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Intro Quote: “For Those Who Believe In Resurrection … Death Is Inconsequential. It’s Not An Ending, But Rather A New Beginning … A Second Chance. A Reunion. But The Very Idea Of Resurrection Is So Seductive A Concept, It’s Easy To Forget … Before You Can Rise From The Dead … You Have To Spend A Few Days In Hell” – Emily  

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Emily Continues To Monitor Victoria, Via The Clam Cam.
  • Emily Calls Daniel, And Tells Him That Charlotte’s Doctor Most Likely Fixed Charlotte’s Drug Test Results.
  • An Unknown Man Begins Secretly Spying On Emily.
  • Emily Continues Monitoring Victoria, And Sees The White Haired Man Providing Victoria With New Identities For Her, And Charlotte.
  • Nolan Learns That His Company Is About To Be Audited, By The I.R.S.
  • Faux-Manda Tells Emily That She Had A One Night Stand, The First Time That She Left. However, Faux-Manda Still Strongly Believes That The Baby Is Jack’s.
  • Faux-Manda Asks Emily To “Ensure” That The Paternity Test Reflects Jack, As Being The Father Of Faux-Manda’s Baby.
  • Daniel Begins Noticing Some Inconsistencies In Grayson Global’s Finances.
  • Daniel Learns That Conrad Paid Off Charlotte’s Counselor. Daniel Confronts Charlotte’s Doctor, And Goes To Get Charlotte Out Of The Facility.
  • Daniel Arrives, To Take Charlotte Home. Charlotte Tells Daniel That She’s Not Going Anywhere, With Him. Charlotte Then Asks Emily To Take Her To Victoria.
  • As They Are Heading To Victoria’s Safe house, Emily And Charlotte Stop, To Speak With Faux-Manda. Emily Waits In The Car, While Charlotte Re-Connects With The Woman That She Thinks Is Her Half Sister.
  • Emily And Charlotte Arrive At Victoria’s Safe House.
  • Charlotte Reveals To Victoria, That Faux-Manda Is Pregnant.
  • Charlotte Tells Victoria That She Can’t Flee The Country With Her, Just Yet.
  • Victoria Tells Charlotte That Her Plan Was Always To Leave Charlotte Behind. It Seems That Victoria Is Pushing Charlotte Away, To Protect Her. Perhaps From The White Haired Man.
  • Nolan’s Accounting Analyst, Padma, Arrives At Emily’s House, To Speak With Nolan.
  • Daniel Confronts Conrad, Regarding Conrad Cleaning Out Charlotte’s Bank Accounts.
  • Victoria Calls Conrad.
  • Victoria Meets With Conrad, At Her Cabin Safe House.
  • Padma Tells Nolan That He Needs To Find A C.F.O. To Help Run The Company.
  • Nolan Tells Padma That He Wants Her To Be The C.F.O
  • The Paternity Results Come Back. The Results Show That Jack Is The Father Of Faux-Manda’s Baby.
  • Faux-Manda Calls Emily. Emily Tells Faux-Manda Isn’t Really Jack’s Baby. It Seems That Emily Went Through With The Plan, And Fixed The Paternity Results.
  • Daniel Opens Up A Trust Account, For Charlotte. Daniel Transfers Everything That He Owns, Into The Account. Daniel Makes Sure That Conrad Won’t Be Able To Access The Account.
  • Victoria Has Conrad Beat Her Up. The White Haired Man Arrives At Victoria’s House. Victoria Has Called 911, And Has Reported Her Beating. Victoria Plans To Frame The White Haired Man, For Her Beating And Supposed Kidnapping.
  • It Seems That By Victoria Framing The White Haired Man, She Will Now Be Able To Reclaim Her Life. It Seems That Victoria Will No Longer Have To Hideout, In The Safe House.
  • Conrad Uses Victoria’s Supposed Kidnapping Ransom, As An Excuse As To Why He Drained Charlotte’s Bank Accounts.
  • One Of Declan’s Wealthy Acquaintances Asks Declan To Hold On To A Diamond Necklace For Him, For A Few Days. The Acquaintance Says That His Parents Are Strict, And He Isn’t Able To Hide The Necklace, At His House. The Acquaintances Claims That The Necklace Was Given To His Stepmother, By His Father. Declan Agrees To Hold On To The Diamond Necklace, For A Few Days.
  • The White Haired Man Calls Emily. The White Haired Man Tells Emily That She Has Something That He Needs. It Seems That Emily Knows Exactly What The White Haired Man Is Speaking Of. Emily Asks The White Haired Man To Meet Her.
  • Emily Reveals To Nolan That She Didn’t Actually Fix The Paternity Results. It Seems That Jack Actually Is The Father Of Faux-Manda’s Baby.
  • Emily Provides The White Haired Man With The Video Of Conrad Hitting Victoria, To Make It Seems As If She Was Beaten By Her Kidnapper. In Return, The White Haired Man Provides Emily With Information, Regarding Her Mother.
  • The White Haired Man Tells Emily That He Didn’t Follow Orders, And Ultimately, He Didn’t Kill Her Mother.
  • Emily Asks The White Haired Man What He Did With Her Mother. However, The White Haired Man The Pulls A Knife On Emily, And Tries To Slice Her Throat. Emily Instinctively Begins Fighting Back. Just As The White Haired Man Is About To Gain The Upper Hand On Emily, The Unknown Man (That Has Been Spying On Emily) Shoots The White Haired Man In The Back, And Ultimately Kills Him.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Looks Like The B**** Is Back”   – Faux-Manda

2) “Even The Devil Himself Didn’t Want You.”   – Conrad

End Quote: “For Those Who Believe In The Resurrection, Death Is Inconsequential. In The Resurrection, Those That Were Dead Live And Those Who Live Believe They Shall Never Die.”  – Emily


Tonight’s Episode Of Revenge Was Purely Epic! In Tonight’s Episode, Charlotte Makes Her Way Out Of The Rehab Facility, And Learns That Conrad Has Stolen All Of Her Trust Money. Victoria Arranges For The Whit Haired Man To Get Her And Charlotte Out Of The Country. However, Once Victoria Learns That Charlotte No Longer Has Any Money, The Plan Crumbles. Victoria Contacts Conrad, And Asks Him To Help Her With Something. Conrad  Punches Victoria, And Victoria Calls 911, Claiming That The White Haired Man Kidnapped Her, And Has Been Holding Her For Ransom. This Is The Perfect Excuse As To Why Conrad Drained Charlotte’s Trust Money, And Of Course, Conrad Uses This Excuse. Now Victoria Plans To Resume Her Life As A Grayson. Emily Learns That The White Haired Man Let Her Mother Live, However, Before She Can Ask Him What He Did With Her, The White Haired Man Attacks Emily. Suddenly, An Unknown Man, That Has Been Spying On Emily, Shoots The Whit Haired Man In The Back, And Saves Emily. I’ve Been A Fan Of  Revenge After Watching The Epic Series Premiere, Last Fall. The Show Mixes A Huge Concoction Of Categories And Emotions Into A Genuinely Intriguing, And Engrossing 1 Hour Time-Slot. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Revenge. Watch Revenge Live: Sunday’s At 9/8C. On ABC.

Be Sure To Remember That Revenge Is No Longer At It’s Previous Wednesday Time-Slot. This Season, Revenge Is On Sunday’s At 9/8C.

~ Scott R.

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Here’s A Look At The Next All New Episode Of Revenge – 2×03 “Confidence” –

Air date: 9/30/12

Episode 2×01 “Destiny”

Into Quote:

“Destiny … To Believe That A Life Is Meant For A Single Purpose, One Must Also Believe In A Common Fate. Father To Daughter, Brother To Sister, Mother To Child, Blood Ties Can Be A Unyielding As They Are Eternal. But It Is Our Bonds Of Choice That Truly Light The Road We Travel. Love Versus Hatred, Loyalty Against Betrayal. A Person’s True Destiny Can Only Be Revealed, At The End Of His Journey. ” – Emily Thorne

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Jack’s Boat Is Found, At The Bottom Of The Ocean. A Unidentified Body Is Inside Of The Boat. The Story Then Jumps Back To Present Time, Leaving Us To Wonder How “The Amanda” Ended Up At The Bottom Of The Ocean.
  • Ashley Begins Helping Daniel Move Past The Death Of His Mother. It Seems That Ashley And Daniel Have Become A Couple.It’s Revealed That Charlotte Survived Her Overdose. Charlotte Is Currently Admitted, In A Rehabilitation Facility.
  • It’s Revealed That 3 Months Ago, Emily Began Undergoing Extreme Training. Emily Underwent Many Near Death Experiences, In The Hope Of “Unlocking” Memories, About Her Mother.
  • After A Short Period Of Regrouping, Emily Visits Nolan, Who Has Taken Up Training At A Local Gym. Emily Tells Nolan That They Need To Return To The Hampton’s.
  • Emily Learns That Taqeda Was Responsible For Faux-Manda’s Return. Taqeda Told Emily That He Was “Training” Faux-Manda, To Be Her Ally.
  • Nolan And Emily Arrive At Emily’s Beach House, In The Hampton’s.
  • Nolan Tells Emily That He Sold His House.
  • Emily Remembers That Her Mother Was In A Hospital, Around The Time Of Her Supposed Death. Emily Does Some Research, And Learns That A “Phony” Investment Group Bought The Hospital, And Shut It Down, Two Days After David’s Arrest.
  • The Stowaway Gets Temporarily Shut Down By The Health Inspector, Due To Water Damage, Jack Needs To Repair The Water Damage, If He Wants To Open The Stowaway Back Up, In Time For Memorial Day.
  • Conrad Agrees To Release Daniel’s Trust Money. In Exchange, Daniel Must Invest The Trust Money, As Well As Victoria’s Share Of Grayson Global, Back Into The Company. Daniel Tells Conrad That He Will Think About The Deal.
  • Emily And Nolan Arrive At The Closed Hospital, Where Emily’s Mom Was A Patient. Nolan And Emily Begin Searching The Hospital For Emily’s Mom’s Patient File.
  • Nolan Finds The Hospital’s Visitor Log. The Log Shows That David Visited Emily’s Mom, The Week That He Was Arrested. The Log Shows That Before David’s Visit, A Woman Named Charlotte Clarke Came To Visit Emily’s Mom. Nolan And Emily Suspect That Victoria Visited Emily’s Mom, And Used The Name Charlotte Clarke, To Sign In.
  • Emily Compares The Signature From The Hospital Visitor Log, To Victoria’s Signature. The Two Samples Of Handwriting Are A Match. This Means That Victoria, Did In Fact, Visit Emily’s Mom, At The Hospital.
  •  Emily Decides That She Once Again Needs To Get Close To The Graysons, In Order To Learn The Truth About Her Mother.
  • Jack Learns That Emily Has Returned To The Hampton’s.
  • Emily Visits Charlotte, At The Rehabilitation Center.
  • The Process For Charlotte’s Release, From The Rehabilitation Center, Is Started.
  • Emily Visits Faux-Manda, Who Is 8 Months Pregnant.
  • Victoria’s Memorial Service Begins.
  • Daniel Tells Conrad That He’s Going To Leave His Trust Money Exactly Where It’s At. Ultimately, Daniel Refuses Conrad’s Offer.
  • Emily Arrives At Victoria’s Memorial Service. Emily Speaks With A Few People From Her Recent Past, Including Daniel And Ashley.
  • Jack Attempts To Repair The Water Damage, At The Stowaway.
  • Charlotte Arrives At Victoria’s Memorial Service.
  • As Part Of The Release Process, Charlotte Had To Have A Sample Of Blood Drawn, To Test For Drugs. As Charlotte Is Attending Victoria’s Memorial Service, She Is Informed That She Tested Positive For Hydrocodone. Charlotte Swears That She Hasn’t Resumed Using Drugs.
  • As Charlotte Is About To Be Returned To The Rehabilitation Center, She Publicly Accuses Conrad Of Tampering With Her Blood Sample, As Well As Being Responsible For The Explosion Of Victoria’s Plane. Charlotte Also Whispers Something In Emily’s Ear. It’s Not Revealed What Charlotte Whispered To Emily.
  • Charlotte Is Taken Back To The Rehabilitation Center.
  • Emily Arrives At A Remote Cabin, And Knocks On The Door. Victoria Answers The Door. It Seems That This Is What Charlotte Whispered To Emily.
  • Victoria Tells Emily That Conrad Must Have Charlotte’s Counselor On His Payroll. Conrad Is Trying To Keep Charlotte Locked Up In Rehab, So That He Can Gain Control Of Charlotte’s Inheritance.
  • Victoria Tells Emily That The Government Is Keeping Her Hidden, As They Build Their Case Against Conrad.
  • Charlotte’s Counselor Confiscates The Cell Phone That Charlotte Has Been Using To Keep In Touch With Victoria. Luckily, Victoria Has Been Calling The Cell Phone From A Blocked Number, So Charlotte’s Councilor Has No Idea Who Charlotte Has Been Talking To, On The Cell Phone.
  • Charlotte’s Councilor Tells Conrad About Charlotte’s Cell Phone.
  • It Is Confirmed That Conrad Has Charlotte’s Councilor, On His Payroll.
  • Emily Tells Nolan That She Needs To Get A Camera, In Victoria’s Cabin Safehouse.
  • Emily Asks Nolan To So A Deep Background Check, On Charlotte’s Councilor.
  • Jack And Emily Have A Heartfelt Conversation.
  • Emily Learns That Charlotte’s Councilor Has A History Of Corruption. Emily Tells This Information, To Victoria.
  • While At Victoria’s Cabin Safehouse, Emily Discreetly Plants A Camera, Hidden In A Decorative Clam.
  • Jack Asks Amanda Where She Went And Who She Stayed With, When She First Left The Hampton’s. It Seems That Jack Has Doubts, That The Baby Is His.
  • Faux-Manda Tells Jack That She Will Arrange For A Paternity Test To Be Done.
  • Nolan And Emily See The White Haired Man Speaking With Victoria (Via The “Clam-Cam), At Victoria’s Cabin Safehouse. Victoria Tells The White Haired Man That She Doesn’t Trust Emily. Victoria Tells The White Haired Man To “Eliminate The Liability”. It Seems That Victoria Is Working With The White Haired Man, Rather Than Working With The Government.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Destiny Has Two Ways Of Crushing Us … By Refusing Our Wishes … And By Fulfilling Them.”   – Cutscene Intro Quote.

2) “Jack And I Are In This Together, For Real.”   – Faux-Manda

3) “The Return Of The Vivacious And Elusive, Ms. Emily Thorne.”   – Conrad

4) “To Me, She Was Simply Mom.”   – Charlotte

5) “I Just Wouldn’t Want To See You Get Hurt Again.”   – Emily

6) “Are You Absolutely Sure The Baby’s Yours?”   – Emily

7) “What They Did To My Father … They Did To My Mother, Too.”   – Emily

8) “{And} Now They’re Coming For You Too.”   – Nolan

End Quote:

“Some Say That To Believe In Destiny Is To Dismiss The Role Of Free Will … That Self Determination Cannot Prevail In The Presence Of Fate … When The Truth Is, The Only Part Of Destiny That We Can Control, Is The Fate We Choose For Another.”   – Emily

Ending Song: Into The Black by Chromatics


Tonight’s Season 2 Premiere Of Revenge Was Epic, As I Expected! In Tonight’s Episode, Emily Made Her Glorious Return To The Hampton’s, In An Attempt To Learn The Truth About Her Mother. Emily Slowly Tries To Get Close With The Graysons, Once Again, To Learn Information ,Regarding Her Mother. At The Beginning Of Tonight’s Premiere, Jack’s Boat Is Shown Being Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean, With A Body Inside. However, We Do Not Learn How This Event Happened, Nor Who The Person Inside Is. I Suspect That This Event, Much Like The One From The Season 1 Premiere, Will Be Fully Shown, About Halfway Through Season 2. In Tonight’s Episode, We Learn That Charlotte & Victoria Are In Fact Alive. We Learn That Victoria Is In Hiding, And Is Working On Something, With The White Haired Man. It’s Revealed That Conrad Is Trying To Gain Control Of Daniel And Charlotte’s Inheritance. I’ve Been A Fan Of Revenge, After Watching The Series Premiere. I Find That The Show Is Able To Mix: Drama, Conspiracy Mystery, Romance, Thrill, Crime, And Many Other Categories, Into A Neatly Wrapped One Hour Time-Slot. Overall, Revenge Is A Magnificent Show, And I Would Absolutely Recommend It. Watch Revenge Live: Sunday’s At 9/8C. On ABC.

Be Sure To Remember That Revenge Is No Longer On Wednesday At 10/9C. Time-Slot. This Season, Revenge Has Moved To Sunday’s At 9/8C.

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Here’s A Look A Next Weeks Episode Of Revenge – 2×02 “Resurrection” –

Recap Previous Episodes

Revenge 2×22 “Reckoning”

Intro Quote:

“In every life there comes a day of reckoning, a time when unsettled scores demand there retribution and our own lies and transgressions are finally laid bare”- Emily Thorne

Episode Notes:

  • Emily Takes The Evidence from Daniel’s Briefcase, And The Claims That The White-Haired Man Broke in and Stole it.
  • Emily Learns That The White-Haired Man Has Kidnapped Nolan.
  • Emily Reveals  Her True identity To The White-Haired Man, And Asks For a Face-To-Face Meet.
  • Conrad Learns That The Evidence has been Stolen.
  • Emily Tells The White-Haired-Man That She has Incriminating Evidence on Him. She Then Tells The Man To Take Her To The Location of Nolan.
  • Emily Tells The Man The Location of the Evidence. Little Does He Know, The Evidence isn’t Really at that Location.
  • Emily Helps Nolan Escape The Location in Which They are Being Held. She Tells Nolan The Actual Location of The Evidence, and Tells Him To Take it To Agent Mcgowen. Emily Stays Behind.
  • Jack Returns The Pay-Off Check To Daniel.
  • Ashley Tells Daniel About Jack and Emily’s Kiss.
  • Charlotte Hires a Private Investigator To Dig Up Information On Declan’s Love interest, Jamie.
  • Nolan {Anonymously} Hands The Evidence OVer To Agent Mcgowen.
  • The Man Returns To Emily, and Learns That Nolan Has Escaped. Emily Subdues The Man, But allows Him To Live. Emily Exits The Building.
  • Daniel Confronts Emily About her and Jack’s Kiss. Emily and Daniel Ultimately End Their Relationship.
  • Victoria Learns That Conrad Contracted Someone to Kill David.
  • Daniel Tries To Persuade Victoria To Not testify. Victoria Stands By Her Decision, and Says That Nothing is Going to Change her Mind.
  • Emily Plans To Tell Jack The Truth About Everything.
  • Charlotte Sends a Link to Everyone at the school. The Link Contains Pictures Showing Jamie having a Romantic Relationship, With One Of Her Former Teachers.
  • When Emily Goes To Visit JAck At The stowaway, She Learns That Amanda Is Back, and She’s…… Pregnant.
  • Lydia and Victoria Board The Plan To Washington D.C. (So That They Can Testify.)The White-Haired Man tampers With The Plane. The Plane Ultimately Crashes, and All Of The Passengers (Including Victoria and Lydia) Are Killed. All Of The Evidence is Destroyed as well.
  • Charlotte Overdoses on Pills.
  • It’s Revealed that Emily’s Mom Is Actually Alive.

Favorite Episode Quote(s)

  1. ” Do Not Do Anything Revenge-y”   – Nolan
  2. “Amanda Clarke, you murdered my father and we unfinished business”- Emily Thorne
  3. “Its chloroform, surly you appreciate the need for secrecy”- White Haired Man
  4. “Good morning sunshine, if you came here to rescue me you might want a do over”- Nolan
  5. “Your father didn’t know what hit him did he?”- White Haired Man
  6. “Tick Tok” Emily Thorne
  7. “No im not leaving you here, you are way out matched by that crazy albino”- Nolan
  8. “Kick his ass”- Nolan
  9. “Nolan if I don’t make out of this tell Jack that I love him”- Emily Thorne
  10. “Im not here because of how my father was framed im here because of how he died” – Emily
  11. “Look at me, I wanna be the last thing you see before you die”- Emily
  12. “It appears your husband didn’t just frame David Clarke be also contracted to have him killed”- FBI
  13. “So all these months, the engagement, standing by me during the trial what was the point of all that if you just wanted to be with him? Or was my mother right, were you just pretending to love me because you wanted the Grayson name?- Daniel Grayson
  14. “The truth is im not really the person that you fell in love with and your changing too. Im watching you become everything you said you never wanted to be”- Emily
  15. I didn’t turn over anything. I was going to give it to dad but someone with a bigger ax to grind then yourself intercepted it. Now I am begging you as your son please drop this whole thing”- Daniel
  16. “Your father had David Clarke murdered!”- Victoria Grayson
  17. “Im not denying he’s done terrible things but so have you, at least he can always say it was in the interest of protecting his family”- Daniel
  18. “I have done some heinous things in my life but now I have the chance to to right a terrible wrong and nothing and nobody not even you my darling son will stand in my way”- Victoria
  19. “Because when im done with him it will make your taxi cab bounce look like a trip to Cantropy”- Victoria
  20. “Campaign does not seem appropriate especially at 9 AM”- Emily  
  21. “Campaign is always appropriate”- Nolan
  22. “I mean you got your pound of flesh Em’s. The Grayson family is more or less decimated, your fathers names about to be cleared and you got to kick the Shineolo out of Lurch”- Nolan
  23. “I know that your ordered David Clark’s murder, DO NOT DENY IT!”- Victoria
  24. “David Clark’s death was decided by people far above me. The very same people that will stop at nothing to destroy both of us if you decide to testify!” Conrad Grayson
  25. “Victoria if you board that plane it’s going to be the last thing you do”- Conrad
  26. “Then I’ll see you in hell”- Victoria
End Quotes:
Most important!
“After the Grayson’s framed your father Americon initiative handled the cover up. This goes so far past what they did to your father”- Nolan
“Let it play”- Emily Thorne


Well. I Am Not Sure How  To Explain This Thrilling Finale. I was Left Speechless. This Finale Introduced Many New Things. Now, Half of the Graysons are dead, and Emily has learned that her mother is Actually Alive. The Mysterious White Haired Man Has Eliminated Lydia and Victoria, and now He’s Just going to Drop Below The Radar. I Am Already Excited about the 2nd Season of Revenge. I Am Thinking That Season 2 Will involve Emily Tracking Down her Mother, and Once Again Confronting the White Haired Man. Watch Revenge Live: Next Fall On Sunday’s. Only On ABC.


Just WOW, WOW, WOW! Those inculding myself had doubts about how long this story of revenge could go on….and it turns out we have only just scratched the surface thus far. Everything is left in the air at the end of the finale. Bring on Season 2!


Emily & Jack- What will happen to them?

Takeda had to of played a part in fake Amanda’s pregnancy? If only to keep Emily and Jack apart for her to focus on the mission.

The empty engagement present from Victoria… what a bitch!

What role does Amanda’s mom who is still alive have in all this?!

We never see any footage of the plane going down, which leaves doubts that Victoria, a pivotal character is actually dead. Charlote I also suspect is alive and will possibly find her in the hospital in season 2.

Nolan’s final quote just about sums up where season 2 is headed:

“After the Grayson’s framed your father Americon initiative handled the cover up. This goes so far past what they did to your father”- Nolan

What did you think of the epic season 1 finale? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

Intro Quote:

“They say grief occurs in five stages. First there’s denial followed by anger then comes bargaining and depression. For Most the final stage of grief is acceptance but for me grief is a life sentence without clemency. I will never accept and I will never forgive not even after the man who killed my father lies dead at feet”- Emily Thorne

Episode Notes:

  • Amanda Begins Her Search For The White Haired Man.
  • While Watching Conrad in His Office (Via Live Video Feed) Amanda Sees The White Haired Enter Conrad’s Office.
  • Amanda Plans To Create a Reason For The White Haired Man And Conrad To Meet Again.
  • Amanda Learns That Daniel Plans To Use Their Wedding To Repair The Image Of Grayson Global.
  • Daniel Gives Jack Pay-Off Money To Keep Quiet About the Grayson’s Hiring Of Lee Moran.
  • Victoria Goes To See Conrad at his Manhattan Apart ment and Conrad Suspects That Victoria Called The Feds on him. She Denies It.
  • While Visiting Conrad’s Apartment, Victoria Discovers Lydia In The Apartment With Conrad.
  • Amanda Decides To Send Conrad a Video Of Her and Daniel Sleeping. This Will  Make Conrad Think That The White Haired Man is Spying On Daniel, Which Will Cause Conrad & The Man To Meet.
  • Amanda’s Plan Works, And Conrad Sets Up A Meet With The Man.
  • Amanda Leaves For Conrad’s Meet But Is interrupted by Daniel And Ashley. (Who Are Planning The Wedding.)
  • Amanda Tells Nolan To Go To The Meet.
  • Victoria Tells Lydia That She Is Turning Conrad into The FEDS In Exchange for Immunity. Victoria Tells Lydia That she Has Asked The FEDS To Do The Same For Her. (Will Lydia Accept The Offer?)
  • Victoria Destroys a Forged Painting That She commissioned and Passed On To Conrad. Inside Of The Painting Is incriminating Evidence Of Conrad’s involvement In The Plane Crash.
  • Nolan Arrives at The Meet, and Afterwards Follows The Man To His House.
  • Nolan Texts Amanda The Man’s Address.
  • Amanda Arrives At The Address But Learns That Nolan Gave Her The Wrong Address. Nolan’s Aunt Is At The House, and Tries To Convince Amanda To Let The Grayson Situation Go.
  • Nolan Goes Inside  of  The Man’s House, Posing as a Cable Installer. He “Fixes” The Man’s receiver. (He Puts a Camera In The receiver)
  • Conrad Arrives Home and learns That Victoria Took The Incriminating Evidence.
  • Amanda Arrives Home and Discovers Sammy. He Appears To Be Injured.
  • The Grayson’s Engage in A Family Therapy Session.
  • Sammy Passes Away, and Amanda/Jack Bury Him.
  • After The Death Of Sammy,  Amanda and Jack Share a Kiss. Ashley Witnesses This Kiss.
  • Victoria Hands The Evidence Over to Daniel, Because If She Gives it to The FEDS, Her and Daniel’s Relationship Would Be Over.
  • While Watching The Live Feed From Inside Of The Man’s House, Nolan Notices that the Time On The Live Feed Is Wrong. Nolan Is  Then Attacked By The Man.
Favorite Quotes:
“You look like a demonic succubus”- Conrad Grayson
“You don’t know what I am or what im capable of”- Emily Thorne
End Quote:
“They say grief occurs in five stages. First there’s denial followed by anger then comes bargaining, depression and acceptance but grief is a merciless monster. Just when you think your free you realize you never stood a chance”- Emily Thorne

Final Thoughts:

What an eyes glued to the tv episode. Emily Thorne  is very scary at times.  When Emily and Jack were sharing there moment with Sammy I was just screaming at the tv “Tell him everything!!” but that didn’t happen yet.

Tune in May 23rd 10/9c on ABC for the Epic Season Finale