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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Rosen Begins Making Preparations For Dani’s Funeral Service. Rosen Is Slowly Trying To Overcome The Overwhelming Grief.
  • Cameron Is Also Trying To Overcome The Grief, Surrounding Dani’s Death.
  • Nathan And His Men Barge Into The Office, And Began Collecting All Intel That Rosen Has On The Parish Organization. Rosen Most Likely Wouldn’t Let Nathan Search The Office, But Rosen Isn’t There, So He Isn’t Able To Stop Nathan.
  • As Gary Arrives Back At The Office Lobby, After Going Out For Pizza, He Runs Into A Young Woman. The Young Woman Is Holding A Baby, And She Says That She Desperately Needs To Speak With Rosen. Gary Tells The Woman That Rosen Isn’t At The Office. After Hearing This, The Woman Hands The Baby To Gary, And Runs Out Of The Lobby. Before Leaving, The Woman Told Gary That The Baby Is “Special”.
  • Cameron Tells Nina That He Can No Longer Be Like He Is. Cameron Asks Nina To “Push” Him, And Make Him Forget About Dani, So That He Will No Longer Be As Depressed As He Is.
  • Nina Tells Cameron That She Can’t Bring Herself To “Push” Him, And Make Him Forget Dani.
  • Gary Brings The Baby Up To The Office, And Tells The Team What Happened.
  • Rosen Goes To Dani’s Apartment, To Search Through It.
  • Rachael Realizes Just How Short Like Is. Rachael Decides That She Needs To Start Living Her Life. This Ultimately Leads To Rachael And John Having “Relations”, For The First Time.
  • The Team Learns That Rosen Invited Nathan To The Office. Apparently, Rosen Gave Nathan Access To All Of The Team’s Intel. Nathan Says That Rosen And The Team Will Not Be In Charge Of The Investigation. Rosen Has Agreed To This.
  • Gary Is Able To Learn The Name Of The Woman That Gave Him The Baby. Apparently, The Woman’s Name Is Magda Ryan.
  • The Baby’s Parents Arrive At The Office (Brian And Jane Kessler).
  • Brian And Jane Say That Magda Is Their Nanny. Apparently, Magda Thought That The Baby (Adam) Was An Alpha. Magda Then Took Adam Without Brian And Jane’s Permission, And Brought Him To The Office. Brian And Jane Say That They Found The Office’s Address, In Magda’s Room, And Rushed To The Office.
  • Bill Goes To Gary’s Office, To Retrieve Adam, So That He Can Return Adam To His Parents. However, Gary Won’t Let Bill Take Adam. Gary Pushes Bill Out Of His Office. Gary Ultimately Locks Himself In His Office, With Adam.
  • Gary Begins Talking To Nina And Bill, Through His Office Door. Gary Maintains That Brian And Jane Aren’t Adam’s Parents. Gary Continues To Refuse To Open His Office Door. Something Strange Is Going On …
  • Nathan Says That He And His Team Are Going To Set Up Their Base Of Operations, In The Office. Nathan Says That Rosen And The Team Aren’t In Charge Of The Parish Investigation, But They Will Be A Part Of The Investigation.
  • Rachael’s Dad Meets John For The First Time. However, Not Under The Most Ideal Circumstances. Rachael’s Dad Sort Of Walked In On Rachael And John Being “Romantic”.
  • Cameron Goes To Dani’s Apartment, And Finds Rosen Inside.
  • Cameron Tells Rosen That He Needs To Be Hunting Down Stanton Parish. Rosen Says That He’s Going To Leave The Investigation To Nathan. After Hearing This, Cameron Storms Out Of Dani’s Apartment, In A Fit Of Rage.
  • Bill Decides That He And Nina Need To Split Up Brian And Jane, And Ask Them A Few Questions.
  • Nina Begins Questioning Jane, And Learns That Jane And Brian Aren’t Adam’s Parents. Jane Says That Adam Has No Parents. Jane Says That Magda Took Care Of Adam, At The Lab. Jane Says That This So Called Lab Experiments With Genetics. Jane Says That The Lab Currently Has 4 Other Babies.
  • Brian Touches Bill On The Arm, Sending A Jolt Of Electricity Through Him. It Seems That Brian Is An Alpha.
  • Bill Gets Up, And Tackles Brian. A Fight, Between Brian And Bill, Ensues.
  • Jane Picks Nina Up, Pins Her Against The Wall, And Begins Choking Her. It Seems That Jane Is Also An Alpha.
  • Both Bill And Nina Are Knocked Unconscious, By Brian And Jane.
  • Bill And Nina Wake Up, And Are Able To Subdue Brian And Jane.
  • Rosen Returns To The Office.
  • Rosen Begins Examining Gary, To Learn What Affect Adam Had On Gary.
  • Rosen Learns That Gary Is Exhibiting high Levels Of A Certain Hormone. The Hormone Cause The Instinct To Protect One’s Child To Be Displayed. This Hormone Is Typically Found In New Fathers.
  • Rosen Determines That Adam Has The Ability To Induce The Production Of The Hormone, In Any One Of Close Proximity, Or Anyone That Adam Comes Into Contact With. It Appears That Adam Is In Fact An Alpha.
  • The Laboratory (Where Adam Was Being Experimented On) Is Shut Down, Everyone Is Arrested, And The Other 4 Babies Are Rescued.
  • Rosen Gives Gary A Reactant, To Lower The Levels Of The Hormone, In Gary’s Body.
  • Bill And His Wife Take Adam Home, To Take Care Of Him, For Now.
  • Rosen And Cameron Console Each Other, Regarding Dani’s Death. It Seems That Cameron And Dani Have Repaired Their Relationship.
  • Rosen And Cameron Know That If Nathan Catches Stanton, Stanton Will Be Sent To Prison. Cameron And Rosen Feel That Stanton Deserves Something Worse Than Prison. Cameron And Rosen Devise A Plan For Stanton. It’s Not Clear What Cameron And Rosen Have Planned, For Stanton.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “What Is This, Daddy Day-Care?”   – Nathan


Tonight’s Episode Of  Alphas Was Magnificent! In Tonight’s Episode, Rosen Has To Deal With The Death Of Dani. Nathan Comes To The Office, And Takes Charge Of The Parish Investigation. In Tonight’s Episode, Gary Is Given An Alpha Baby, By A Mysterious Woman. The Team Later Learns That The Baby Is Part Of A Genetic Experimentation Program. The Team Finds The Lab That The Baby Was Being Experimented On, And They Shut It Down. Rosen And Cameron Conspire To Take Down Stanton, By Using Their Own Method. And Rachael And John Continue To Grow Closer. I’ve Been A Fan Of Alphas Since I Watched The Series Premiere, Over A Year Ago. The Show Really Is Able To Grasp My Interest And Maintain It. Overall, Alphas Is A Great Show, And I Would Definitely Recommend It. Watch Alphas Live: Monday’s At 8/7C. On SYFY.

Remember That Alphas Has Moved To It’s New 8/7C. Time-Slot. However, You Can Always Catch An Encore Episode, At 10/9C.

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