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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Charlie Decides To Have The Group Undergo Sleep Deprivation Therapy, They Will Stay Awake For 36 Hours. Charlie Wants The Group To Do this, So That Their Inhibitions Will Come Down. (And The Truth Will Be Told).
  • Charlie Asks Kate To Supervise The Group After The 24th Hour. This Way Charlie Can Go Home And Rest, So That He Can Be Rested, When The Truth Session Begins.
  • Everyone Arrives At Charlie’s Office To Wait For The Truth Session To Begin.
  • Charlie And The Group Has Been Awake For 24 Hours. Charlie Calls Kate To Come Supervise The Group, So That he Can Go Get Some Rest. Kate Tells Charlie That She Has To Go Fill Out Some Important Paperwork, And She Can’t Supervise The Group. This Means That Charlie Must Stay Awake For 36 Hours (Just Like The Group).
  • It’s Been 36 Hours, And The Group Is Becoming Delirious.
  • Due To Her Lack Of Sleep, Lacey Kisses Charlie (Multiple Times).
  • Charlie Feels That The Group Is Adequately Suffering From Sleep Deprivation, So He Begins The Truth Session.
  • Ed Begins Talking To Charlie During The Truth Session, And Charlie Says: “Shut Up Dad!”. It Seems That Charlie Needs The Sleep Deprivation Therapy, Just As Much As The Group Does.
  • During The Truth Session, Patrick Realizes That He’s Avoiding His Feelings, Lacey Cried, And Nolan Yelled. (These Are Breakthroughs, Perhaps Small Breakthroughs, But Nonetheless, They’re Still Breakthroughs.)
  • Charlie Reveals That All He Ever Wanted To Do Was Make His Dad Proud. (This Explains His Outburst During The Truth Session.)
  • Lacey Reveals That Her Issues May Have Been Caused By Her Dad Leaving, When She Was A Kid.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Coffee May Not Be The Answer.”    – Charlie

2) “We Don’t Sleep On Pool Tables Anymore.”    – Charlie

3) “This Is Like A Truth Serum.”    – Charlie

4) “He Gives Me 10% Off, Because He Tortured Me.”   – Ed

5) “Just Take Your Stupid Blanket.”    – Lacey

6) “Is That A Euphemism For Something Else?”     – Charlie



Tonight’s Episode Of Anger Management Was Hilarious. In Tonight’s Episode, Charlie Had His Group Undergo Sleep Deprivation Therapy, So That They Would Reveal Their True Feelings. (This Provided A Lot Of Laughs.) I Don’t Like Two And A Half Men  Nor Charlie Sheen, But I Must Say, I Thoroughly Enjoy Anger Management. Charlie Sheen Has Had A Rough Year(s), But I Really Think This Show Is His Huge Comeback. I Would Definitely Recommend Anger Management. Watch Anger Management Live: Thursday’s At 9:30/8:30C. On FX.


~ Scott R.