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(Notes Highlighted In Red Are Details That May Have A Somewhat Significant Role, In Next Week’s Episode)

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • The 2nd Mass Arrives At Their New Safe Haven. The Community Is In An Underground Mall Like Structure. Everything Topside Was Destroyed, But The Underground Structure Wasn’t Damaged, Whatsoever.
  • The 2nd Mass Begins To Get Settled In Charleston.
  • Weaver Finds Jeanne, In Charleston. Apparently She Was Able To Get There, As Well.
  • Tom Finds Arthur Manchester In Charleston. Apparently, Arthur Was Tom’s Mentor. Tom Regularly Attended Arthur’s Lecture, At The University.
  • Apparently, Arthur Is The Leader/President Of Charleston.
  • Weaver Learns That Arthur Makes The Decisions For Charleston’s Military, Along With Making Civil Decisions.
  • The 2nd Mass Is Ordered To Relinquish Their Weapons. Apparently, All Of The Weapons Are Stored In A Central Area, And Issued, When Needed. Weaver Agrees To Follow The Order, And The 2nd Mass Relinquishes Their Weapons.
  • Tom Begins Speaking With Arthur. Tom Tells Arthur About The Skitter Rebellion, And Says That They May Need To Team Up With The Rouge Skitters. Arthur Dismisses The Idea Completely.
  • Arthur Tells Tom That There Is A Referendum Vote The Following Day. The Vote Is To Determine If Arthur Is Still A Capable Leader. Arthur Asks Tom To Support Him In The Vote. Tom Agrees To Do So.
  • Jeanne Tells Weaver That She, Diego, And The Rest Of Their Group Were Attacked By Skitters, And Had To Scatter. Jeanne Says That They All Escaped, But Diego And The Rest Of The Group Never Showed Up At The Rendezvous Point. Jeanne Says That She Asked Arthur To Send Out A Search Party, But He Refused. Jeanne Plans To Bring This Subject Up, At The Vote.
  • Anne Begins Working In the Medical Department. Oddly, She Gets Assigned To Pediatrics, Even Though She’s Become A Combat Medic, Due To Her Experience With The 2nd Mass.
  • Tector Begins Embracing His Military Background.
  • Matt Gets Into A Fight With A Kid That Was Talking Trash About The 2nd Mass. Apparently, Matt Threw The First Punch.
  • Pope, Lyle, And Crazy Lee Break Into The Artillery, To Steal A Few Weapons, And Leave Charleston. Maggie Pulls A Gun On Pope And His Crew, And Tells Them To Put The Weapons Back. As Maggie Has Pope And His Crew At Gunpoint, Two Guards Arrive. One Of The Guards Shoots Lyle. Maggie, Pope And Crazy Lee Are Sent To Lock-Up. Lyle Is Taken To The Medical Department, For Treatment.
  • The Vote Begins.
  • Jeanne Presents Her Speech At The Vote. She Says That The Humans Need To Go On The Offense, And Fight The Aliens, Rather Than Hiding From Them.
  • Tom Is Called Up To Give His Speech. Tom Also Says That The Humans Need To Go On The Offense, And Fight Back Against The Aliens.
  • A De-Harnessed Boy Is Found At The City’s Perimeter. He Says That He Has A Message For Tom. The Boy Is Brought In, To Speak With Tom.
  • The Boy Says That There’s Been A Development With The Overlords. The Boy Says He Was Sent By The Red-Eyed Skitter. The Boy Says That The Skitter Is Nearby, And Wishes To Speak With Tom.
  • Arthur Orders That The Boy Be Put In Lock-Up, And The Perimeter Secured. Arthur Refuses To Let Tom Meet With The Skitter.
  • Arthur Learns That Ben Is A Part Of The Skitter Rebellion.
  • Pope Is Brought In To Speak With Arthur. Arthur Offers Pope A Deal. The Deal Is, If Pop Provides Arthur With “Dirt” On Tom, Arthur Will Release Pope From Lock-Up. Pope Refuses The Deal.
  • Hal Busts Maggie Out Of Lock-Up. He, Tom, Weaver, And A Few Other 2nd Mass Members Plan To {Secretly} Meet With The Red-Eyed Skitter.
  • Just As The 2nd Mass Is About To Head Out, General Bressler And His Men Arrest Them. Apparently, Bressler Did This Under Arthur’s Orders.
  • Arthur Has Every Member Of The 2nd Mass Detained.
  • Somehow, Arthur Knows About Weaver’s Leg, And Tom’s Implant. Arthur Claims That Certain 2nd Mass Members Told Him The Information. Tom Suspects That Arthur Threatened The 2nd Mass Members, In Order To Get The Information.
  • General Bressler And His Men Overthrow Arthur, And Put The Colony Under Martial Law. Bressler Releases All Of The 2nd Mass Members From Lockup, Puts Arthur In Lock-Up, And Gives Tom Permission To Meet With The Red-Eyed Skitter.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Looks Like Your Reputation Proceeds You, Folks.”    – Porter



Tonight’s Episode Of Falling Skies Was Thrilling! The 2nd Mass Has Finally Made It To Charleston, But It Seems That It May Not Be What They Expected. The Leader Of The Colony Is Tom’s Former Mentor, But It Seems That Since The Invasion, He Has Drastically Changed (And Not For The Better). I Really Enjoyed Tonight’s Episode, As Many New Mysteries Were Presented, Such As: What Are Arthur Manchester’s True Intentions? Tonight’s Episode Is What The Entire Season (And Series) Has Been Building Up To. I’ve Been A Fan Of The Show Since The Series Premiered, And I Can’t Wait For This Sunday’s Season Finale!

Be Sure To Catch The Season Finale Of Falling Skies: This Sunday At 9/8C. Only On TNT.


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