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Recap other episodes of Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels goes to Hell.

Air date: 10/7/12

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

The town is burned to the ground and Cullen is being questioned by soldiers as to what happened.

  • We’re trying to establish the connection between the corruption of this railroad and its near total dissemination.
  • “The White Spirit.”- Cullen
  • Durant has gone crazy as he’s run out of pain medicine luckily Eva has more.
  • Durant foresees the chaos soon to happen.
  • ..but I won’t care what happens this who enterprise could collapse on our heads. Everything’s been blur since I was shot, its all going to end in disaster.”- Durant
  • Cullen asks Lily to come and watch as he drives the train across the finished bridge.
  • Lily feels Cullen could of trusted her with his past.
  • “Past ain’t the past if it don’t exist.”- Cullen
  • Cullen went to a university.
  • “Did you like me better when you thought I was stupid?”– Cullen
  • “I liked you better when I thought I knew you.”- Lily
  • Durant is worried he’ll be finished when the board finds out about the millage. Hannah says Cullen needs to be made a partner because he’s the only one that can convince them they were right.
  • “Bohannon only thrives on narrow escapes from his own recklessness.”– Durant
  • “Just like you.”- Hannah
  • Sean wants Ruth no matter what as she continues to turn him down and push him away.
  • Elam has got a nice house built.
  • He tells Psalms “I gotta kill somebody for Mr.Durant”- Elam
  • Elam doesn’t kill unless the person needs to be killed and this one doesn’t but he will lose his house unless he does.
  • Cullen and Mr.Toole discuss their women troubles.
  • “My worry is once Ms.Bell gets to know my true self she ain’t gonna like it. Funny part the more I got know her the more…”- Cullen
  • The Indians are watching them.
  • Back in the present of the burned town:
  • “Should of known whats those doing. There’s always a recon order before battle.”– Cullen
  • They question why Cullen didn’t send anyone out. Cullen knows that anyone sent out would of been killed.
  • Cullen puts a lot of trust in himself and his workers as he drives the train across the bridge solo.
  • With everyone at the bridge site Lily uses it as an opportunity to steal Durant’s ledger from the safe. She runs into Elam.
  • “You have a good day.”- Elam
  • Elam tells Eva about the house.
  • Durant offers Cullen partnership.
  • “If you help me convince them that everything we have done has been necessary.”– Durant
  • “You are an interesting anomaly Mr.Bohannon gunslinger and aristocrat. I am unwell I simply need you to back me up. There’s a good chance you share the blame (if it goes wrong). The moment you accept my offer all your debts to me will be forgiven.”– Durant
  • “My debts to you were buried with Doc Whitehead.”– Cullen
  • Lily is the one Durant has asked Elam to kill.
  • While Cullen and Mr.Toole are one watch Lily shows up.
  • “All I have is this railroad and you, we can build it together. Everything to remove the Durant’s is in this ledger.”– Lily
  • Cullen wants Lily to burn the ledger before Durant has her killed.
  • Lily goes to Elam and asks him to hide the ledger and to ship it back east if something happens to her.
  • Cullen talks to Joseph about the White Spirit.
  • “The Sioux nation wants everyone here to die.”– Joseph
  • “It’ll be a blood bath.”- Cullen
  • Cullen has Joseph take him to there camp.
  • Psalms convinces Eva to talk with Elam.
  • “Blood moon is coming. It’s a time for bloodletting, settling of scores.”– Joseph
  • Cullen sees the mass of Indians camped and asks Joseph to come with him to see Durant so he doesn’t seem crazy.
  • “You’ll never see me again.”– Joseph
  • Present day:
  • They had telegraphed and asked for soldiers and weapons.
  • “Five recruits and a small cannon.”– Cullen
  • Sean is being baptized at the small chance he may marry Ruth.
  • Elam arrives home to find Eva.
  • “I’ll always love you Elam but my future belongs with Mr.Toole”– Eva
  • Mr.Toole shows up look for Eva, he aims his gun at Elam.
  • “I came here to tell him its over between us.”– Eva
  • “Your heart belongs to this black son of a bitch!”– Mr.Toole
  • Mr. Toole commits suicide.
  • Durant tells Elam its time for him to kill. He goes to see Lily.
  • “You’re here to kill me.”– Lily
  • “You got a reason for me not too?“- Elam
  • Lily pulls out her gun.
  • Lily lets Elam in on her plan that upon the arrest of the Duran’ts her and Cullen will be the natural replacements leaving a job open for Elam. They shake on their deal.
  • The Swede arrives into town wounded badly.
  • Lily goes to see Durant. “Mr. Ferguson came to see me last night.”– Lily
  • “You betrayed me to Bohannon over pillow talk.”– Durant
  • “Know that when your precious railroad is ripped from your thick and graspy fingers that you’ve been undone by a whore.”- Lily
  • The Indians have torchered the Swede, lighting fires on him.
  • “The Sioux are attacking on the blood moon.”- The Swede
  • “He’s going to hang for sabotaging the railroad, im putting a guard on him.”– Cullen
  • Lily tells Cullen of Durant’s attempt to kill her. She tell him of her plan to get rid of the them.
  • “I can’t do this without you. You’re better with me.”– Lily
  • “Protect our bridge I’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.”– Lily
  • Cullen goes to Elam.
  • “Do you know how to work a cannon?”- Cullen
  • “Thanks for not killing my lady friend.”– Cullen
  • “I almost got my ass shot.”- Elam
  • Durant goes to see the dying Swede.
  • “My personal ledgers how damning are they?”– Durant
  • “You may fall through the floor into hell itself.”- The Swede
  • “You will not die in prison but here soon in the streets of Hell on Wheels.”– The Swede
  • Present day:
  • “We did what we could, evacuated the women and children we armed the rest.”- Cullen
  • Durant is in custody.
  • The few soldiers arrive with a cannon and a gatling gun. Eva has stayed behind and goes to take shelter at Elam’s house.
  • The Swede breaks the bones in his hand and gets out of the handcuffs and kills the guard watching him.
  • Night falls and the men take stand and fire way as the Indians cross the bridge. Chaos ensues as they come from all direction. The town is ablaze.
  • Elam watches at the Durant’s flee the burning office.
  • Cullen refuses to abandon the bridge.
  • Elam’s house is set on fire with Eva in it. He comes to rescue her.
  • The Swede walks through the burning town like he’s indestructible.
  • Day breaks, the town smolders as Lily heads into her rail car. The Swede is waiting for her.
  • “Cullen will kill you.”– Lily
  • “Yes this is all for him.”– The Swede
  • The Swede strangles her and then sets the place on fire.
  • Present day:
  • The soldiers question why Cullen defended the bridge and not the town.
  • “I learned in the war to protect strategic assets. Town ain’t nothing but wood and canvas, rebuilt.”– Cullen
  • Cullen goes to the rail car and finds Lily
  • (Song playing is “Devil’s Waiting” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
  • He carries her body to the church and passes the Durant’s, Eva, Elam, Sean and Mickey along the way.
  • He leaves her and grabs the Swede and heads to the bridge to hang him.
  • “I was surprised that you made it so easy for me to take her from you.”– The Swede
  • “You evil son of a bitch.”– Cullen
  • The Swede jumps before Cullen gets the rope tied off.
  • Cullen is offered Durant’s job but doesn’t respond.
  • “Mr.Bohannon will you finish this road?”
  • Cullen’s heads back to the bridge and marks the site with a red flag and then walks away. (Its a mile marker)

End Song– “Devil’s Waiting” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Final Thoughts:

Hell on wheels goes to hell literally as the town and its people smolder. The show has proven that no one is safe and in epic sadness we lose two big characters (Toole/Lily). Briefly Lily became Emily Thorne from Revenge and The Swede sure did like look like Dexter. The ending left me wondering what will happen to Cullen the man who has lost so much. What does he have to live for now? Revenge of the Swede who I presume is alive?

The show has had declining ratings but I do hope this is not the last I will write of the show that has grown on me so much over these two seasons of great drama. And thank you to everyone that reads these recaps weekly I have truly enjoyed recapping this one and hope to do the same with “The Walking Dead”.

Ratings: Up 0.1 to a 0.5 demo with 2.18 million viewers.

What did you think of the epic finale?

– Aaron

Twitter- @zaffuto234

Air date: 9/30/12

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • Elam is working on his house.
  • “That bastard Durant is back”– Sean
  • Mickey has become the town drunk gambling away profits from the bar. Sean is worried he doesn’t have the money to give to Durant for the land he gave away. Mickey refuses to give Sean his fair share.
  • Durant gives a generous some of money to Eva for all her help.
  • Durant is taking opium for his pain and is hallucinating and walking around with a cane.
  • Hannah, Durant’s wife has taken charge of the office.
  • Durant surprises Cullen.
  • “Is my bridge built?”- Durant
  • “So no bridge, alright for your sins you will come to dinner tonight with me an my wife.”– Durant
  • “Your wife..”- Cullen
  • “Don’t look so horrified and wear a clean shirt and Ms.Bell will be your escort.”– Durant
  • Psalms tries talking Elam out of homesteading. Elam tell him about Eva and the baby. Psalms tells him who would be better for the baby then someone like that’s like him. Elam takes comfort in hearing that.
  • Elam and Mr.Toole and talking.
  • “If the baby’s born white Eva then we can make a family.”– Mr.Toole
  • “See I thought you said you’d put that aside Mr.Toole“- Eva
  • The men in town are wagering whether the baby will be born white.
  • “Should we leave this place?”– Eva
  • “Maybe”– Mr.Toole
  • Eva takes comfort in hearing that he would consider leaving.
  • Cullen has cleaned himself up for dinner and escorts Lily to Durant’s train car.
  • Turns out Hannah and Durant have been in on the fraud scheme and she is worried that the smart Lily may have found out.
  • The Swede is busy at the bridge site sabotaging the engine used to raise the bridge trusses.
  • Hannah asks Cullen if he knows the Tates from his home. Turns out he married Mr.Tate’s youngest daughter. Cullen/Durant/Hannah know a lot of the same people.
  • “God Bohannon I just might send you to New York one of these days to deal with the board on my behalf.”– Durant
  • Hannah tells Lily her employment is only temporary which upsets Lily who leave. Cullen is asked to take Hannah to her train car.
  • Cullen tells her how much Lily has done for the railroad trying to fight for her job.
  • “Does that include sleeping with my husband”– Hannah
  • “Is Durant firing her?”- Cullen
  • “Be careful with whom you align yourself. My husband believes you have a future on the railroad and I do too.”– Hannah
  • Cullen heads to the office to talk with Lily but is called over by Durant who is mad about the progress being made.
  • “It was on your advice that we decided to bridge the gorge at this point.”- Durant
  • “Yes sir and we made good time considering. Indians, strike, washout..”- Cullen
  • “All I need is a structure to support a locomotive from one side of the gorge to the other understand?”- Durant
  • Looking directly at Hannah
  • “I’ll drive it across the bridge myself how about that.”– Cullen
  • Sean tries proposing to Ruth who says she’ll think about it.
  • At the bridge site while raising a truss with the engine Cullen see the Swede in the distance. The engine flies apart sending the truss down on top of men below.
  • “What in gods name has happened?”- Durant
  • “I ain’t the one that wanted to cross the gorge in a week and I it ain’t my fault that you oversold out millage to the board back east.”– Cullen
  • Joesph has returned but not to stay.
  • “Ruth after I became a christian I killed my brother, I killed your father, broke my fathers heart just like you broke mine.”- Joesph
  • “While I was hunting I saw the white spirit. My father was right this is a bad place.”– Joesph
  • Cullen finds a Norwegian penny in the engine. “Its like he wanted us to know.”– Mr.Toole
  • Lily goes to speak with Durant.
  • “How does Bohannon know about the millage shortfall on this railroad?- Durant
  • “Did you lay with him?!– Durant
  • Sean in Mickey get into a heated fight over money.
  • Durant meets with Elam.
  • “I tasked you with being my eyes and ears on this railroad.”- Durant
  • “I don’t work for the railroad no more. Got me a place down by the river to settle down”- Elam
  • He shows Durant the land deed and he rips it up.
  • “There are only two ways to leave this railroad you die in my employ or you walk back through Indian territory.”– Durant
  • “If the sun rises on your sorry ass in the morning I will have you shot for trespassing, is that what you want?”- Durant
  • “What you just tore up that’s what I want. I’m gonna build me a house down by that river where I can lock my dam door at night, know that’s my dam house and my dam property and I can shoot any dam man that come through that door and tell me it ain’t mine. I ain’t afraid to work Mr.Durant and I ain’t gonna be your dam nigger no more. What I want is some respect and if I gotta take it out of your dam hide or anybody else’s I will.”– Elam
  • Mr. Ferguson have a seat, please.”– Durant
  • Hannah goes to see Lily, she wants her to leave her train car so she can say there. “I have nowhere else to go.”- Lily
  • Cullen give Lily his train car.
  • “You know you could stay Thomas already knows.”– Lily
  • “He only thinks he knows.”- Cullen
  • “You’re always right.”- Lily
  • “Lily you shouldn’t test a men who’s jealous and afraid of his wife leaving especially not when he’s both.”– Cullen
  • Cullen and Lily kiss.
  • Sean surprises Ruth drunk. He wants to know about her and Joesph. “I want the truth!”- Sean
  • (did anyone else think this scene was going to get much darker? I didn’t think Sean would leave just like that.)
  • “And I thought it was me you wanted.”- Ruth
  • Cullen sets the Swede’s tent on fire as he goes to stay with Elam on his property.
  • “This ain’t no boarding house.”– Elam
  • “From the looks of it, it ain’t even a house.”– Cullen
  • “You outta know Mr.Durant offered me a new job. He want me to do something and im sure you ain’t going to like it at all.”– Elam
  • “What did you tell him?”- Cullen
  • “I told him I’d think about it.”– Elam

Final Thoughts: 

Building off last weeks exceptional episode the story keep getting better and better. Hannah adds a new dynamic to this story and im sure will mean trouble in next weeks finale.

Next on Hell on Wheels Sunday October 7th 2 hour season finale promo.

– Aaron @zaffuto234

Air date: 9/23

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • The Swede has covered himself in clay/cut his hair like an Indian and shows up for one their rituals.
  • The Fate of Durant is unknown and the men question if they can count on their wadges as Lily doesn’t have that kind of authority. Cullen gets them all back to work.
  • Cullen goes the church to see Ruth.
  • (He’s really just looking for his own answers.)
  • “Ms.Ruth I’m the one who put the knife in Joesph’s hand.”– Cullen
  • “It doesn’t matter Mr.Bohannon my father got what he wanted. Once he wanted to be a christian but in the end what he really wanted was to be a martyr.”- Ruth
  • Cullen asks if she thinks Cole’s soul can find peace. (Indirectly referring to himself.)
  • “The truth is I think some people are beyond redemption.”– Ruth
  • Elam speaks to Mr.Toole wanting to know if heard anything from Eva yet.
  • “Like it or not you know exactly why its my concern.”- Elam
  • “I come here because I care about her same as you do.”- Elam
  • Lily ask the Swede for help in making sense of the books while Durant is away.
  • Sean is give a plot of land away to the church. Mickey knows its only because hes likes Ruth.
  • Elam shows up with a proposition, they want to buy the salon but Carl wont sell and he wants to help in exchange for a cut of the profits.
  • Cullen shows up the office and is surprised and angry to see the Swede working.
  • “I see you let the fox in the hen house.”– Cullen
  • “Mr.Gundersen is helping me.”- Lily
  • “Like hell he is.”– Cullen
  • Cullen takes his rifle and aims it at the Swede. He then bashes the Swede with the back of the gun.
  • Cullen locks up the Swede.
  • “Are you one of the tribe now?’– Cullen
  • “I know it was you that armed the Indians then you took a harmless drunk and you lit a fuse. Its you that’s responsible for that massacre out there and you’re gonna confess to it.”– Cullen
  • “It was wonderful wasn’t it? Blood thirsty heathens with modern weapons led by a drunken white man of god.”– The Swede
  • “You try to tell yourself that you do not like the killing but you just can’t stop.“- The Swede
  • The Swede is trying to breakdown Cullen saying a good man with doubt wouldn’t kill. He believes that he gets satisfaction out of killing.
  • “You don’t need my confession you only need that to appease Ms.Lily Bell”- The Swede
  • The plot of land Sean give to Ruth for the church is right in the middle of town.
  • Lily asks Cullen if he confessed.
  • “You’ll have to set him free Mr.Bohannon”- Lily
  • “I can’t do that. He’s a dangerous man.”– Cullen
  • “He’s more valuable to me then dangerous to you.”- Lily
  • Cullen hands Lily the key.
  • Elam and Psalms rob the train bringing whiskey to the salon so that Carl is force to sell to Sean and Mickey.
  • The Swede now free shows up to drink with Cullen. He tells him about his awful imprisonment in Andersonville, thus why he hates confederates.
  • “I hated you before we even met.”– The Swede
  • “You’re one insane, evil son of a bitch.”– Cullen
  • “The reason you hate me is that I am a constant reminder of the capacity for evil that resides within you.”– The Swede
  • “I’m riding out of this mull piss town and I ain’t looking back.”- Cullen
  • Cullen is ready to leave when Lily stops him.
  • “So much for your honor.”- Lily
  • “I know that when things get hard you run. You shot and buried your friend, running away won’t change that.”– Lily
  • “You know that I waited for you at the dance.”– Lily
  • “Well you sure as hell found quick comfort didn’t you?”- Cullen
  • “You ran away. You can disagree with my decisions all you like but judging my choices won’t change yours.”– Lily
  • Lily walks away.
  • “Damit”- Cullen
  • Lily finds out it was Elam that robed Carl’s whiskey and goes to see him. She finds him drunk.
  • “I’m done negotiating, I quit.”– Elam
  • Lily is surprised to see that Cullen hasn’t left.
  • “Listen what you said was true. First thing I did after I buried Doc was pack my saddle bags. I was just looking for a reason then you let Swede out of the pig car…I was gonna up and run just like I always do.”– Cullen
  • “Look Durant’s half dead you know that, he ain’t holding here know more and either is that Swedish son of a bitch.”- Cullen
  • “Why are you still here?”- Lily
  • “I could leave but…”- Cullen
  • “I’m glad that you stayed.”- Lily
  • The Swede uncovers that Durant has been inflating the mileage which is what the government is paying them by thus committing fraud. He tells Lily.
  • Cullen goes to see Elam on his new piece of land and warns him that when the Indians attack they wont care who he’s working for.
  • “Heard you quit the railroad.”- Cullen
  • “Gonna build me a house.”- Elam
  • “Ain’t know place for me on this railroad.”- Elam
  • Sean and Mickey threaten Carl that they will continue robing his whiskey until he sells the bar to them, he agrees.
  • Lily shows up to see Cullen and they have sex.
  • (Song playing is Annabel by The Duhks)
  • Sean longingly stares at Ruth while Elam looks at picture of Eva.
  • In the morning Cullen tires to not wake Lily as he heads to work.
  • “Cullen”- Lily
  • “I better get out to the bridge site.”- Cullen
  • They both smile.

Final Thoughts:

This was the first episode where everything quietly transitioned to all the characters. Nearly everyone’s actions were for there romantic interests, Elam getting involved with Sean/Mickey for Eva, Sean giving away land for Ruth & Cullen staying for Lily. This was also the first episode where the big action was put into character drama and not fight scenes which was a nice change.

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Air Date: 8/19/12

  • The town of Durant where Eva and Mr.Toole are is attacked and burned to the ground by Indians. They murder several people.
  • Cullen is in jail up for execution. He is being tortured for the names of those he was with, he doesn’t reveal them.
  • Durant hears the news of the attack and orders men to go and defend it.
  • Lily is sleeping with Durant
  • The group arrives to find survivors walking away from the burning town.
  • Durant is only concerned about the whether his track was damaged or if anything was robbed.
  • The Indians arrive.
  • “This was a murder raid. There sending you a message.”- Joesph to Durant
  • Back in town Elam is relived to see Eva alive. Her husband Mr. Toole also made it back.
  • Back at Fort Lerned, Kansas The doc has come to see Cullen he apologizes for dragging him into everything.
  • “What do you suppose the lords gonna think about a man like me huh?”- Cullen
  • “I murdered a man, he was innocent. I wrapped my hands around this throat and I looked him in the eyes and I chocked the life right out of him”- Cullen
  • “I know you must feel bad about that son”- Doc
  • “That’s just the thing I don’t feel nuthin about it. Not a dam thing.”- Cullen
  • “If you gonna pray, pray for me to die well doc that’s all I got left”- Cullen
  • Sean tries to weasel the survivors of the town into paying for lots and tents.
  • “These people just lost everything they need shelter, will not profit off other peoples misery”- Lily Bell
  • Eva tells Lily that the whore who was murdered was her friend and that she wants the killer found and to pay for what he’s done.
  • They are prepared to execute Cullen when Durant arrives.
  •  “What the hell are you doing here anyway”- Cullen
  • “This is a warrant for your execution and this is a pardon”- Durant
  • “Playing god comes natural to you don’t it”- Cullen
  • “You have unfinished business on this earth Mr.Bohannon. What will it be life or death?”- Durant
  • Cullen is brought to Durant’s train and handcuffed. Durant gets in a hit for Cullen robing his trains.
  • Elam tries to offer Eva money to help her out and she turns it down.
  • “I don’t approve. Why don’t you save that money for one of them fancy suits”- Eva
  • The reverend and the Swede are talking.
  • “A whole race of people will be wiped off the face of the earth by this iron beast”- Reverend Cole
  • The Swede shows him a dinosaur skull he dug up.
  • “What in gods name is this?” Reverend Cole
  • “There are more things in heaven and earth then are dreamt of in your philosophy Reverend Cole”- The Swede
  • Lily pays Elam to find the mas responsible for kill the whore and to punish him. Says Eva sent her.
  • Back on the train.
  • “I can’t help wondering I haven’t had a grave mistake”- Durant
  • Durant comes close with a gun.
  • “I know your the type of man that likes to do this own dirty work from a distance not up close like this”- Cullen
  • Cullen grabs him and chokes him but lets him go.
  • “Sometimes it seems one has to make a deal with the devil”- Durant
  • “Who’s the devil in this deal?”- Cullen
  • Durant throws him the key to unchain himself.
  • Elam find the man and stabs him to death. He is hung up in town with a sign on him saying “Women Killer”
  • Cullen is back.
  • “I like what you’ve done to the place”- Cullen
  • “For a man like you his word is stronger then any set of shackles”- Durant
  • Elam comes up to Cullen.
  • “No gun, your gonna need one here”- Elam
  • Cullen’s arrival causes looks from everyone including Lily who his shocked to see him back.
  • Cullen get the Swede’s old train car. The Swede gives Cullen a nod.
  • Cullen sees his escape and doesn’t take it.

Final Thoughts:

We go from a quiet season opener last week to this episode which is anything but quiet. Cullen is back to help regain order in the town but so are the Indians who are not going away anytime soon. Hell on Wheels is full steam toward what is shaping up to be another great season.

What did you think of the episode?


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