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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Rosen, Who Has Suffered A Gunshot Wound, Begins Having Hallucinations Of Dani.
  • Rosen Visits A Woman Named Fiona. Fiona Has Some Sort Of Alpha Ability. Fiona Removes The Bullets, And Uses Her Ability To Repair Rosen’s Damaged Blood Vessels.
  • Nina Begins Pushing The People That Were Found, At Parish’s OfficeBuilding.
  • A Group Of City Workers Begin Installing A “Grid Protector” They Begin Hitting The Disguised Grid Protector With A Hammer, And The Device Activates. The City Workers Are Exposed To The Photostim, And The Ultimately Die. One Homeless Man, Who Was Passing By, Was Also Exposed To The Photostim. However, The Man Jumps Up And Runs, Immediately After Being Exposed To The Photostim. It Seems That The Homeless Man Is An Alpha.
  • Parish Learns That Rosen Was Shot.
  • Rosen Leaves Fiona’s House, To Continue His Mission.
  • The Team Begins Trying To Figure Out Where Rosen Is.
  • Rachael And Kat Arrive At The Scene Of The Photostim Accident. Little Do They Know, The Cause Of The Accident, Was A Disguised Photostim.
  • Kat And Rachael Find The Homeless Man, At The Scene Of The Accident. The Man Seems To Be Extremely Frightened.
  • As Kat And Rachael Begin Trying To Console/Question The Homeless Man, The Man Lets Out A High Pitched, Amplified Scream. It Seems That The Man Is In Fact An Alpha.
  • Rosen Continues To Have Hallucinations Of Dani. This Hallucinatory Form Of Dani Seems To Be Trying To Help Rosen Find Parish.
  • Rachael And Kat Find The Malfunctioned Power Grid Protector, And They Learn That It Is Actually A Photostim. Kat And Rachael Suspect That The Photostim Turned The Homeless Man Into A Level, Judging By How Frightened He Was.
  • Skylar Examines The Damaged Photostim, And Determines That All Of The Photostims Are Set To Go Off At 8:18PM, Which Is Only A Few Hours Away.
  • The Team Learns That Their Only Solution Is For Skylar To Design A System To Shut Down The National Grid, Causing The Power To Go Out In Every City.
  • Rosen Arrives At The Hospital, And Begins Speaking With Gary.
  • Rosen Enlists Gary To Find Out Where “God’s Eye View” Could Be, As This Is The Location Where Parish Will Be Witnessing The Result Of His Photostims.
  • Gary Learns That Parish Is On The Board Of Directors, For An Architectural Company. The Architects Built The Empire State Building. Rosen Learns That The Empire State Building Must Be The “God’s Eye View”.
  • Rosen Leaves The Hospital, To Make His Way Towards Stanton Parish.
  • Rosen Thinks That He Has Figured Out How To Kill Parish.
  • Rosen’s Condition Begins To Worsen. Rosen Is Losing Large Amounts Of Blood, Due To His Gunshot Wound. Fiona Was Only Able To Temporarily Patch Up The Gunshot Wound.
  • The Team Learns That Rosen Was At The Hospital. The Team Reviews The Security Footage, And Sees Rosen Stealing Medication, That He Plans To Use To Kill Parish. However, The Team Doesn’t Understand Rosen’s Actions.
  • Gary’s Mom Wakes Up, And Tells Gary That He Needs To Go After Rosen.
  • Skylar Finishes Her Device That The Team Plans To Use To Shut Down The Power, In Every City.
  • Rosen Arrives At The Train Station, To Take A Train to The Empire State Building. However, Rosen Learns That Parish Is Actually At The Station.
  • Rosen Spots Parish, In The Train Station.
  • Rosen Loses Sight Of Parish, And Begins Rushing To Find Him.
  • The Power Is Successfully Shut Down In Every Parish Affected City, Except For New York. A Post 9/11 Precautionary Act Caused The City To Have A Switch That Must Be Turned Off Manually. The Team Rushes, To Shut Down The Power, In The City.
  • Skylar Successfully Shuts Down Power, In The City.
  • The Inner City’s Power Turns Back On. Skylar Has No Idea Why This Is Happening. The Power, In The Outer City Remains Out.
  • Gary Finds Rosen, At The Train Station.
  • Gary Tells Rosen That He Is Going To Help Him.
  • The Team Learns That Rosen Is At Grand Central Station, With Gary. They Also Learn That Rosen Is Planning To Take Down Parrish.
  • The Office Evacuates, To Prepare For The Photostim Activation. Rachael Kat, Bill, Skylar, And Nina Go After Rosen. Cameron Has Already Left, To Go After Rosen.
  • The Team Learn That There Is A Generator From The 1930’s, Underneath Grand Central Station. The Generator Is Designed To Keep The Trains Running, In Case Of A Power Outage. The Team Thinks That Parish Is Using This Generator, To Keep The Power Running, In The Inner City.
  • Parish Contacts Rosen, Via A Cell Phone. Parish Tells Rosen To Enter A Storage Closet, Ten Yards Away. Parish Says That The Lights Have Been Disabled, Which Will Prevent Rosen From Being Exposed To The Photostims. Parish Says That Rosen Is A Part Of “The New Beginning”. It’s Not Clear If Rosen Will Take This Opportunity.
  • The Team Arrives At The Station, And They Begin Making Their Way Towards The Generator.
  • The Team Arrives Near The Generator, Where They Stumble Upon A Group Of Stanton’s Goons. The Goons Open Fire, On The Team.
  • The Team Successfully Subdues Stanton’s Goons, And Skylar And Rachael Arrive At The Generator.
  • Rosen Attempts To Sneak Up Behind Parish, Who Is On A Platform, At The Station. It Seems That Rosen Didn’t Take Parish’s Offer.
  • Parish Spots Rosen, And Begins Speaking With Him.
  • Parish Tells Rosen, What He Wants From Him, Why He’s So Important To The New Beginning. Parish Tells Rosen That He Wants Him To Be His Successor, To Lead The People, After The Photostim Event Happens.
  • Rosen Decides That He’s Not Going To Kill Stanton. Stanton Begins To Walk Away, But Is Shot By Cameron.
  • Cameron Tells Rosen To Inject Parish With The Medication. Rosen Says That He Isn’t Going To Be A Monster, Like Parish. Rosen Refuses To Inject Parish With The Medication. Rosen Says That He Is Doing What Dani Would Have Wanted.
  • Kat And Rachael Are Able To Completely Shut Down The Inner City’s Power. The Entire City Is Shut Down, But The Lights At The Station Are Still On. The Wires That Run The Station’s Lights Are Hardwired Into The Generator. Skylar May Not Be Able To Disable These Wires, In Time.
  • 8:18PM Arrives, And The Photostims Activate Throughout The Station. Everyone In The Station Collapses, Except For Gary.
  • Gary Begins Aimlessly Wandering Around The Station, Wading Through The Collapsed, Presumably Dead People. Gary Finds Stanton, And The Team All Collapsed As Well. It’s Not Revealed If Parish Or The Team Are Alive, As The Season 2 Finale Episode Draws To A Powerful Ending.



Tonight’s Season 2 Finale Of Alphas Was Powerfully Magnificent! In Tonight’s Episode, Rosen Was Focused On Taking Down Parish. The Team Learns That Parish Placed The Photostims, In Power Boxes. Parish Disguised The Photostims As Power Grid Protectors. The Team Ultimately Shuts Down The Power, City Wide. Rosen Follows Parish To Grand Central Station. The Team Converges At The Station, And Learns That They Cannot Shut Down The Power, At The Station. Ultimately Rosen Decides Not To Kill Parish, As It Is What Dani Would’ve Wanted. The Photostims Then Activate, And Everyone In The Station Collapses. The Photostims Don’t Affect Gary, And He Is The Only Person Left Standing. Gary Begins Wandering The Station, Among The Presumably Dead Civilians. Gary Finds The Team, Along With Parish, Collapsed On The Floor. It’s Not Clear If The Team And Parish Are Alive, As Season 2 Draws To An Epic Ending. I’ve Been A Fan Of Alphas For 2 Years, And The Show Definitely Has Me Invested. Alphas Continues To Surprise, And Keep Me Intrigued, And I Will Remain A Huge Fan Of  The Show. Tonight’s Finale Left Us With A Huge Cliffhanger, And I Hope That The Show Returns For A Third Season. There Is No Official Word Yet On A Third Season, But We Will Inform You, If We Hear Any Word About A Third Season.


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