stimualtor, is subdued.
  • The man (Gower) attacked Rosen, because when Rosen told the world about Alphas, Gower’s wife left him. Ultimately, Gower lost everything, because of Rosen.
  • Rosen and the team attempt to repair the Photic Stimulator.
  • As she is attempting to repair the Photic Stimulator, Rachael notices that the wires of the device have Nano-Processors embedded in them. this is most likely what is causing the device to act differently than it should.
  • Rachael accidentally uses the Photic Stimulator on herself, and she collapses. Rachael seems to be having some sort of seizure.
  • The Photic Stimulator seems to have intensified Rachael’s Alpha ability.
  • Zoe (Skylar’s daughter) runs away in a fit of anger, Skylar goes after Zoe.
  • 2 of the 3 individuals, that were planning to steal the Photic Stimulator, confront Skylar as she is looking for Zoe. the  individuals seem to have captured Zoe, and they tell Skylar that they want the Photic Stimulator.
  • The team helps Rachael back to the van.
  • The team gets ready to leave the town, to get Rachael to safety, but Gary refuses to leave.
  • Rosen discovers that the Photic Stimulator has been stolen. It seems that Skylar took the device, to trade it, for Zoe.
  • Rosen runs into Gary. Gary tells Rosen that Skylar went into the forest, to find Zoe. Rosen goes after Skylar.
  • Skylar meets one of the 3 individuals, to give him the Photic Stimulator, in exchange for Zoe.
  • Rosen stumbles upon Skylar and the man. Rosen tells Skylar not to give the man the Photic Stimulator.
  • Rosen uses the Photic Stimulator on the man. Rosen and Skylar then make a run for it.
  • Rosen and Skylar arrive back at the van. The team begins driving the van down the path, in search of Zoe.
  • Rachael hears Zoe, 1/4 mile away. The team jumps out of the van, and they go after Zoe.
  • The Alpha, that Rosen used the Photic Stimulator on, awakens. the man is one of the Building 7 escapees, and he is able to start fires with his bare hands. The man’s powers have been greatly intensified, due to the Photic Stimulator being used on him.
  • Bill, Cameron, and Skylar Rescue Zoe. Zoe seems to be okay.
  • As Cameron, Skylar, Bill, and Zoe are exiting the building, where Zoe was being held hostage, they run into the Fire-Starting Alpha. The Alpha sets the building on fire. Bill, Cameron, Skylar, and Zoe need to get out of the building immediately.
  • The Alpha town evacuates, as the Fire-Starting Alpha has caused a massive forest fire, that is heading for the town.
  • Skylar uses her ability to build a fire-extinguisher. Skylar puts out the fire, and her and Zoe escape the building. Cameron and Bill soon follow.
  • As Skylar and Zoe are eating at a diner, they are confronted by Stanton Parrish.
  • Stanton identifies himself, and proposes an offer to Skylar and Zoe. Stanton wants Skylar and Zoe to help him and his people with their master “plan”.
  • Skylar is shown reaching for a weapon to use on Stanton. It’s not shown whether Skylar accepted Stanton’s offer, or whether she used the weapon on him.
  • Rachael and John share a passionate kiss.
  • Rosen tells Bill that someone close to them is working with Stanton Parrish. Rosen tells Bill to find this person, but keep the information between the two of them. Little does Rosen know, the mole is his very own daughter.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You Have To Appease Me.”    Gary

2) “I’m The Shotgun.”   – Gary

3) “I Don’t Like The Boonies!”   – Gary

4) “You Should See A Shrink About Those Trust Issues.”   – Skylar

5) “Trouble In The Justice League?”   – Skylar



Tonight’s Episode Of Alphas Was Great! In Tonight’s Episode, The Team Went In Search Of Skylar, To Get Her To Help Figure Out What The Photic Stimulator Was Being Used For. Skylar Helped The Team Learn A Little More About The Device. The Team Has Learned That When The Device Is Used On Alphas, It Intensifies Their Abilities. Along The Way, Zoe (Skylar’s Daughter) Was Taken By Some Of Stanton Parrish’s Henchmen. Skylar Saved Her Daughter, And The Two Of Them Fled. Stanton Approached Skylar, And Asked Her To Join His Movement. Skylar Is Shown Reaching For A Weapon To Use On Stanton, But It’ Not Revealed What She Does. I’ve Been A Fan Of Alphas Since The Series Premiere, And I’m Becoming An Even Bigger Fan, As Season 2 Progresses. I Can’t Wait For Next Week’s Episode. There’s No Official Word Yet On A Third Season, But I’m Hoping That The Show Gets Renewed. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Alphas. Watch Alphas Live: Monday’s At 8/7C. On SYFY.

Side-Note: Be Sure To Remember That Alphas Has Moved Into The 8:00 Time-slot. If You Miss The Episode However, You Can Always Catch An Encore Of It, On The Same Night, at 10/9C.


~ Scott R.

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