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Men At Work - S2

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Tyler Visits A Website Called “Missed Connections”, And Sees A Post From Some Girl. The Girl Says That She Had A “Moment” With Someone (Who’s Description Closely Resembles Milo). Milo Thinks That It’s Possible That He Missed A Connection With This Girl.
  • Neal And Gibbs Plan To Go To A Party That Neal’s Wealthy Cousin Is Having/Hosting, In The Hamptons.
  • Milo And Tyler Go To A Coffee Shop To Meet With The Girl That Posted On “Missed Connections”. Milo And Tyler Arrive Only To Find A Horde Of Men That Closely Resemble Milo. It Seems That All Of  The Men Have Responded To The Girl’s “Missed Connections” Post.
  • The Girl That Posted On “Missed Connections” Arrives At The Meetup Location. Milo Learns That He Is Not The Man That She Had A Connection With.
  • Tyler Tells Milo That They Should Use The “Missed Connections” Site To Design The “Perfect Woman”.
  • Tyler Tells Milo That They Should Post On “Missed Connections”, Describing The Perfect Girl That They Would Want To Meet, And See If Anyone Shows Up/Responds.
  • Milo Describes His Perfect Girl To Tyler, Who Then Posts The Information On “Missed Connections”.
  • Neal And Gibbs Begin Driving To Neal’s Cousin’s House, For The Party.
  • Tyler And Milo Go To Meet With The Girl That Responded To Milo’s “Perfect Girl Post” (Molly).
  • Gibbs Tries To Get Neal To Stand Up To His Overbearing, And Sometimes Non-Appreciative Family.
  • Milo Meets Molly, And Begins Talking With Her. However, The Girl Doesn’t Seem To Be Interested In Milo. It Seems That Molly Was Expecting To See Someone Else. Her True “Missed Connection”.
  • Milo Agrees To Help Molly Find Her True “Missed Connection”. The Man That She Was Originally Expecting To Meet.
  • Neal Learns That His Dad Is Giving The Classic Family Car To His Cousin, Who Is Hosting The Party. Neal Had Been Expecting To Inherit This Car, At Some Point.
  • Tyler, Milo, And Molly Begin Their Search For Molly’s “Missed Connection”.
  • Neal Reaches His Breaking Point After His Dad Calls, And Tells Him That He Is Giving The Family Car To His Cousin. Neal Finally Stands Up To His Family, And Speeds Off In The Family Car.
  • While Searching For Molly’s “Missed Connection”, Molly And Milo Seemingly Become Closer. They Begin Finding That They Have Many Shared Interests.
  • Neal Wakes Up In The Backseat Of The Family Car, And Finds That Gibbs Is Driving. Neal Learns That He And Gibbs Partied All Night, And Are Now En Route Back To The City.
  • Neal Learns That His Father Has Reported The Family Car Stolen. Neal And Gibbs are Consequently Pulled Over By The Police.
  • Molly Finally Finds, And Meets Up With, Her True “Missed Connection”.
  • Neal’s Dad Agrees To Not Press Charges Against Neal/Gibbs For “Stealing” The Family Car.
  • Molly Posts On “Missed Connections” And Says That She May Have Known Her “Mr. Right” All Along. Molly Then Invites Milo Out For Coffee. It Seems That Milo And Molly Had A True Connection.

Favorite Episode Quotes:

1) “Come On, You’re Like The Third Best Looking Milo Here.” – Tyler

2) “You Mean Like Build-A-Bear But With Girls?” – Milo

3) “Captain Gibbs Is On The Bridge.”  – Gibbs

4) “Don’t You Do It, Curly Sue!” – Tyler

5) “Aw! Is That A Gorilla In A Tuxedo?”  – Gibbs

6) “Is It Weird I Feel A Little Like Fred From Scooby-Doo, Right Now?”  – Milo

7) “Go For T-Dog.”   – Tyler

I Was Definitely Glad To See That Men At Work Had Made It Back To TBS! This Became One Of My Favorite, Quirky Shows, That Seemed Like It Would Be Dull At First. However, There’s Quite A Bit Of Story, And Many Relate-able Characters In The Show. This Scripted Comedy Has Gotten A Lot Of Hate, Throughout It’s First Season, However, I Think That It Has Done Quite Well. Overall, This Is A Fun Comedy That I Would Like To See Last For A While.

~ Scott R.







We will miss you Nancy

Weeds Comes to an End After 8 Seasons.

It has been a wild ride with Nancy and the rest of the Botwin clan over the last eight seasons and this Sunday at 10 on Showtime, it all came to an end. While this show is not for everyone it has reached an audience well beyond just the lovers of the herb but people who also enjoy clever writing and plot twists that would make M. Night Shyamalan cry because he would never be able to come up with anything as good as Jenji Kohan and the cast created together.

When we first met the Nancy Botwin, a widow who started selling weed after her first husband died to support her family and even then she was not very good at it. We got to meet her friends and her sons, Silas and Shane, unforgettable characters like Doug Wilson, played by Kevin Nealon. Right from the start it was obvious that Nancy is not your typical parent but she made an effort to understand the kids around her, even when those kids were fully grown adults with kids of their own. Nancy was always a big dreamer who never knew when she was in over her head.

Everyone grew up really fast and the Botwin family took us from slinging dime bags in suburbia, dealing with various gangs, to international trafficking with a Mexican kingpin and then on a cross county escape from the law which ended in Copenhagen and jail, then New York and then back to where it all began with the last few episodes.

Nancy kept trying and never got any better at her game through all the years. Unless you count surviving gangs, jail and getting shot in the head, she was never a good drug dealer, arms dealer or smuggler. No matter what she tried or how hard she tried, nothing worked out for Nancy in the end and she even though she ended up burying at least four husbands, she managed to keep the people who meant the most near and dear to her through all the good times and the really bad times.

There are very few shows that master the cliffhanger endings but Weeds has never failed in that department. Every season was better than the last and you could never tell where it was going to go next. It is safe to say that we were all taken in and we loved all the crazy people we got to meet along the way. This show and this family will live on in all our hearts and minds.

Showtime brought it to a sad and perfect ending tonight. I will behave and try not to give any spoilers here but just about everyone came back for an appearance this season, bringing everything full circle. Much like watching an early Kevin Smith movie, to get half the jokes in the last few episodes, you would have to have been a longtime fan.

The one spoiler I will give about tonight’s episode is that it took us roughly 10 years into the future to show us how everyone turned out, for better or worse. It took us to a better world where weed has become legal. The one question that was left unanswered was where is Celia? Everyone else was either mentioned or made an appearance, everyone but her.

On that note I will shut up and tell you to either catch up or start watching this good time, stoner comedy. Not that it is just any of those things; it is much, much more. A story of survival against all odds, about family and about love in all its strange and wonderful forms, Weeds and Jenji Kohan created something that was groundbreaking and will always be remembered as such.

Since they are only a half hour long, it takes a TV addict like me a day or so to make it through a season. Weeds will always be high on the list of reasons Showtime will always be one of my favorite channels. Now I hope to see what kind of effect this show will have on overall drug reform in this country because everyone knows that TV is the best way to reach and change public opinion.

-Ivy Marie

Episode Notes:

  • Travis & Wes Continue Their Therapy sessions.
  • Dr. Ryan Comes To Observe Travis and Wes, While They Are at Work.
  • Dr. Ryan Rides With Travis and Wes To The Scene Of a {Suspected} Suicide.
  • Travis Learns That Dr. Ryan Has a Boyfriend.
  • Travis & Wes Arrive at The crime Scene. they Learn that a Woman Named Justine Has  Jumped From a Hotel Balcony and Has Committed Suicide.
  • Travis and Wes Begin Looking Through Justine’s Hotel room.
  • Travis and Wes Learn That Justine Was Most Likely Waiting For Someone To Arrive At Her Hotel Room. (Possibly a Date.)
  • While Searching Justine’s Room, Travis Finds $200,000 In The Couch.
  • Travis & Wes Go To talk To Justine’s Husband (Derek). As Travis & Wes Begins to inform the Man of His Wife’s Death, Derek introduces Travis & Wes To His Wife, Justine. apparently The Dead Woman Isn’t Really Justine.
  • Travis & W Begin Trying To Figure Out Who The Woman That Was Posing as Justine Really is.
  • An Autopsy Is performed On The Jane Doe. It’s Revealed That The Woman Fought For Her Life, Before She Fell From the Balcony. The Woman Even Bit Her Attacker. Also, The Jane Doe Has Evidence On Her Shoulder, that Suggests That She Has Had some sort of  inoculation shot.
  • Jane Doe’s Prints Are Ran And It’s Revealed that The Woman’s Name Is Olivia. Olivia Was arrested for Assault and battery On Her Husband, Kenneth.
  • Travis and Wes Go To Kenneth’s House To Talk To Him about Olivia’s Death. When They Arrive, They Hear gunshots Coming From The Backyard.
  • Travis and Wes Goes To the Backyard to investigate The gunshots, They Discover Kennet Shooting a Picture Of Him And Olivia.
  • Travis and Wes Convince Kenneth (Who Is Drunk) To Drop The Gun. The Man Is Then Taken In For Questioning.
  • Kenneth Claims That Olivia Left Him For a Wealthy man. He Says That He Hasn’t Seen/Heard From Her in Nearly A Week.
  • Kenneth Shows Travis & Wes That he Doesn’t Have Any Bite Marks. (Olivia Bit Her Attacker.) Kenneth Did not Commit The Crime.
  • Travis & Wes Learn That Olivia Was inoculated For Yellow Fever. apparently she Was Planning a Trip to An Exotic Location. (possibly with The Wealthy Man.)
  • Travis and Wes Begin To Suspect That the $200,000 Found In Olivia’s Hotel Room May Be Connected to Derek (Justine’s Husband.) Travis & Wes Suspect That Derek Laundered Money for a Gunrunner Named Ronnie. they Think That Derek Stole the $200,000 From Ronnie.
  • Travis and Wes Learn That Derek And Olivia Were Supposed To Be on A Flight to Belize On The Night of Olivia’s Death. This Means That Derek Was Cheating on Justine With Olivia. (Could Justine have Found out About the Affair, and then Killed Olivia?)
  • Travis and Derek Go To Talk To Derek, But He Speeds Out of his Garage in His BMW. Travis & Wes Engage in A Vehicle Pursuit, Which Then Turns Into a Foot Pursuit. Travis and Wes Ultimately apprehends Derek.
  • Derek Says That He Stole The Money From Ronnie, And Now Ronnie has Kidnapped Justine. If Derek Does Not Give The Money Back, Justine Will Be Killed.
  • Travis and Wes Organize A Meet With Ronnie, To Swap The Money For Justine.
  • Travis & Wes Shows up At The Meet, Subdues Ronnie, and Saves Justine.
  • Justine Is Arrested For The Murder Of Olivia. She Says That She Went To Confront Olivia About The Affair With Derek, and Things Just Got Out Of Hand.
  • It’s Revealed That Dr. Ryan’s Boyfriend has a Son. Travis Tells Dr. Ryan that If She Ever Needs Help With Her Boyfriend’s Son, He Can Help Her Out.

Common Law Is Continuing To Be a funny, Off-Beat, Comedy. I Really Like How The show Fuses serious Moments, With Comedy.  The Show Has Numerous Jokes Throughout, and  I Expect it To Stick Around For a While. I Would definitely Recommend Common Law. Watch Common Law : Friday’s at 10/9C. On USA.