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As NBC’s premiere of “Revolution” approaches lets a take a look back at past mystery/scifi series and break down why they failed or weren’t long term rating successes.

First off any series in the category or even just the drama category can’t last forever. Theses shows need to come to a conclusion before the creative runs out along with the viewers. I would say shows that last 4-5 seasons as had a solid run. As is proven theses types of show depend on you seeing all the episodes and with that said from premiere to end date they experience continually ratings declines and seldom grow over their run.

This is why networks won’t chance renewing  a new series in this category with mediocre rating as the past has proven they will continue to decline.

Heroes 2006-2010 (Monday’s 9/8c)

Airing on the very competitive Monday night the show performed strong for 3 of its 4 years. Its a show that would I would deem successful though most won’t as the story lost its edge over the course of the series.


ABC’s FlashForward 2009-2010 (Thursday’s 8/7c)

Compelling premise which lead to a very strong start on very competitive time slot while other networks focused on comedy’s for their Thursday lineup. The show struggled to find its footing as it went about having episodes focusing on a certain character and the audience didn’t have the patience for it. Those that suck around found all the little details were adding to the larger plot, but by then it was too late.


FOX’s Terra Nova 

Airing in the competitive Monday slot the very expensive show didn’t fall drastically but well lower then what FOX needed for them to make it worth renewing. Mediocre means canceled for these types of shows which was unfortunately the case for Terra Nova.


NBC’s The Event 2010-2011 (Monday’s 9/8c)

Strong right out of the gate but by episode three rating had fallen drastically. The show used a series of flashbacks spanning 66 years to tell the story which led the viewers to need to pay close attention to understand what was going on. After a mid season hiatus and attempts to relaunch the show it premiered without the all the flashbacks but it was too late as nearly half the viewers had abandoned the show.


ABC’s Missing (Thursday’s 8/7c)

ABC’s second try on a series that would only get ten episodes a season instead of the regular twenty two in an effort to keep creative high (No filler episodes). Cable networks have done this well but not broadcast networks. The series already facing the dreaded time slot left critic’s and viewers wondering how long a show about a mom trying to find her son could last. The show never found its footing.


AMC’s The Killing 2011-2012 (Sunday’s at 9/8c)

The prime example of having a strong show but having the network mismanage viewer expectations. The show was always intended to be a two season murder investigation but AMC’s promotions hinted it would be solved by the end of season one. The show never recovered its ratings drop in season two and was canceled.


Episode Notes:

Casting Notes (Pilot): Michael Ealy (FlashForward),  Sonya Walger (FlashForward), Mercedes Masohn (The Finder), Brad Beyer (Jericho), Alicia Coppola (Jericho).



  • Travis and Wes Go To A Couple’s Therapy Session.
  • It’s revealed That Travis and Wes Aren’t Gay, But Instead They’re Police Partners.
  • Travis And Wes Go To a Crime Scene At a Local Park. A Body Was Discovered At That Location.
  • The Body In The Park is A White John Doe. Wes Suspects that The Man Wasn’t Killed At The Scene.
  • Wes And Travis Notice That the Man Is Missing His Shoes. They Then See a Man Wearing Expensive Shoes, Tha Most likely Belong To The Victim.
  • Wes and Travis Engage in a Foot Pursuit, With the Suspect Wearing the Victim’s shoes.
  • Travis and Wes Catch The Suspect. The Man Says that He stole The Shoes, But The Man Was Already Dead.
  • It’s revealed That The Man’s Name Is Tobey; He is Also The Son Of a Federal Judge.
  • It’s Revealed That the Murder Weapon was a scout Knife, These Knives Were Awarded to The Highest Achieving Scouts.
  • The Prints On The Knife Get No Results.
  • Wes And Travis Go To See Tobey’s Brother (Zach) And The Two’s Father. Wes and Travis Begin to Question Tobey’s Father, But Zach is Nowhere To be Found.
  • It’s Revealed That Tobey Was Living In A Sober House. (He was Addicted to Heroin.)
  • It’s revealed That Zach Was a Scout. (Could he Be the Killer?)
  • Tobey’s Dad Says That on The Night of The Murder, Zach Was At Home Doing Extra Homework. (Zach is Dyslexic.)
  • Travis and Wes Go To The Sober House Where Tobey Was Living.
  • Travis and Wes Search Tobey’s Room At the sober house. While At The Sober House, Travis and Wes Run Into A Girl Named Gretchen. Gretchen Was Tobey’s Ex-Girlfriend, and She Says That Zach Is The Murderer.
  • Zach Is Found On A Rooftop. Apparently He is Planning to Jump from the Roof And Commit Suicide.
  • Wes Tries To Talk Zach Down From The Ledge.
  • Zach Tells Wes That Before The Murder, Tobey Said That If Zach Didn’t Give him Money, Then He Would Be Killed By His Dealer. Zach Also Said That The Knife did Belong to Him, But that he gave it to Tobey.
  • Wes and Travis Successfully Stop Zach From jumping.
  • Travis and Wes Obtain Tobey’s Phone Records.
  • It’s Revealed That Tobey Called A Person Named Dominic Santori Multiple Times.
  • Travis And Wes Learn Tha Dominic Is A Suspected Heroin Smuggler. He Also Owns a High End Car Dealership.
  • Travis and Wes Visit Dominic At His Dealership.
  • Travis and Wes Discover Drugs Stashed In One Of The Cars At Dominic’s Dealership.
  • Dominic Tells Travis and Wes That he Wasn’t In Town On The Night Of The Murder, But That He did Loan Tobey $5,000. He Said Tobey Kept Looking Back At The Vehicle That He Arrived In. Dominic Said That there was someone Else inside of the Vehicle That Tobey Drove To The dealership. The Car was a 69′ Chevelle.
  • Travis and Wes Go To An Auto-Repair-Shop to See if Anyone Has seen The Chevelle.
  • Travis and Wes Learn The License Plate Number of the 69′ Chevelle.
  • Travis And Wes Locate The Chevelle at Tobey’s Girlfriend’s house. Tobey’s Girlfriend Says That She Was The Passenger On The Day That Tobey Visited Dominic. She Says That Tobey Didn’t use any of the money to By Drugs, Instead He Gave it to Her To Use For The Expenses Of  Their infant Child.
  • Wes tells His Ex (Alex)  About Tobey’s Case. He Also Tells Her That He’s Going To Couple’s Therapy With Travis.
  • It’s Revealed That Wes Was Once a Lawyer.
  • Travis and Wes Learn That Toby Had Heroin In His System, On The Day Of His Death. However, Tobey Injected the Drug Into His Neck, Most Users Inject Heroin Into Their Arm. (Could he have been Forcibly Injected?)
  • Someone Leaks Details Of the Case To The Press.
  • Travis Swears That He’s Not The Person Who Leaked Details Of The Case, To The Press.
  • Wes Learns That Tobey Was Dyslexic, and that the disconnected number that he dialed was one that wasn’t on speed-Dial. Therefore, He Dialed The Wrong Number Due To His Dyslexia.
  • Wes and Travis Learn That Brady (A Fellow Detective) Was The Leak.
  • Wes and Travis Learn That The Number Tobey Was Trying To Call, Was The Sober House’s Head Of Security’s Number. He Was Trying to Report That Someone on The premises Was Using Drugs.
  • Travis And Wes Learn that Vince (The Owner Of The Sober House) Was The Person Who Was Using Drugs. Vince is Arrested.
  • Travis And Wes Solve The Case, And Provide their Evidence To The D.A.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1)  “Why Do They Get To Leave”  –  Member of Couple’s Therapy

2) “Mike, You Used To Eat Nails For Breakfast. What Happened To You?”   – Laura (D.A.)

3) “Admit You Dinged The Car door.”   – Wes

4) “Do You Even Know You’re Obsessive Compulsive?”  – Travis


The Series Premiere of Common Law Really Grabbed My Attention. This Off-Beat Comedy About The Dysfunctional Relationship of Two Detectives, really Kept Me Entertained. This Show Has Serious Points In The Story, As Well As Humorous Aspects. Tonight Was The Premiere, But It Felt Like I’ve Been Watching This Show For Months (Which Is A Good thing). I Look Forward To This Season Of Common Law. I Would Definitely Recommend This Show. Watch Common Law Live: Friday’s at 10/9C. On USA.


The promo got me to watch and I felt it took some time to get its grove but once it did I thoroughly enjoyed it. The buddy cop comedy is reason enough to watch the show but it also does tackle cases along with it. I will defiantly be tuning in next week to see where the show is going.

Premiering Friday May 11th at 10/9c on USA

About the Show

The series follows two Los Angeles Police Department homicide detectives, Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell, who can’t stand each other. The constant bickering between the two partners prompts their commanding officer, Captain Phil Sutton, to send them to a couples therapist, Dr. Elyse Ryan, in hopes of resolving the situation.




Premiering Friday May 11th at 10/9c on USA

Favorite Canceled Show? (Poll)

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This one you can vote for multiple shows as many times as you want. We CAN have ties on this one.

Serialized Shows VS The Ratings

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Lets get started….

I wanted to make this post to show what serialized shows are and why most often they fail quickly.

Serialized shows are most rewarding to the fans who stick around till the end since there is greater connection with the show and often get a rewarding conclusion for sticking around.

What is a “Serialized” show

A series of television programs that rely on a continuing plot that unfolds in a sequential episode by episode fashion. Serials typically follow main story arcs that span entire television seasons or even the full run of the series, which distinguishes them from traditional episodic television that relies on more stand-alone episodes.

Serials rely on keeping the full nature of the story hidden and revealing elements episode by episode to keep viewers tuning in to learn more. Often these shows employ recapping segments at the beginning and cliffhangers at the end of each episode. Such shows also place a demand on viewers to tune in to every episode to follow the plot

Serials are typically contrasted with procedural drama which rely on a more stand-alone, often referred to as “case-of-the-week”, format.


ALL serialized show fall in the ratings, even LOST did. As the stories get more and more complex often viewers begin to tune out. The best may experience a brief ratings uptick in their 2nd season but the trend is almost always down. That is why new shows that fall in ratings and don’t stabilize at an acceptable level are almost always canceled since there is little history to show it will grow.


One of my favorite shows. It was ABC try at replacing the ending LOST and yes they gave the show everything they got. Millions on spent marking the show it premiered to very high numbers but that didn’t last long. As the show was approaching it mid-season hiatus ABC tried to reboot the show by releasing the first half on DVD, doing recap shows and spending even more to market the show. I returned to series lows.

The Event:

NBC’s shot at the LOST audience The Event it fell even quicker then FlashForward.

(Click image to make larger)



NBC’s shot at an action/comedy/drama became the little show that could. Chuck never had impressive numbers but they were never awful either. During the first season run the writers strike accrued and only 13 of 22 episodes were filmed. So NBC renewed it for a 2nd season which briefly improved on season one’s numbers only to fall back into cancellation territory. The fans stepped up and the show made it for 5 seasons!


Is the perfect and unfortunate example of why shows with falling ratings are not brought back. After a massive cliffhanger fans campaigned and got their show back with just 7 episodes to close the story. Those episodes were series low ratings.

(Chart coming soon)

Also working on one for Terra Nova