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Episode Notes:

  • Travis And Wes Are assigned A Case involving A Husband And Wife Who Robbed A Local Nightclub.
  • Travis And Wes Learn That They’re 2 Arrests Away From Their 400th Arrest. Once They Get Their 400th Arrest, Travis And Wes Will Be Inducted Into The “LAPD Legion Of Honor”. Wes Doesn’t Seem To Care About The Goal. Travis, On The Other Hand, Is Obsesses With Making It To The 400 Goal.
  • Travis And Wes Go To Question The Bartender That Was Working At The Nightclub When It Was Robbed. She Says That The Man And Woman Were Wearing Identical Charm Bracelets With The 4 Charms Being The 4 Suits Found On Playing Cards. Wes Recognizes The Bracelets As Being Ones That Are Awarded To Bridge tournament Winners.
  • Travis Suspects That The Man And His Wife Are From The Texas Panhandle Area.
  • It’s Confirmed That The Man And His Wife Are From Texas. Wes Confirms This By Reading A Texas Newspaper Article Featuring The Man And His Wife, After They Won A Local Bridge Tournament. The Man And His Wife Are Identified As Being Jim And Maria Bergen.
  • Travis And Wes Trace The Duo’s Credit Cards, And Learn That They Are Staying At A Local Hotel.
  • Travis And Wes Arrive At The Couple’s Room. The Couple Spot Travis And Wes, And They Run To the Hotel’s Garage. The Couple Jump Into Their Mini-Van And escape, Before Travis And Wes Are Able To Catch/Arrest Them.
  • Wes Meets A Woman While Having Dinner At The Hotel, Where He Stays/Lives. Wes And The Woman Plan To Have Dinner The Following Night.
  • Jim And Maria Strike Again. This Time They’ve Robbed A Local Designer Clothing Store.
  • Wes Gets In Touch With Maria’s Sister. The Woman Gives Wes Maria’s Cell Phone Number.
  • Wes And Travis Call The Cell Phone Number. Maria Answers And Says That She Is In Danger And Needs Help. Maria Gives Travis And Wes The Address Of Where She Is At.
  • Travis And Wes Arrive At The Location, And Enter The House. Inside, They Discover To Security Guards. Apparently, The Two Guards Are Payed To Keep An Eye On The Houses In The Neighborhood. The Two Guards Say That They Say Movement Inside Of The House, And Went To Investigate. By The Time They Got Inside, The Intruders Were Gone.
  • The Two Guards Show Travis And Wes A Letter That They Found Inside Of The House, On The Floor. The Letter Was Written By Maria, And It Says That She Fears Jim May Kill Her.
  • Travis And Wes Also Find Pills, That Most Likely Belong To Jim/Maria, Inside Of The House. Travis And Wes Take The Pills To The Medical Examiner To Find Out What They Are.
  • The Medical Examiner Identifies The Majority Of The Pills As Being A High dosage Prescription Anti-Inflamatory Pill. The Pill Is Usually Prescribed To Patients With Serious illnesses Such As Cancer. This Means That One Of Th e Bergen’s Is Seriously Ill.
  • Wes Goes To Dinner With The Woman That He Met The Day Before (Carine). During His Dinner, Wes Begins Talking About Alex. Carine Suggests To Wes That He Hasn’t Moved On. Basically, Wes’s Date Is An Epic Fail.
  • It’s Revealed That Jim Has leukemia.
  • Jim And Maria Strike Again. This Time, They’ve Robbed A Local Restaurant.
  • Travis And Wes Learn That Maria Isn’t Being Forced To commit The Robberies, But Rather She Is Pretending To Be Held Against Her Will, To Avoid Prosecution If/When Her And Her Husband Are Caught. Travis And Wes Also Learn That The Couple Are Taking A “Vacation” {Of Sorts} Since Jim Is Dying. The Couple Are Visiting Locations, Based On An Online Article That Shows The Top 36 Places To Visit In L.A. The Couple Are Robbing The Locations That They Visit, So That They Will Have Enough Money To Visit The Next Location, And So That They Will Have Enough Money For Food/Lodging. Apparently After Jim Was Diagnosed With leukemia, He Lost His Job, And His Medical Bills Took All Of Their Money. Basically, The Couple Is On The Verge Of Bankruptcy.
  • Travis And Wes Send Teams To The Last 4 Locations Left On The List. Travis And Wes Decide To Head To The Very Last Location On The List, (A Local Art Museum) Because A Benefit Is Being Held There. The Couple Have Been Following The List In Order, But Travis And Wes Think That The Couple Is Going To Break The Pattern, And Go To The Museum (Due To The Fact That A Benefit Is Being Held There, Which Means Lots Of Wealthy People Will Be Attending. There’ll Be Lots Of Money Floating Around At The Benefit).
  • Travis And Wes Arrive At The Museum And Spot Jim And Maria. Jim Is Arrested, And Maria Is Brought Back To The Station For Questioning.
  • Travis And Wes Find The Stolen Money As Well As Handwritten Notes (Proving That She Willingly Participated In The Robberies)  In Her Bag. Travis And Wes Tell Maria That The Stolen Money Is Going To Be Returned. Travis And Wes Also Decide To Sacrifice Their 400th Arrest, And Put In Their Police Report That Maria Was Held Captive By Her Husband, And Forced To Participate In The Robberies.
  • Wes Convinces Carine To Give Him Another Shot With Their Date. During Carine And Wes’s Conversation, Carine’s Cell Phone Rings. Carine Tells Wes That It’s The Office Calling, And She Answers It. Wes Notices That Carine’s Tone Of Voice Doesn’t signify That She Is Talking With Someone From Work. Wes Calls Carine Out On It, And She Reveals That She Was Talking To Her Fiance; Carine Is Engaged. Carine Tells Wes That No-One Has To Know What Happens Between The Two Of Them, But Wes Ends The Date And Leaves, After Learning That Carine Is Engaged.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Dude, You Have No Game, Whatsoever.”   – Travis



Tonight’s Episode Of Common Law Was Entertaining, As Usual! Tonight’s Episode Was Able To Mix Drama With Comedy. The Series Is Like An Off-Beat Comedy Version Of Law And Order. I’ve Loved The Series Since The Pilot Episode, And I’ve Even Become A Fan Of The Show. The Relationship Between Travis And Wes Is What Makes The Show So Interesting And Hilarious. I Would Highly Recommend Common Law. Watch Common Law Live: Friday’s At 10/9C. On USA


~ Scott R.