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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Nina And Rosen Begin Tying Up Lose Ends, With The Senator. Nina Uses Her Ability, And Tells The Senator To Delete Every Record Of Their Meetings. Nina Also Tells The Senator to Put A Ban On The Photic Stimulators.
  • A Girl Is Chased Out Of A School Dance By 15 Or So Of Her Peers. Witnesses Say That A Kid Named Jason Miller Seemed To Be The Leader Of The Group. It Seems That Jason Has Some Sort Of Alpha Ability.
  • Two Of The Students, From The Dance, Are Brought Into The Office. When Rosen Asks Them Is They Know Jason, The Two Simultaneously Say “No”. It Seems That Jason Has Used His Alpha Ability, On The Students.
  • Rosen Decides To Loop In Nathan, On The Traitor Situation. Rosen Hopes That Nathan And His Team Will Be Able To Help Bill Find The Mole/Traitor.
  • It’s Revealed That Jason Is Able To Project His Ability Onto Other People. In A Sense, Jason Links His Mind With All Of His Victims’ Minds. The Victims’ Minds Synchronise, And The People Basically Become Jason’s “Minions”.
  • Dani Informs Stanton That The Team Has Learned The Truth About “August Medical”.
  • Rosen Learns That Jason Must Found, In Order For His Victims’ Normal Brain Activity To Be Restored.
  • Rosen Heads To Jason’s School, To Ask Jason’s Teachers If They Know Where The Boy May Have Went.
  • Rosen Runs Into Jason, At The School.
  • Jason Tells Rosen That He’s Fine. Rosen Tells Jason That The Neurological Connection That He Is Making With His Friends, May In Fact Be Harming Them.
  • The Entire School Seems To Be Under Jason’s Influence.
  • Rosen Tries To Convince Jake To Come Back To The Office. Jason, In Turn, Forces A Police Officer To Pull His Gun On Rosen. Stanton Parrish Comes Out Of Nowhere, And Knocks The Gun From The Officer’s Hand. Stanton The  Tells Rosen That They Need To Talk.
  • It’s Revealed That Stanton Experimented On Jason, And Intensified Jason’s Alpha Ability.
  • Stanton Tells Rosen That He Wants Him To Help Save Jason. Rosen Refuses.
  • Stanton Uses A Threat, To Persuade Rosen To Help Him.
  • Stanton Leads Rosen To An Abandoned Warehouse. Jason’s Mother Is Inside, And She Seems To Be In A Coma. Apparently, Jason Used His Ability On His Mother, Which Eventually Put Her In A Coma. If Jason Doesn’t Release His Friends From Their Trance, They Too Will End Up In A Coma.
  • Senator Burton Is Sent To The Hospital, Due To Exhaustion. It Seems That Nina’s “Push” Hasn’t Worn Off, Causing The Senator To Have Some Sort Of Reaction. 
  • Stanton And Rosen Begin Working To Figure Out How To Free Jason’s Victims From Their Trance.
  • Rosen Tells Stanton That Once They Find Jason, Stanton Will Be Free To Go.
  • Rosen Informs The Team That They Need To Find Jason, Immediately.
  • The Team Finds Jason, And Proceeds To Take Him Into Custody.
  • Jason Gets spooked, And Makes A Run For It, Before The Team Is Able To Get Him Into The Van.
  • Cameron Is Able to Catch, And Tranquillize, Jason. Cameron Puts Jason In The Van, And The Team Speeds Off.
  • The Team Arrives Back At The Office, With Jason.
  • Rosen Arrives At The Office With Stanton Parrish. The Team Finally Meets The Man That They Have Been Searching For, For So Long.
  • Stanton Parrish Is Taken To A Holding Cell, Within The Office.
  • Rosen Begins Speaking With Jason. Rosen Tries To Convince Jason To Release Control, Of His Victims.
  • Rosen Tells Jason That (Because He Used His Ability On Her) His Mother Is In A Coma. Rosen Tells Jason That The Same Will Happen To all Of His Friends, If He Doesn’t Break The Neurological Link.
  • All Of Jason’s “Minions” Arrive At The Office. It Seems That Jason Has Summoned His “Minions” , So That They Can Free Him.
  • Stanton Escapes From His Holding Cell.
  • Jason Escapes From His Holding  Cell.
  • The Team Tries To Fend Off Jason’s “Minions”.
  • Rosen Learns That Jason Neurologically Linked With Stanton, As Well. Stanton Asked Jason To Do This. Little Does Jason Know, Stanton Asked Him To Do This, So That Stanton Could Take Over Control Of Jason’s “Minions”.
  • Jason Neurologically Links To Rosen. Rosen Hopes To Take Control Of The Situation.
  • Stanton Begins Taking Control Over More And More Of Jason’s “Minions”. Stanton Needs To Be Stopped, Immediately.
  • Jason Frees All Of His “Minions”, And Ultimately Stops Stanton.
  • Stanton Escapes From The Office, And Disappears.
  • Rachael And Nina Repair Their Friendship.
  • Rosen Learns That Dani Is Working With Stanton.
  • Nina Takes A File, Explaining The Senator’s Condition, To The Senator’s Doctor. This File Should Help The Senator Receive Proper Treatment.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Bill’s My Partner, And You’re Not Allowed To Just Steal Someone’s Partner”    – Gary



Tonight’s Episode Of Alphas Was Magnificent! In Tonight’s Episode, The Team Is Introduced To Stanton Parrish. Parrish Acts As If He Means No Harm, But His Ulterior Motive Is To Recruit Rosen, As Part Of His Team. Rosen Learns This, And Restrains Parrish. Parrish Ultimately Escapes, And Disappears. I’ve Been A Fan Of The Show Since It Premiered, Last Summer, And Season 2 Is Making Me An Even Bigger Fan. There’s No Official Word Yet, On A Third Season, But I Really Hope That The Series Does Get Renewed. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Alphas. Watch Alphas Live: Monday’s At 8/7C. On SYFY.

Be Sure To Remember, That Alphas Has Moved To The 8/7C. Time-Slot. But, As Always, You Can Catch An Encore Of That Night’s Episode, At 10/9C.


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