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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • The Team Learns That Gary Is Living In His Office.
  • Rosen Begins Studying Kat, To Learn More About Her Ability.
  • A Bank Manager Tries To Steal $500,000 From His Own Bank. The Man Claims That He Was Saving A Baby. There Has Been A String Of Robberies, With The Same Scenario.
  • Rosen Has The Bank Manager Brought Back To The Office.
  • The Bank Manager’s MRI Shows That Nina’s Ability Was Used On Him.
  • The Team Begins Searching For Nina.
  • Rachael Learns That John Was Deployed To Afghanistan. While There, John’s Convoy Was Hit By An I.E.D. John Made It Out Alive, But 35% Of His Body Suffered Severe Burns. This Is The Reason That John Doesn’t Want To Date Rachael.
  • Rachael And Cameron Head To A Local Nightclub, To Look For Nina. Once They Arrive At The Club, Cameron And Rachael Split Up, And Begin Searching The Club For Nina.
  • Rachael Searches The Club, And Finds Nina, Along With A Mysterious Man. The Man Knows About Rachael’s Ability.
  • While Talking To Nina, Rachael Falls Victim To Nina’s Ability. Nina “Pushes” Rachael, And Forces Rachael To Kiss Her.
  • Cameron Finds Nina, Rachael, And The Mysterious Man (Tommy). Cameron Pulls Rachael Away From Nina.
  • Tommy Also Knows About Cameron’s Ability.
  • Nina Admits That She Tried To Rob The Bank.
  • It Seems That Nina Is Dating Tommy.
  • Nina Uses Her Ability, And Makes Cameron Carry Rachael Down The Street. By The Time Cameron Snaps Out Of The Trance, Nina And Tommy Are Nowhere To Be Found.
  • It’s Revealed That Nina’s Ability Has Evolved, Which Causes Her “Pushes” To Last Longer.
  • Rachael And Cameron Head Back To The Office. Rosen Gives Cameron Some Medication, Which Will Help Completely Snap Him Out Of The Trance, That Nina Put Him Under. It Seems That Cameron Has Completely Snapped Out Of The Trance, With The Help Of The Medication.
  • Rosen Says That Nina Mentioned Tommy A Few Times During Her Therapy. Apparently, Tommy Was Nina’s First Boyfriend.
  • Flashbacks Begin To Reveal Nina’s Childhood, And How She Met Tommy, As A Kid.
  • It’s Revealed That When They Were Kids, Nina Revealed Her Ability To Tommy.
  • Cameron And Gary Get A Lead On Nina’s Location. They Present The Lead To Rosen, But He Tells Them That They Must Put The Investigation On Hold. Nathan Has Told Rosen That He And The Team Need To Make Finding The Building 7 Escapees Their Top Priority.
  • The Team Is Pretty Sure That Nina “Pushed” Tommy’s Girlfriend, And May Have “Pushed” Tommy, As Well.
  • The Team Learns That Dr. Rosen Has Been “Pushed” By Nina. This Is Why He Wanted To Put The Investigation On Hold. Nina Told Him To Do So.
  • Tommy Is Taken Into Custody By Bill And The Team. Nina Watches From A Distance, As The Team Takes Tommy Into Custody.
  • Tommy Sustained A Minor Injury During His Arrest, And He Is Taken To The Hospital. The Team Accompanies Him To The Hospital, And Begins Questioning Him.
  • Nina Shows Up At The Hospital, And “Pushes” Cameron.
  • Nina “Pushes” Cameron, Rachael, And Gets Them To Move Out Of Her Way. Nina Decides Not To “Push” Rosen. Nina Enters The Hospital Room Where Tommy, His Girlfriend, And His Son Are.
  • It Seems That Nina Was “Pushing” Tommy The Entire Time. He Really Wants To Be With His Girlfriend And Son.
  • It’s Revealed That When They Were Kids, Tommy Learned That Nina Was Using Her Ability Irresponsibly. Tommy Ultimately Told Nina To Stay Away From Him.
  • Bill And John Arrive At The Hospital Room, And Draw Their Guns. Nina Forces Cameron To Shoot John In The Shoulder. Nina Makes A Run For It, And Forces Cameron To Follow Her.
  • John Isn’t Injured From The Gunshot, As He Was Wearing A Protective Vest.
  • Rosen And Bill Chase Cameron And Nina To The Hospital’s Roof. A Standoff Occurs.
  • Rosen Begins Trying To Talk Down Nina.
  • It’s Revealed That When She Was A Child, Nina’s Dad Wanted To Leave. Nina “Pushed” Him, And Made Him Stay. This Ultimately Caused The Man To Commit Suicide.
  • Nina Releases Cameron From His Trance.
  • Nina Jumps From The Hospital’s Roof. Cameron However, Is Able To Use His Ability To Catch Nina, And Save Her. Ultimately, No-One Is Injured.
  • Rachael And John Decide To Give Their Relationship Another Try. They Plan To Take It Slow.
  • Nathan Works Out A Deal For Nina. He Gets Her Released Into Rosen’s Custody, With No Charges Filed Against Her.
  • Rosen Begins Speaking With Nina. Rosen Hopes to Help Her, By Using Therapy.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Gary, Were You Naked, On My Blanket?”    – Nina

2) “I Think I Screwed Up.”   – Nina

3) “You’re The One Who Looks Troubled To Me.”    – Kat

4) “Nathan, I Couldn’t Take That Chance.”    – Rosen



Tonight’s Episode Of Alphas Was Magnificent. In Tonight’s Episode, The Team Learns That Nina Has Gone Rouge. They Must Find Her, Capture Her, And Help Her In Any Way Possible. Tonight’s Episode Also Focused More On Kat, The Alpha That Can Remember And Master Anything, Within A Matter Of Seconds. I Continue To Love How The Show Gets Me Emotionally Attached To The Characters, And Ultimately Gets Me 100% Invested In The Show. For Fans Of The Hit Series Heroes, Alphas Would Be The Show To Watch, As The Two Are Closely Related. I’ve Loved Alphas Since The Series Premiere, And I’m Becoming An Even Bigger Fan, As Season 2 Progresses. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Alphas. Watch Alphas Live: Monday’s At 10/9C. On SYFY.


~ Scott R.

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