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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Charlie Is Enlisted To Plan/Host Sam’s Weekend Sleepover. Apparently, Jen Can’t Host The Sleepover, Because A Guy Invited Her To Play Golf.
  • Nolan Reveals To The Group That He’s Dating A Woman Named Athena. Apparently, Nolan And Athena Have Been On 3 Dates.
  • Nolan Fears That His And Athena’s 5th Date Will Be A Failure, Due To His Strange Personality.
  • Charlie Decides To Go To The Restaurant Where Nolan And Athena Are Having Their 4th Date. Charlie Plans On Being Nolan’s Wing Man.
  • Charlie Heads To The Restaurant Where Nolan And Athena Are At. Nolan Introduces Charlie To Athena. Nolan Says That Charlie Is His Urologist. Charlie Fulfills His Duties, As Nolan’s Wing Man.
  • Athena Learns That Charlie Is Actually Nolan’s Therapist. After Learning That Nolan Lied To Her, Athena Tells Nolan That She Never Wants To See Him Again.
  • Kate Feels That Charlie Is Becoming Over-Involved In His Patients’ Lives, So She Suggests That Charlie Move His Office Out Of His House, And Into An Actual Building.
  • Charlie Invites Nolan And Athena Over, For A Couples Session. Charlie Hopes To Get Them Back Together.
  • It Seems That Charlie Has Successfully Gotten Nolan And Athena Back Together. However, When Nolan Leaves The Room, Athena Begins Acting Strange, As If She’s Mentally Unstable.
  • Athena And Nolan’s Therapy Sessions Ends. It Seems That They Plan To Continue Dating.
  • Nolan Reveals To The Group That He’s No Longer Going To Be Taking Sessions With Them. Nolan Is Doing This Under Athena’s Advice.
  • Nolan Reveals That Athena Has Been In Therapy Numerous Times. It Seems That Athena May Be Crazy/Unstable.
  • Nolan Says That He And Athena Are Moving In Together.
  • Sam’s Sleepover Begins.
  • Nolan Calls Charlie From The Nearby Battered Women’s Shelter, It Seems That Athena Has Anger Issues, And Beat Nolan Up.
  • Charlie Decides To Go Pick Up Nolan. He Has To Take Sam And Her Friends With Him, As There Is No-One Else To Look After Them.
  • Charlie Picks Nolan Up From The Shelter.
  • Charlie Brings Nolan Back To His Place. Lacey Shows Up, As Well.
  • Athena Arrives Outside, Looking For Nolan. She’s Behaving Erratically.
  • Nolan Goes Outside To Confront Athena. Athena Begins Chasing Down Nolan With Her Car. Nolan Safely Escapes.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Here, Hold My Earrings.”   – Lacey

2) “Eat Your God**** Eggy Joe!”    – Charlie

3) “You Better Have A Fistful Of Singles, Or Get Out.”    – Charlie

4) “Come On, Sit Down Next To “Texas Thunder””    – Ed



Tonight’s Episode Of Anger Management Was Hilariously Magnificent! Tonight’s Episode Continued To Focus On Charlie’s Daily Experiences With His Patients. The Episode Was Filled Throughout With Comedy, Which Made For A Very Entertaining Experience. Charlie Sheen Has Really Surprised Me With His Great Performance In The Show. I Really Love How The Show Is Simple, Yet Entertaining. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Anger Management. Watch Anger Management Live: Thursday’s At 9:30/8:30C. On FX.


~ Scott R.

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