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9/8 The Mob Doctor on FOX

Recap last weeks episode “Family Secrets”


10/9c Castle on ABC

10/9c Revolution on NBC

Recap last weeks episode “Chained Heat”


Below are the shows we are covering, if you are watching something else shout out in the comments.

8:30/7:30c Partners on CBS

9/8c The Mob Doctor on FOX

Read Scott’s review of last weeks pilot.


10/9c Revolution on NBC

Read Aaron’s review of last weeks pilot.


10/9c Castle on ABC


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The Voice (NBC): September 10. (8/7c)- Aaron will be ranting on twitter @zaffuto234

The Mob Doctor (Fox):  September, 17.  (9/8C.)- Scott

Revolution (NBC): September, 17. (10/9c)- Aaron

Castle (ABC): September 24. (10/9c)- Anna


Ben and Kate (FOX): September 25. (8:30/7:30c)- Anna

New Girl (FOX): September 25. (9/8c)- Aaron

The Mindy Project (FOX): September 25. (9:30/8:30c)- Aaron

Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 (ABC) : October, 23. (9:30/8:30C.)- Scott

Raising Hope (FOX): October, 2. (8/7C.)- Scott

Go On (NBC) : September, 11. (9/8C.)- Scott


Animal Practice (NBC): September 26. (8/7c)- Aaron

Chicago Fire (NBC): October 10. (10/9c)- Aaron

Arrow (CW): October 10. (8/7c)- Anna

Nashville (ABC): October 10. (10/9c)- Anna

Law And Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): September, 26. (9/8C.)- Scott

Guy’s With Kids (NBC): September, 26. (8:30/7:30C.)- Scott


Glee (FOX): September 13. (9/8c)- Anna

Up All Night (NBC): September 20. (8:30/7:30c)- Aaron

The Office (NBC): September 20. (9/8c)- Aaron

Parks and Recreation (NBC): September 20. (9:30/8:30c)- Aaron

30 Rock (NBC): October 4. (8/7c)- Aaron

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): September 27. (9/8c)- Anna

Last Resort (ABC): September, 27. (8/7C.)- Scott

Scandal (ABC): September, 27. (10/9C.)- Scott


Touch (FOX): October, 26. (8/7C.)- Scott

Whitney (NBC): October, 19. (8/7C.)- Scott

Community (NBC): October 19 (8:30/7:30c)- Aaron


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DVR catch up day!!!


Once Upon A Time (ABC): September, 30. (8/7C.)- Scott

Revenge (ABC): September, 30. (9/8C.)- Scott

666 Park Avenue (ABC): September 30. (10/9c)- Aaron

Hell on Wheels (AMC): August 12. (9/8c)- Aaron

The Walking Dead (AMC): October 14. (9/8c)- Aaron

The competition continues on NBC’s The Voice tonight. As those that follow me on twitter know I had some strong words to say about my choice team again this year (Team Adam). I felt that everyone on Team Adam performed rather poorly in contrast the outstanding performances by Team CeeLo, and Adam Levine choosing to save Katrina over Kim had me rather ticked off (Look back on my twitter).

Yes, im still rooting for #TeamAdam and feel that (hopefully) they just had a bad week. Not jumping ship yet…

The Voice 8/7c on NBC

On dvr is a show that I was a fan of but just not enough to fit into my busy tv schedule, ABC’s Castle. Tonight Adam Baldwin (from my favorite show Chuck, FireFly) makes an appearance in a must see episode for fans of either shows.

Castle 10/9c on ABC

“Chuck” & “FireFly” fans rejoice, Adam Baldwin (Casey or Jayne) guest stars on ABC’s “Castle”


Side note, Im a HUGE “House” fan and will be covering more on the show as we get closer to the series finale.

On the DVR: “House” & “Castle”

Adam Baldwin heads to ABC’s “Castle”

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“Chuck” & “FireFly” fans rejoice, Adam Baldwin (Casey or Jayne) guest stars on ABC’s “Castle” on April 16th