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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Mech Fire And Explosions Break Out 1 Click From The 2nd Mass’s Camp. Weaver Thinks That Another Resistance Group May Be Under Attack, So He Sends Tom And A Small Team Out To See What’s Going On.
  • Tom And His Team Arrive At The Location Of The Gunfire, And They Find Dead Mechs/Skitters Scattered On The Ground. It Seems That No Humans Were Involved In The Battle, But Rather, The Mechs Were Killed By Mech Gunshots. (Could The Mechs Be Shooting Each Other, And If So, Why?)
  • Weaver, Hal, And Maggie, Meet Up With Tom And His Team, At The Mech/Skitter Battle Site. They All Begin Searching For Humans And Useful Items.
  • While Searching The Location Of The Dead Mechs/Skitters, The 2nd Mass Finds Rick unconscious, underneath A Dead Skitter.
  • Rick Is Brought Back To Camp, And Placed Under Anne’s Care. He Is Still unconscious.
  • Weaver’s Injured Leg Begins To Look Rank, And Infected.
  • Ben Is Nowhere To Be Found. Hal Tells Tom About Ben’s Spikes Glowing.
  • Rick Awakens, And He Seems Disoriented. Rick Says That Ben Was With Him, And He’s Now Injured. Rick Says That He Can Show Tom Where Ben’s At.
  • Rick Begins Leading Tom, Weaver, And A Few Other 2nd Mass. Members To Ben’s Location. Rick’s Spikes Glow, As He Makes His Way To The Location.
  • Rick Leads The Team To Ben. Ben Is With The Red-Eyed Skitter, And It’s REvealed That The Skitter Is Injured, Not Ben. Ben Tells The Group That The Skitter Needs Medical Treatment. It’s Also revealed That The Red-Eyed Skitter Was On The Alien Ship With Tom. The Skitter Uses Rick As A Medium And Tells Tom That They’re Both Facing The Same Enemy, “The Overlords”. The Skitter Then Collapses Due To It’s Injuries, Causing Rick To Collapse As Well.
  • Tom Thinks That The Skitter Can Provide Useful Information, So He Convinces Weaver To Allow Him To Take The Skitter Back To Camp, As A Prisoner.
  • Hal, Maggie, And Two Other 2nd Mass Members Head Out To Scout For Pharmacies And Hospitals. Apparently, Anne Is Low On Medical Tools/Supplies.
  • Weaver And The Team Arrives Back At Camp, With The Skitter.
  • Ben Reveals To Tom That He Has Been Communicating With The Skitters, Since Jimmy Died. Ben Says That His Spikes Began Glowing Around The Same Time.
  • Ben Says That Some Of The Skitters Have Been Able To Resist The Effects Of Their harnesses, And Resist Their “Overlords”. Apparently, The Skitters Have Been Rebelling Against Their “Overlords”  For A While. Ben Says That The Skitters Want To Team Up With The Humans, To Destroy The “Overlords”.
  • Weaver Begins Questioning The Skitter (Who Is Using Rick As A Medium, To Communicate). The Skitter Tells Weaver That He Wishes To Talk To Tom Alone.
  • The Skitter Tells Tom That There’s not Much Time To Talk. Apparently, A Death Squad Is Coming To Kill The Skitter, And Everyone In The Camp.
  • Hal And The Team Arrive At The Hospital, And Discover A Stockpile Of Medication.
  • Maggie Reveals To Hal That She Had Cancerous Brain Tumors. (Previously, Maggie Was Vague About What Type Of Cancer She Had).
  • Maggie And Hal Share A Passionate Kiss. An Awkward Tension Follows The Kiss.
  • The Skitter Tells Tom That The “Overlords” Invaded Their Planet, And Harnessed Them, Just Like What The “Overlords” Have Done To Earth, And Humans.
  • The Skitter Tells Tom That The Skitters And Humans Can Team Up And Prevail, Or The Humans Can Fight Alone, And Die.
  • Maggie Tells Hal That They Can’t Have A Romantic Relationship.
  • Hal And The Scouting Team Move Out From The Hospital, And Begin Making Their Way Back To Camp.
  • As  Hal And The Scouting Team Gets Near Camp, They Begin Getting Fired At By The Alien Death Squad. They Are Able To Escape From The Death Squad, And Make It Back To Camp. Maggie Is Injured From The Attack.
  • Weaver Thinks That The Skitter Purposely Led The Death Squad To Them, So He Orders The Skitter To Be Killed. Ben, Tom, And Rick Try To Explain The Situation To Weaver, But He Doesn’t Listen. The Skitter Breaks Free From It’s Cage, To Avoid Being Killed. Tector Begins Firing At The Skitter. Rick Jumps In Front Of Tector, To Save The Skitter, And He Gets Shot. Rick Ultimately Dies.
  • Maggie Is Handed Over To Anne, For Treatment.
  • Maggie’s Wounds Are Treated, And She Is Expected To Make A Full Recovery.
  • Maggie And Hal Slowly Begin To Open Up To Each Other, And Reveal Their True Feelings For Each Other.
  • Anne Continues To Treat Weaver’s Injured Leg.
  • Weaver Tells Tom That He’s Worried That Ben May Pose A Risk/Threat To The 2nd Mass.
  • Anne’s Supplies Are Given To Her. She Finally Has The Tools And Medicines That She Needs.
  • The Camp Is ReLocated To The Hospital, Where Hal And The Scouting Team Found The Medical Supplies. The 2nd Mass. Successfully Gets The Back Up Power Going, In The Hospital.
  • Ben Reveals To Matt That He Will Be Going Away For Awhile. He Tells Matt To Keep It A Secret.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I’m Keeping An Eye On My Partner.”   – Hal

2) “I’m Worried About Ben.”    – Weaver

3) “I’ve Come To Respect You”     – Weaver



Tonight’s Episode Of Falling Skies Was Thrilling! Tonight’s Episode Presented Many New Questions And Mysteries, Such As Ben’s Future, And Evidence That Shows That The Skitters May Be In The Same Situation As The Humans. I’m Really Curious To See What Happens In This Season, And I’m Surprised That It Hasn’t Been Renewed For A 3rd Season (Yet). Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Falling Skies. Watch Falling Skies Live: Sunday’s At 9/8C. On TNT


~ Scott R.