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Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Ryan Begins Cleaning Out His House, And Stumbles Upon Janie’s Sewing Machine. Ryan Ultimately Gives The Sewing Machine To Sonia. The Group Is Surprised, As Ryan Is Showing No Emotional Attachment Whatsoever, To The Sewing Machine.
  • Ryan Gets A Chance To Play In A Hockey Game With Jeremy Roenick. Ryan Begins Preparing, For The Game.
  • Anne Gets Invited To A Friend’s Wedding. Anne Hasn’t Been To A Wedding, Since Patty Died. Ryan Agrees To Go To The Wedding, With Anne.
  • The Big Hockey Game Begins. Little Does Ryan Know, The Only Reason He Was Invited To The Game, Is Because Steven Contacted Jeremy, And Used The “Dead Wife Card” On Jeremy. The Players Are Going Easy On Ryan, Because They Know About Janie’s Recent Death. Ryan Knows Nothing About This.
  • Ryan And Anne Arrive At The Wedding.
  • While At The Wedding, Anne Meets A Woman Named Sasha. Anne Moves Out Of Her Comfort Zone, And Begins Talking With Sasha.
  • Ryan Begins Feeling Remorse About Giving Away Janie’s Sewing Machine. This Remorse Ultimately Leads To Ryan Having An Emotional Breakdown, During The Live Broadcast Of His Talk-Show.
  • Ryan Blames Lauren, For His Emotional Breakdown.
  • Sasha Tells Anne That She Wants To Meet For Drinks. Anne Seems Nervous About Meeting Up With Sasha.
  • Ryan Begins Making A Collage, In Janie’s Memory.
  • Anne Goes To Ryan’s Place, And Tells Him That Sasha Tried To Kiss Her, During Their Meet. After Sasha Tried To Kiss Her, Anne Panicked, And Ran.
  • While Anne Is Talking With Ryan, She Kisses Him. Anne Then Leaves.
  • Ryan Resumes His Hockey Game, And Then Learns That The Team Is Letting Him Win, Because Steven Played The “Dead Wife Card”.
  • Ryan Tells The Team To Stop Going Easy On Him. This Causes Ryan To Get Destroyed, Out On The Ice.
  • Ryan Completes His Collage, And Presents It To The Group.
  • Sonia Gives Janie’s Sewing Machine, Back To Ryan.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I Don’t Go For The Cry.”   – Lauren

2) “I’m Not Rachael Maddow”   – Ryan


Tonight’s Episode Of Go On Was Simply Hilarious! In Tonight’s Episode, Ryan Gives Away Janie’s Sewing Machine, Without Feeling Any Remorse For Doing So. However, Ryan Later Begins To Feel Remorse About Giving Away The Sewing Machine, And He Ultimately Has An Emotional Breakdown, Live, On His Talk-Show. Ryan Then Goes To A Wedding With Anne, So That She Doesn’t Have To Go Alone, Which Somehow Leads To Anne Kissing Ryan. It Seems That Ryan And The Group Are Slowly Becoming One Big Family. I Became A Fan The Show, After Watching The Premiere, And Tonight’s Episode Made Me An Even Bigger Fan. It Seems That Go On Is Matthew Perry’s Epic Return To Television. Overall, Go On Is A Simplistic, Yet Highly Entertaining Show, And I Would Definitely Recommend It. Watch Go On Live: Tuesday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.

~ Scott R.

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