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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • The Rebel Skitters, Along With Ben, Enter Charleston. Tom Is Able To Convince Bressler And His Men Not To Shoot The Skitters.
  • The Red-Eyed Skitter Begins Speaking, He Uses Ben As A Medium. The Skitter Reveals That The Overlord That The 2nd Mass Captured A Few Weeks Ago, Oversees The Aliens’ Military Operations. The 2nd Mass Had No Idea That The Overlord Was That Important.
  • It’s Revealed That If The Overlord Is Killed, The Alien Military Would Be Complete Lost, And Non-Functional.
  • The Skitter Reveals That Some Sort Of Weapon Is Being Constructed At A Location 500 Miles From Charleston. The Skitter Says That The Overlord Will Be There In 3 Days To Inspect The Progress.
  • It’s Revealed That The Skitter Obtains This Vital Information, When The Overlords Control The Skitter Via It’s Harness. Apparently, When The Skitters Are Controlled Via Their Harnesses, They Are Able To Look Into/Read The Overlords’ Minds.
  • The Skitter Says That He And The Other Rebel Skitters Can’t Enter The Area Where The Weapon Is Being Constructed, Because They Would Be Detected, Due To Their Harnesses.
  • Ben And The Rebel Skitters Go To The Outskirts Of The City, To Await Bressler’s Decision. Wither Bressler Will Agree To Attempt A Mission Aimed At Killing The Overlord And Destroying The Weapon, Or He Will Strike Down The Idea Completely.
  • Bressler Says That His Men Aren’t Going To Attempt The Mission, Because It’s Too Risky. However, Weaver Convinces Bressler To Let The 2nd Mass Attempt The Mission.
  • Bressler {Discreetly} Orders His Men To Kill All Of The Rebel Skitters. The 2nd Mass Knows Nothing Of This Secret Order.
  • Hal Goes Out Looking For Ben. Hal Finds Ben And The Rebel Skitters Camped Out At The Bridge That Enters Charleston. Hal Tells Ben, That He And Tom Need Him Back. Ben Says That He Belongs With The Rebel Skitters Now.
  • Hal Leaves The Rebel Skitter Camp, And Returns To Charleston.
  • It’s Revealed That Anne Is Pregnant. She Plans To Tell Tom About Her Pregnancy, After The Upcoming Mission Is Completed.
  • Arthur Is Released From Lock-Up, And Placed Under “House Arrest”, In His Office.
  • Ben Rushes Into Charleston, And Says That The Rebel Camp Was Attacked.
  • Everyone Heads To The Camp, To See What Happened. Most Of The Skitters (And De-Harnessed Children) Were Killed. Only The Red-Eyed Skitter, And A Few Others Escaped. The Attackers Were Human. This Was Possibly The Work Of Bressler And His Men.
  • Bressler Acts As If He Knows Nothing About The Attackers.
  • Bressler Says That He Is Cancelling The Upcoming Mission.
  • Weaver And The 2nd Mass Plan To Go On The Mission Anyway. They Tell This To Bressler, And He Ultimately Gives Them Permission To Carry-Out The Mission.
  • Ben  Reveals That If The Aliens Weapon Is Completed, It Will Wipe Out Everything. This Means That The 2nd Mass’s Mission Needs To Be Successful.
  • The 2nd Mass Heads Out To Begin Their Mission.
  • The 2nd Mass Arrives At The Weapon’s Construction Site. They Begin Making Their Way Through An Underground Tunnel, Which Leads To An Underground Facility, That Is Directly Below The Weapon. This Is Also Where The Base Of The Weapon Is Located. The 2nd Mass Plans To Plant C-4 All Around The Base Of The Weapon, Blow The Charges, And Ultimately Destroy The Weapon.
  • The 2nd Mass Begins Planting Their Charges, But Are Interrupted When Enemy Skitters Arrive At The Underground Facility. A Shoot-Out Begins.
  • In The Midst Of The Shoot-Out, Dai Is Killed.
  • Karen, Enters The Room, And The 2nd Mass Becomes Out-Numbered.
  • Tom, And The 2nd Mass Are Captured, And Restrained.
  • Karen Begins Speaking To Tom, And Demands To Know How He And The 2nd Mass Found Out About The Weapon Construction Site.
  • Karen Begins Torturing The 2nd Mass Members, With A Taser Like Weapon, In An Attempt To Get The Information, That She Wants To Know.
  • Karen Moves To Anne, To Begin Using The Taser Her, But Karen Then Announces That Anne Is Pregnant With Tom’s Baby.
  • Just Before Karen Begins Using The Taser On Anne, The Rebel Skitters Arrive At The Underground Facility And Free The 2nd Mass From Their Restraints.
  • Tom Is Able To Gain The Upper-Hand, And He Kills The Overlord. Karen Flees The Scene.
  • While Rescuing The 2nd Mass, The Red-Eyed Skitter Was Injured, And Ultimately Dies.
  • The 2nd Mass Finishes Planting Their C-4 Charges, And Blows The Charges. The Weapon That The Aliens Were Constructing, Is Destroyed Completely, By The C-4 Explosion.
  • The 2nd Mass Arrives Back At Charleston. Their Mission Was Succesful.
  • Ben Also Returns To Charleston, With The 2nd Mass. He Plans To Stay With The 2nd Mass, Permanently.
  • Hal Is Brought To The Medical Department. Apparently He Was Injured During The Mission. Hal Is Unconscious, And May Have Suffered A Concussion.
  • Tom Talks With Anne About Her Pregnancy, And the Future Of Their Child.
  • Hal Awakens, And Goes To The Mirror, In The Room That He Is In. An Implant (Much Like The One That Was Found In Tom’s Eye, A While Back) Is Shown Crawling Out Of Hal’s Eye, And Then Crawling Into His Ear.
  • Bressler Restores Civil Government To Charleston, Under The Condition That Arthur Is No Longer The Majority Leader.
  • Tom Reveals to Arthur, That After Hal Recovers/Heals, He And The 2nd Mass Plan To Move On From Charleston, In Order To Keep Fighting The Aliens.
  • The Charleston Facility Begins Trembling And Rumbling, And Everyone Heads Outside To See What’s Going On. When Everyone Arrives Outside, They See A Thunder Storm Like Occurrence, Followed By A Loud Screeching Sound. Then, Thousands Of Spacecraft Like Vehicles Land On The Ground.
  • One Of The Spacecraft Like Vehicles Lands Right In Front Of Everyone, And A Human Like Creature Casually Steps Out Of The Spacecraft Like Vehicle. It’s Not Clear If The Creature Is An Ally Or An Enemy, As The Episode Abruptly Ends.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “We’ve Come A Long Way, You And I.”     – Weaver

2) “I Can’t Tell You How Proud I Am Of The 2nd Mass.”   – Porter

3) “You’re Just An Irritant To Him.”    – Karen

4) “Roger That, Dad.”    – Matt

5) “Well, Somebody’s Gotta Survive This War.”    – Weaver

6) “I Don’t Want You To Die, Papa Bear.”    – Jeanne


First Off, I Would Like To Say That I Am Glad That Falling Skies Has Officially Been Renewed For A Third Season, Which Will Air Next Summer. Tonight’s Finale Of Falling Skies Was Mind Blowing! In Tonight’s Finale, The 2nd Mass Carried Out A Mission To Destroy A Deadly And Highly Destructive Weapon That The Aliens Were Constructing. The 2nd Mass Also Planned To Kill The Overlord That They Previously Captured, After Learning That The Overlord Ran The Alien Military Operations. The 2nd Mass’s Mission Was Successful, But At The End Of The Episode A Mysterious Human Like Alien Landed. The Alien Looked Almost Like Master Chief From The Video Game Franchise: Halo. It Is Hinted That Tom May Have Had A Previous Encounter With This Alien, But It’s Not Clear If The Alien Is An Ally Or An Enemy. Hopefully For The Second Mass, The Alien Is An Ally, As Thousands Of Other Aliens Just Like Him Landed, As Well. Falling Skies Has Manged To Build An Exponentially Great Fan base, Which Includes Myself, As Well. I’ve Been A Fan Of The Show Since It Premiered, Last Summer, And I Truly Am Excited For What Season 3 Of Falling Skies Has In Store. Overall, I Would Highly Suggest That You Catch On The First Two Seasons Of Falling Skies, And Be Ready For The Third Season, When It Airs, Next Summer.

~ Scott R.

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