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Ryan: “Who’s Timmy?” Mr. K: “Some Crybaby.”


Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Ryan Runs Into Lauren, At A Restaurant. Lauren Is Having Dinner With A Man Named Wyatt. Soon, The Rest Of The Group Arrives, And They All Begin Having Dinner With Lauren And Her Date. The Group Seems To Be Intruding On Lauren’s Personal Life, Somewhat.
  • The Group Tells Ryan That He Is Compulsively Eating, To Help Get Over The Death Of Janie. Ryan Seems To Be In Denial, And He Says That He Id Not Grief Eating.
  • The Group Learns That Lauren Told Wyatt About The Entire Group, And Their Individual Problems. The Group Becomes A Bit Angry, After Learning This.
  • The Group Tells Lauren That She Needs To Share Some Of Her “Dirt” With The Group. Lauren Agrees To Bring Wyatt To The Next Therapy Session.
  • Ryan Learns That Danny Has Created An Entire Town In His Head, To Escape His Life Problems.
  • The Group Confronts Ryan, About His Grief Eating.
  • Wyatt Arrives At The Therapy Session, And Begins Giving The Group “Dirt”, On Lauren.
  • Wyatt Gives The Group Plenty Of “Dirt” On Lauren, And Then Leaves.
  • The Group Begins To Suspect That Lauren Doesn’t Really Care For Wyatt.
  • Ryan Tells Danny That He Needs To Give Up His Imaginary Town.
  • Ryan Tries To Give Up The Junk Food, But Isn’t Completely Able To Do So, Just Yet.
  • The Group Comes Over To Ryan’s House, With Vast Amounts Of Food. The Group Hopes To Make Ryan Eat All Of The Food, So That He Will Lose The Taste For Junk Food.
  • Ryan Helps Lauren Realize That She Doesn’t Actually Love Wyatt.
  • Danny Returns Back To His Imaginary Town. Ryan And Danny Learns That It’s The Only Way That Danny Can Cope With His Problems.
  • Ryan Finally Drops The Junk Food, And Starts Eating Healthier.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Shut Up Junkie, You’re Out Of Control.”  – Mr. K

2) “The Problem Is You’re Eating, You Sound Like Cookie Monster.”  – Carrie

3) “Why Are All Of My Fans Gross?”   – Ryan



Tonight’s Episode Of Go On Was Hilarious! In Tonight’s Episode, Ryan Learns That He Has Been Grief Eating, To Overcome The Loss Of Janie. The Group Notices That Ryan Has Been Grief Eating, So They Try To Help Him Out. Meanwhile, Lauren Learns That She Doesn’t Actually Love Her Current Boyfriend. Lauren Takes Some Time To Figure Out Her Future With Her Boyfriend, And The Group Helps Ryan Drop The Junk Food. I’m Quickly Becoming A Fan Of This Simplistic, Yet Relatable Comedy. The Show Is Basic, With Interesting Stories Each Episode, That Keep Me Interested In The Show. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Go On. Watch Go On Live: Tuesday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.

There Will Be No New Episode Of Go On Next Week, As The Presidential Debate Will Be Airing, At That Time.


~ Scott R.

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