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Wednesday June 27th: #Dallas and #RoyalPains

Posted: June 27, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in TNT, USA
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Dallas 9/8c on TNT

Royal Pains 9/8c on USA

As many of you know during my home reovations this week my dvr has been working non stop with me missing every show for 2 weeks.

How do you use your dvr?

For myself I view my dvr as a  tool to record shows only when I cant watch live such as not being home or when another show is on during the same time slot. That is the only way I use it, I prefer and try every week to watch shows live to chat with fans during it.

Live viewing is whats makes tv different from a movie when you can be tweeting and getting involved with fans while the show is on.

I know a lot of people that don’t watch live at all and only DVR there shows and for many reasons:

  • Skipping Commercials (I don’t like those people especially for the low rated shows that need all the help they can get.)
  • Prefer to watch on their own schedule.
  • Would rather watch a few episodes in a row over just one.

What is pilling on it?

Even with me watching shows live some have got pushed to background this summer and remain not watched weeks later.

My list of the those not watched shows are:

Common Law– I love it but got behind and have been unable to catch up yet.

Royal Pains- 3 episodes

Franklin & Bash- 3 episodes

Dallas- 2 episodes

How do you use your DVR? and What is piling up on it?

Wednesday June 20th: Dallas and Royal Pains

Posted: June 20, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in TNT, USA
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Dallas 9/8c on TNT

Royal Pains 9/8c on USA

Brief Description:

Dallas Follows The Ewing Family, And Their Various Activities. The Ewings Are Oil Tycoons, But Some Of The Family Wants To Move On From The Oil Industry. Bobby Ewing, Wants To Sell Southfork (The Ranch Where The Ewings Live.) Other Members Of The Family Want To Keep The Ranch Because Of The Discovery Of Oil On The Property. John Ross Files An Injunction Against The Sale Of Southfork, Because He Wants To Mine The Oil On The Property. Bobby Ewing Gets A Warrant For John Ross To Stop Drilling On The Land. Bobby Is Following His Mother’s Wishes, And Keeping Anyone From Drilling On The Southfork Property.  Chris Ewing Is Trying To Move Away From The Oil Business, And Get Into The Methane Business, Chris Hopes To Harvest Methane To Use It As A energy Source. However, Chris Learns That His Harvesting Of Methane May Be Causing Earthquakes. John Ross Goes To As JR. (Bobby’s Brother) For Help With Overturning His Mother’s Will That Prevents Drilling On Southfork.  Part 2 Of The Premiere Expands On The Above Topics. This Description Is Just A Brief Overview Of The Series/Premiere. We Will Begin Our Full Length Episode Notes For This Series, Starting With Next Week’s Episode.


Scott –

Well, What To Say….? I Found Dallas To Be Too Intricate. The Show Has Too Many Slow Moments, To Keep Me Interested. This Show Did Nothing But Give Me A Headache.  Dallas Does Have It’s Interesting Moments, But Overall, The Show Is Dull. I Really Hope That Next Week I Can Write A Positive Review. Watch Dallas Live: Wednesday’s at 9/8C. On TNT.

Wednesday June 13th: Dallas and Royal Pains

Posted: June 13, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in TNT, USA
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Dallas 2 Hour Premiere 9/8c on  TNT


Royal Pains 9/8c on USA