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Episode Notes:

  • The CIA Releases Becca from Custody, but begin to follow her every move.
  • The Hunt for Paul Begins.
  • Michael becomes Oxsana’s ‘Caretaker’. He begins to comfort her, and treat her wounds.
  • Oxsana begins to reveal to Michael, The terror that she has experienced, as a prisoner.
  • Becca Returns to Prague, to get answers about her husband’s bank account, that after 12 years, has become active.
  • Becca learns that her husband has a Safe Deposit Box, That Requires 3 Thumprints, to be Opened: Hers, Paul’s and Michael’s. 
  • It is revealed that Becca, and a “Certain” Interpol agent, were once romantically involved.
  • Becca learns that the CIA is Following/Spying on her.
  • Michael once again searches for an escape route out of the facility, in which he is being held.
  • The CIA Attempts to gain access to Paul’s Safe Deposit Box.
  • Michael Escapes the Facility, but because he cares for Oxsana, and knows that if he loeves She’ll be hurt, He goes back.
  • Becca comes up with an Idea: Rob the bank, to gain access to Paul’s Safe Deposit box.
  • Becca Sucessfully Gains Access to the Contents of the Box. Inside is: Money, The deed to the family house in Prague, and Russian Oil Stock Bonds.
  • Becca Goes to the family house in Prague looking for answers, only to discover that it;s rigged with explosives.

Missing is a Great Show! It has Non-Stop Action, and the story will keep you wondering what’s going to happen next. I’ve wathced this show since the first episode, and it’s really progressing, and evolving into a great drama. If you haven’t yet watched Missing, I suggest you do so. Watch Missing Live: Thursday’s at 8/7C. On ABC.


Episode Notes:

  • Jake Makes a connection using the “Golden Ratio”, Which is a Spherical Pattern that has 22 points.
  • Martin gets held at gunpoint, by a woman on the bus.
  • The Woman on the bus, Named Marisol, Is Seeking revenge on a man who murdered her family, 10 Years ago.
  • Jake is Evaluated , to determine Who’s Custody he should be in.
  • Because of the situation on the bus, Martin isn’t able to make it to the Evaluation.
  • Martin is able to stop Marisol from getting her vengence, by helping the man escape.
  • While trying to chase after the man, Marisol gets hit by a car.
  • It is revealed that marisol’s brother is alive, and in need of bone marrow. Marisol is able to donate, because she is his relative, and therefore, a match.
  • Marisol reunites with her brother.
  • All is set right in the universe, and the proper connections are made.

The Scenario that I just described is one of multiple stories that occur in this episode of touch. This show is very difficult to Post notes on, because so many stories take place in one episode. Touch is a very interesting Show, That has progressed very well. I Definitely find the series entertaining, it is a magnificent drama! Watch Touch Live: Thursday’s at 9/8C. On FOX.


Episode Notes:

  • Olivia gets a new client, who is a “Madam”
  • It is revealed that Stephen has used the Madam’s (Sharon Marquette) Services Before.
  • a Reporter stops by the hospital, to get info on Amanda Tanner.
  • Sharon gets Taken into Police Custody,
  • Olivia gets a Subpoena for Sharon’s Client List.
  • After Getting Strict orders from Olivia, To Stay With Amanda, Quinn loses her, and then has to go track her down.
  • It is Revealed that Patrick Keating (The President’s Supreme Court Nominee) May have used Sharon’s Services Before.
  • The team tries to find Stacey, one of Sharon’s Former Employees, To See if Mr. Keating was really one of the Johns.
  • The team Finds Stacey, Who turns out to be someone important in Mr. Keating’s Life.
  • The President Tries To  ReKindle his and Ollivia’s romantic Relationship, but Fails.
  • Olivia uses the Client List to blackmail the Powerful Johns (Congressmen, senators, etc.) Into Accepting Keating as Justice of the Supreme Court.
  • Amanda meets with Quinn, and tells her that the Reporters have already started asking questions.
  • Amanda agrees to let Olivia Represent her.
  • Mr. Wallace Vows to get a story about Amanda, for his Newspaper.

Scandal had it’s premiere last week, and after only two episodes, I’m Hooked. The Show has Blackmail, Conspiracy, Betrayal, Romance, and even a little humor. I highly doubt that this show will be cancelled anytime soon. If you haven’t yet watched Scandal, I highly Suggest you do so. Watch Scandal Live: Thursday’s at 10/9C. On ABC.