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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • A Prisoner (Cooper Williams) Is Being Transported To A Location Where He {Supposedly} Has Money Hid, From A Robbery That He Committed.
  • Cooper Is Taken To The Location Of The Money. If He Shows And Hands The Money Over To The Police, His Prison Sentence Will Be Reduced.
  • Cooper Begins Digging Up The Box, Containing The Money. He Opens The Box, And Pulls Out A Gun. Cooper Takes The D.A. Hostage, And Flees The Scene In An Unmarked Police Car.
  • It’s Revealed That There Is A Book Written About Cooper, And His Crimes. Travis And Wes Go To Visit The Author Of The Book. (A Woman Named Lisa)
  • Lisa Claims That She Has Had No Contact With Cooper, Since His Escape. Lisa Tells Travis And Wes That Their Chances Of Catching Cooper Are Slim. Lisa Says That Cooper Is A Genius; He Committed His Robbery, And Hid $5 Million (Somewhere In L.A.) In Only 30 Minutes.
  • Travis And Wes Suspect That Cooper Hid The $5 Million In A Building Called “The Spencer Building”. Apparently, Around The Time That Cooper Committed His Robbery, The Spencer Building Was Just Being Constructed.
  • Travis And Wes Arrive At The Spencer Building To Look For The Stolen Money. They Ask The Woman At The Front Desk If They Can Look In The Basement, And She Says That There’s Already Another Detective In The Basement. (Travis & Wes Know That No Detective Is Scheduled To Be At The Spencer Building.)
  • Travis And Wes Head Down To The Basement, Where They Encounter An Explosion. They Then See Cooper Running From The Basement. Cooper Ultimately Escapes.
  • Travis And Wes Begin To Suspect That Lisa Is In Love With Cooper, And Is Involved With His Plot To Retrieve The Money That He Hid.
  • Travis Presents His Suspicions Of Lisa To The Captain, And The Captain Agrees To Put Lisa Under Surveillance.
  • Travis And Wes Set Up Their Surveillance Equipment In A Hotel, Across The Street From Lisa’s Place. Travis And Wes Pretend To Be Gay, As A Cover.
  • Lisa Leaves Her Apartment To Go Out, Which Gives Travis The Chance To Plant A Bug In Her Apartment.
  • While Searching Lisa’s Place, Travis Finds A Box Of Letters From Cooper. All Of The Letters Were Read By The Prison, Which Means That Nothing Incriminating Is Included In Them. Travis Thinks That Since Lisa Kept All Of The Letters, This Proves His Point, That She Was/Is In Love With Cooper.
  • Travis Plants The Bug In Lisa’s Apartment, And Returns To His And Wes’s Stake-Out Room, Across The Street.
  • Travis And Wes Learn That Cooper Wishes To Meet With Lisa The Following Day. It Seems That Travis’s Theory Is Correct.
  • Lisa Heads To The Park For Her Meet With Cooper. The LAPD & FBI Are Stationed All Around The Park, And Are REady To Move In At Any Time.
  • A Man Approaches Lisa. The Man, However, Isn’t Cooper. Lisa Heads To Her Car To Leave, And The LAPD & FBI Stand Down.
  • Travis Suspects That Cooper Used The Meet As A Test Of Sorts, To See If Lisa Was Being Followed.
  • Travis And Wes Continue Their Surveillance On Lisa’s Apartment. While Watching Lisa’s Apartment, Travis And Wes See Cooper Enter Lisa’s Apartment. They Then Witness Lisa Shoot Cooper. (Cooper Ultimately Dies.)
  • Lisa Is Brought Back To The Precinct For Questioning. Lisa Denies Any Wrongdoing. She Says That She Was Surprised When Cooper Showed Up At Her Apartment.
  • Lisa Is Released From Custody. Travis Plans To Follow Her, To See If She Goes For The Missing Money.
  • Travis Finds Lisa, And The Money Inside Of A Hotel Room. Travis Draws His Gun On Lisa, Only To Have A Gun Drawn On Him, By A Prison Guard, Who Is Involved With Lisa, And The Plot To Retrieve The Money.
  • Wes Arrives At The Hotel. The Prison Guard Opens Fire On Him, And Lisa Flees In Her Car.
  • Both Lisa And The Prison Guard Are Arrested. The $5 Million Is Handed Over To The FBI. It Seems That Lisa And Cooper Were Working Together, Until Lisa Turned On Him, And Partnered Up With The Prison Guard.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “We Don’t Live Together.”   – Wes

2) “I Am Videotaping Our Next Conversation.”    – Wes

3) “You Can Take The Joy Out Of Anything.”    – Travis

4) “I’m Done Now.”    – Travis

5) “Wes And I Have Moved In Together.”    – Travis

6) “Used Tissues Littering The Room.”    – Wes

7) “Needs Salt.”    – Travis

8) “I’m Teaching Travis A Lesson.”    – Wes

9) “She Shot Him.”     – Travis

10) “You Haven’t Had My Back This Entire Case.”    – Travis



Tonight’s Episode Of Common Law Was Great! I Continue To Love How The Series Perfectly Mixes Comedy And Seriousness, To Keep Me Entertained. The Show Focuses On The Individual Cases (Much Like Law And Order), It Focuses On Travis And Wes’s Progressions, While Also Throwing In Hundreds Of Laughs. I’ve Become A Huge Fan Of The Show, And I Really Hope It Gets Renewed For A Second Season. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Common Law. Watch Common Law Live: Friday’s At 10/9C. On USA.


~ Scott R.