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Quick and Dirty Catch Up.

  *Over the last few weeks I have been plagued by internet issues and health issues so I have not been keeping up with my writing as much as I normally would, for that I am sorry. It does however mean that I got sucked into a bunch more shows in my time of bored confinement. Winter is coming and I have to say I am looking forward to it. To keep this brief and to cover everything I want to cover, I will keep it to short, random thoughts about each episode and show, quick and dirty style.


Sons of Anarchy.                FX 10pm on Tuesday

Big changes in the club this season, everyone’s lives are being turned upside down and many are coming to an end as well. With Jax at the head of the table, not everyone is happy about it so as always there is big trouble in little Charming. Gemma is not handling the events of last season very well and seems to be on an unending bender, introducing us to a Latino pimp played by Jimmy Smitts and his escort service.

Survivor.                 CBS 8pm on Wednesday

Lots of rain and people behaving badly as usual and the chick I was rooting for was taken out for medical reasons. The child star and the baseball player are still there and so are two of the returning players and some more rain.

Nashville.                     ABC 10pm on Wednesday

This show surprised me in so many ways, first off because I don’t really like country music, I don’t really like soap operas and I don’t really think characters glorifying shallow, pretentious girls is a very positive message to send, the world is what it is though. So, the Queen of country music starts freaking out about a rising young starlet and her own declining record sales. While they are focused on destroying each other and fighting over the handsome charming guitar singer, a cute little waitress and her friend who runs the soundboard at the local bar do one song at an open mike night and are lucky enough to have a very special guest in the audience, a guest who is going to change everyone’s lives sooner or later. If this show is good enough to keep someone like me watching, it really must have something really special going for it, so I think any fan of that style of music will fall in love.

American Horror Story.              FX 10pm on Wednesdays

Season two takes us from the house in LA to an asylum somewhere in Massachusetts in the 60’s where most of the patients are not even half as crazy as the people who run the place. Right from the start AHS lives up to what the fans would expect with all the madness, violence, sex and perverse humor that made season one such a hit. Many faces are back again but in very different roles and there are many new faces who have already brought a deeper level of evil to this new season, this is becoming one of my favorites.


*This takes us to Sunday nights, the best night of the week.


Once Upon a Time.                     ABC 8pm on Sundays

Magic, magic, and more magic. The evil queen’s evil mom and a handsome Captain Hook. Ummm, yeah.

Revenge.                     ABC 9pm on Sundays

Another guilty pleasure, more rich people behaving badly but the twists and turns the show takes can be fun. It is one you kind of have to watch from the beginning but it is well worth it. Emily Thorne is a smart, wealthy, and somewhat sociopathic girl who has had a really, really rough life. She finds out that all her troubles were because of this one rich family so she goes after them and digs up more and more of the mystery as she goes. I wouldn’t say this is worth missing Dexter for but it is definitely worth keeping up with online or on demand, however you prefer.

666 Park Avenue.                     ABC 10pm on Sundays

What I have gotten out of it so far is that Terry O’Quinn (John Locke/ Smoke monster from Lost) runs the Hotel California (but in New York) with his wife, Vanessa Williams. It follows a young couple as they move in and get to know all the other strange residents while strange things happen around them. A writer is being stalked by a hot blonde and there is a strange room in the basement. I have really been enjoying this show, having been a huge Lost fan but I have a hard time waiting for stories to unfold so I got the book (By  Gabriella Pierce) and when I write about this next week I will have a better idea of what is going on with this. I promise not to spoil it for anyone though.

Dexter.                            Showtime 9pm on Sundays

For being a neat monster, our dear, demented Dexter has found himself cornered in a way he never has been before and he is not handling the pressures very well. Now that his secrets are out, life has gotten complicated for the dark defender. Deb is watching his every move and doing everything in her power to keep him away from bloody crime scenes while at work, LaGuerta has the blood slide and even the Russian mob is sniffing his trail. Granted, one problem solved another for Dexter but that still leaves a lot of problems still to be dealt with. None if this stops Dexter’s dastardly deeds and fans are left on the edge of their seats wondering how it will all play out, will Dexter go on, living by the code or will he be taken down by his own department, his own sister and all the other people he has grown close to over the years? We will just have to wait and see.

Homeland.                     Showtime 10pm on Sundays

If I had a website dedicated to this show, I still could not say enough good things about it. This season has been a roller coaster ride and we are only a few episodes in. While on a mission in Beirut and while losing her mind again, Carrie accidentally finds the missing video of Brodie before his failed assassination of the Vice President and Saul finds it, bringing it to the CIA after finally vindicating Carrie and telling her she was right all along. Even though Saul brings it to the attention of his government, he also manages to keep it quiet and it leads to Brodie being investigated again and when we last saw him, black bagged and being dragged from his hotel room. Now the fun really begins, will he get out of it? Will it all come crumbling down around the good Senator?


*And there we go; now I feel like I can get back on track this week and get more in depth with all these great shows. Thank you for being patient with me.                                      

                                                                      -Ivy Marie

9/8c Burn Notice Summer Finale on USA

Recap last weeks episode “Official Business”


9/8c Saving Hope on NBC

Recap last weeks episode “Bea, Again”


9:30/8:30c Anger Management On FX

Recap last weeks episode “Charlie’s Dad Visits”

10/9c Suits Summer Finale on USA

Recap last weeks episode “Asterisk”


10/9c Rookie Blue on ABC

10:30/9:30c Awkward on MTV

Recap last weeks episode “Time After Time”


Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Charlie Learns That Lacey Is Committing Road Rage.
  • Charlie Decides To Ride With Lacey One Morning, And Her Calmly Deal With The Traffic.
  • Charlie Learns That His Dad Is Coming For A Visit. Apparently, Charlie’s Dad Is Going To Be Staying With, During His Visit.
  • Charlie’s Dad Arrives.
  • Charlie Remembers His Dad As Being Mean, And Cold-Hearted Towards Him. But When Charlie’s Dad Arrives, Oddly, He’s Nice, And Even Shows Kindness And Affection Towards Charlie.
  • Charlie Doesn’t Believe That His Dad Could Have Changed As Much As He Did.
  • Charlie Begins Disagreeing With His Father (On Purpose) In An Attempt To Prove That His Father Is Still A Mean, Cold-Hearted Person. Charlie’s Attempt Fails. His Dad Remains Kind Courtesy.
  • Charlie Gets In The Car With Lacey, And They Head Out. Charlie Hopes To Show Lacey How To Calmly Deal With Traffic.
  • While Riding With Lacey, Charlie Loses His Temper And Begins Yelling At A Driver, He Even Throws A Cup Of Coffee At The Driver. Charlie Lost His Cool, Rather Than Lacey Losing Her Cool.
  • Charlie’s Dad Begins Giving Advice To The Group.
  • Charlie Takes His Dad To See Kate. They Attend A Therapy Session Together.
  • It’s Revealed That Charlie’s Dad Wasn’t Really Heartless, But Rather, He Did What He Did To Protect/Help Charlie (Or At Least That’s What Charlie’s Dad Claims)
  • Charlie And His Dad Begin Re-Connecting.
  • During Therapy, Charlie’s Dad Told Charlie That He Left During Charlie’s Baseball Game, Because Charlie’s Aunt Died. Charlie Begins Watching A Home Video That Was Filmed 1 Year After The Baseball Game, And He Sees His Aunt (Alive And Well) In The Video. This Means Charlie’s Dad Lied.
  • Ed Begins Chaffering Lacey.
  • While Ed Is chaffering Lacey, Lacey Begins Yelling At Him. Ed Exits The Car, And Leaves Lacey Sitting In The Middle Of Traffic.
  • Charlie Confronts His Dad About The Home Video. Charlie Also Learns That His Died Lied About Numerous Other Things.
  • Charlie’s Dad Reveals That He’s Broke, And Has Nothing Left. Charlie’s Dad Says That He Wishes To Move In With Charlie. This Is Why He Was Beng So Nice And Courteous To Charlie.
  • Charlie His Dad A Place 20 Minutes Away From Him.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Have You Ever Woken Up In The Morning?”    – Lacey

2) “Ain’t Nothing Gonna Fix That, B****.”      – Lacey

3) “It Smells Like A Stripper Standing In A Krispy Kreme.”   – Charlie



Tonight’s Episode Of Anger Management Was Hilarious! There’s Not Much To Say About The Episode, Except That It Was Full Of Laughs. I Continue To Love How The Show Loosely Revolves Around Charlie Sheen’s Recent Life Struggles. The Show Is Simple, Yet Highly Entertaining. Charlie Sheen Has Finally Made His Long Awaited Comeback, With Anger Management. The Show Is Filled With Irony And Awkwardness, Which Makes For A Hilarious Show. I’m Becoming A Huge Fan Of The Show, And I Can’t Wait To See How The Season Progresses. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Anger Management. Watch Anger Management Live: Thursday’s At 9:30/8:30C. On FX.


~ Scott R.

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When Fall TV officially starts we are calling Saturday’s “DVR Catch Up Day”. Recap what you missed this week.

What shows are you catching up on today?

Sunday August 12th:

Hell on Wheels Season 2 Premiere:

For a show in the final episodes of season one saw mass murdering of Indians and a reverend beheading someone with a sword it was a quiet start to season 2 but there is plenty more to go.

Falling Skies: “The Price Of Greatness”:

Falling Skies Was Thrilling! The 2nd Mass Has Finally Made It To Charleston, But It Seems That It May Not Be What They Expected.

Longmire: “Unfinished Business” (Season 1 Finale):

We Learned More About Walt’s Mysterious Past, And The Truth About His Wife. There’s A Bigger Picture, That Hints That Walt May Have Committed Murder.

Monday August 13th:

Grimm Season 2 Premiere:

What a great start to the season! All the stops were pulled out in this episode and story just continues to get deeper. What I liked most was the episode picking right up from the season one finale as no transition was needed and it allowed the story to just progress. The new title sequence was also a great and welcomed surprise.

Alphas: 2×04 “When Push Comes To Shove”:

The Team Learn That Nina Has Gone Rouge. They Must Find Her, Capture Her, And Help Her In Any Way Possible.

Thursday August 16th:

Burn Notice 6×09 “Official Business”:

Burn Notice continues to impress and the story keeps going deeper. Micheal’s drive to find Nate’s killer and thus a man who was also involved with Anson has added a whole new dynamic to the show.

Suits 2×09 “Asterisk”:

What a bittersweet episode. Mike’s grandma passing before she could even see her new place was sad and this will surely have an effect on Mike through the final episodes of the season. At this moment everything hinges on the mind of Louis Litt.

Saving Hope: “Bea, Again”:

Charlie Begins Questioning Whether He Would Survive Or Not. Alex Continued To Express Her Belief (And Faith) In Charlie’s Survival.

Awkward 2×08 “Time After Time”:

Awkward remains the best show MTV has had since “The Hard Times Of RJ Berger”. Its hard not to root for all of these quirky characters.

Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Charlie Is Enlisted To Plan/Host Sam’s Weekend Sleepover. Apparently, Jen Can’t Host The Sleepover, Because A Guy Invited Her To Play Golf.
  • Nolan Reveals To The Group That He’s Dating A Woman Named Athena. Apparently, Nolan And Athena Have Been On 3 Dates.
  • Nolan Fears That His And Athena’s 5th Date Will Be A Failure, Due To His Strange Personality.
  • Charlie Decides To Go To The Restaurant Where Nolan And Athena Are Having Their 4th Date. Charlie Plans On Being Nolan’s Wing Man.
  • Charlie Heads To The Restaurant Where Nolan And Athena Are At. Nolan Introduces Charlie To Athena. Nolan Says That Charlie Is His Urologist. Charlie Fulfills His Duties, As Nolan’s Wing Man.
  • Athena Learns That Charlie Is Actually Nolan’s Therapist. After Learning That Nolan Lied To Her, Athena Tells Nolan That She Never Wants To See Him Again.
  • Kate Feels That Charlie Is Becoming Over-Involved In His Patients’ Lives, So She Suggests That Charlie Move His Office Out Of His House, And Into An Actual Building.
  • Charlie Invites Nolan And Athena Over, For A Couples Session. Charlie Hopes To Get Them Back Together.
  • It Seems That Charlie Has Successfully Gotten Nolan And Athena Back Together. However, When Nolan Leaves The Room, Athena Begins Acting Strange, As If She’s Mentally Unstable.
  • Athena And Nolan’s Therapy Sessions Ends. It Seems That They Plan To Continue Dating.
  • Nolan Reveals To The Group That He’s No Longer Going To Be Taking Sessions With Them. Nolan Is Doing This Under Athena’s Advice.
  • Nolan Reveals That Athena Has Been In Therapy Numerous Times. It Seems That Athena May Be Crazy/Unstable.
  • Nolan Says That He And Athena Are Moving In Together.
  • Sam’s Sleepover Begins.
  • Nolan Calls Charlie From The Nearby Battered Women’s Shelter, It Seems That Athena Has Anger Issues, And Beat Nolan Up.
  • Charlie Decides To Go Pick Up Nolan. He Has To Take Sam And Her Friends With Him, As There Is No-One Else To Look After Them.
  • Charlie Picks Nolan Up From The Shelter.
  • Charlie Brings Nolan Back To His Place. Lacey Shows Up, As Well.
  • Athena Arrives Outside, Looking For Nolan. She’s Behaving Erratically.
  • Nolan Goes Outside To Confront Athena. Athena Begins Chasing Down Nolan With Her Car. Nolan Safely Escapes.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Here, Hold My Earrings.”   – Lacey

2) “Eat Your God**** Eggy Joe!”    – Charlie

3) “You Better Have A Fistful Of Singles, Or Get Out.”    – Charlie

4) “Come On, Sit Down Next To “Texas Thunder””    – Ed



Tonight’s Episode Of Anger Management Was Hilariously Magnificent! Tonight’s Episode Continued To Focus On Charlie’s Daily Experiences With His Patients. The Episode Was Filled Throughout With Comedy, Which Made For A Very Entertaining Experience. Charlie Sheen Has Really Surprised Me With His Great Performance In The Show. I Really Love How The Show Is Simple, Yet Entertaining. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Anger Management. Watch Anger Management Live: Thursday’s At 9:30/8:30C. On FX.


~ Scott R.

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