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The dog days of summer are upon us and while there is still pently of shows to be watching it’s not nearly as much as it was during the regular tv season.

To help you get though some of  those lazy summer days that lack any new shows here are 10 recent shows that we feel are a MUST SEE/MUST Catch up on. The list includes shows that got cancelled/renewed and deserve your time to watch.

1.) ABC’s Revenge

Emily Thorne is out for Revenge over her fathers wrongful accusing. The show has something for everyone and will keep you glued to the thrilling/suspenseful action packed show. Revenge will be back for season 2 in the fall.

2.) AMC’s The Walking Dead

Zombies and drama in this post apocalyptic show. That’s all that needs to be said, check it out for yourself! Catch up before Season 3 this October.

3.) NBC’s Awake

Detective Michael Britton is caught between two realities in this sci-fi drama. Not knowing whether his son or wife are dead or alive he begins to loose control as he navigates two realities. Even though cancelled the series comes to a satisfying conclusion of sorts that will dredge up all of your emotions in the thrilling epic finale.

It is the greatest finale I have EVER seen!- Aaron

4.) FOX’s Raising Hope

A feel good comedy that will have you laughing at every episode. The show really hit it stride in season 2 and best of all will be back for season 3.

5.) NBC’s Chuck

NBC’s little show that could deifying cancellation to make it 5 seasons and given the chance to have a proper finale. The action-comedy/spy-drama about an ordinary guy, a nerd who in the end becomes a spy and gets the girl will have you glued to his story through all 5 seasons.

6.) AMC’s The Killing

A show about a single murder investigation and how it affects everyone involved will pull you in with all the suspense and character development. Think of the show as a cross between “24” and “CSI”. The show requires patience as each episode progress just one day. In season 2 the show hits its stride as a bigger conspiracy emerges.

7.) ABC Family’s The Lying Game

Two twins who secretly swap lives as they try to uncover who there real parents are and n the process they begin to uncover secrets about the people closest to them. If you like “Revenge” and “Ringer” then you will quickly like the suspenseful show. The show was renewed for Season 2.

8.) FOX’s Terra Nova

The sci-fi series follows the Shannon family as they travel 85 million years into the past. The show is full of action, conspiracy and dinosaurs. Though only making it one season its well worth your time and you can live with the slightly cliff hanger ending.

9.) NBC’s Parks and Recreation

Season 4 fired on all cylinders and was full of laughs and touching moments that you normally don’t see in comedy. We would be happy to vote for Leslie Knope! Parks will be back in the fall for season 5.

10.) NBC’s The Firm

Taking place 10 years after the book/movie the series follows the McDeere family though a massive conspiracy. The show is fast paced in the beginning and ending of each episode often using flash forwards to help tell the current story. There is a lot to keep up with the show but the suspense and incredible story will keep you glued to each episode.

Episode Notes:


  • Green World) Harper Sets Up A Meet With Kessel.
  • (Green World) Bird and his Team Find The Drugs in The Storage Locker.
  • (Green World) Harper Kills Kessel At Th Meet, So That He Won’t Be able to Tell Anyone about her Role in The Westfield Conspiracy.
  • (Green World) The Police Discovers Kessel’s Body
  • (Red World) Hawkins Gets Orders From Kessel To Drop Michael (Who Suffers from a Gunshot Wound) out on The Street.
  • (Red World) Michael Causes Hawkins To Crash The Car, In Which They Were Travelling.
  • (Red World) Michael Takes Hawkins’ Gun and Flees The Scene.
  • (Red World) After Fleeing The Scene, Michael Goes To See Dr. Lee.
  • (Red World) Dr. Lee Patches Up Michael’s Gunshot Wound.
  • (Red World) Michael Asks Dr. Lee To Drive Him To The Storage Unit, In Which The Drugs are suspected to Be. (Michael Forces Dr. Lee To Take Him Their, By Holding the Man At Gunpoint.)
  • (Red World) Michael Breaks into The Storage Unit, But Doesn’t Discover Any Drugs. Michael Locks Dr. Lee Inside of the Unit, and Leaves.
  • (Red World) Michael Contacts Vega For Help. Vega Says That he will Come and Pick up Michael for a meet. Michael Tells Vega The Details About the Westfield Conspiracy, and Asks Him To Tell Harper About The Situation.
  • (Red World) Vega Goes to Tell Harper About The Kessel Conspiracy. She Claims That Michael Is Just Delusional.
  • (Red World) Vega Tells Harper The Location Of Michael (After Being Convinced That Michael Is Delusional). Michael Is Arrested.
  • (Red World) Michael Learns That Harper Is Involved  With Kessel/Hawkins’ Operation.
  • (Red World) Michael Remains In Jail, Trying To Figure Out The Details Of The Conspiracy.
  • (Red World) Michael’s World Begins To Mash Up. Red World Michael Sees Green World Michael, Along With Both Dr. Evans And Dr. Lee. (What is Happening To Michael, and his Dreams?)
  • Red World Michael is Able To See Harper and Kessel’s Meet (Via his Dreams, or an out-of-body Experience…?)
  • Michael Awakes Back In The Green World.
  • (Green World) Michael Sets Out To Take Down Harper.
  • (Green World) Michael Confronts Harper About Her Actions.
  • (Green World) Harper Is Taken In For Questioning By IA (Internal Affairs)
  • (Green World) While Michael is  Talking With Dr. Evans, Time “Freezes”
  • Michael’s Dream World Crumbles, and He Faces The Real World. In Reality,  Neither Rex or Hannah Died, They’re BOth Alive, and Living In The Same {Real} World.
  • Michael Is Re-United With His Wife and Son, In Reality.

Wow, Tonight’s Finale Was Magnificent. The Story Really Ended With a Solid Finale, That Contained No Cliffhangers. Sadly, This Is Most  Likely The Series Finale Of Awake, Since NBC Has Officially Cancelled it.  If You Watched The Finale Of Missing And Was disappointed, Don’t  Worry, Because The Awake Finale is The Complete opposite. This Finale Will Satisfy All Of It’s Fans, as Well As Anyone Who has Ever Watched The Show.


3 Episodes of Community to conclude season 3! 30 Rock concludes season 6 in between those episodes.

Community 8/7c

30 Rock 8:30/7:30c Season 6 Finale

Community 9/8c

Community 9:30/8:30c Finale

Awake 10/9c (2 episodes remain)

Tonight is sure to be another eyes glued to your tv episode.


Missing 8/7c on ABC (Series Finale)

Touch 9/8c on FOX

Scandal 10/9c on ABC (Season 1 Finale)

Which recently cancelled show will you miss the most?

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  • At a carnival with Rex and Emma, Michael sees a suspicious man and is about to bungee jump when he awakes in his other reality with his wife.
  • Michael is working a crazed murder investigation.
  • He goes home goes to sleep and doesn’t switch realities. He is trapped in the reality with his wife.
  • Michael is concerned that the reality in which his son is alive is in fact a dream and all off the sudden has to deal with the lose of his son Rex.
  • A suspicious guy that was in the Rex reality show up on the his current one, Michael is hallucinating.
  • Michael is seeing the guy everywhere and is speaking to him, but he is not real.
  • Michael thinks he has something to do with the murder investigation.
  • Vega think hes losing it.
  • Michael begins have recurring day dreams back to the accident. He is slowly remembering more…
  • Michael find the murder Rolan and arrests him. He tells him and Vega that he cant control the thoughts in his own head and feels like he was dreaming when he committed the murder.
  • Michael is completely trapped in the reality with his wife and begins to lose it.
  • While trying to speak with Emma’s father to get him back in her life he runs into the Real suspicious guy. Causes an accident in process of trying to chase him down.
  • Keep dreaming back to the accident…
  • It is revealed that the guy is Ed Hawkins a cop that is partnered with is old partner Burt.
  • Ed was first on the scene of Micheal’s accident. Michael suddenly remembers him.
  • Michael now feels completely responsible for Rex’s death. His wife doesn’t blame him at all and tries to comfort him.
  • Chief suspends Michael and want him to take time to grieve. Michael quits and goes to Rex’s gave site to apologize.
  • Ed keeps showing in hallucinations.
  •  Michael removes the band from his wrist knowing that he is now trapped in reality.
  • He goes to apologize to Emma’s father and tries to convince him to speak with his daughter who has been living with him and Anna.
  • Michael dreams back to the accident and remember someone was following them and slammed into them causing the accident… I was Ed Hawkins.
  • Michael awakes back in the reality with Rex at the carnival.
  • He calls Dr. Evans and tells her there was no accident and that another cop was trying to kill him….

Final Thoughts:

This episode is heart pounding suspense the whole time. I was on the edge of my seat while watching as the conspiracy is really unfolding now.

Next on Awake May 17th promo:

Another MUST SEE episode!